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Music and food.
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samurai7694 writes...
at 9:18:08pm on 4/10/14
oh wow, awesome o.o I'm definitely considering being a film composer (or at least having enough knowledge to be one) because I like working with a full orchestra. As of now I'm only familiar with the string orchestra and not of woodwinds, reed, brass, percussion, etc. It'd be awesome to hear you play music somehow!
samurai7694 writes...
at 8:21:23pm on 4/10/14
lolol I can PM you a few of my contact info. I'm not sure if you use any particular IM programs but I usually use Skype. OH NO FAIR! I wanted to see SOAD live but never had the chance too. Then, when I bought tickets to see Serj Tankian live, the event was cancelled :( and yessssss, my main instruments are violin, piano, and electric guitar. Do YOU play any musical instruments?
samurai7694 writes...
at 11:02:46am on 4/10/14
That's fine with me! I'm non-judgmental. Oh yea that would be nice :P I'd also accept it via email since I sometimes do enjoy reading. I listen to pretty much anything. My mind multitasks when listening to music and I listen to how the melody/harmony/rhythm blend with each other regardless of genre. Of the ones you listed, System of a Down is definitely a personal favorite :)
samurai7694 writes...
at 9:13:19am on 4/9/14
YES! Write me an essay about the music you listen to in MLA format, no less than 10 pages, no less than 10k works, and it has to be written with a quill and ink. Due date: in 3 seconds as soon as you finish reading this k time's up game over insert 2 tokens (jk). Band names are fine :) I should have been more specific but what I meant to ask was if you have a preference to any music genres in particular. Me: I listen to pretty much anything. I'm extremely open-minded :P
samurai7694 writes...
at 10:00:20am on 4/6/14
the real is question is: what KIND of music do you listen to??
samurai7694 writes...
at 11:28:19pm on 4/4/14
♩♪♫♬♭♮♯ yaymusic!
sanzath writes...
at 4:36:07pm on 3/24/14
I do not! Should I? Does it matter that I never use data and always use wifi? Will you feel special if I get it just for you? We could also text normally if that's what you're going for?
sanzath writes...
at 8:34:32pm on 3/23/14
Oh look, a familiar face :D sup?
supermoe1985 writes...
at 2:01:23am on 3/20/14
Well now I'm just making assumptions.
supermoe1985 writes...
at 1:59:01am on 3/20/14
That friend was Maria right? I know her, she has been over my house a few times and I used to see her a lot when I was little.
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