Will you marry me?

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on February 14th, 2012

For the next 24hrs, a special edition FFR Valentines Day file can be found in Misc. The song is Miles away, by an awesome band ‘Years around the sun’. This video was a combined effort between myself and our epic resident artist darkshark.

There is a reaction video on youtube , Katie was completely unaware of this video, or the fact that I was recording. (Spoiler Alert! She said yes! ;D)
This file is here for a limited time only! Play it, and post your thoughts guys!~

Happy valentines day :)

~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff <3

78 Responses to “Will you marry me?”

  1. Congratulations! :) Happy for you both~

  2. Yay! ‘Grats <3

  3. ohso freakin’ happy :3

  4. OHMYGAD congrats you guise~

  5. I was waiting for someone to post about this song. :P This was amazing. :’) Congratulations to the both of you. <3

  6. That was really cute. Congrats you two! :)

  7. Cute, congrats.

    Thank hell this chart’s in the game for only 24 hours.

    Darkshark that graphic was neat.

  8. suh cute

  9. i love the fact that it is a lower level, better music than all the dance stuff lol. i think it should be added as a perma file (with normal note skins) when this day is done.

  10. dude that was awesome! the vid of her playing and everything!!!

  11. That’s the single, most incredibly romantic thing i’ve ever seen. Congrats to you both, wishing you long and prosperous lives together! made my tear up a bit tbh.

  12. Congrats!

  13. <3

  14. Awwwww so cute!!!!! Congrats!!!
    Thanks for making me cry at 7:30 in the morning rofl. So cute!!!

  15. :’]

  16. Fuuuck – just played the song and I started right up again lol it’s just so sweet.
    Okay. I’m good. Yes.

  17. Da’wwwww. Congrats

  18. Congratulations, guys. <33333

  19. OH THANK GOD you got a real ring hahaha. At first I thought maybe the one in the song counted… that would have been bad ;)

  20. AWWWW, SO ADORABLE. <3 Congrats you two. Love you both.~

  21. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW JAE :33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    live happily ever after <3

  22. Is the heart noteskin staying? I like it, but it would be nice if they’re not flat (all same color)

  23. Also congrats you two! (‘: i was so tempted to cry during this video too

  24. NERDS =p

  25. This was so lovely. :) congratulations!

  26. WOW…that was really awesome. Congrats to you two!

  27. Congratulations you two the end was unexpected but seriously I was looking at my screen with my mouth open

  28. :’) Jae and Katie – congratulations.

  29. lol

  30. Congrats you two, it’s a shame that Katie didn’t get the aaa, but you two have forever to get it now :’)

  31. Katie doesn’t need the AAA – she’s already found perfection.

  32. Awesome. Haha Congrats

  33. That was awesome, guys. I’m happy for you both! :’)

  34. rofl bmah, that was so corny. grats!

  35. wow, that was an awesome way to propose! weweweewew

  36. Congratulations!

    755/22/1/2/2 = your new lucky numbers!

  37. That’s epic.
    Congrats. :D

  38. Possibly the best proposal vid ever, hands down. A pass was perfect enough. In b4 FFR-themed wedding~

  39. Awesome. Haha. Go you two ;)

  40. Congrats you two. i wish you the best of luck in the future


  42. AWW! This was soo cute! Congrats to both of you, hope you have a wonderful life together :)

  43. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  44. omgsh katiee && jaeee im soo happy for you both!! congratss <333

  45. Awh haha, what a badass =) hope things go smooth congrats.

  46. I like how Jae zooms into the scores at the end. Totally classic.
    Congrats to the both of you. :)

  47. You guys are all awesome, even the person downvoting all these comments ;D
    ~thanks FFR!!!

  48. Everything about this vid is perfect except for Katie’s score :’) Congratulations to both of you, so happy for you guys.

  49. Congrats :’)

  50. i didnt even AAA it lmao XD congrats you guys! :D

  51. Congratulations, it was very cute at the end :)

  52. Katie is so pro. :) Congratulations, wishing you the best, nois

  53. omg i teared up when i played the song then cried when i watched the video
    this was adorable

  54. Congrats, you guys! I cried about watching the reaction vid.

  55. Awww…congrats Jae and Katie! The background vid was sick and the reaction vid was so cuuuuuuute :’3 My eyes actually began to water a bit, I’m such a softie. xD

  56. Can’t wait to crash the wedding!

  57. Congrats Jae! I wish you and Katie the best ?
    The reaction video was amazing~

  58. One of the cutest things I’ve seen in like ever. Congrats to you both!

  59. Congratulations Jae and Katie :)

  60. lik dis if u cry evertim

  61. thumbs up if we can keep the song and change the text :)

  62. congrats u two! <3

  63. gratz guys! :D

  64. Awh the video made me all teary eyed. :’)
    So cute.

  65. This is absolutely amazing. I wish you two the best!

  66. congrats :) ) ;) may u guys live together happily forever <3

  67. I fucking cried :) this is absolutely beautiful

  68. congrats to both of you!
    the proposal was amazing. so original!
    loved it!

  69. well played

  70. I commented on the youtube video, but I might as well put a little something here too. :)
    Congratulations to you both, I wish you a happy, loving marriage that lasts a lifetime.

  71. made me cry, I’m pregnant so I cried HARD lol, I loved the reaction vid it was adorable, made me cry too.

  72. im not part of it im deceived.

  73. cool

  74. congratulations

  75. AWWW Congrats :D

  76. congrats amd best of luck :)

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