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Music and food.
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liamis01177 writes...
at 6:25:11am on 6/8/14
Yes my first account is 6.36 years old at the moment ^-^
Ohaider writes...
at 1:38:44pm on 6/3/14
Lucky!! Bet she was great :p
samurai7694 writes...
at 11:10:58pm on 5/18/14
That goes for you too :p don't start a debate with turtles or sea urchins, otherwise you will regret it
samurai7694 writes...
at 10:36:53pm on 5/18/14
I hope you mean that! We need to have more lolrandom conversations in the near future!
samurai7694 writes...
at 10:25:20pm on 5/17/14
:C I hope we can talk soon <3 I miss you
FreezinIce writes...
at 8:00:43am on 5/9/14
Hateandhatred writes...
at 1:18:41pm on 4/29/14
Also I just read this comment on my neighour's wall (hi sanz!), you're a whatsapp user?? =) feel free to add me then +15819997002
Hateandhatred writes...
at 1:12:25pm on 4/29/14
You mean... This?
Also I've been doing decent, just busy though! Not much up, preparing my eventual move overseas!
What about you??
Hateandhatred writes...
at 2:36:03am on 4/28/14
Oh fuck yes. Vegetables. Yumyumyum :3
samurai7694 writes...
at 9:18:08pm on 4/10/14
oh wow, awesome o.o I'm definitely considering being a film composer (or at least having enough knowledge to be one) because I like working with a full orchestra. As of now I'm only familiar with the string orchestra and not of woodwinds, reed, brass, percussion, etc. It'd be awesome to hear you play music somehow!
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