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Call me Vince!
Sup. I'm a 23 year old film maker. I also make music. Owner of a few companies. 'Nuff said.
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Xiz's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Smile SongHappy Pop22-06-13
Taking WingHappy Hardcore07-09-13
Kirby SmashMoombahcore28-09-13
Reading For DaysDubstep24-10-13
The WhipMoombahton24-10-13
Dolphin TalkGlitch Hop05-11-14
WildstyleHard House16-12-14
SplinterElectro House22-12-14
My Suit & Tie Life (D.licious Live Edit)RnB28-01-15
Falcon PunchElectro18-02-15
Want You GoneIndie Rock04-03-15
Cowbell RockGlitch Hop21-04-15
Revenge of Mister FoxskyGlitch Hop16-06-15
Tough Guy (Tim Ismag Remix)Glitch Hop30-06-15
Follow You (Virtual Riot Remix)Dubstep22-09-15
BraumEpic Folk18-11-15
I'm Alive (Jarvis Remix)Dubstep01-07-16
Miss JacksonAlternative14-10-17
Smoke Weed EverydayMeme Remix01-04-18
Comment wall
supenguinsie writes at 1:19:17pm on 3/24/20
hey, thank youu. your file is just so fun to play ^~^
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 12:52:24am on 8/23/19
Time to Yeet myself outta FFR
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 10:44:46am on 7/28/19
oh look a Boi
Gir writes at 11:06:36pm on 10/23/17
Just wanted to say that Falcon Punch is one of the most fun charts I've played in 19 years. Fucking L O V E it :)
Gradiant writes at 12:58:16am on 7/1/17
Nice avi
Dolletta writes at 10:55:36pm on 5/31/17
Hello again! TWG? Could you explain?
Aciid writes at 10:47:44pm on 4/24/17
3 years later, you still got a really cool profile.
Been a long time, how you been?
Dolletta writes at 11:56:00pm on 4/19/17
Oh lovely! I adore your profile by the way. It's so neat!
Dolletta writes at 1:50:07pm on 4/18/17
I'm not sure! I've been here a while but I've never really spoken to anyone. My old account was LunaRosalina, if that helps?
FreezinIce writes at 7:52:53pm on 3/3/17
awwwwww yisssss