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Posted on: October 1, 2014, at 08:22:34am   [3 comments]
Placement: Division 5
Strengths: Jumpstream, Walls, Rolls, Ankward Patterns
Weakness: Poor Stamina, Righthanded Trills, 1frame jacks
Health: Rightarm with RSI / Tendonits.

Round 1 - Truth (xKore Remix) (2-0-0-0)
fkin 70 tries to get a 2g, that song is so cool, but the pattern ish meh, hope next round ish a JS file :)

Round 2 - A Yodeler in Texas (1-0-0-0)
Woa, i thought this file was going to be hard, but blackflag 4th try. Well... nerves still get me, when im going really good in a song my heart beats really fast, my paws start shivering.... why.. XD see you guys next round! (i hope)

Round 3 - Blue (2-0-0-0)
Till now it was the easiest song, Jumpstream, Rolls and some jacks, no weakness in this file, just not playing anymore cuz i like "2g"

Round 4 - Exclusive Utopia (2-0-0-1 ELIMINATED)
.... omgf i loved that file.. i mean.. it's really cool.
but fkinfdsifgsfggj mindblocked in the first 300 notes, and it's AAA or die...
rip dream :/

Posted on: October 22, 2013, at 01:48:10pm   [4 comments]
Placement: D4

Round 1 - The Whip (Blackflag)
Hu3! Well, i was expecting 20g or something first try, but well, my bf comes! and i don't need to fix that, since it's my plan, gonna blackflag everything!

Round 2 - Prove Them Wrong (Blackflag)
EUAHIEUHAEUIAHUIHE, my first run was 3-0-1-0, then i started getting a lil nervous, but well, i got calm, i said i can do it, i was almost in the AAA, but i remembered, NO AAAs only BF's! then i did it. http://puu.sh/55UOA :3

Round 3 - Over the Bridge (4-0-0-2)
Agh, well i think this round my Blackflag will not be possible, i was so close to a booflag, but on the final of the song i was very nervous, my hand stiff and more, i couldnt do nothimg, Scin its torture!!! agh, well good round for everyone hope i pass that one because i am not going to fix this score. http://puu.sh/5en8Z.jpg <-

Round 4 - Dreadnought [Heavy] (6-0-1-3)
I have only one word to say. YAY.

Round 5 - Eclipse (Luna) (12-0-0-3)
idk how i did this omgf, wtf, this file was tough, was hard, wtf, hardest part is on the beggining if you pass this part with only 2g you can probably finish the song with 5g lol

Round 6 - Valhalla (6-1-0-3)
Had to train trills a little more to pass that one, unfortunately it wasn't enough.
I got eliminated in the tourney holding 6th place, tho it was nice, I skill boosted from low D4 to high D4, was better than I expected. Good luck everyone!

I just realized from round 4 to 6 I got 3 big always, weirdo
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