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Hey im Evan i am 19 :] i've been playing SM/FFR for maybe 3 years, just ask if you would like to know more about me. You can add my Facebook if you'd like just let me know your from FFR or i wont add you since i wont know who the hell you are :]
I like doing a lot of things i like to write short stories, hang out with friends an mess around with photoshop some times :]
Fav Music:
The Flashbulb is my favorite band all their music touches me, i can listen to it in any mood.
Fav Movies:
fight club,dazed and confused,tommy boy, i love you man, drag me to hell,hostel,hostel 2,all the rocky movies,breakfest club, heavy metal,all the karate kid movies, all the mortal kombat movies, star trek, street fighter, crank,shooter, billy madison,the wedding singer,click,black sheep,mall rats, clerks 1&2,jay and silent bob strike back,happy gilmore,american beauty ,the sandlot :D (favorite movie by far american beauty is my second all time favorite :D) i have more but i cant think of them right now :\
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: November 15, 2019, at 12:28:56am   [0 comments]
My top 100 best songs are all from 7-10 years ago xD i guess i have some work to do if i want to improve those scores
Posted on: February 3, 2013, at 04:22:50pm   [0 comments]
Only took 4 years but now i finally have 800 full combos :D
Posted on: November 20, 2011, at 11:00:45pm   [1 comment]
i suck
Posted on: November 14, 2011, at 09:48:11pm   [3 comments]
i need to practice so much to do good in this tourney :\
MW3 came out and all i have been doing is playing that so my skill for this game has drained T_T but i have faith that i wont get completely owned

Pray for 1st! wish me luck
Posted on: September 29, 2011, at 08:38:04pm   [3 comments]
Thank you all for your encouragement it means a lot!
special thanks go out to my homiezzz Justin_ator! TD_AIDS! and star reaper! couldnt have done it without you guys! thank you so much.
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freakeyes-NTG writes at 5:00:12pm on 11/14/19
i guess that didnt work :P
freakeyes-NTG writes at 4:59:29pm on 11/14/19
Cheers Bigezay! ;D https://media.giphy.com/media/jIgX3OZoj1UumBUhpe/giphy.gif
PrawnSkunk writes at 10:30:01pm on 2/9/19
Hi again, sorry for the confusion. A developer recently removed the option to place 100K and 500K bets, so I refunded your 6M credits. You can continue betting if you wish!
PrawnSkunk writes at 4:52:45pm on 2/8/19
Hi BIGEZAY, you should have no pending bets. By my calculations you should be up 2M credits from your last 6M of bets. Here are the results of your last 12 games (500K credits * 12) according to the logs from 12/08/18 to 01/16/19 in chronological order: WWWLWWLWLWWL. If you think something doesn't add up, or you still having pending 500K bets, let me know and I can look into it deeper.
ARROWUP writes at 2:39:11pm on 6/22/17
Sup dude
Karee456 writes at 7:23:36pm on 3/4/15
I didn't know you still came around ffr bud XD
justin_ator writes at 11:36:04pm on 2/3/15
Shit bro, hey. I don't think I have your number anymore, you should text me
Mrowmrew writes at 5:28:15am on 11/11/13
Holy heckwads, 800 full combos! I'm barely hitting over 100! ;n;
justin writes at 12:12:28pm on 6/9/13
woop woop. How's it going, dude?
toto6 writes at 7:38:08am on 1/9/13