R^3 Air Edition, Spin it UP: Mobile Alpha Test, Alt Engine Leaderboards & New Songs

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 25th, 2017

R^3 Air Edition: A Non-Flash Based Engine

Have you read thread upon thread of lag reduction tips for FFR? Do you get random lag spikes, no matter how many times you restart a song? FFR has a long history of running poorly on modern operating systems, regardless of hardware, due to the the performance and optimization limitations of Adobe Flash Player. If you’ve ever been personally victimized by Flash Player, we have a very exciting announcement for you.

Flash Flash Revolution is ditching Flash Player once and for all.

R^3 Air Edition is the same great game engine, built entirely without Flash. All future R^3 updates will apply to both browser/Flash and desktop/Air editions, and update automatically. Some of the features introduced in the future may only apply to Air Edition though. Air Edition includes everything the current game does, along with some new features the Adobe AIR platform allows us to provide:

So what are you waiting for?! R^3 Air Edition is immediately available for download for Windows1 (did we mention without Flash?).

Oh, and we’re also releasing…

Spin it UP: Mobile Alpha Test

Spin it UP: Mobile Alpha Test

This update also brings the first public release of Spin it UP: Mobile for Android devices and Windows. For those who are not familiar with the old Spin it UP, it is a mouse-driven rhythm game developed by FFR that was discontinued in 2011. Keeping in theme with R^3, Spin it UP is ditching Flash, and has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

To play Spin it UP: Mobile on your Android device, tap to download the .apk below, and install it using “APK Installer” from the Google Play Store. Let us know what you think! We’re hoping to collect your feedback on device compatibility and general experience.

Choose your destiny.

Oh, and also have some…

Alt Engine Leaderboards

Alt Engine Leaderboards

Alt Engine Leaderboards are a new leaderboard system, which automatically tracks and ranks all alternate engine scores. New alternate engines won’t appear visible to the public until they are unhidden by an FFR administrator.

These leaderboards are built using new FFR score code, which in the future will allow us to support replays and rates. Please leave us your suggestions, for any features you’d like to see on the alt engine leaderboards. We’re looking forward to developing this new competitive platform for FFR.

And let’s wrap things up with some new content…

Songs of the Week (Dec. 25, 2017)

This will be FFR’s final song release for 2017! When you try out the new engine, be sure to start by indulging in FFR’s favourite pastime – passing Death Piano. Who will become the first person to AAA Death Piano v2′s ending 16th megatrill?!

Death Piano v2
Musician: Xi
Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Piano Quartet
Difficulty: 70
Song Length: 2:52
* Pass Death Piano to unlock Death Piano v2.

The last song of the year is an unmissable masterpiece by Xiz. Experience a full-body “hands to wubs” sensation with Problematic.

Musician: Kezwik & Protohype
Step Artist: Xiz
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Drumstep
Difficulty: 62
Song Length: 2:09

That’s all folks. We’ve officially run out of space in the title to fit any more updates. Be sure to give Velocity all of your love in the comments! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and welcome to the world of lagless2 FFR. :D

1(Mac and Linux versions of R^3 Air Edition will hopefully come at a later date.)
2(This is the first public release of the Air version, so mileage may vary, but performance should be way better.)

62 Responses to “R^3 Air Edition, Spin it UP: Mobile Alpha Test, Alt Engine Leaderboards & New Songs”

  1. :D

  2. :mrgreen:


  4. yo what the heck is goin on

  5. yes. this is very good, yes.

  6. would be nice if this didn’t happen. https://puu.sh/yNqqh/99c617ccd1.png

    avast doesn’t like the .exe at all.

  7. Welcome to the future

  8. I absolutely can not believe how erect i am right now from these updates

  9. Holy shit this is MASSIVE

  10. Problematic lives!!!

  11. <3

  12. Hype.

  13. it runs really good, especially with rates, good update

  14. FFR mobile when?

    Nice job Velo merry Christmas.

