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cool hand moves = dab
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Trogdor!!!! writes at 1:14:55am on 7/2/20
I still lurk and read posts as long as the website is still alive. I honestly want to play as well but I don't have any way to right now.
dAnceguy117 writes at 12:56:28pm on 6/30/20
im gonna post a comment on my own wall because i can and no one can stop me
Trogdor!!!! writes at 2:01:37am on 6/28/20
Also holy shit your last account is 15 years old WTF.
Trogdor!!!! writes at 2:00:06am on 6/28/20
Trogdor!!!! writes at 1:59:48am on 6/28/20
Lamo this reply is reaaaaaally late but yeah! Me and that guy used to chitchat a lot on last.fm, so I was pretty sad when he stopped using the site. Had to commemorate our fallen comrade. :(
mellonxcollie writes at 5:51:08pm on 6/24/20
I meant to click the chex thread but I accidentally clicked on your profile
Bynary Fission writes at 4:13:12pm on 6/19/20
That's awesome to hear. Once I get situated I'll be sure to add you - we've got to play.
csoup1414 writes at 4:10:27pm on 6/19/20
Voted back! Stay safe =)
Bynary Fission writes at 3:41:53pm on 6/19/20
Hahaha, you know it. I'm dying to get a Switch and play Smash once I get a job in my field. How's everything been for you, man?
Bynary Fission writes at 3:22:53pm on 6/19/20
Dude wtf that pic sticklydude posted gave me some hardcore nostalgia. Man I miss those days.