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About me:
The name ULTIMEGA was originally an idea I had for a wicked-crazy hard-to-beat Final Fantasy boss that I called ULTIMEGA WEAPON, which, in my concept game, would appear ONLY after you have beaten all the other secret bosses, including Ultima and Omega, and you can tell how the conjunction ULTIMEGA came to be. This was a long time ago, and since then, the name just stuck, even though it's not very creative. But at the time, it was the best I had. As for my personality, I'm pretty outgoing as far as the game is concerned. I like to push myself a little bit beyond my limits, and that helps make me a better player. I also don't have much of a life. But it's all good, considering the fact that I'd rather play games all day anyway. I'll do other things every now and then, but I'm mostly online surfing the net and checking out videos and listening to music. Whenever I'm not doing any of those things, I'm either watching TV or just chillin' with my friends. I have a pretty carefree lifestyle. I'm also very friendly and easy to talk to most of the time, but being a somewhat hyperactive individual, I also get frustrated easily sometimes. Not very often, though: It mostly depends on how I'm feeling that day. I'm very approachable in terms of companionship, but not quite ready for a real relationship. That's not to say that I hate girls, and you'll be able to read about that in the section below. I've already mentioned some of my personal hobbies up above, but a few more of them are swimming and rocking out to Heavy Metal and raving to Techno. I also have a Rubik's Cube that I like to solve again and again. And if I'm really in the mood for it, I'll sit down for hours at a time trying to put together jigsaw puzzles, which I used to be good at doing. I'm usually not this outward, though - I mostly keep to myself. But if you want to know more about me, I'd be more than willing to tell you.
My number one interest - and can I make it any more obvious? - is playing FFR, StepMania and DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION. I actually have seven versions of DDR for PS2, from MAX 1 to my most recent addition, DDR X, the sequal to which I am currently still trying to get. I also like to play Guitar Hero a lot, as well as other games like Ultimate Ninja and Kingdom Hearts. I also have a Super Nintendo (which, amazingly, still works, even after nearly 30 years - I wasn't even around when it came out) that I like to play every now and then, as well as a PlayStation 1. My favorite types of games are rythm, fighting, action, racing, adventure/rpgs, classic (Pacman, for example), bullet hell - pretty much anything that interests me right away. I have played Final Fantasy before, and used to have FFX, but sold it to a friend of mine. I still have VIII and IX, though, the latter I have beaten twice, the former I'm still only about halfway through. Putting together all the Nintendo and PlayStation games that I own, I have a total of 55 games. Not that big a collection, but still somewhat impressive. In terms of a relationship, I feel like I'm ready to finally settle down with someone. But here's the problem: Nowadays, a good woman is hard to find. I believe in tradition, but I also have my own problems regarding the erotic, so it's kind of hard to find someone that actually will go for you based solely on who you are and still put up with you every day of the week. I'm also interested in trying out for a band, or starting a band of my own. I don't really know what you have to do for that, but I'll figure it out eventually. If it ever does happen, I'll be like wow.
Fav Music:
I don't really have a specific favorite. If it has a good beat and a nice tune, I'll listen to it. But I mostly listen to hardcore techno and heavy metal. There are a few genres that I don't like, such as country and soft rock. I don't really get any of that stuff. On another note, I just love, love, LOVE DJ Sharpnel, who happens to be my fav techno artist duo (not many American fans of Sharpnel know that Sharpnel's a duo). Close second would be Yosei Watanabe, a.k.a. m1dy. (I've noticed here on the site that there are no m1dy tracks in the game at all). I also like Technorch, who is an awesome DJ. (Note: I only have two Technorch albums. I'm searching for the others.) I mostly enjoy Japanese Techno/Bubblegum pop, which gets me hyped up in case I'm having a bad day.
Fav Movies:
I don't really watch movies all that much anymore, but I still favor the action flicks where there's a lot of fighting, guns going off - the kill-or-be-killed kind of movies that get your heart racing. I also enjoy watching comedies like Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty (both of which I have seen.) Not much else on this section, really.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: June 15, 2020, at 04:47:25pm   [0 comments]
Over the last couple weeks, I've noticed that a lot of the new levels that have been submitted haven't been rated yet. So for this list, I'm going to give my thoughts on what songs should be what level. Feel free to give criticism. I'm open to it.

Dracula Man X2 Alpha Turbo - 67
Line:Theta - 86
Posted on: January 29, 2020, at 04:44:21pm   [5 comments]
It finally happened. It took me ages, but I finally got my first D7 score on a song I never expected to get it on.

Magical 8 Bit Tour (99) 7-0-0-4 score.
95.69 AAA equiv.

Get hype!
Posted on: June 16, 2019, at 11:47:35am   [3 comments]
Ultimega finally has a job! I'm pretty stoked about this. Been working with a master electrician for about a month now, and so far the job is going pretty good.

I also wanted to share a couple things. About a month and a half ago, I got in a wreck that gave me a minor case of whiplash. I'm okay though. Doing some therapy to help readjust my back and neck and, as it turns out, reset my nervous system, I didn't know was a thing.

Unrelated: Slowly working to improve some old scores that have been collection cyber dust the last couple years. Slowly bringing that average rank back up.
Posted on: March 30, 2019, at 11:21:59am   [1 comment]
First random thought in I don't know how long, so let's get caught up with how I'm doing over here.

First and foremost, I'm now a competitive Smash player, even though you probably won't see my name on screen in quite some time because I'm nowhere NEAR that level yet. But hey. 13 local tourney wins ain't bad.

Same with Tekken, but I've been working around Tag 2 and hoping I can get good enough to join a tourney somewhere. Alisa and Lili are my mains, but I'm starting to branch out to other characters. Also, Electric Wind God Fist is hard as balls to do.

Job searching might be coming to a close. I've applied to Walmart SEVERAL times, but apparently I missed a singular point on that application.

Let's see....

Oh, yeah! I have a new girlfriend. She's out in Canada and doing tremendously well. Who would have thought that she'd be a bit freaky like me? I honestly didn't expect that, but hey! I'm not complaining.

So there ya go. an update from me. First one in.... I think a year or two? Someone check for me please.
Posted on: February 23, 2017, at 10:22:02am   [1 comment]
I just contacted Kawaii to talk about a new ongoing event that will take place soon enough. I will be (hopefully) getting a response from him/her soon. We'll be going over details of the event with this random thought being updated as we go.

More to come soon.
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Jaquan writes at 4:19:39pm on 6/8/20
D6 quan heeee
Sanjixcon writes at 8:57:42pm on 5/9/20
dang nice rave 7 score dude :o
MonkeyFoo writes at 3:10:56am on 4/9/20
Thanks, I see you're still getting better after more than a decade yourself. Keep your top 100 fresh!
allen carrol writes at 3:38:08pm on 4/2/20
thanks for the like :D
haturade writes at 4:05:37pm on 3/29/20
If you ever just need an ear, I'm happy to lend one :-)
haturade writes at 3:39:22pm on 3/29/20
Thanks, hope you're having a good day :D
JFrow22 writes at 9:32:00pm on 2/23/20
Nothin much lol, Came back to this site cause It brings back so many memories
JFrow22 writes at 3:31:29pm on 2/23/20
Yo I remember you lol
LuckyFlam3 writes at 10:58:24pm on 2/8/20
Christ almighty, you're a god dude!
photohaunt writes at 6:31:28pm on 2/7/20
you seem like a chill person. keep up the good stuff my guy