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xJustify writes...
at 5:40:37pm on 3/27/20
Just in case you want to see my progress since coming back :eyes:
xBBx Takedown writes...
at 9:09:08pm on 3/25/20
I'll buy a keyboard when this whole coronavirus thing blows over.
xBBx Takedown writes...
at 9:33:32pm on 3/24/20
I use an Acer Nitro laptop. I feel like the keys themselves are too soft for me to press on.
xBBx Takedown writes...
at 8:31:46pm on 3/23/20
I know. Im practicing little by little each day. Doesn't help my laptops keyboard isn't the greatest either.
xBBx Takedown writes...
at 7:28:44pm on 3/23/20
I just don't want to look like a scrub lord in D4 lol
xBBx Takedown writes...
at 6:11:29pm on 3/19/20
Im making a slight return. Made a new profile until I actually start improving. Hope all has been well bud!
xBBx Takedown writes...
at 1:02:14am on 3/19/20
Hey there sir.
mrpreggers writes...
at 5:33:11pm on 3/1/20
thank you bro
mrpreggers writes...
at 6:10:34am on 2/29/20
V-Ormix writes...
at 3:17:52am on 2/7/20
This the first one ive seen and thought D'AWWaw alloyus would love dis but go figure uve seen MUltiPle
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