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Breakcore, IDM, Dubstep, Hardcore, Electro, House, J-Core, Drum & Bass, Speedcore, Metal, Rock.
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Location:Burbach, Germany
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Coolboyrulez0's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Geno's Forest F-ZeroGame Remix04-08-07
StrategemDark Beats31-08-07
Digital AtmosphereDeep House05-08-08
Smash PodcastGame Remix21-12-10
In AislesIDM02-02-12
Duck HuntNerdcore23-02-12
GalaxyCelestial Dubstep27-10-12
Punch YouDance Speed01-12-12
I'm a MonsterMetalcore08-12-12
Slam the Door (Rogue Remix)Electro House05-02-13
Rill Rill (Dr. Ozi Remix)Dubstep18-05-13
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Comment wall
Rapta writes at 1:05:56pm on 10/18/14
Who are you?
Herogashix writes at 8:40:02pm on 9/6/14
anwar-inc writes at 8:51:25am on 8/24/14
Thanks for the support man, always nice! Also, your avatar is scarey as hell man! O.O
_.Spitfire._ writes at 3:44:00pm on 6/9/14
What am I supposed to grill you for? Can't you fucking post something I'll disagree with like choof? Dumbass
✖ Grilling denied ✖
Ghakimx writes at 10:36:28pm on 5/29/14
Yo man, if you're ever free, gimme a reply on FFR or Skype
L.B.D.D writes at 11:28:51pm on 4/26/14
how's eu son
choof writes at 4:17:43pm on 4/4/14
well there's also no RP scene at all and
c'mon br0ski
choof writes at 2:11:07pm on 4/4/14
okay apparently he's not a top raider but he's completed all raids up to this point
(it's xiaounlimited lmao)
choof writes at 1:31:24pm on 4/4/14
one of the top progression raiders
choof writes at 12:12:53pm on 4/4/14
already talked to a guy who's raiding in ffxiv and he said not to switch lmao