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FFR Overall Rank:15,900
FFR Average Rank:17,081
FFR Grandtotal:523,494,400
FFR Games Played:1,706
FFR Multiplayer Level:12
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Syhto writes at 9:18:13pm on 4/18/14
Preg Jr writes at 5:11:20pm on 4/2/14
Randomer876 writes at 10:47:36pm on 2/23/14
Can you get any more sexy, Spenny?
cedolad writes at 5:30:45pm on 2/11/14
<3 also I'm working on this other computer, and once it's working again I can get on my online banking and move money to my PayPal :3
cedolad writes at 5:13:00pm on 2/11/14
So I just looked at the new profile with this HD monitor my dad has... omfg <3 also I think my computer took a shit so I lost the files :(
Pseudo Enigma writes at 6:12:19am on 2/6/14
your penis is beautiful
Pseudo Enigma writes at 12:15:54am on 2/6/14
cedolad's profile makes my penis the big penis.
thedarkknightrising writes at 8:41:00pm on 2/5/14
O.O wohh...cooooool....
thedarkknightrising writes at 6:07:46pm on 2/5/14
i see :3 i can't stand the song though.....not sure why.....xD
thedarkknightrising writes at 5:26:18pm on 2/5/14
....the video is kinda weird though....o-o