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24. Enlisted Active Duty Airforce. Arrow smasher reservist. Vehicle mechanic. Schooling for engineering.
I make music.
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Duck-billed platypus. Duck-billed platypus. It's the only mammal with a beak. And They swim in the ocean and sometimes the lake. Evading crocodiles they haven't found and sometimes a snake. Yeah and they live a peaceful life, free of harm and free of all strife.
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Psychological thrillers.
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Possible goodbye?
Posted on: May 26, 2017, at 10:13:58pm   [0 comments]
EDIT: 2 Years since I made this random thought. I'm back and plan to be here for awhile.

I happened to log onto this - I may never log onto it again.
It's been close to 9 and a half years ago when I made this account...
The people that I became so close to, for so long here, impacted me quite a bit during the years that I sat at the computer chair.
We had such a nice circle group of friends - you know who you are if you were apart of it.
I dont want to name names because in all honesty, it saddens me that we all drifted away in what we call life.
I went through a lot of tough times and hard troubles during and you all made it worthwhile.
From this point on, if any of my old friends on here would like to ever get in touch with me and speak to me again and do some catching up - please dont hesitate...

instagram: kingadam51
snapchat: kingadam51

I will be using those accounts for the remainder of my life as long as those two media services are around. I use them almost everyday and probably will until they die out.
Send me a message. I'd love to see how you've been.
I sincerely hope every single one of you are having the time of your life right now...
goodbye :)
- Adam.

Comment wall
Unknown-Dia writes...
at 8:13:31pm on 7/11/17
Or, If you are free tonight. Ill leave this tab open.
Unknown-Dia writes...
at 7:58:55pm on 7/11/17
Well, There's a lot to talk about! I mean it has been quite some time.
Unknown-Dia writes...
at 7:50:34pm on 7/11/17
To be honest I just logged on here to see if anyone was still around haha...yeah maybe sometime we could catch up.
Unknown-Dia writes...
at 2:23:34pm on 7/10/17
Why yes, You guessed right!
Unknown-Dia writes...
at 12:25:17pm on 6/18/17
Hello, Been a really long time, 8 years? jeez...Hope you are kicking life's ass. We've all changed so much it's crazy...Keep kicking ass and taking names!
Oh, you might not recognize this username, but I hope you know who this is. Have a good life Adam, Make it everything you ever wanted it to be and so, so much more. possibilities are endless.
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 7:33:30am on 6/17/17
damn you grew up
Vega09 writes...
at 3:46:01am on 5/27/17
Hey dude! I got your comment! I added you on instagram bud. Cant wait to hear from you!
___Dinowhore writes...
at 9:51:53pm on 5/26/17
heyyy! LOL
DDRcrazy5 writes...
at 7:08:40pm on 10/14/14
Hey man! been fucking forever
Shortboyownz writes...
at 4:47:00pm on 9/24/14
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