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Classical, jazz, some weird Japanese stuff (thanks a lot, FFR/SM)
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Posted on: May 18, 2014, at 01:24:55pm   [0 comments]
Having played both quite intensively, I think that I could describe the difference as follows:

FFR vs SM:

+ No need to download tons of songs
+ Motivation to fix scores because of tier points, tournaments etc.
+ Active community
+ Some flexibility in settings that is missing or is less intuitive in SM, such as receptor spacing
+ Actually judges each arrow separately, which penalizes chord cohesion abuse

- Fundamental error in scoring system: combo-fetishism promotes mashing and leads to highly unfair unfavorable comparison between non-FC clean scores and FC boofest.

- Runs on flash, which means at least occasional lag

- Lacks some highly desirable options that SM does have, such as changing orientiation of the arrows to distant or hallway.

If FFR would change to raw score scoring system and add some more options to settings, I'd certainly choose this game over SM.
Posted on: May 11, 2014, at 07:16:27pm   [1 comment]
I wasn't getting much fun out of SM anymore, so I quit. Then my computer crashed and I lost my huge library of SM song folders. A few months have passed and my fingers are itching again. I think I'll give FFR another try. It's been a while.

The huge combo-fetishist scoring system, the almost inevitable boos, the lack of flexibility in choosing arrow perspective (distant?) and, most of all, the choppiness and lag of flash on my laptop with windows 7 add up to a lot of frustrations, but I might just play a bit anyway and see how it goes.

Edit: Since so many new songs came out since I left, with many charts I never played in the new tier point list, I'm having a good time collecting new tier points. So far, I went from 135 to 309 in a few days. I'm trying to get to 400, but I'm running out of easy TPs ;)

Edit: June 2nd 500 TP
June 5th 550 TP
July 31st 600 TP
Sept 27th 700 TP

Also: July 2nd Here We Go unlocked (99%+ public songs FC'd)
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Hakulyte writes at 5:08:37pm on 1/29/15
Welcome to more tier points than me.
Hakulyte writes at 3:41:39pm on 1/28/15
Yeah, I did. I warmed up on alternative engine for like 2 hours and then randomly went from an improvement of my 60g score to this. Raising hands and using far away keys seems to make me better somehow. Also, playing with like 2.45x speedmod-ish no screencut and adjusting judge offset helped a lot. (Judge offset is useless on low speedmod but changes my score dramatically on high speedmod, even the song offset occasionally get off on high speedmod, it's as if high speedmod was breaking the game.)
Hakulyte writes at 4:12:07pm on 1/18/15
Nanairopanda 32bit is just annoying to AAA, otherwise it feels like a 85.
PrawnSkunk writes at 4:10:24pm on 1/17/15
Happy Birthday!! : ^ )
YoshL writes at 5:37:21pm on 1/13/15
at least for car select, it's like a matter of getting that PA as fast as you possibly can at the beginning by trying to hit averages as much as possible, hopefully you'll get 5 before you get 5 goods, then drop goods on easy parts too, miss a couple notes, easy boos, and AAA the rest of the song
omgwtftoken is just arbitrarily stupid as hell
YoshL writes at 10:53:37am on 1/12/15
haha thanks
some of them are not that bad, are there any specific ones that are giving you trouble
Mahou writes at 7:23:55pm on 12/17/14
On average, how much are you playing daily/weekly?
Mahou writes at 12:20:09pm on 12/15/14
And you're getting really good at this game.
Mahou writes at 10:33:10am on 12/15/14
I think I'm going to still warm up with SM and then go to FFR. FFR doesn't have the songs that get me all loosened up. :/
Mahou writes at 11:09:55am on 12/1/14
How are you liking ffr? It's starting to become almost like sm.