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EtienneSM writes at 9:08:02am on 7/3/20
Thank you so much! :) Hope you're doing well btw!
FreezinIce writes at 11:42:02am on 6/10/20
Hi self from 2021, i bet that eva will log in before next year. How did that go?
FreezinIce writes at 11:40:28am on 6/10/20
FreezinIce writes at 2:06:16am on 4/14/19
wheres THE DRAIN
EtienneSM writes at 8:54:59pm on 2/26/19
Sorry for the late reply. I'm almost never on FFR anymore so it takes me awhile to see things on here haha.
EtienneSM writes at 8:54:33pm on 2/26/19
o/ Heyo!
SK8R43 writes at 1:35:44pm on 1/20/19
Happy past new years day!~!!!!
SK8R43 writes at 7:22:05am on 11/29/18
Matthia writes at 11:49:48pm on 11/27/18
that's a lot of chickens o-0
_Fluttershy_ writes at 8:02:35am on 11/18/18
Neva have I eva seen so many cats and ducks (Who_cares' fault)! Or is it nehvuh have I evhuh? ...