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Honestly This Is Pointless
Posted on: August 8, 2008, at 05:16:32am

So, I've decided that subscribers need some new features, so this is what I am going to do. Starting around 3pm PST, I will take the most requested feasible feature request and implement it in under 24 hours. Note: this can't be flash related. Everything else is fair game. Post your requests, and I will check back in around Noon.

Song of the week added to header. Maybe I'll add another feature...

  1. i don't understand, what sort of features?

  2. this kid is awesome lawl

  3. I was about to say fix avmisses in replay, but then I read "no flash."

  4. Any feature that's not flash based and I can do in 24 hours.

  5. gj mal

  6. Subscribers can view privated profiles. =D

  7. hm. i'm completely braindead from lack of sleep. I'll probably have an idea in the morning. xD

  8. Damn, stupid

  9. Ok...it's still broken, but whatever, I suggest, we can ban 1 person for 10 minutes, and give them our own reason why. Like
    You have been banned for the following: All your base are belong to us
    Or something like that. Only 10 minutes though.

  10. I'm very tired and worded that so badly, but I'm sure you understood. Allow subscribers to view people with their profiles set to be private. Also, how about play count for songs in the Token level ranks?

  11. I'm sorry, but I'm not touching privacy settings. Private profiles are private for a reason. Once we start letting people just peep in ruins it. Best to leave that alone.

  12. Show off Maldon's sexyness in a porn movie.
    ^ That gets my vote. ^

    that is all..

  14. How bout being able to put pictures in random thoughts?

  15. a comment and vote system will add many options as for highest rated files highest rated step artists when compering the average vote on all of his files could surly show on the daily stats page, theres one spot missing below the FFR Forum Ranking

  16. I'd like to see an FFR comment / vote function myself. Although if it's something intended to be done in 24 hours, I support the picture in random thought idea.
    Truly, though, my heart lies with heyitsmee's suggestion.

  17. Chocolate Rain (8)
    Cool idea, but i cant help good luck.

  18. The ability to sort and move the order of previously placed random thoughts.

  19. Search function for the FFR videos would be delicious, but is a big extra and not important. Would be a nice bell/whistle, though.

  20. FFR Multiplayer Recent Scores
    Multiplayer stats coming soon.
    Isn't it about time it's been soon? It's not flash, is it?

  21. SIU released on 360 or Wii, along with a special turn table peripheral
    Or more realistically, I suppose, threaded comments for news posts and profile comments.

  22. Were just going to have a bunch of useless features taking up space soon -_-

  23. Being able to see other people's tier points, the same way we can see level ranks right now. I don't think that's a flash based thing but you never know >.<


  25. enhenced regionnal rankings


  27. number of FC in daily stats page and perhaps in profile where the daily stats are add a score per game thing or w/e.
    Could do weekly stats too ;P or being able to set our time so scores for me dont reset at 1 am but at my midnight i dunno...

  28. Also maybe add a better online status recognition. Exemple, only when you visit forums or edit profile or w/e the game detect you online and shows Im online in your profile. Perhaps make it to display when you open the game or when youre just in your profile.

  29. dont wanna look like im spamming but im at work and cant write long text i need to close every 20 seconds. Is there a way to put tier points in the stats bar but to make it possible to turn on/off for those like me who only have 55 :P

  30. As Sprite said, the return of multiplayer stats, restored to at least their previous functionality.

  31. I like the idea of Multiplayer Stats as well.
    I also would love to see a Tier Points bar in profiles.

  32. You should be able to view your own profile when it's on private.

  33. replace the blue adspace with a subby song notifier.

  34. Multiplayer Stats.

  35. +1 to midday's idea
    or use it as a space to communicate with subbies like announcements

  36. MP Stats, Viewing other people's Tier Points

  37. yeah I'm +1 to the tier points idea.

  38. Definately, pictures in random thoughts is the best I can think of atm. I'll come back if I think of anything better.

  39. makin subbies one cent

  40. Troy... a few things:
    1. fix the forum advanced search... there is SQL in the search function, upper left, automatically. that shouldn't be there
    2. ratings for the song level stat pages... some users brought that up, but i've been suggesting it for at least a year. then, of course, a "top rated" songs list as well.
    3. MP stats is a good thing. we have all the data still, just aren't displaying it... i'm guessing real-time display of it wouldn't work, so some sort of 15 minute update or hourly.

  41. feel free to talk to LD about the MP stats thing... he's the guru of ffr stat database stuff.

  42. +1 to subby song notifier and +1 to a tier point stats bar

  43. Heyitsmee idea wins

  44. MP stats

  45. well this one's not a big idea but i'd say state rankings? i know we got regional rankings but what about your state alone?

