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She/Her pronouns, please.
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Gamer gurl presses keyboard in specific sequences fast with almost enough accuracy to think she is good. If you need to reach me or just want to talk about whatever, discord is easiest.
you <3
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j-core, mashcore, hardtek, ambient breakbeats, idm, neurofunk, pop-punk, post-hardcore, metalcore
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idk, i like documentaries more than movies
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Posted on: July 7, 2020, at 03:13:30pm   [2 comments]
It's so pretty and it makes me owo. Thank you mkxc3 for the amazing job with such minimal direction from me <3
Posted on: June 29, 2020, at 06:10:28pm   [4 comments]

Well, it's been a while since I've been in the ring for an official tourney. My last appearance was in the 10th Official, where I got knocked out by Poison Of The Earth in D6 Round 4. Jumpstream charts to metal songs were never my strong suit. But I'm back now, been de-rusting for 3 months, and finally starting to consistently improve alot of scores, as well as finally start to understand tech charts and read jumpstream a bit easier.

Still relatively low on the D6 totem pole, but I'll set my sights on getting to round 3. Round 4 would be cool, and Round 5 (Top 16 / obtaining Fractured Sunshine) would be absolutely amazing, but I highly doubt it with the way I expect the difficulty to progress. LET'S GET A SMALL AMOUNT OF THIS BREAD, GAMERS.

ROUND 1: kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!! (Score: 6-0-0-1)
Projected difficulty: 81-82

o 0 0 H h h y e E E S S s . This song is a BOP and alot of the patterns/rhythms aren't looking too bad. But i know this is just the "calm" (and i use that lightly because D6 is never calm) before the storm. Should be pretty easy to get a passable score.

Some of these bursts are a bit easy to get lost in, and my nerves are already being tested. Made it past 1000 a few times with the AAA in-tact, but holding it together all the way through it proving to be taxing.

Sunday update: i probably won't be able to play much or improve before R2 starts, but I'll be safe with the score I have. Not too satisfied with it, but it's safe.

ROUND 2: Raspberry Railgun (Score: 10-2-3-2)
Projected difficulty: 87-88

Bmah + OSTER Project + D6 = a BAD TIME. Watching this song give the illusion that it's fairly manageable, but every time I'm on a good run I flop so hard in the last 15-20 seconds. It's just barely faster than what's comfortable, the jumpjacks and anchors are immensely rude. Chart is beautiful, but holy FUCK this is so stressful. It hasn't even been 24 hours and 11-1-7-1 is already landing me under the halfway point for who gets to move on. I should expect nothing less from our not-so-friendly neighborhood flamey boi though.

[RIP] // ROUND 3: Trap Funk (Score: 27-1-5-10)
Projected difficulty: 89-90

Certified Bop, but this is realllyyyyy bursty and has some tricky color theory. Upon playing this, I'm really feeling my comfort level being breached, but that's the point I guess. And i'm along for the ride in some masochistic way. Some of these bursts are so mindblockable though, and these patterns are skittles as FUCK. I have a feeling Matthia is going to be the next up and coming feared stepartist.

Final day update: this has become nerve city for me, so i'm gonna settle for the score I have. I'm happy with the skill boost i've gotten, and seeing everyone else push themselves has been awesome. I want to compete in R4 with looming because it looks like so much fun and April did a great job with it. Next OT, i hope I can make a serious push for Top 16.
Posted on: May 7, 2020, at 07:37:36pm   [1 comment]
Current Division: 6
Length Of Time in Division: Since the 9th official (several years of hiatus after the 10th official)
Highest 1-Day Grandtotal:: 573,573,420 lol (August 23, 2020)

Tier 6: 1450 points
Tier 5: 1250 points
Tier 4: 1000 points
Tier 3: 750 points
Tier 2: 500 points
Tier 1: 200 points
Tier 0: Earn your first tier point!

Best Full Tier Points: 7/7 (Count: 4)
Best AAAs: All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints (85), NaiNai 69 (84), grind1 (83?)
Best Flags: Einstein-Rosen Bridge (86: BLACKFLAG), Time To Eye (84: BLACKFLAG)
Best SDGs: Molto Vivace (92: 1-0-2-0), 12 Bar Bloops (91: 5-0-1-1), Tenimuhou (90: 2-0-0-2)
Best FCs: Revolutionary Etude (102: 33-1-0-10), Music (For Kirby) (93: 8-2-0-7), My Half (92: 14-2-0-5)

FGO AAAs: 1 (Powerpoints)
FGO SDGs (including AAAs): 25

CURRENT AAA COMPLETION: 1-70!!!!!!! (September 8, 2020)

[X] 1000 AAA: May 8, 2020 // Introduction (48)
[X] 1100 AAA: May 10, 2020 // Infernoplex (57)
[X] 1200 AAA: May 14, 2020 // Champion Freeverse (57)
[X] 1300 AAA: May 22, 2020 // pain night grand tin (64)
[X] 1400 AAA: June 15, 2020 // Toothless Hawkins (66)
[X] 1500 AAA: August 2, 2020 // Neurotoxin (67)
[X] 1600 AAA: September 3, 2020 // before... (68)
[ ] 1700 AAA:
[ ] 1800 AAA:
[ ] 1900 AAA:
[ ] 2000 AAA:

[X] 1400 FC: May 7, 2020 // i don't remember :<
[X] 1500 FC: May 14, 2020 // Fly away -mix del matador- (58) *AAA*
[X] 1600 FC: June 15, 2020 // Rotary Slicers (84)
[X] 1700 FC: August 7, 2020 // Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked) (75) *AAA*
[ ] 1800 FC:
[ ] 1900 FC:
[ ] 2000 FC:
Posted on: April 30, 2020, at 05:04:56pm   [5 comments]
I'm not a guy. It's taken many years but I am coming to terms with who I am, and I'm actively taking steps to reflect who I really am. I ask that everyone, if you read this or already knew, please...no more male pronouns from here on. I reflected the change in my discord name in the FFR server, but i figured that my page could use more clarity as well.

I'm not mad and I'm not making this post out of anger, I just want to have people be om the same page because I've been around here for almost a decade and I guess this is some sort of coming out on a bigger scale? I also understand that this might come as a shock or surprise or something to some of you, but please just try your best. As someone recently coming out as a trans girl, there is an enormous amount of vulnerability and emotions running all over the place. Just do you best to offer validation when you are referring to me in conversation by using feminine pronouns. Neutral is fine too, but just...please don't call mr a guy, oR say "he/him" when referring to me in conversation.. Thank you for reading, if you have.
Posted on: April 12, 2020, at 03:41:11am   [0 comments]

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Haha nice ^^
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Yeah, I'm like an hour or so away from philly
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Yup that sounds familiar. Well, interesting to see my worlds overlap lol. I think I've been watching you post on the FFR bragboard on Discord occasionally so I guess we'll be seeing each others' scores there :D. I'm finally starting to override 4-year old scores which is pretty exciting
Hazelle writes at 1:49:22pm on 9/6/20
Ohhh, sorry about that ^^;
Congrats on being open about yourself - as long as you're happy that's all that matters.
I'm glad you're taking care of yourself!! I have too. It makes a big difference. <3
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Thanks Cammy n~n I commissioned the talented mkxc3 to help me make it :3
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Wait a min, yes I think I remember you. Nice to re-meet you! I think we've chatted a bit on Twitter too. For some reason I'm blanking on your handle 🤔, but I vividly remember playing my warmup DDR round with you
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few will survive... AND NONE would escape