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NightrainFunk Fusion20-04-12
Trisection v2Hard Rock19-05-12
Let's GoRock09-11-12
Feelings From the AirTrance15-06-13
WiLD PLANETProg. Instrumental20-07-13
Umlaut AmpersandMinimal Rock31-08-13
Time To SleepProgressive03-12-16
V1 v2Electroshock Remix17-06-18
Random Thoughts
This judging thing
Posted on: May 26, 2017, at 11:17:46am   [2 comments]
It's actually a fair bit of work.

I've only judged 2 (and a half) sets so far, but I totally have a new respect for the judges that came before me.

I estimate that each file takes me at least 3-4 hours to look at thoroughly. Depending on length. And quality.

First I get a general feel of the file just by looking at it in DDReam. Let it play straight through. Usually any glaring errors will jump out at me here. Make note of them. Is there any part that looks weird? Make note of it. I also get a general idea of whether or not the chart will be remotely viable for FFR. By this point I usually have a rating in mind for the file.

Next is the most time consuming part. Go through the file with a fine tooth comb. What is being layered? Is that consistent? You step this here, why not there? This is a ghost note. You don't have notes for the melody you've been following. This part is neat. This part is silly. Making notes as I go. For each. And. Every. Thing. Usually I get distracted, simply because I'm at my computer. That makes things take a bit longer. (I had to ascend in Clicker Heroes, okay? I'm sorry.)

Finally, I sit on the reviews for a day or two. I go back over them, making doubly sure that that is a ghost note. The layering is inconsistent there. And so on. Also time to touch up some grammar, even though it's all in point form. A sentence or two at the end to sum up the review and give a general feel on the file as a whole. Continue to agonize over it forever. Then send the message to Dossar, "hey, set whatever is done."

The hardest chart to review is one which seems good on the surface. When you get to the break down the errors start to pile up. Acceptance becomes less and less likely the more I look at such a chart. Which is heartbreaking. I had decided beforehand that this was a decent file. I really want that file to succeed, but now I have to make a decision as to whether just a handful of tweaks will improve it or not. If so, CQ for you, and extra effort necessary to identify which are the most important fixes. If it's more than minor, hard reject, but lots of notes for the stepartist. Looking back, this is the category that a number of my old submissions to FFR likely fit in.

It's pretty neat to be able to see submissions sent to FFR before they get in the game. Both the great and the not-so-great files are, well, great to see. It's my goal as a judge to spur at least a bit of activity on this old site. I remember that the most frustrating thing about sending in files was the slow turn-around time on judgements. "Notes when?" became more meme than legitimate question. I want to encourage new stepartists as much as I can, and keep the old ones going. I want to give the kind of reviews that I sometimes wish I had gotten when I was starting out. The problem is that those take a lot of time to make.

Perhaps my reviews are too verbose, but I understand the delays now. There's a real person on the other end of those reviews. Someone who spent a good deal of time looking at your chart, and coming to a decision on it. Someone with a real job, a real life outside of FFR. This is one of possibly many hobbies for them just as it is for you. So to sum up,


11th Official Tournament Thought or whatever
Posted on: July 13, 2016, at 05:44:34pm   [0 comments]
Quitting 3rd round because pain johns.


10th Official Tournament Thought or whatever
Posted on: October 4, 2014, at 02:08:48am   [0 comments]
Honestly lucked out being put in D4, after a round 2 or 3 (forget) exit in D5 last official. I think I have a good chance to place high in this tournament, even without needing to skill boost much.

I haven't played much fiffer in the past god knows how long, but I seem to be able to get reasonably consistent scores. My old weaknesses are still there and my old strengths are still there. We'll see how this goes.

Round 1 - Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness - AAA
Got the AAA on my second playthrough. Not a big fan of the file, actually found it boring. Can't have planet karmas for every round though right?

Round 2 - Flame Repellent - AAA
Cool file for round 2. Unlocked Scarhand [Standard] with this because apparently I hadn't done that yet even though I know I got a AAA on like Nebula [she] and Cosmic Orchestra to name a few. Had a few mindblocks on some of the streams. Also had an issue with my keyboard sliding around everywhere. Might be time for an upgrade...

Round 3 - Plousia - 3-0-0-0
Mindblocks all over the place. Didn't care much for this file. Tried to fix it to get the AAA, but just going with a score that should be safe to get to the next round.

Round 4 - Poinsettia - 13-0-0-1
Extremely dense jumpstream at a speed somewhat comparable to EHHS. Probably won't be able to improve on this much.

Round 5 - Electric Butterfly - fuck it
Nope. gg

2nd Official StepCon Thought or whatever
Posted on: September 9, 2014, at 05:40:14am   [0 comments]
Round 1 - Group B - Wheelpower & Go
(FFRMania Engine B1)

Pretty much completely bs'd the solos, just like everyone else in the group. I'm actually far more proud of how I did the non-solos than anything else in this file. I probably tried to make it to Mad of Fire like though. Not my best work, and not a song I would normally choose, but if I spent more time on the solos could probably be a nicer file.

