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I'm Tarrik.
It could be you. Are you interesting?
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Posted on: December 11, 2017, at 05:03:43pm   [0 comments]
Come check it out <3 https://www.twitch.tv/tarrik
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Riotpolice writes at 10:54:47am on 6/7/19
Rapta writes at 8:39:15pm on 2/7/18
Leosnia writes at 2:25:59pm on 1/23/18
Already am. I think I can get back into my old groove like I was in 10years ago! :)
Leosnia writes at 12:33:47pm on 1/23/18
You're welcome.
xfatalityxx writes at 11:26:18am on 1/12/18
Nah, I play FFR casually now whenever I'm free.
Don't let your dreams be dreams, but don't let your memes be dreams too.
bmo writes at 10:01:21pm on 12/16/17
Nice! I'll have to check it out later tonight. (Still in CO,USA. Haha :P ) If you do most gaming on pc, add me up on steam!!! It's really nice to talk to ya again too. I agree. Good thing FFR is still alive and kicking. lol
bmo writes at 3:22:21am on 12/15/17
Dang. I missed out on your message when you were streaming. Lol. You should send me the link. :D And I've been alright man. Been working a ton. D: But besides that I can't complain. Haha. How about you man?
bmo writes at 12:11:49am on 12/12/17
Tarrik! Miss ya bud. It's Axel Djk. I lost my old account info a while back so I made a new one. Lol. Hope all is well man. :)
Shodzzy writes at 6:31:20pm on 11/12/17
damn dude. Sick profile
Gloker writes at 10:00:58am on 10/27/17
very attractiv profil :D