8th Official FFR Tournament: It begins!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 25th, 2013

I gave my sincerest apologies in the forums to those that were aware of the tournament’s beginning, but considering the fact that I have received a few messages asking when the tournament started, it would only be fair to apologize to those who were unaware of the tournament being in progress. In any event, I would like to welcome the 488 of you currently signed up to compete in FFR’s 8th official tournament. With a new tournament structure, eight weeks of new files to come, and some new faces entering the proverbial arena, veteran keyboard killers and newbie mash-masters alike will all have something to enjoy. For 104 of you, this will be your first and only round in the tournament. Given the typical submission rate for round 1, it’s likely that some people won’t even notice they’ve been eliminated. For those of you that actually do care about what’s going on, here’s some information.

First off, before I detail the round songs, remember that the current tournament standings can be found on the dashboard located here; this includes the current round song, current divisions, eliminations, and round end date. I’m gonna keep things short and sweet for you guys this time, since many of you have already played your songs.

Division 1: Warmish Walkin’
Let the games begin! The division 1 players will open the tournament with Warmish’ Walkin, a light rock composition charted by easy-chart-extraordinare Silvuh. maidable achieves a very serene and warm environment with rich guitar sampling, while providing some rhythm complexity to make the song diverse and enjoyable. The chart itself is chock full of your typical 4th and 8th notes (reds and blues, for you more casual players) but throws a few 16ths (yellows) in unorthodox spots to trip your sense of rhythm. Despite having a lower speed overall compared to the two previous division 1 tournament openers, this Division 1 opener is considerably more difficult. You will need to have a decent sense of rhythm and balance to stand any chance at achieving a good score — and this is the first of many songs that will introduce some more complex structures. Good luck!

Division 2: Swaying Sunflowers
Silvuh strikes again! As usual, our very own Silvuh brings yet another lower-level file for use of the tournament, but this time, it’s for the division 2 players. Swaying Sunflowers is a very simple-sounding piano tune by runeinc that, like division 1′s song, utilizes many 4th and 8th note streams to bring about most of the difficulty in the chart. However, this song carries a brisk pace, and forces you to handle many jumps for coincidences of multiple piano notes landing at the same time. I cannot quite discern the reason why this song is named the way it is, but it is safe to say that this song is very peppy and happy, which might be quite annoying if you have to torture yourself playing it a few hundred times.

Division 3: Fire
Starting off hot, are we? Who better than to deliver a track titled Fire than dubstep/drumstep master, xKore? Fire is a very short but energetic track that brings about heavy bass and quite percussion sequences. Elite Ninja‘s chart is reflective of the intensity necessary to get the division 3 ball rolling, pushing out some short spurts of 32nds (don’t worry, it’s only 85 BPM) in addition to having a very jump-heavy structure. Fire is the shortest of the tournament songs this round, but don’t let that fool you – it packs a pretty respectable punch in terms of difficulty.

Division 4: Touch Me
Oh baby; maybe Fire isn’t the hottest song around after all. One thing is for certain though: Division 4 gets to open the tournament off with a technical chart for a Gunther song. It takes a mastermind to mix technicality and difficulty well enough with a Gunther song show up in division 4, and I have to say…bmah managed to mix sexy with sexy. Touch Me is a fantastic chart that follows the song very intensely, following all of the repeating synthetic riffs, slow percussion, vocals, and occasionally, some background percussion to really force your fingers around. If you can’t enjoy the chart, just take in Samantha Fox’s sensual voice and remember — touch her, because she wants to feel your body. ;)

Division 5: Retro City
Now we’re starting to move up to the big leagues. The Master division opens the tournament up with Retro City, an awesome dubstep song by Adventure Club, stepped by simfile judge Razor. Despite being 3 points lower in difficulty than last year’s opener, this chart makes a very valiant attempt at tripping players up, leaving no skill untouched — bits of jumpstream, trills, jacks, bursts, streams, and even BPM changes are ALL present in the chart. In addition to being incredibly busy and complex, the file is nothing short of fantastic in terms of fun factor; nearly every player mentioning their experience in the Master division so far has mentioned this file to be their favorite, and they certainly aren’t the only ones. Cheers to having an absolutely fantastic dubstep chart in game that is playable by a large majority of the forum community!

