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kjw. 26. My official tournament profile badges all say "participant" but I came in 9th place during the 5th OT, you know!! 9th!!!
Rhythm gaming in general, translation/interpretation, mindless mobile gaming, behavioral economics, Discord chats, anime, pretending I can sing weeaboo music, making inside jokes and references, comedy that makes use of said jokes and references, tuna sashimi.
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Progressive trance, eurobeat, glitch hop, drum n' bass, Chata, various anime themes and their piano arrangements, and catchy music with upbeat trumpet bursts. Chata and fhana are phenomenal singers. Tanaka Hidekazu is one genius of a composer.
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Inside Out
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to the Heaven -Driven Beat Remix-Drum'n Bass04-05-11
Electrical Parade -Remix-Techno Pop27-05-11
Nothing's Gonna Stop MeGame Music16-06-11
Colorful CourseHappy13-12-11
Haruka KanataNu-NRG20-12-11
ParousiaApocalypsis Johannis01-03-12
Banned ForeverBreakcore25-05-12
Danzai Yamaxanadu!J-Pop29-09-12
Kaze no TouHappy27-04-13
Sagano Rakuyou EmakiAkiba-Pop24-08-13
Random Thoughts
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Division: D7
Final placement: 22nd

[✓] Not last in D7
[✓] Top 8 in D6
[X] Win D5
[✓] Win D4
[✓] Win D3
[✓] Win D2
[✓] Win D1

Round 1
D1: [17] Jump Up, Super Star! (TLT Remix) (AAA)
D2: [27] Darkside (AAA)
D3: [49] Rain [Astronaut] (AAA)
D4: [59] SAIKOU (AAA)
D6: [82] kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!! (AAA)
D7: [92] Inferno of Fomalhaut (6)
D8: [98] G e n g a o z o (54-9-6-18, 88.2)

Round 2
D1: [23] Embrace (AAA)
D2: [31] Child Protective Service Theme Song [Standard] (AAA)
D3: [53] Cheeseburger (AAA)
D5: [72] Sunset Sky Garden (AAA)
D6: [86] Raspberry Railgun (10-0-0-1, 10.2)
D7: [93] The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix) (2)
D8: [99] Brrrreeed Cicadididi (59-5-17-10, 110.8)

Round 3
D1: [28] Change Yourself [Light] (AAA)
D2: [35] TURBO (AAA)
D3: [57] MIDI Beach (AAA)
D4: [67] Pizza Hat (AAA)
D5: [77] Ani Mevushal (AAA)
D6: [87] Trap Funk (11-2-1-1, 17.2)
D7: [95] HeadXplit (18-3-4-3, 33.6)
D8: [101] J-CORE SLi//CER Technique (85-12-12-23, 140)

Round 4
D1: [32] Tap on Damen (AAA)
D2: [47] Breakout [standard] (AAA)
D3: [62] Bad Boy (AAA)
D4: [70] Breakout [heavy] (AAA)
D5: [80] Smash and Burn (2)
D6: [88] looming shadow of a tree long gone (2)
D7: [96] Chronomia (DNP)
D8: [103] I'm A Fucking Idiot (DNP)

Round 5
D1: [38] Preset Junkies VIP (AAA)
D2: [48] Oedo Hop (AAA)
D3: [64] Snorestop (AAA)
D4: [73] Hornet (0-0-0-1, 0.2)
D5: [80] Naive Hopelessness (AAA)
D6: [89] Cobra Commander (4)
D7: [99] Vantablack (DNP)
D8: [107] Track title (DNP)

Round 6
D1: [46] Twilight (AAA)
D3: [66] Opia (AAA)
D4: [77] Sakura Fubuki (Arrange Ver) (AAA)
D5: [82] Marianas Trench (AAA)
D6: [90] Armageddon (5-0-0-1, 5.2)
D7: [98] [line:epsilon] (36.2)
D8: [110] Zygourous Distribution (DNP)

Round 7
D1: Atmosphere (AAA)
D2: Brostep Strikes Back (AAA)
D3: Circle Pit (5.6)
D4: E-Lectixilent (AAA)
D5: Railing (AAA)
D6: Forgotten (DNP)
D7: We Want To Run (DNP)
D8: Isometry (DNP)

Round 8
D1: Eine Kleine Funkmusikk (AAA)
D2: Ex Nihilo (AAA)
D3: Benson & Hedges (Venetian Snares Remix) (0.2)
D4: Malignant Tumor (6.6)
D5: Q.E.
D7: Sinthasomphone
D8: Revenge

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August 3: animate online shop Korea open
August 27: New Game! vol. 11

Summer: HoneyWorks Premium Live release
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人にやさしく (3727-87)
スパイスパラダイス (2200-10)
ステップ&スキップ (4501-72)
1000のバイオリン (3729-95)
ロキ (7642-60)
Knife (7618-21)
女の子になりたい (6223-91)

read Derestage story from episode 15 on



Note to self / osu!taiko dan course candidates

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Yeah! Mandom!
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