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Posted on: August 30, 2013, at 09:51:42pm   [2 comments]
Posted on: April 27, 2011, at 09:48:02pm   [5 comments]
Surrender to the all, tell these tales of falsehood no longer. Come to rediscover the truth within, come to recognize true potential, come to recognize all-encompassing love. All the answers you seek can be found within. You know the path, you are already on it. You have always been on it. Nothing is wrong, everything is right. Every experience has brought you that much closer; every pain is but a contraction signifying the rebirth of your true self. You can think swifter, you can rest easier, you can love better, but you must not delude yourself.

We are on two seemingly dual journeys: the journey to lose ourselves, and the journey to find ourselves. In due time you will see with clarity, love entirely, and be eternally. All things rest within. The truth is unprecedented.

Live your dreams. Manifest reality. There is a greater experience to be had.
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melonpapes writes at 7:05:24am on 3/24/19
happy birthday
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Funnygurl555 writes at 9:32:09pm on 7/30/18
lit i have a chance of stalking you in the next year 8)
creepy shit aside, gl in twg. ima try to join once anyone can sign up 'cause jessie's my irl bud
Funnygurl555 writes at 8:41:30pm on 7/30/18
do you still live in texas