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Posted on: February 24, 2012, at 09:42:42pm   [7 comments]
So I got my first fgo FC on Frictional Nevada today, shortly afterwards I got RAN.
I managed to get 2 fmo sdgs, Novo Mundo 8 clean and Determination 8-1-0-2.
And the piece de la resistance, my first 10 AAA on Life Light!!
Posted on: February 21, 2012, at 12:03:21pm   [1 comment]
I've been trying to get 1 mil gt for every game played for a while and it was a goal of mine to get 10 bil before 10k games played. Looks like imma do it :D

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9,645,406,135 GT
Posted on: October 6, 2011, at 11:45:47am   [5 comments]
WOOOOOO I finally got Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy] today on Seven. I figured on Famouz I was going nowhere so 2 attempts later on Seven and BOOM!

ps. my first try on [heavy] I got 9-1-1-1 =( Why did I have to miss that stupid left handed triplet at the end.
Posted on: July 14, 2011, at 05:51:44pm   [6 comments]

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Gravity Kitten writes at 8:13:57am on 8/22/19
andy hide the bong ur mom is coming home
Gravity Kitten writes at 10:42:37pm on 1/10/19
im offended that zgf is top friends and im not
toto6 writes at 3:45:44pm on 8/28/18
hello. dunno if u remember me but do you know the real name of slayerapocalypse 666?
Gravity Kitten writes at 6:45:01pm on 11/12/17
you know me lol
but yeah seriously i miss the homies
add me on disc: gravity#3647
Sanjixcon writes at 4:28:18pm on 7/13/17
nice! that one takes some speed, especially towards the ending.. but yea man all those packs are gr8.
Sanjixcon writes at 12:15:25am on 7/12/17
huehuehue i just benn playin pretty much every day for the past year pushin myself ;3 my goal is d6 but yea 80+ equivs are hard af atm xdd so might be awhile before next skill boost =P
Heavy_neck writes at 12:41:34am on 7/5/17
Thx for the congrats! interested in how u found me, as well as general functioning of the ffr community.
nice to see another Canadian
PrawnSkunk writes at 9:02:24pm on 5/20/17
Na :)
Sanjixcon writes at 9:50:39pm on 4/8/17
oh nice make that money =D well right on man, hope it all goes smooth for ya. I been playin sm a bit as well.. it shows me how bad my stamina really is xD
Sanjixcon writes at 6:52:47pm on 3/26/17
okay d5 now =p man i dont see u online very often..