Division 6/7: Pussy Pump
Such questionable words to be placed on the front page for the public eye! It’s not very often where we can write the word pussy on the front page in a context that is relevant, but here, I get the chance to! Division 6 and Division 7, our guru and still-to-be-named division (psssssst: help the FFR community come up with a good and official name to identify our D7 players! There’s 10,000 credits in for the best name!) get to take on Pussy Pump, by Otto Von Schirach, a demanding simfile stepped by simfile judge samurai7694. A touch above last year’s opener (Spoils, for those of you who forgot/didn’t know), Pussy Pump can be described a number of ways. Bipolar is one, fast is another. This chart brings about some very aggressive jumpstreams and bursts that are found in arguably faster and harder songs, all in an effort to bring down our best keysmashers. Enjoy this hip-hop/breakcore mix, because it certainly is a weird one.

Good luck to everyone in the tournament!

- TC_Halogen

(p.s. I know I’m not as great of a poster as MrPopadopalis, but I try. :) )

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  1. Xx{Midnight}xX

  2. My plan worked! Pussy on the front page.

  3. Retro City trills a’sdfka’l;ks;’

  4. Elite I guess for D7. Y’know. Pokemon. ELITE four. Best trainers, best players, whateves

  5. arrow worshipers.

  6. Peepee-free

  7. Awesome round 1 post. Good luck to everyone in the tournament :3
    PS – Legend division for D7? Dunno, haha.

  8. D7…..nothing short of the Transcendent Division

  9. D7 = FFR God Tier

  10. D7 = Carpal Tunnel Division

  11. D7 = Solo Sex Grandmasters

  12. I like that Round 1 picture that’s been made.
    Also, D7 – Guru Division

  13. Guru is already D6

  14. D7 = Grilled Cheese Sandwich (GCS)

  15. D7 should be the Heavenly Division
    i need credits man that’s all i got

  16. so many -’s lmao

  17. D7 = Gay

  18. D7 is for the most skilled active players on the site….Make ‘em the Digit Dance Artists

  19. proficient

  20. D7 = Ace, Adamant, Alpha, Death Wish, Hellion, Inhuman, Omega, Sage, Savage, Savant, Titan, Unyielding

    Just a few ideas :)

  21. Leaning towards Death Wish or Inhuman

  22. D7 = Sage, Wizard, Overlord, or Heroic.

  23. D7=Dossologists

  24. D7 = Wrecked

  25. D7 = Mythical, Deity, Fabled, Ascended.

  26. D7 = Supreme, Ultimate, Paramount, Elite, Terminal, Sovereign, Crowning.

  27. Division X.
    Simple enough.

  28. D7 = Supreme Stepmen of Justice! XD

  29. D7- hilander division. In the end, there can only be one

  30. D7= deity

  31. D7 = Elite (credit to Alloyus)

  32. D7= Force of Nature, Unstoppable Arrows,Booming Brigade,Scrolling Scores

  33. D7 = The End.

  34. D7= Undefined

  35. D7= um… idunno, it’s a division, isn’t it?

  36. D7 Pussy Pumpers

  37. the fart division

  38. How about the master division?

  39. D7 = Champion, Ridiculous, or ??? division

  40. Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion Division

  41. D7 = Maniacs enough said

  42. D7=vRofl

  43. D7- Elite Stepmen I think

  44. The Promethean Division

  45. D7 – The Prodigious Division (Prodigious = works of a prodigy)

  46. D7 – The gooder than D6 division

  47. D7 – Chuck Norris

  48. D7 – Owned by Staiain

  49. Extreme for D7

  50. I’m surprised no one said Vikings yet

  51. D7 = Champions of the keyboard

  52. D7 – League of Extraordinary Stepmen

  53. D7 – Titan’s Division

  54. D7-Legend

  55. insert witty d7 post here

  56. D7- Hardcore

  57. D7 = Overlord superbadass

  58. D7- Brutality

  59. the division division

  60. you’re all bad

  61. D7 – The loose sacked shaft pumpers

  62. D7 should be called “The Untouchables”

  63. D7 – Stepmen. In reference to the old name for 13′s, For Stepmen Only

  64. More downs please.

  65. Aequitas

  66. D7… Ultra? ^^’

  67. D7 Findarian Division

  68. Smile.jpg

  69. 69 boom

  70. D7= Willy Wonka and his oompa loompas

  71. Revised: D7 = ICYDoss Division

  72. Round 2 post anyone? :)

  73. i still like it being called the master’s division

  74. so I keep getting 1 good full combo, seems like it’s just impossible to AAA, I hope there isn’t something that I don’t know about being in the green area
    SAFE zone perhaps? lemme know if I can win this thing with only 1 good off of AAA….and can I work on the previous songs and AAA them if we currently aren’t on that song? cuz if not, i think I screwed :(

  75. @goose_goldwing If you look at the tournament dashboard it is explained.

