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Posted on: February 16, 2013, at 02:31:11pm   [7 comments]
Yeah, 50% AAA bar finally. Huge milestone accomplished.

Posted on: December 11, 2011, at 06:53:20pm   [0 comments]
15 Billion mark: 12/11/11. 16 Billion mark: 2/10/12
17 Billion mark: 3/17/12. 18 Billion mark: 4/22/12
19 Billion mark: [Exactly 19] 5/19/12. 20 Billion Mark: 6/4/12
22 Billion Mark: 11/2/12. 23 Billion Mark: 11/24/12
24 Billion Mark: 1/22/13. 25 Billion Mark: 2/16/13.
26 Billion Mark: 3/24/13. 27 Billion Mark: 6/6/13.
28 Billion Mark: 10/18/13. 29 Billion Mark: 12/18/13
30 Billion Mark: 3/29/14. 31 Billion Mark: 11/3/2014.
32 Billion Mark: 3/27/15.
Posted on: November 13, 2011, at 06:17:48pm   [4 comments]
Posted on: December 16, 2010, at 08:48:07pm   [9 comments]
9/21/11 Update: Obviously, I have been able to AAA stuff, like lower level stuff. I realize now that the only hard shit to AAA is Synthfiles. Their annoying mess called BNS and BGs are the only things that stop me from getting AAAs on them. Most of the time, I just BF the song. But, AAAing one is a accomplishment all on its own.

Edit 5/5/15: This is Riot from the future, 4 years later. AAAing is easy, I don't know what you're talking about past me :P

Edit 9/11/19: Fuck you past Riot, you're a little bitch and don't know shit about top tier quality scores. You're still a virgin and probably will never find a girl. Btw you're getting a new car cus you crashed your old man's car. Nice job.

6/23/2020: Your entire life sucks now because of some stupid virus. Actually, you're probably one of the better human beings on this earth and you have surpassed your father in anything he could think possible. Steer yourself in the right direction and keep going. No matter what.
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aurumjolteon writes at 3:31:08am on 7/30/20
just passed you :o
hazard28 writes at 8:58:33pm on 7/2/20
Yo, good luck in the tourney! If this is the calm before the storm looks like future rounds are gonna be rough. Also hello from SC, didn't know there was a active FFR player so close by.
danredge writes at 7:25:05pm on 6/23/20
That Future Self Discussion is crazy n_n
V-Ormix writes at 10:56:14am on 6/13/20
Aquellex writes at 6:29:40am on 10/19/19
thank you :D (bike)
kainivy writes at 11:35:36pm on 10/12/19
Thanks for the profile vote :)
klimtkiller writes at 7:16:52am on 9/27/19
thanks bruv
BleepBloop writes at 4:34:12am on 9/27/19
Thanks man :) Awesome skill you got btw >.<
PhantomPuppy writes at 8:25:10pm on 8/13/19
yooo grats on D6 :o
MarcusHawkins writes at 7:20:00pm on 8/13/19
Congratulations on your promotion!!