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Posted on: January 6, 2017, at 12:24:20am   [5 comments]

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Rapta writes at 5:13:12pm on 4/2/18
Sanjixcon writes at 11:47:06pm on 2/28/18
whenever i look at ur profile... i have to be ready to click away fast.
ilikexd writes at 5:41:42am on 2/13/18
cursed image
Fantasticone writes at 12:53:08am on 2/7/18
This profile god dam.
Gravity Kitten writes at 10:06:20pm on 12/22/17
richyrich55 writes at 4:26:08am on 12/11/17
Holy fuck you're still around :')
ositzxz369 writes at 3:39:07am on 12/10/17
Thanks for the long read. Your idea of "Proper Layering" explained the times when I saw potential sections that weren't stepped in certain FFR songs. I tried to make sure I got every sound, which led to me sometimes hybridizing a pattern. But I know now that I'm not supposed to do that.
Random thought: It'd be interesting to see how a song like Undici was made since it managed to give trouble to even the best FFR players with its BPM changes and very weird patterns.
ositzxz369 writes at 2:07:42am on 12/10/17
Are you the same IcyWorld that creates those hard songs in FFRmania? If so, where/how did you learn to step patterns that a 2-handed spread player would recognize and enjoy? Is there a guide for such patterns?
You said in a forum thread that you've recently started playing one-handed. I play 1-handed (numpad) only and I recently attempted to step a song, which was said to be very flawed b/c it didn't sync well and b/c the patterns didn't make sense. I'm aware that most people who play this game play 2-handed. So whenever I step a pattern, I fear that they don't feel right to 2-handed players because they are patterns suited to 1-handed players.
DDRNSTPMGMX writes at 12:44:43am on 12/1/17
lmao your character looks like he needs to take a sh!t XD
BMS writes at 5:33:29pm on 10/16/17
ok im scared