  46. I fully agree with heyitsmee's suggestion. Plus I can't think of anything else.

  47. FC% and AAA% for each individual difficulty.
    Or if this fails, +1 to heyitsmee's idea.

  48. MP Stats please.
    And lol @ spontaneous video.

  49. More freedom to what you can put in your random thought. Also, spacing would be a nice function in there. Tier points bar is nice.
    Multi stats
    link the skeys in the level ranks to buttons so we don't have to edit the url.
    I'll think of more later.

  50. I was browsing through the database today, looking up a simfile, and I come along and find a simfile where someone posted a comment without spaces, thus stretching the page to more than twice its length. I thought we could be able to make it so that it either starts a new line of text, or the text disappears, like in profile comments.
    Also, I do not check the simfile database regularly, and I have a few favorite sim artists that upload their files to the DB, and I thought it would be a good idea of we could have resonance simfile artist subscriptions, like forum thread subscriptions, that tell you when said simfile artist uploads a sim.
    Taken from my Simfile DB Suggestion thread :P

  51. Profiles:
    1.) Being able to move things around our profiles.
    2.) Being able to post pictures in our random thoughts.
    3.) Maybe enable a way to post youtube videos another's comment wall?
    4.) Have a feature where you can leave one of the boxes open such as "Top 10 Level Stats" like it was in the pass.
    5.) Let us hide some of our information on out Gamer Card, such as Overall Rank, Average Rank, Mp Level, GTS, Location, Gender, Referred users. (Almost everything)
    6.) I don't know if people like this idea but being able to hide the comment wall... not just closing it.
    7.) Also, when you pick a color for lets say your profile borders, have one of those things where you can pick a color from the screen or something. I really don't know what it's called or how it works. I just know you can pick a color from the screen. xD
    Extra - Make Synthlight's avatar show up/work.
    Around the site:
    1.) MP Level Stats!!!
    2.) Having a search box to find someone in the Top Grand Total.
    3.) Hav

  52. e a page displaying the top 100 memebers with the most TP.
    Extra - Do something with the Beta Level Reader, the Extended Level Stats, and the Come Play with us. They seem so pointless.
    That's all I have for now.
    Ps. It cut me off. ='[

  53. mp stats

  54. Just thought of another one for the profiles. Have it so you can only have the bars shown and not the writing. Also, make the Skill Token border work, if it hasn't been fixed yet.

  55. The token level ranks should show the same things as the regular subscriber level rank page (P-G-A-M-B, max combo and times played).

  56. more tass emailing games

  57. more tass emailing games

  58. How about subscribers can have an auto replay button. Say you fail out of a song, you hit a button and you automatically are playing it again.

    Jk, +1 for the Subby song notifier.

  60. some expansion on the gambling feature. Maybe blackjack or something.

  61. Irionman, we already have that lmao, its called "Try this level again"
    I would like the idea of having a FC/AAA bar for token level ranks
    If that idea fails, +1 for MP stats

  62. 26: Sprite-
    Posted at 7:38am on August 8th, 2008
    Up | Down +3
    this plz.

  63. +1 for Midday's song notifier idea. I like the idea for commenting and rating songs too.

  64. the balance of current MP level/exp system should be fixed.
    and level bug of SIU.

  65. Artists not from ffr or on ffr to be on the rithum list. Just for us Subbies. ;)

  66. MP stats

  67. A way we can report siggy's if we see some that are huge.
    Colored writing in pro chat.
    Our names in blue in MP chat.

  68. Only subscribers get TMWT.
    I like all of Tass's ideas, as well: Pictures in random thoughts.

  69. I would like to be able to move stuff around in the profile. Like put tokens on the right side under chat.
    Either that or MP stats re-get.

  70. I like Heartseeker's idea, this would be very useful, and could make everybody's page more theirs. More unique.

  71. This should be a simple thing to add: Allow people to transfer credits from the Credit Transaction page (or something), so you don't need to load up the game to send away your credits.

  72. +1 for EnRs blue names in mp chat idea :D

  73. 1. More daily stats like FC's?
    2. Fix replays.

  74. He did say nothing flash related, replays are flash related =/

  75. Fix Replays anyways

  76. fix replay
    fix the favorite button

  77. add tier point bar to profile and allow subbies to view other people's tier points. Scroll option for profile photos.

  78. Uh, I don't know if this was previously suggested--I'm too lazy to read everything above.
    But maybe subscribers can save 10-15 replays, whilst regular users can only save 5.
    At least, I think that's how it goes.

  79. Fixing the forums so that large images over 200 x 200 (or whatever the limit is) are shrunk.

  80. Here's I'm trying to give subscribers something new, and a lot of the requests are bug fixes/tweaks that would be for everyone, not just subbies.
    It looks like the recent subbie songs may be the winner.