  15. This is literally the embodiment of a Christmas miracle.

  16. This is a pretty big update

  17. Like, wow, I think I might actually play again because of this. Goodness, it’s been so long since I got some smooth frames in this, lmao.

  18. great work on ffr air!

  19. yo staff i think the arrows in problematic could be comin a lil’ late tho but i mean i’m also getting used to not flash not flash revolution but just letting y’all know

  20. It’s good only bad thing is that I am getting some slight input delay.

  21. oh boy i’m happy about this. been getting back in to FFR lately and was really getting bummed out by the constant lag iget from Flash player. HOYP!

  22. welp, even this lags for me. First game i played(jurs op) didnt have any lag at all, tried a masters song and it ran poorly for some reason. God windows 7 pro SUCKS. at least im getting a gaming computer soon so i should be able to play again. Now to get used to r3…..AGAIN.

    PS. Legacy engine for life

  23. if you use avast make sure to add the .exe to your exclusions. other than that this made my dick touch my microphone

  24. How fast did it touch your microphone, im guessing SoFaSt?

  25. hot damn

  26. I was hedging on the fact that I was going to get nothing for christmas, and then you had to go and ruin that.

    I love you.


  28. adobe air installed but it doesn’t want to load?

  29. where i put that menu_music.mp3 :thonk:

  30. I have adobe air but it doesn’t want to load because it thinks I don’t have adobe air. help.

  31. I think I love you

  32. air edition plays better on 30 fps for some reason than 60 fps. weird.

  33. This is the greatest update I’ve ever seen! I think it’s time to crawl out of my cave and get playing again.

  34. Thank you so much for updating spin it up. :) I really appreciate it. :)

    I’m so excited! :D

  35. w-what

    e x c e l l e n t

  36. yuehoehueheouehue

  37. The Air Air Revolution has begun

  38. hoyl

  39. Works well aside from slight input delay

  40. I run the FP version with a -.1 offset but i am running this version with like a 2.2. hmmm
    Any thoughts? I’m still not liking my MA so maybe this is the input lag problem some people are ahving?
    Either way it runs like sexy butter and i am erect

  41. good hot

  42. Thanks for your feedback everyone. We’ve received multiple reports about a slight input delay and stuttering when playing on rates, and are looking into it.

  43. the adobe air logo thing looks like a fidget spinner

  44. Air Air Revolution?

  45. gravity edition when

  46. this worked when I downloaded it, but now it won’t work at all, saying I don’t have what I need that supports it. what do I need?

  47. Did you extract the R3Air.0.0.2 folder to your desktop?

  48. Yes, the folder is on my desktop.

  49. Can you please PM me a screenshot of the error?

  50. Downloaded Air client in a folder > Folder on my desktop R3AirClient > Added menu_music.mp3 in that folder. Menu music isn’t working, any suggestions?

  51. This should be fixed for the next update.

  52. This is amazing. Well done, gents. Totally fixed any lag problem I had before. Runs smooth as butter.

  53. AHHHHHHHH This is so amazing. Totally brought FFR into the future. And WHAT? Spin It Up on MOBILE??? Daang. Killing it!

  54. welp its gonna be ffr and spin it up 24/7 now for me especially on the go and hope everyone is having a happy holidays~!!

  55. On a serious note… Is it still creditable to call it flash flash revolution? Also, this update alone has brought me to my return and you did a good job guys.

  56. Is it credible to call it a return if you haven’t played yet?

  57. AIR even though not flash based still is unplayable for me? I rarely get a good run where i can actually PA a song haha. this makes no sense when it isnt flash based??

  58. Does it need windows 10 to work or something?

  59. Working on Wine (Fedora 27)

  60. Rarely comment on the forums, but want to thanks the devs for generating a non flash version. FFR hasn’t really been playable for me for the last 10yrs :( . Really awesome job TY!!! :)

  61. If anyone checks this at all, setting r3air to high priority fixed any input lag for me

  62. Does anyone know if R^3 air is available for Mac yet? I know it says above that it will hopefully be released soon, but that was a 2017 post so I just wanted to check with the community :)

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