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fresh out the washer
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Kitsuneko. PIU + Bemani main making her way back to FFR very slowly.
You. But I like J-music, hardtek, parkour, and bakemonogatari doujins more.
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terminal 11, vsnares, gammer, snail's house, doin, dasu, kradness, mafumafu, hommarju, goreshit, djkurara, ne obliviscaris, various j-music, artcore, also hardtek, frenchcore, hi-tech, pop-punk and post-hardcore
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The ones i like. idk, i like documentaries more than movies
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Posted on: December 3, 2011, at 09:34:46am   [38 comments]
I was considering to commit suicide for a few days but i'm okay now. Not to say i'm completely okay, but i won't be leaving FFR on killing myself.

~~~Here's some things i'd like to let everyone know about me, that's probably the last thing you'd expect:~~~

-I deal with insomnia, OCD, schizophrenia, and major-depressive disorder.
-I'm bisexual.
-I'm a cutter.
-I've attempted suicide a total of 6 times (The first of which being January 23rd, 2009), and ended up in the hospital 4 of those times.
- My parents are abusive, physically and verbally (well, at the same time.)
-I deal with anorexia and bulimia.
-I'd rather be alone in my room most of the time than having a social life.
-I've been on anti-depressants since March 23, 2011. Not only do they not help, but I've used them to overdose, many times. And i ended up in the hospital twice for it.
-I hate the sound of my own voice.

Thanks to everyone who helped me over the last day or two: I can't even beging to place names, you've all been so amazing and irreplacable. <3 It's cause of you all that i'm still standing.

4/28/12: I'm doing much much better. (:
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spongebobismysenpai writes at 1:39:55am on 4/5/20
OMG TY !!! I LUV UR MSG LOOL <3<3<3 :D
kainivy writes at 11:29:34am on 4/2/20
Cute Avi :) I like foxes
kmay writes at 4:52:29pm on 3/31/20
i signed up for the tournament but no i dont play at all and if its a song i dont like i probably won't even try
kmay writes at 1:05:59pm on 3/29/20
pretty much after i came out i completely changed lol i'm a social person now its so weird
kmay writes at 7:01:23pm on 3/28/20
pretty great! how are you
kmay writes at 5:29:16pm on 3/27/20
long time no harass!
kmay writes at 6:09:17am on 3/27/20
Riotpolice writes at 4:13:38pm on 10/6/19
Hope you are doing well.
Gravity Kitten writes at 6:39:57pm on 3/25/19
hope you're doin well man. good to see you back
Gravity Kitten writes at 6:39:44pm on 3/25/19
of course, who gon stop me huhhhhh