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Posted on: February 28, 2014, at 02:15:30pm   [18 comments]
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No amount of positive examples you can link me could outnumber me giving you sever problematic ones that probably got more airtime (although if you want to be petty and play that out, it's gonna have to be later in the week)
Coolboyrulez0 writes at 12:19:43pm on 1/8/20
See what gets me is, huge swats of Rap is specifically targeted to Black Culture but when someone not that demographic doesn't understand the appeal it's becausethey don't know black people apparently.
Maybe it's just that people don't get what is specifically not made for them instead?
Although, the fact that mainstream rap makes this claim while traditionally having problematic issues with womanizing, gang violence and toxic tribe mentality probably doesn't help their case? Like if I was black I would probably be pissed that the genre made for my culture casually drops lines about picking up hoes and killing fuckers I don't agree with as the norm.
This doesn't represent the entirety of the genre (because of course not, I'm not stupid to think any musical genre is completely one note) but damn if it feels like that's what a good majority of it is and it's off putting to anyone who doesn't want to internalize that kind of content. No amount of positive examples y
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u wot
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Cute girl she should dodge the wave