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Posted on: February 3, 2008, at 02:45:39am   [1 comment]
okay so for those of you that don't know who i am, why i've got 11 AAA's and 6 goods on BB Evolution.. it's because i played a lot of stepmania. i never got into FFR because it had avmisses, no speed mods, and you had to use a weird spread config (because i play spread).

ive been around for a while, 4.5 years. more than most. i have seen a lot of FFR, and there's lots of epic stories about it haha. love nostalgia.

anyways i like challenges, i need the credits so i can unlock songs. send me whatever, ill send one back.

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WolfXhunter writes...
at 7:41:22pm on 10/2/09
Please post your brawl code for the tourney before 12:00 Pacific time or you will be droped from the tourney
moches writes...
at 4:51:47am on 9/10/09
Oh, hey, dude. Thanks for the tip. I actually already use headphones though rofl.
By the way I might try and submit to your Eurobeat pack thing.
abstractrevenge writes...
at 7:27:23pm on 8/23/09
hey not going to post in your thread because my main (bender5) is banned.
the av miss fix was put into effect a LONG time ago. you should try playing some
-Fallen- writes...
at 12:33:40am on 8/14/09
Welcome back Jeff, been a long time buddy :P I rarely see you on msn either, life must be pretty good?
PiNK Rose writes...
at 6:57:58pm on 4/14/09
Thank you. :) Maybe it's cause you don't play FFR that often, lol.
PiNK Rose writes...
at 2:17:57pm on 4/13/09
It's Joel's score. :P
EAGAMES writes...
at 5:02:13pm on 4/4/09
Well, thanks! =D
EAGAMES writes...
at 1:32:02pm on 4/4/09
You're such a tease. :x
MikeShinoda12345 writes...
at 2:09:00am on 1/2/09
almost more member length than synth.
Lordd_Magus writes...
at 3:16:06pm on 7/28/08
Sup, its Joel ;)
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