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cool hand moves = dab
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sticklydude writes at 2:09:06pm on 3/27/20
sticklydude writes at 1:30:01pm on 3/27/20
Hope ya been stayin' safe in these crazy times
sticklydude writes at 10:38:12pm on 3/18/20
revolutionomega writes at 10:25:00am on 3/7/20
Good stuff man! It's the reply that counts. May actually level to 80+ soon. Every time my hands feel good I play TGWP (full). right now my equiv is just below 80. want to get it to 82+ (I would guess 2 goods or less?)
ilikexd writes at 5:36:25pm on 2/23/20
i regret almost everything i've ever said and done the past 10 years but i'm happy to hear that
revolutionomega writes at 9:36:49am on 1/13/20
waddup dude you too! it's a shame my top skill has declined so much but I've been tearing up the acc in sub FMOs. Slowly getting some speed back in this bitch. How you been man?
Blackskull305 writes at 9:08:04am on 10/21/19
Ayy thanks dAnceguy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zi8ShAosqzI ;)
MixMasterLar writes at 12:04:14pm on 8/23/19
You know you waaa~na!
MixMasterLar writes at 3:10:20am on 8/22/19
Ya at 9,999 post my dude
Gotta make a 10k thread for your 10,000th post
hi19hi19 writes at 3:17:47pm on 8/17/19
Nice 9999 posts nerd <3