  81. Tier point bar to profiles or perhaps even tier point rankings, kind of like the Top Average Players that subscribers already have access to.

  82. I vote for the FC%/AAA% for each difficulty of song. MMHHHMMM. I <3 :C=

  83. recent subbie songs :
    its rare when we get them and when they come...just go to funk ...they are there..always.. at the end...waiting..
    you better just make something epic that everyone will enjoy if your all wanting to make us happy <3 :O
    like some of those requests above

  84. Two things:
    - Implement &showfc=false to work at the end of level ranks
    - Get a team of people to work on SIU! =)

  85. Make it so we can delete synthlights post roflmao

  86. dont want that noob posting on my profile! lolz jk

  87. have a notifier that notifies you on the day / a couple days before your buddy's birthday?

  88. 1.) Being able to move things around our profiles.
    2.) Being able to post pictures in our random thoughts.
    And having custom headers too.
    Like if I want to post my favorite novels or video games or something.
    I'd be really happy if these were implemented.

  89. I say you should also fix the fact that I come up as grey when I comment stuff.
    That Chocolate Rain stepfile is horrible, by the way.

  90. EnR's idea ftw. Subbie color for your name in MP.

  91. Screw subbies. MP STATS

  92. P.S. Someone go get Tay Zonday's permission to use Chocolate Rain for FFR.

  93. How about the ability for subscribers to check anyones tier points?

  94. pointless? I would say so.
    but the subscriber idea isn't half bad

  95. Hey, that doesn't look too bad. Nice job walros.

  96. and the name/member is hyper linked!!! Great job walros!

  97. the banner isn't clickable anymore :(
    and look at that color

  98. very cool I love it!

  99. I made the banner not clickable. It's one or the other. You can't have the text there and the banner clickable. /lazy.

  100. RAWR.

  101. I dislike that huge white text.

  102. foil, you dislike everything.

  103. No, just you.

  104. Oh, I do like that you linked the sim artist and the song in the banner though. That's pretty neat.

  105. And to make you happy, I made the font a tad smaller :C=

  106. The font smaller looks better. Now, go work on everything else that I said. >=3

  107. nope, I said one feature today. Can't give you everything at once.

  108. Maldon do you have it so it randomizes between the 4 songs of the week? because I saw 2 different songs up there so far

  109. Yes, it is random.

  110. SOTW header doesn't work on forums..
    maybe fix that?
    or is that dealing with vbz?

  111. It won't work on the forums. Vbz is picky like that.

  112. multiplayer stats with top 50 lvls back again it was a nice feature and i miss it but make it so it deletes the stats after 24 hours so it doesnt use up much space

  113. Number of FCs on the levelstats page of each song.

  114. I just need to say that Chocolate Rain file is terrible.

  115. fc % and aaa % for each difficulty is the most bestest idea

  116. make it so there is a delete all/check all comments choice on the profiles.

  117. I think this sotw thing is huge and obnoxious. How about just a small list in the corner, not a huge-ass thing that says SONG OF THE WEEK ETC ETC

  118. Like just make the font smaller or something

  119. Lol, I already tried to tell him that. :/

  120. nope, I said one feature today. Can't give you everything at once. - MalDON
    So, you will realize all, if not, most of the ideas and not just the banner one?

  121. Maybe.

  122. the banner is all we get?

  123. I think it'd look better with a different font, a little bigger and marquee!

  124. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!
    At least make it so that when I click on the blue part it takes me back to the homepage...

  125. You can still get to the homepage by clicking the left side of the header above the banner...

  126. MP stats back
    blue font in mp chat
    siggy reporting

  127. -_- Thanks for taking away my ability to get to the homepage in one click.

  128. Subbie-only ability to change the skin/theme for the entire site? If not having the ability to change the site's skin, then maybe a simple hue change option?

  129. Placing SotW on the banner was a horrible decision imo. It was so much more useful as a homepage link. It actually looks pretty annoying now, and has lost its function. =

  130. i concur with the statement made above

  131. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change it back so that when I click on the blue space it sends me back to the front page.

  132. Dude, you can move your mouse up an inch and click on the FFR logo. It takes you back to the front page too.

  133. God you guys are lazy. I can't win can I? You wanted this, I give it, now you don't want it? Too bad.

  134. foilman stop being so helpful k

  135. nice good MalDON
    we all hope you make this a habit :)

  136. how bout making it so the drop down song selection thing doesnt randomly switch alphabetical order between songs

  137. lol My ad blocker totally screws up the new SOTW thing, puts the SOTW over the FFR logo in the top left corner...

