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decaying matter.................................huh you are still here? k fine semi seruz: i've played ffr on and off since i joined often a lot at once. i've gotten hundreds and hundreds probably thousands of hours of enjoyment out of this for free. i don't consider myself someone who spends much time on the forums but over time i've accumulated 4k+ posts so i clearly spend time outside the game as well in the community. therefore im grateful for all my experiences here and the people i've come across. as of june 2019 i peaked in skill in 2015 and hit low d7 for a week before i suddenly stopped playing for years. it's hard to keep improving at a game like this once you reach this skill level when you don't play consistently especially if you only play ffr and not stepmania nor etterna which are probably better games for competitive improvement at my level. however trying to become the best is not necessarily what im after. as of the writing of this i haven't even tried etterna and have hardly touched stepmania and that's ok. i don't mind a 'casual' mindset for this type of rhythm game. the ffr trading card game is what i enjoy on this site the most atm. thanks for reading my life story. i'll be holding an ama every thursday due to popular demand Kappa
that mothball in the corner of my room that kind of looks like a spider
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grinding cheese graters together
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http://www.twitch.tv/aweinstock, https://www.youtube.com/user/aweinstockk
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Posted on: June 6, 2019, at 03:17:55am   [5 comments]
aka my love letter to ffr for all my time spent on it over the years. i made this account when i was 15. this was a nostalgia blast for me

streamed entire thing here: https://www.twitch.tv/aweinstock

this was done over 42 separate sessions over the span of a little under 60 days in real time. 4 songs are missing from my collection so they were skipped. everything i have was played and passed including vrofl. it was a fun grindy journey and im happy i did it. i will never do it again!

session 1:
started: 'Excite Bike' [32 notes]
ended: 'In The Clouds' [209 notes]

session 2:
started: 'Temple [Karco]' [211 notes]
ended: 'No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments' [345 notes]

session 3:
started: 'Canon In WHEE' [346 notes]
ended: 'ReRicked' [400 notes]

session 4:
started: 'Distorted reality' [401 notes]
ended: 'Curtain' [448 notes]

session 5:
started: 'Burnout' [450 notes]
ended: 'Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra)' [486 notes]

session 6:
started: 'Sound of my Dream RMX' [487 notes]
ended: 'Prism' [562 notes]

session 7:
started: 'Crow Song' [563 notes]
ended: 'Sakura Blue Sky' [601 notes]

session 8:
started: 'Desperation ~Pandemic Day Mix~' [601 notes]
ended: 'Infinite Blue' [631 notes]

session 9:
started: 'January's Song' [631 notes]
ended: 'Chinaman' [698 notes]

session 10:
started: 'Samurai Road' [700 notes]
ended: 'C7 Funk' [749 notes]

session 11:
started: 'Toph's OP' [750 notes]
ended: 'Buzzards' [785 notes]

session 12:
started: 'Electro Rush x8' [787 notes]
ended: 'Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix)' [849 notes]

session 13:
started: 'Tough Guy (Tim Ismag Remix)' [850 notes]
ended: 'Kyrie' [899 notes]

session 14:
started: 'Sail AwaY' [900 notes]
ended: 'Endless Tewi-ma Park' [966 notes]

session 15:
started: 'dot death (Stealth Remix)' [966 notes]
ended: '{Firestorm}' [1010 notes]

session 16:
started: 'Bohemian Chic'[1011 notes]
ended: 'Camel' [1070 notes]

session 17:
started: 'K8107' [1071 notes]
ended: 'Concussive' [1099 notes]

session 18:
started: 'LUV CAN SAVE U' [1100 notes]
ended: 'Posers Listen to Fakebit Music' [1168 notes]

session 19:
started: 'Garyuutensei' [1168 notes]
ended: 'Disconnected Hardkore' [1198 notes]

session 20:
started: 'comfort betrays' [1200 notes]
ended: 'Pure Ruby' [1220 notes]

session 21:
started: 'Starry Sky (TANUKI BOOTLEG)' [1222 notes]
ended: 'Velaciela' [1250 notes]

session 22:
started: 'Piano Etude (Gymnastics)' [1253 notes]
ended: 'Dendrite v2' [1299 notes]

session 23:
started: 'Caprice' [1300 notes]
ended: 'Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix)' [1340 notes]

session 24:
started: 'The Formula' [1340 notes]
ended: 'Beautiful Arrhythmia' [1415 notes]

session 25:
started: 'Danse de Romani' [1416 notes]
ended: 'Autumn Insomnia Session' [1458 notes]

session 26:
started: 'HAELEQUIN' [1459 notes]
ended: 'PWRPFF RAVES' [1505 notes]

session 27:
started: 'Black' [1507 notes]
ended: 'Rondo Alla Turca' [1550 notes]

session 28:
started: 'Ascension to Heaven' [1550 notes]
ended: 'Calamity Fortune' [1586 notes]

session 29:
started: 'Cosmic Orchestra' [1590 notes]
ended: 'For UltraPlayers' [1653 notes]

session 30:
started: 'S.E.B. in B.E.D.' [1655 notes]
ended: 'Flounder' [1744 notes]

session 31:
started: 'cold (Kurorak's Bootleg)' [1751 notes]
ended: 'Reminders' [1800 notes]

session 32:
started: 'Sleepmix Strikes Back' [1800 notes]
ended: 'CRASH the BEAT!' [1927 notes]

session 33:
started: 'He's A Radical Rat' [1927 notes]
ended: 'Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix)' [1983 notes]

session 34:
started: 'Jamais Vu' [1993 notes]
ended: 'Venus Fire' [2055 notes]

session 35:
started: 'Accelerator' [2056 notes]
ended: 'do i smile?' [2112 notes]

session 36:
started: 'Southern Cross' [2123 notes]
ended: 'Japan Style Breakcore!!!' [2236 notes]

session 37:
started: 'Run Through The Stream Of Time' [2241 notes]
ended: 'Crow's Ghost' [2329 notes]

session 38:
started: 'Mirage Garden (Long Version)' [2330 notes]
ended: 'Scrambled Eggman' [2531 notes]

session 39:
started: 'Phi-dentity Crisis' [2539 notes]
ended: 'Zombie Sunset' [2780 notes]

session 40:
started: 'Super Mario Main Theme' [2782 notes]
ended: 'Tenimuhou' [3048 notes]

session 41:
started: '==Planet KARMA==' [3075 notes]
ended: 'All your base are belong to ME' [3563 notes]

session 42:
started: 'Blue Rose' [3622 notes]
ended: 'Starbound' [9419 notes]

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Damn them avatar theives!
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