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bad@gaehmez :]
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Call me Sukiru :] Im back here giving this place it's 2nd chance :]
Writing/Roleplay/Pokemon/Stepmaina :]
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i love almost anything but let one thing be known i am a TRANCE JUNKIE :) im gonna break it down into genres Classical: Motzart,Beethoven,J.S.Bach, and A.Vivaldi,Brahms. Breakcore/Drum & Bass/IDM: Aphrodite,Venetian Snares,Dev/Null,Nubbin,Zombie Sapho,Pendulum,Shotgun Orchestra,Igorrr,The Flashbulb,Twenty Knives,Netsky,Nero's Day At Disneyland,Terminal 11,S.O.T.A.G.R,too lazy to list the rest. Hardcore/Gabber/Speedcore/J-Core: M-Project,Cotton Panties,DJ Sharpnel,DJ Technorch,DJ Chucky,DJ Shimamura,REDALiCE,Betwixt & Between,T+Pazolite,DJ Technetium,Roughsketch,P*Light,Ryu*,Kors K,Kenta-v.ez.,Usao,Void. Rave/Trance/Happy Hardcore: Armin Van Buuren,Super 8 & Tab,Velvetine,Above & Beyond,Myon & Shane 54,Sunlounger,ATB,Yuri Kane,Nitrous Oxide,Interstate,W&W,A-Moe,Dougal & Gammer,DJ Hixxy,Trixxy,Vagabond,Euphony,Euphoria,Sy & Unknown,Darren Styles,Ryu* again too many to list. Ambient/Tribal/Vocal Aeterna,Constance Demby,TYA,Craig Armsrong,Utada Hikaru,Ayumi Hamasaki, Hanz Zimmer Video Game Music/Chiptunes: Go Ichinose, Koji Kondo, Motoi Sakuraba, Grant Kirkhope,Kommisar, i will update more later.
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Posted on: June 16, 2014, at 09:24:45pm   [3 comments]
Yes I make my own themes and change them alot so deal with it.
Posted on: May 22, 2011, at 06:38:21pm   [23 comments]
well a list of all the awesome girls in my life if you think you deserve a spot on this list post in here and let me know what you think earns you a spot

#1: Shikari (because he wants me in his panties <3)
#2: twitchywindobreaker (Co-Writer and I've known you in person since 10th Grade so yeah <3)
#3: foodlover101 (she is awesome <3 and she drew me as an anime character <3 it. oh and she wants to adopt me)
#4: carolynmarie91 (my adorableness <3)
#5: Hugsandkisses: (<3 my ivy <3333333)
#6: Haunted_Dream (she showed me an awesome thing sit in a tree during the sunset <3)
#7: Yenah (my Yen Yen <3)
#8: borntoRUN (my fawn <3)
#9: Squirtle x3 (she has such a cute face and piercings <3)
#10: Conduct (because it makes no sense what so ever <3)
#11: Trogdor!!!! (Because for some odd reason this makes all the sense in the world <3)
#12: ULTIMEGA (Because even all the dudes need love too <3)
#13: Emithith (Just Because oh and i want to violate his profile <3)
#14: Bitchslapp (because she is very sweet and nice and has awesome hair <3)
#15: emo1555 (because she is adorable and really nice <3)
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mreow_ writes at 10:54:21am on 6/23/14
n///n <3
Squirtle x3 writes at 2:25:51pm on 6/18/14
You would lol,
Squirtle x3 writes at 1:06:02pm on 6/18/14
I'll spank you
Squirtle x3 writes at 9:40:23pm on 6/17/14
You better or else ^-^
Squirtle x3 writes at 9:37:00pm on 6/17/14
Honestly anything cute :3 I don't care <3 just surprise me.
Squirtle x3 writes at 8:17:58pm on 6/17/14
Whatcha doing? And you should make me a theme cause you said you would :c
Squirtle x3 writes at 7:42:22pm on 6/17/14
You are my favorite ♥♡
Bronely writes at 7:26:21pm on 6/17/14
Ty, ty~
Squirtle x3 writes at 3:16:13pm on 6/17/14
Sukiru o:
NamiiHayes18 writes at 9:14:42pm on 6/16/14