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I hate christians.
Music, Wrestling
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I'm in Tier 100 now. I beat the leader on Molto Vivace and BB Evolution. So...yay?
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_Zenith_ writes at 9:25:20am on 3/3/12
Well after that somewhat convincing video, I didn't think much of it, I'm sorry sir. I should be more like you, and look in between the lines when someone is fishy.
Zyphoror writes at 12:47:29am on 3/3/12
It all comes down to if you believe me or not lol. I can provide reasonings to pretty much everything thrown at me regarding my stats and such. Ask away! I don't mind.
SK8R43 writes at 12:34:42am on 3/3/12
Yeah, i can admit, you were pretty godly back then!! I think you can probably still play seeing as Bynary quit for 2 years and is back and almost as good as before. But its up to you, if you quit and dont wanna join that's fine. If you wanna try that would be cool too.
SK8R43 writes at 12:26:52am on 3/3/12
Alright, thats fine. Bynary just wanted me to ask you and a bunch of other players. lol
SK8R43 writes at 2:36:05pm on 3/2/12
Hey, i was wondering if you wanted to join Bynary's Second One-Handed tourney? We need more people in the experts and masters divisions as of now!
_Zenith_ writes at 6:43:45am on 3/2/12
Yeah huh, Guess you and OWA Pulled out on this one, good job
JiZ53 writes at 1:52:50am on 3/2/12
Fair enough. Perhaps you should change your about me so that it says "I probably hate christians"
I'm not christian btw, but I cannot deny that the bible can be useful.. just like any other book full of old stories!
JiZ53 writes at 1:42:08am on 3/2/12
Your about me makes me laugh. It's funny that you express hatred for approximately 2 billion people, most of whom you've never even met or seen. You must hate yourself too.
Zyphoror writes at 1:01:30am on 3/2/12
I don't see how my scores would be fishy.. .__. If you checked my levelrank, it'd be pretty obvious enough that I don't cheat..
Zyphoror writes at 12:59:40am on 3/2/12
And what do you mean by that? lol