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Member of the FFR community. I play video games a lot.
Rhythm Games, First Person Shooters.
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Rock, Heavy Metal, Dub Step, Glitch Hop, Contemporary, Video Game OSTs, Rap.
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Let It Shine, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Maleficent
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Posted on: July 4, 2015, at 08:30:48pm   [1 comment]
Because when someone asks me for it, I don't feel like digging through the forums or telling them to dig through the forums.
https://prawnskunk.com/ffrmania/r3.xml <--R^3 Engine (newest engine)
Posted on: February 18, 2015, at 02:55:37pm   [5 comments]

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Drayk writes at 5:09:43am on 11/13/19
Thanks Rapta!! :D
Andrew WCY writes at 8:07:25am on 11/8/19
Thank you for believing in me! I'm happy I've made it in the end.
Drayk writes at 9:26:07pm on 11/6/19
Hi, thanks for the nice message hehe! ^_^ Was just thinking about hitting you up on Discord today actually. Have you started with that new transcription job yet? If so, how's it going? :D
TD_Pnai writes at 5:30:13pm on 10/25/19
Hi! :D
JulesNightlock writes at 12:37:23am on 10/25/19
Hey Raptor! Long time, no chat.
Krissycakes808 writes at 10:24:27pm on 10/24/19
Blackskull305 writes at 9:31:46pm on 10/19/19
I came across a quote from Alan Watts, speaking of learning the piano, which speaks to your "rhythmic mashing" method of improving at FFR...
"You must not be afraid of playing wrong notes. Just forget it. Play it wrong... and then eventually go over it again and you'll eventually hit it, but you must not block. Always keep the same rhythm going. Even if you have to slow it down... but keep the proportionate rhythm going. And if you hit a wrong note play the wrong note, as long as you keep the rhythm going. [That is how you learn to read the music.]" - Alan Watts
~ @ 6:30
science666 writes at 11:11:35pm on 10/15/19
Hello I'm glad we're friends! :D
SputnikOwns writes at 6:03:13pm on 10/13/19
spongebobismysenpai writes at 6:05:16am on 10/5/19