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"Sometimes I buzz people because I love them
Posted on: February 4, 2015, at 07:59:33pm   [5 comments]
[8:58 PM] Riotpolice: CD, nobody wants to have a buzz unless if you need them and they are afk.
[8:58 PM] Riotpolice: That's the only time you buzz.
[8:58 PM] Riotpolice: Copy/paste that

The Profile Chat Poker Tourney
Posted on: December 5, 2014, at 05:24:33pm   [62 comments]
Who wants to play?

First ever Speedvibe get
Posted on: June 24, 2014, at 10:13:19pm   [8 comments]
took 1.69 years…legit

First ever St. Scarhand [Standard] get
took 2.96 years...legit

1 years old
Posted on: October 16, 2013, at 04:49:45pm   [5 comments]
12.5B = GTS
228 = AAA
710 = FC

1.25 years old

14B = GTS
295 = AAA
772 = FC

1.5 years old

15.9B = GTS
426 = AAA
873 = FC

1.75 years old

17.2B = GTS
470 = AAA
907 = FC

forgot to make my 2.25yr post….
about 20b 500something AAA

2.5 years old

21.3B = GTS
578 = AAA
1002 = FC

forgot to make my....uhh...

welp,a solid achievement
Posted on: July 12, 2013, at 08:10:26pm   [2 comments]
I will give you a synopsis.

DDR player since ps1. Found out about this game years ago and randomly indexed as a guest. I made my first ever account, CDCan. Made the decision to get vet in .667 yrs. Played index until I found out about spread. Broke my wrist, couldn't play for a while. Worked my way back into it. Got vet (10b) in .73 yrs.

Next, thank you to the number of people that were kind enough to help me get better. Especially those players who are actually good at this game. Those that took the time to play with me, I am very appreciative.

I thoroughly enjoy this game.

Thank you for having me.

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Gravity Kitten writes...
at 8:12:45pm on 5/14/19
kainivy writes...
at 10:13:56am on 5/13/19
yup i'm still having fun :) how you been?
Cloud_Strife15 writes...
at 7:24:27pm on 4/11/19
It’s been a while
Cloud_Strife15 writes...
at 7:19:38pm on 4/11/19
Hey man what’s up
TD_s3b0u writes...
at 2:20:29pm on 3/31/19
heyyy thank you!!! :D
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 6:18:38pm on 3/14/19
SKG_Scintill writes...
at 6:34:53am on 3/5/19
Fluvs writes...
at 3:00:59am on 3/5/19
yes I'm still here lol
SK8R43 writes...
at 1:54:44pm on 2/26/19
haha thanks! Got a pretty rough BF the run before, didnt think i was going to nail it. tricky file.
Sanjixcon writes...
at 9:54:24pm on 2/2/19
thanks :]
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