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Clasko is my online handle, however most people now a days call me Twans.
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Posted on: October 9, 2013, at 05:08:40pm   [1 comment]
30 minutes total time, That was easy for the new profile layout. I still could do a little more, txt and such, we will see. Im very happy with how it turned out.
Posted on: December 14, 2006, at 03:21:06pm   [0 comments]
I finally got my first AAA... (snowflakes)
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Blackskull305 writes at 4:04:05am on 8/13/19
<3 this profile artwork :3
One Winged Angel writes at 1:46:01am on 7/18/19
We usually play at FVM but have gone to Stratford on occasion, I'd be down to meet up at either
One Winged Angel writes at 4:28:02pm on 7/17/19
ok I just read your profile bio I know who you are lmfao you're very good
One Winged Angel writes at 4:21:00pm on 7/17/19
Yeah I just started playing a bit more seriously this past year...still very not good and my acc is all over the place. My e-amuse tag is Krysuvyk, I don't have any intention to go to any tournaments or anything but Maggie and I go to Round 1 at least once or twice a week. What's your tag?
ULTIMEGA writes at 7:50:08pm on 7/16/19
XD It's all good, mate!
DDR_Anna writes at 2:11:17pm on 4/24/17
I see you rocking that Asuna <3
mrpreggers writes at 8:46:38pm on 1/31/17
my back hurts : - O
badman7772 writes at 5:09:24am on 6/30/15
Jeez it's been a while! How've ya been?
NeoMaxx69 writes at 5:51:27pm on 3/10/15
The bar on my champion pad broke after awhile so I used chairs stacked up lmao
NeoMaxx69 writes at 5:50:39pm on 3/10/15
A friend of mine bought a machine awhile back and I play at his house from time to time. As for bars they apparently sell a kit for them on their site but it's really expensive x_x