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I'm EAG.
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Posted on: April 3, 2009, at 10:06:42pm   [52 comments]

This video now sucks.

Posted on: February 18, 2008, at 10:39:32am   [332 comments]

The official "Kewl List" has been resurrected.

As seeing the vast quantity of members possesing an inclination towards being on the list, it's been decided that the requisits for the prehistoric list, prior to this one, were beyond effortless. Therefore, the new list contains numerous, specific obligations that entails a lot of grounds, resulting in not having a considerable amount of members on this designated list, thus giving a proper honor to those that I truly consider remarkable people. Without futher ado, the requirements!
You must be suitable, be able to respond with a strong, "Yes!" / "No!" to the following rhetorical questions:
a.) Have you recently spoken to me, or have you disappeared and havn't seen each other in ages?
b.) Are you really my friend, or are you some random member trying to be my friend?
Are you kewl enough? D:

If you, honestly, exceed in all areas, then by all means, . I shall consider your request, though I cannot declare with certainty that you shall be conmemorated.

- Best graphics artist. Look at my profile.
- He likes flan.
- The nicest person you'll ever meet.
- Persuaded me to become a stepman.
- Stepman coach.
- Stay classy, NSane. ;)
- Stepman counsler.
- Asian hooker by the name of Spritey.
- lol
- #1 Resident Evil fan.
- Moony!
- Kewl steps, bro.

kewl members.

Comment wall
The_Halomaster writes at 6:45:18pm on 8/19/14
You still playing man xD?
PrawnSkunk writes at 6:03:32pm on 8/19/14
got my first FGO SDG~
blindreper1179 writes at 8:43:17pm on 8/12/14
PrawnSkunk writes at 12:24:10am on 4/7/14
oni get! ~☆
KatyEatsPussyDick writes at 4:10:20pm on 2/24/14
PrawnSkunk writes at 2:35:29am on 2/4/14
Hey man! I hope you're doing great :) I made it to D5 last month, and got slotted into my first tournament as an FFR "Master". I've racked up over two dozen FMO SDGs since we last talked, including a difficulty-77 (Skeletor). I'm currently in a friendly rivalry, working my way towards a strong position by the time the 10th official rolls around, as well as a push for D6 before the next new year. I never imagined I'd of made it this far - so thanks for continuing to inspire me, and allowing me to convert your comment wall into my own personal diary. heh. take care.
PrawnSkunk writes at 1:41:11pm on 11/25/13
Awesome to hear! welcome back man :D! even though i'm eliminated, that is not stopping my motivation. I've now SDG'd 10 FMOs, and counting. Also scored 30g on frictional nevada, if that means anything :I
PrawnSkunk writes at 9:28:01pm on 11/21/13
rather interestingly. this round was way out of my comfort zone, and I have promptly downed in the pisswater :3 However, I did manage to get 3 goods clean on another difficulty 68 ^.^
Hazelle writes at 4:57:44pm on 11/21/13
Holy cow, how are you?? :D
MinaciousGrace writes at 5:04:38pm on 11/15/13
sup eag where you been recently