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flashpantss writes at 5:56:34pm on 1/18/19
Gravity Kitten writes at 2:46:23pm on 4/7/18
hi amy
GTO14080 writes at 4:34:31pm on 11/27/17
RagedBerserker writes at 12:50:41am on 7/13/17
lol so you see, i was on this here ffr for some ungodly reason and thats when i saw your there twitch when i was checking out my friends list, im mfostar! oh btw youll prob never see this since this site is DEAD.
xMUSICxIVANCHOx writes at 4:21:34am on 1/18/17
badman7772 writes at 12:52:51am on 8/26/16
that heavy get. nice.
MarioNintendo writes at 6:44:49pm on 9/22/15
hehe it's ok. it was my fault, I was only there on sunday! hope to see you at another crazy event soon!
awein999 writes at 5:07:48pm on 9/22/15
i use skype a lot (makeup)
awein999 writes at 9:28:02am on 9/3/15
agree wholeheartedly. By the way Big turtle have you ever heard of (Makeup)?" Big turtle replied, "(Makeup) is actually my favorite thing now that my loins are constantly on fire, lets (Makeup) together!"
awein999 writes at 9:27:34am on 9/3/15
Two years after hailing walrus babies Big turtle and Little unicorn changed. They underestimated how long forever can be. And how fast life changes. Big turtle has noticed that Little unicorn mine as well be renamed to Big unicorn. He has been forced to the realization that nature around them is the same and they are the ones that change. It's almost impossible to keep promises they made as younger version of themselves. One day Big turtle approached Little unicorn: "Little unicorn, do you remember the hippo nuggets?" Little unicorn replied, "I'm not sure what you mean Big turtle". Big turtle replied, "A few years ago we promised we would always love hippo nuggets over everything." Little unicorn said, "Oh ya that's right. I don't think it matters anymore." Big turtle said, "Of course it matters! Never forget how amazing something once was, and respect it so that you never forget yourself!" Little unicorn said, "Oh Big turtle I'm so sorry, thanks for your perspective I