  138. i think it would be good to see all non-fced/aad songs in a list

  139. I never wanted it. If you're going to do it you should at least do it right and not do some lame half-assed job. It's such an eyesore.
    New idea: on/off ability for sotw notification.

  140. I have no idea but oh well..
    Give subbies a Dr.Pepper, that'll work. :D

  141. Re-make the subby space clickable to go to the main page, I can't not being able to click it, keep the subby song there though.

  142. Please make MP subrelated. Like our name.
    Then I'd acctually have a reason to be a sub. I'm never in Sub forums, chat, or anything with subs only. Just MP. So if you would do that, I would love you forevar.
    -Grav ;) <3
    P.S. You're acctually doing your job, updating and being on duty. Some other mods are outdated. =.=;;

  143. I have so many ideas for flash tho!!! Dang it. Mainly just a type-in search bar on the dropdown song list.
    Still standing by my % FCd on levelstats pages.

  144. if i had the option, i'd turn the sotw off so it doesn't count. mp stats plzplz.

  145. i have no clue what it is thats new

  146. Sorry guys, turned it off. I would suggest next time you want a feature implemented, you be damn sure you want it. I may or may not turn it back on.

  147. at least the title reflects truly on events
    next time go with "Honestly This Is epic"

  148. lmfao rickrolled

  149. No, you've been barack rolled

  150. how about fix the email thing.
    you know the one with the stats and suggestions and stuff.
    i would like that very much :)

  151. Mal...
    Next time, put a walrus in it
    I got BarackRolled >________>

  152. OMG, I hate you MalDON. ><


  154. custom speed mods/a speed mod bar that went every 0.5

  155. Maybe an option to turn the SotW on or off? I know I loved it, and the link just a few pixels above it takes you to the same place :|

  156. I like the idea of having token fc/aaa bars, But I dont think that will happen

  157. MP color!

  158. Rofl Barackrolled everyone on FFR. Genius, Mal.

  159. He Barackrolled only subscribers lol, this is a subscriber block

    I can do it just by viewing source and changing the code a bit, but it would be easier to have a Copy+Paste box next to the replay.
    Also, I think this is Flash, but a FAVORITES genre or playlist.
    (too late, but still ideas)

  161. open up that boost thinger

  162. Nice !!!

  163. I say you give me all your credits. I'm not even a suscriber, but meh, I know where you sleep.

  164. OH SHI-
    ok sir, since you asked...

  165. damn straight!

  166. Mal, do the MP stat thingy since that's the majority of the votes and I think everyone has been wanting it back for quite some times. Then, do everything else that I said but dooo eeet nao my slave! *grabs whip*

  167. give subscribers free access to tokens for say... 1000 credits for like an hour.

  168. yeah open up Boost in the settings menu

  169. yea too bad he said nothing flash related

  170. Even though it's over and this is unrelated to the whole subscriber feature:
    When you click on Challenge/FFR Shop in FFR it resets your speed. Fix?
    Not now but sometime in the future. It's not a problem, just annoying.

  171. Could you do something about hiding the 1 Mil Get thread on the front page? I'm pretty tired of seeing that crap thread up there.

  172. I would like to see similar stats in the levelranks for token songs (ie. PA, # of times played, etc).

  173. Have a number comment on our profile? Like Synthlight will always have number 1 since he post first for everyone.

  174. Fix my Regional Ranking while you at it. It says I'm at 0 for like a month already.

  175. I think a practical update would be to make the token levelranks identical to the public song levelranks. Though this is for subscribers only since only subs can see token levelranks.
    for public, perhaps make a newbie box like on the front page on "FFR_The_Game.php" to unregistered users so that they may be persuaded to sign up or something?

  176. Here I just though of something hood
    How about right under the most recent forum posts section on the main page, for subscribers, have a section for just Most Recent subscriber thread posts

  177. A theme song selection list. Pick songs from FFR or maybe some fav's.


  179. hahahahah so funny x]

  180. ROFL xD


  182. Mal, I'm mad at you. This was almost pointless. The title agrees.

  183. This is honestly stupid

  184. Hahahaha. Thanks for the video.

  185. as for subscriber features i think it would be great if on the pulldown songlist the songs i have not played before hi-lighted. instead of me checking my lvl rank and then finding the song. and also i would like the scroll bar to be a bit less sensitive.

  186. Why not give subscribers the option to sync/edit songs of their own on FFR? Make it exactly like Stepmania.

  187. Wait, thats not flash related is it?

  188. weve just been obama rolled

  189. you know the thing on the levelstats pages that says how many AAA's a song has? well there should be one that says how many FC's it has.
    it would be interesting to see that for some of the harder songs