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Member of the FFR community. I play video games a lot.
Rhythm Games, First Person Shooters.
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Rock, Heavy Metal, Dub Step, Glitch Hop, Contemporary, Video Game OSTs, Rap.
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Let It Shine, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Maleficent
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Posted on: July 4, 2015, at 08:30:48pm   [1 comment]
Because when someone asks me for it, I don't feel like digging through the forums or telling them to dig through the forums.
https://prawnskunk.com/ffrmania/r3.xml <--R^3 Engine (newest engine)
Posted on: February 18, 2015, at 02:55:37pm   [5 comments]

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Sky Kitten writes at 4:36:22pm on 7/6/20
Thanks! So many more to go, haha.
Azpb Djbread writes at 3:32:30pm on 7/1/20
hey man!
just stopping by some familiar names, glad you're still around!
Psychotik writes at 4:21:47pm on 6/23/20
thx friendo
CammyGoesRawr writes at 7:09:15am on 6/23/20
i imagine little cartoon-ish squishy noises with each bounce o:
Ipu Maipants writes at 3:59:57pm on 6/11/20
Thanks. I like your pfp as well
XxWeskerxX writes at 6:42:02pm on 5/1/20
XxWeskerxX writes at 2:58:30pm on 5/1/20
i thought it was referred to like for example left and down being spammed with doubles
XxWeskerxX writes at 12:34:45pm on 4/30/20
whats a good way to practice riffs it killed my arm and i feel ashamed XD
XxWeskerxX writes at 8:05:36pm on 4/29/20
thats good to know now a days i just wanna improve all around.
XxWeskerxX writes at 4:44:42pm on 4/29/20
is the amazing required for an AAA