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kjw. 25. I'm alive, I swear.
Rhythm gaming in general, translation/interpretation, mindless mobile gaming, behavioral economics, Discord chats, anime, pretending I can sing weeaboo music, making inside jokes and references, comedy that makes use of said jokes and references, Kirby, tuna sashimi.
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Progressive trance, eurobeat, glitch hop, drum n' bass, Chata, various anime themes and their piano arrangements, and catchy music with upbeat trumpet bursts. Chata and fhana are phenomenal singers. Tanaka Hidekazu is one genius of a composer.
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Inside Out
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June 18: Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! vol. 6
June 27: New Game! vol. 9

July 22: Happy Sugar Life vol. 9-10
July 31: Endro~! fanbook
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Part of the Korean Reserve Forces (staff sergeant) since 22 February 2017.

Airman Basic (23 February ~ 3 April 2015)
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Airman First Class (23 May ~ 22 December 2015)
Senior Airman (23 December 2015 ~ 22 July 2016)
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>> Civilian (22 February 2017 ~ forever)

不可思議のカルテ (4450-75)
チカっとチカ千花っ♡ (4475-12)
異世界かるてっと (4474-25)
君のせい (5176-34)
Stage Bye Stage (2200-05)
アルティメット☆MAGIC (4474-24)

read Derestage story from episode 15 on



Note to self / osu!taiko dan course candidates

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Yeah! Mandom!
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