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Some smol random 27 yo dude. Coming on and off FFR since the past gazillion years. Also known as: Scykalion
Almost anything retro, drawing alot. Making weird voices and sounds.
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Whatever pleases my ears.
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Posted on: October 20, 2010, at 11:29:52pm   [0 comments]
Just found out FFR site is back on,happy time?
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CyberXan writes at 4:29:55am on 2/3/11
ok ... tu travail ou? XD pi moi aussi jveu demenager :P a quebec.... XD taner de rester ici en roumanie, jveu amener ma femme a quebec merde. c pas facile faire a cause des lois dimmigration...
CyberXan writes at 6:39:47am on 2/1/11
faik, tu fais koi de bon ces temps ci ?
CyberXan writes at 6:11:15am on 12/11/10
anyway, si tu me crois pas va chez moi :O Mais attend toi pas a ce que je suis la
CyberXan writes at 9:55:41am on 11/30/10
jte jure! Jsui marier aussi xD Bon Bon Je sais que c'est presqu'impossible a croire mais cest correct jte comprend :P
CyberXan writes at 2:24:37am on 11/28/10
haha! Bien sur jsui encore la XDDDD MAis ( je blague pas ) maintenant j'habite en roumanie avec ma femme. Crois moi ou crois moi pas XDDD
DN_Catastrophic writes at 12:31:03am on 11/18/10
oh wow lol long time! how have you been?
i completely suck at this game now dude..
DN_Catastrophic writes at 6:55:14am on 4/9/08
haha nice man! i think my favorite score which hasn't even changed in a few months is my party4u
21 9 Party 4u - HolyNightRemix V2 1,029,565*
im pretty sure that was either 8 goods or 8 0 0 1 o.o not too sure
BigBoss37 writes at 5:09:57am on 4/9/08
oh wow, long time ago haha. I was just learning how to play back then. xD
BigBoss37 writes at 9:54:14pm on 4/8/08
hm, can't say that I do man...who be you again?
DN_Catastrophic writes at 5:45:17pm on 4/7/08
lol its cool
ima take a break anyway