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is 28 too old for this site?
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Posted on: June 16, 2018, at 12:05:02pm   [1 comment]
i'm felt more than anyone else here.
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Missdeltona07 writes at 2:31:21pm on 1/26/18
Hi, Chad! How are you??
FirstMaple8 writes at 11:13:04pm on 1/9/18
Forward to ATTang
(lel a tong)
llyair writes at 5:33:49pm on 9/21/17
i'm terrible now :0 have you been playing at all?
llyair writes at 9:20:46pm on 9/11/17
haha we should ffr sometime!
llyair writes at 6:53:59pm on 9/11/17
lol xD
llyair writes at 4:16:09pm on 9/11/17
i missed you too! what's been new in your life? :)
llyair writes at 2:10:38pm on 9/11/17
lolll pretty good! it's been forever!
llyair writes at 11:58:05pm on 9/9/17
hiiii how are you
llyair writes at 10:22:58pm on 9/9/17
Omg Chadddd!
thedragongal writes at 8:57:41pm on 8/18/17
lol I'd have to improve a lot to be as good :P I'll just keep improving at my own pace and I'll see