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Antori writes at 12:27:43pm on 11/6/18
happy birthday! :D
Gravity Kitten writes at 7:12:49pm on 10/2/18
xXOpkillerXx writes at 3:18:56pm on 7/5/18
Sup Velo. Hey I was wondering, are the files in R^3 / AIR still SWF or not ? If not, what's the actual format ? Thank you !
beefdip1 writes at 5:59:53am on 5/28/18
I have attached a screenshot in regards to the issue I messaged you about.
Rapta writes at 11:54:12am on 12/8/17
Your profile is so amazing!
Travis_Flesher writes at 11:24:30pm on 11/26/17
hello my name grace
another fake account writes at 1:18:03pm on 4/18/17
there are never enough
Sanjixcon writes at 8:29:10pm on 3/29/17
WhatWhat123 writes at 3:58:24pm on 3/19/17
I've recently translated the R^3 engine into Polish, but nearly all special characters don't appear as they should in the game. Could you update the font so that the text appears normally? Much appreciated.
freakeyes-NTG writes at 7:32:26pm on 3/13/17
Hi there it says i havent got over 10 hours play time on tokens? How can i recieve these tokens ?