Round 2 - Group E - Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl
(FFRMania Engine E10)

Went for a very simple approach on this one. The vocals were the worst thing to try syncing. If the song was in English it may have been a bit easier, and I would at least know where there should be a syllable. Looking back I see a few spots where I did miss syllables. I'm extremely happy with how this file turned out though.

Round 3 - Palms Read

This file may end up feeling a little rushed and that's because it is. I had to finish this file on my 6 year old laptop while out of town. It can just barely run ddreamstudio. The song probably demands a more complex file than this, but I just didn't have the time to make it so. It follows pretty much the same structure through the entire song, but it's a tried and tru method. Sort of. I guess. Didn't even have a chance to playtest this file so who knows. Maybe not the best choice of cut for this song, but I feel it's the most logical.

Bandwagoning - self thoughts on file(z) in FFR
Posted on: April 21, 2012, at 01:38:09am   [0 comments]

Nightrain - FUCKING FINALLY. The first batch I sent this to dates back to early 2009. Original version was considerably more dense and layered than the in-game one by about 100 arrows, but the in-game one is by far way more fun (seems the community thinks so too :D) The first part of the song mostly follows the guitar with layered drums. The difficulty in the song comes mostly from the middle section with layered piano and whatever that harmonic instrument is. Then the end kind of combines the harmonic thing, guitar and drums. Full song is about 6 minutes long.

Trisection v2 - Kind of a dump, but a much needed one. Originally it was a complete dump - the jumpgluts were handgluts, the 24th stream was more densely layered with drums and there was an ugly polyrhythm from a 16th jack in the second last 24th part. I toned it down A LOT and kept refining it, and boom, accepted. Some elitists might prefer any one of Yesssss' charts, but I knew the jack style chart wouldn't fly with the judges, and I'm not him (however much I may try to emulate him...). I still feel that I did this amzin song the justice it so patiently waited for and I like the result. Frankly that's all that matters.

Let's Go - Quickly stepped because of how simple the rhythms are, yet extensively playtested to cater specifically for one-handed players. Spread players will notice that the patterns are kind of wonky but it's only because of the one-hand thing. Currently pretty much the only file in FFR and one of the only ones period stepped specifically for one hand; we'll see if there will be more.

Feelings From the Air - My favourite song from the one artist I've stepped the most. The overlayered dumps in the Stepmania scene do not fit this song at all, so this easier version should strike a few chords with people familiar with those. Nice and simple file, nothing complicated, just the way it should be.

WiLD PLANET - Every good step artist steps an OSTER Project file somewhere along the line, right? Here's mine. In a similar vein to Nightrain, this is a rather technical file but is not quite as dense. Still has some funkyish elements to it that I really enjoyed listening to and stepping. I'm extremely happy with how this file turned out. It's the most fun file I've made since Kirby Pack 2. And to think I was uncertain about the layering through the entire thing.

Umlaut Ampersand - I'll be honest. I did not expect this to get accepted. The song is just so weird and the file is equally weird. The one 64th roll sticks out like a sore thumb but it is accurate. Definitely the weirdest file I've ever made. I guess it's pretty much supposed to be weird. This was released before I sent in fixes but I suppose they would have been minor.

Time to Sleep - Short and sweet. Middle section is somewhat boring. For being the first file I've pumped out in a few years, it's pretty good. Reminds me a bit of my Kirby files from 2010; simple, 16th patterns, nothing fancy, executed well. Just add jumptrills...

[Unreleased] V2 - Needed. The minijacks help to distinguish this from the ancient SM file. Not much else to say. Nothing fancy or really of note here.

I am working on more, it's just.. finding a suitable song and sticking with it through to the end and and and and and

Comment wall
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 11:46:42pm on 6/16/17
Happy 11! <:)
Anzerol writes...
at 12:16:02pm on 5/24/17
WP! 24k songs played, have you already played them all?
Wayward Vagabond writes...
at 10:38:21pm on 5/20/17
rip. pls make more files though
Wayward Vagabond writes...
at 3:47:25am on 5/16/17
I thought you left and never came back. Good to see you're still around man
MooMoo_Cowfreak writes...
at 9:40:15pm on 2/6/17
L'oiseau qui danse is a fantastic file, great song choice and perfect steps to match!
noname219 writes...
at 5:11:09pm on 1/3/14
Reviewed one of your recommendations. ;)
Necki Menji writes...
at 3:04:38am on 10/22/13
I want to say something but you'd only like it too much.
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 6:59:54pm on 8/31/13
lol saw that in the thread. I honestly think it doesn't need fixes, it's different but quite fun to play.
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 6:52:29am on 8/31/13
i quite like ampersand. like you posted in your RT, it is weird, but i think it's pretty sweet. i didn't care much for the 2 2 2 123, but I never like those patterns :P
rayword45 writes...
at 11:20:20pm on 8/28/13
lol i stock peepl tht reed mi thred soo go recomnd n ablum
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