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I'm just a kid that somehow found this game and likes to play it. That's all.
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Bracket: Guru (Division 6)

Round 1 - Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 ”Finale” (1-0-0-0)
The beginning trills aren't a problem for me but I keep mindblocking the first burst and it's crippling. If it becomes AAA or die I'm screwed...

Round 2 - Diamante Spectrasplosion (AAA)
There were minijacks on my left hand and my left hand was dead, and the bursts were awkward. But I changed my spread and isolated the bursts and eventually got the AAA. Next.

Round 3 - Kanon (1-0-0-0)
Pretty light file: for me, the easiest so far. But I keep on messing up around 1200 combo, for some reason that I can't describe. It's either the trills that feel off are the handjacks that messes me up, but I'll get it eventually.
Edit #1: Or not. I guess I'll just chill with my blackflag since I'm way above the cutoff anyways

Round 4 - The Scales of Strangeness (2-0-0-0)
They weren't kidding when they said the difficulty would increase this round, huh... nothing in the file is a problem for me except for the ending streams; those are quite the PA killers. It's not that I lack the speed; I lack the consistency. Which means the best I can probably do is probably around 4g. But hey, rounds last a week so you never know.
Edit #1: Got 2g clean after playing some hard files on FFRMania. Pretty happy about that; should be safe until the next round. But oh man, there's been talk about D6 having potential to be AAA or die...

Skilldropped, probably going to get wiped out next round. Also Fractured Sunshine obtained.

Round 5 - Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong (2-0-2-1)
Heh, of course there's jumpjacks in weirdass places... mirror makes it worse so I'll have to make it work somehow
Edit #1: The darn jacks 560 notes in are killing me! Let's just see where this score takes us for now.
Edit #2: Well I got pushed down to 7th place overnight. Started getting scared so I hurried to improve my score. Got 2-0-2-1, with a stupid miss during some easy trills that cost me a tie with AutotelicBrown(who is currently 4th). Currently 6th.
Edit #3: The jacks 560 notes are no longer a problem. Now it's the jacks at around 1300 notes that's troubling me since far left jacks are bad for me.
Edit #4: hope I don't get sniped
Edit #5: Aaand I got sniped. Played for 2 hours trying to get out of the pisswater but I give up. Good luck to the top 8.

9th place
I was hoping to get vROFL this year(Don't even know why I want it so much) but it looks like I don't deserve it yet. I would say "Oh well, maybe next year" but I'm certain I'll be placed in D7 for any tourney from now but... we'll see. At least I finished in a single-digit place, eh? EDIT: Whenever I think about how much better I could've been it infuriates me. I'm gonna train my ass off for next year so I can make it up for myself.
I'll just ghost from now.

Round 6 - Wizdomiot (2-0-1-0)
Not much to say about this file except that keeping up can be difficult at times. Gotta say though, it was amazingly stepped.

Round 7 - Epileptic Crisis (14-1-2-4)
Oh my god, if I were still in I would definitely be going out with this one. I rarely hit those 12th jumpjacks and the bursts are fun, but it leaves no room for error. The music is pretty cool though. On another note, the D5 song is stupid hard for me.

Round 8 - Odd22 (23-0-6-5)
Woooo, way more intense file than Epileptic Crisis. Speed requirement is meh, but the transitioning just makes it all so hard along with the stamina needed to even finish the file. The music is...odd.
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ya milestones r here

12/06/15: 2 Billion GT! 1 more billion till Veteran. Road to veteran anyone?

25/06/15: D4 on the leaderboard. I still consdier myself borderline, but I'm still really happy about this :)

28/07/15: St.Scarhand unlock! I don't know how I managed to get this.. I don't even have Speedvibe yet. But it was incredible! Sightread as well!

28/07/15: Speedvibe [Heavy] unlocked same day. I'm on a roll!

17/08/15: 3 billion GT. Grandtotal requirement for Veteran has been met.

18/08/15: 7,000 Skill Rating! Quite an achievement this is. Well, for me.

23/08/15: Speedvibe [Oni] get on Cloud Nine! Apparently, I'm god. D5 for real I guess?

24/08/15: Tier 1 achieved!

30/08/15: All secret songs unlocked + 200,000 credits!

12/09/15: 300 FCs!

21/09/15: D6 achieved!

10/10/15: 100 AAAs!

22/10/15: St. Scarhand [Heavy] finally unlocked!

12/06/16: Tier 2 achieved!

01/07/16: 400 FCs. That took way too long lol

05/07/16: 200 AAAs!

10/07/16: Promoted to D7!!!

24/07/16: 500 FCs!

11/08/16: Tier 3 achieved!

31/08/16: Top 50 on the leaderboards!

12/10/16: 600 FCs.

25/10/16: Top UK Player! (for now....)

17/04/18: Top 30 Global and OWA Raged At Home Run Derby Unlocked! Man, that token was long overdue, so it's about time :)

19/04/18: wtf Top 20?

29/04/18: 400 AAAs + 700 FCs!

13/05/18: Tier 4 achieved!

30/05/18: Reached Level 100. This is a pretty big one for me! I never, EVER thought I'd be saying this, but top 10 is within reach!

02/08/18: And there we have it. Top 10 Global. No words can really express how I feel as I type this haha. Now all that's left is getting top 8 in D7 then all of my goals here will be accomplished.

Highest AAA: A Dichroic Glass Snafu (100)
Highest SDG: Make The Fire Burn (103) (1-0-1-2)
Highest FC: Odd-22 (103) (6-1-0-2)
Comment wall
justin_ator writes at 2:37:12pm on 9/1/19
I used to have an older Dell keyboard, recently decided to make the switch to a good mechanical. My primary keyboard is a Corsair K95 Plat with Cherry MX Brown switches, but I was hoping to get a more portable, compact keyboard to play FFR on regularly so I don't wear out the K95. I don't have the issue with the K95, but I have it plugged into USB 3.0 ports on my PC whereas the Magicforce was plugged into one of my monitor ports.
PhantomPuppy writes at 1:46:24pm on 9/1/19
thx my dude :)
justin_ator writes at 12:37:27pm on 9/1/19
I'm US-based so that's no big deal - my problem is that I seem to get delay using it but it might be a USB port thing. I was hoping to have a strong enough connection via the available ports so I didn't have to use a USB 3.0 but I definitely can tell a difference using my normal keyboard vs the Magicforce that goes beyond "adjusting to the kb". I'll play with it some more I guess with different ports. Thank you!
justin_ator writes at 12:25:32pm on 9/1/19
I deleted the comment like an idiot - you said you use the Magicforce kb, right? Did you have to change any settings to use it fully?
justin_ator writes at 5:21:06pm on 8/27/19
What keyboard do you use, if you don't mind me asking?
reuben_tate writes at 1:49:46am on 1/3/19
I'm sending this message to everyone in D7. If you don't want ffrmania for the final round, please let me know.
laserguyman writes at 4:46:30pm on 8/6/18
nice job on top 10
Civilization- writes at 2:20:29pm on 8/2/18
bog off otub
PhantomPuppy writes at 12:27:57pm on 8/2/18
woooow, look at this guy rank 10 now. getting 2fast.
Rapta writes at 9:29:35pm on 5/30/18
You finally passed me nice