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Posted on: January 6, 2017, at 12:24:20am   [6 comments]

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richyrich55 writes at 9:28:51pm on 6/8/19
Just checking in. How's things, icy?
1337h4xz0r writes at 3:17:37pm on 6/3/19
ggs! :D
DarkZtar writes at 12:21:57am on 2/1/19
I'm honored to receive stepman praise from the premier js charter himself. Love playing your charts too dude.
QueenAshy writes at 9:05:13pm on 12/2/18
Do you have discord? Pm me your discord plz
QueenAshy writes at 5:07:47pm on 11/21/18
Thank you very much for the very well detailed comment! I very much look forward to talking to you more! I’d be willing to Collab on a map too when my computer works
QueenAshy writes at 1:51:49am on 10/3/18
Do it lol
QueenAshy writes at 7:52:24pm on 10/2/18
Too much boobs in your background, might need a "full face blush material" warning at the top
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 12:39:35pm on 9/9/18
*pops collar and snaps fingers* ayyyyyyyyyyye!
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 12:30:34pm on 9/9/18
king icy~!
TheThong writes at 1:05:11am on 8/20/18
Your dp <3