    Green = AAA
    White = Safe
    Pale Yellow = No Score Submitted
    Yellow = Below Elimination Line
    Red = Eliminated

  76. @syite If I did look at the dashboard…don’t you think THAT is the reason why I am asking?
    I can read and understand the colors…but it still didn’t explain if I can go back to say…the first song, and why certain people were green although they had not AAA the previous song. People have answered my question on my profile page. This however, is nothing close to an answer.

    If you cared to fully read what it was I was asking, I was referring to blackflags, tournament rules and advice on whether or not I could make it without being in the green area.

    If you need an example of what simple answers to questions like this would look like, please click the link below and read the first few paragraphs…fully.

    But thx for pointing out the obvious.


  77. And don’t worry, this is not a cheap shot at you, hence you are much more aware of the rules and stuff….this just makes ME look like the noob. lol But yeah, I kinda wish people did respond on this thread instead of on my profile, incase other veterans out there aren’t sure about these rules.

  78. @goose_goldwing sorry I wasn’t entirely sure what you meant by your question, and for stating the obvious before. And I don’t see that as a shot against me, people get confused on things all the time it’s a part of being human. I’m glad you found the answers you were looking for, and IMO it doesn’t make you look like a noob for asking questions to something don’t know.
    (I’m still a noob btw)

  79. I wanted in but would nowhere near be in gurus

  80. @goose I have no idea why you’re getting upset with syite. That’s exactly what it is green = AAA not safe zone. If they AAA’d this round they’ll be green regardless of last round.

  81. I should clarify on the not safe zone part I suppose, if you have a AAA you’re safe obviously because that’s the highest obtainable score, but you don’t have to AAA to be safe unless that’s where the cutoff ends up. A blackflag should be able to get you through but it depends on your competitors and how they do you have to watch the dash and see how people are scoring, if you end up in the yellow you’ll be eliminated unless you improve before the round is up. No you can’t go back and score on previous rounds but it doesn’t matter anyway because previous rounds have no effect on other rounds unless you’re in D7 where it’s cumulative scoring.

  82. Ya, i got that much. Like I said, I have received my answer and I couldn’t edit my message, I just don’t know how the dashboard COULD have answered any of my questions. Seriously, ignorance is to not be tolerated by this individual, if people refuse to understand what it is I am asking, then I do not need their pity answers on simply COPY and PASTE from the dashboard. Simply assuming that these were the answers I was looking for without giving any reference to my questions shows how useless of help it has really been. I am simply GUIDING him to answers that ARE acceptable. Given that this is my first tournament, I was hoping that people would clarify things instead of simply posting things at which I would HAVE to look at to see which Division I was currently placed in. Psychoangel, I was rude, and I was upset, but not twards him as an individual, but twards his ignorance. That still doesn’t cover the fact that some people are just ignorant to the questions at hand. I realized that I was in the wrong, and upon realizing that I cannot change or edit any message given…I was implying that I did not mean to offend anyone. Therefore, sometimes it is just better to not help someone if you do not know what it is they need help with. My ‘anger’ twards this situation was simply nothing more then a pet peeve of mine, and should have been represented as an ‘annoyance’ more then being ‘upset’, as I tried to clarify that in my following statement.

    You better Up my convo’s for my efforts.

  83. So that last line means you’re a troll right? Or are you just that “ignorant”?

  84. Yeah…it kinda means that. No one is perfect….Derpy derp then herpy derp that derp.

  85. it’s a joke…cuz your votes are irreversible. Like I really care about forum votes….Trolls simply don’t care :D

  86. About me:
    One of a kind…charming ;D French, very athletic, and above average in everything, really smart, rubix and puzzles, and very funny. =P Love havin a good time, and usually the one who ends up getting things started lol I also have a naughty side too ;) I’m a guy with every personality. I’m taking Bio-Medical Physics in university right now, going in for a surgeon, and gonna be like the best doctor there’s ever been. =/ hopefully. Hit me up peeps! =D

  87. So…this looks awfully familiar to my profile….just wondering why it’s all about me hahaha
    People will mistake me for you now alex….was this your goal?

    Or where you simply having a good old laugh at what an indepth high-ego personality description I have left on FFR.

    None-the-less, cool avatar. (y)

  88. the subtraction division

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