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11th Unofficial FFR Tournament Log - IFSLO Edition
Posted on: June 27, 2016, at 12:29:38pm   [1 comment]
Might as well set one of these up anyways.

Since I've already been in D6 but haven't improved much, I'll just ghost it.

ROUND 1 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7| [D7 - ELIMINATED]
ROUND 2 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|
ROUND 3 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|
ROUND 4 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7| [D6-D5 - ELIMINATED]
ROUND 5 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7| [D4-D1 - ELIMINATED BY ABSENCE]
ROUND 6 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|
ROUND 7 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|
ROUND 8 |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|

6/26/16; D1-D4 was pretty much sightread, but D5's Funny Function is giving me unnecessary trouble with the jumpstream bits in the first half somehow. D6's Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 ”Finale” is already intimidating. I can't seem to consistently land the monster trill in the beginning along with those bursts as of yet. D7's oppIrish (GYPSYCOREremix) is just ridiculous. I can't believe it's the first song! Fitting for the Legendary title.

6/27/16; I'm considering giving up on AAA'ing D5's song. No matter what I do, the good(s) just migrate to another part of the chart. I don't want that dumb blackflag to keep haunting me, though. (Seriously, each of those runs had a blunder that shouldn't have been made.) Eh... Onto working with D6.
Did not expect to get a 3 good run. Two of them were from the beginning trill, and one unforced good near the end. This is completely doable.

7/2/16; (...I never said I would improve D6's score, though.) Whew, boy; this round. D1-D3 were simple enough for a sightread AAA, but D4's Shade of Gloria took a number of tries to perfect. D5's Divinity Garden is quite the monster; leaving me with an unclean FC of (12-0-0-2) from all its mini bursts of near unreadable colors. D6's Diamanté Spectrasplosion punishingly assaults my weakness with faststreams, leaving me with a messy spread of (20-0-2-3); a disaster for having been in D6. (Seriously, how are people AAA'ing this already?) I gave up with D7's You're gonna love my nuts after a mere 30 seconds into the song. (How do you AAA that?!) Ugh, it's just late at night I suppose. Hopefully some rest will clear my head for tackling these songs again. (The song's hilarious in the beginning at least.)

7/3/16; Sheesh... I felt completely inadequate playing today, even just going through several songs I've done so much better on in the past. On the bright side, I've at least jumped onto the board of D6 with an unclean SDG of (6-0-0-1), tying with master q60. Turns out looking slightly lower and hitting earlier to reduce the relative velocity of the notes helps a lot! The first 20 NPS stream only left a single boo on me, but the ending did the number of six goods. D5's song still proves immovable with its bursts, however.

7/4/16; Happy fourth, everyone! Just turned my D5 score into an unclean SDG of (9-0-0-1); the least I'll settle with for now. I'll probably work on D6's song tomorrow. Have a safe day!

7/7/16; Shaved a bit from D6's song and got a clean SDG of (5-0-0-0); tying with Charu and fingiesman.

7/10/16; D1 and D2 provided no trouble for a sightread, but this time D3 and D4 together took a good amount of tries to AAA. D5's Drunk Crunk Franken left me with an unclean SDG of (8-0-0-1) after a few tries, attacking my weakness for jumpstreams. Though, it feels a lot easier to perfect than last round's Divinity Garden, putting the harder sections in the first half and leaving very little to worry about until the very end of the song. D6's Kanon is a trap for a lot of imperfections - a technical chart with "freestyle" piano composition, accompanied with quick "bursts." It still feels doable, however; though leaving me with an unclean FC of (11-0-0-1). D7's Stress Free Style is all but stress free, but from the preview it honestly sounded fun - and it kinda is entirely, if a bit tiring. A ton of tricky trills, jump swings, and polyrhythms to tackle, though.
Cleaned up my D6 run to an SDG of (3-0-0-0) a while later, placing between gold stinger's (2-0-0-1) and .Gazelle.'s (3-0-0-1).

7/15/16; Spruced up that SDG to a (2-0-0-0), tying with AutoleticBrown, lurker, Elite Ninja, Coolboyrulez0, and FFR Pro 21. The song could have been AAA'd, but I somehow dropped those two goods on the early half of the song. Also took off the boo from the D5 song for a clean SDG of (8-0-0-0), having tripped six goods on the broken jumpstream section near the middle.

7/18/16; Worked backwards for some reason this time. I've yet to play D6's The Scales of Strangeness and D5's Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy] at home where I'm more focused playing, but I can honestly say they're incredibly frightening by the looks of running through them a few times. D4's PrayStation's jacks never gave me trouble on the way to a AAA, but rather I kept tripping on the 32nd stream in the first half and "trills" near the end. D3's Heartache and D2's This Will Be The Day (James Landino’s Magical Girl Remix) cost me a few runs from frame skips and general trip-ups from concentration issues before perfecting them. D1's A Happy Day in Funtown was the only sightread AAA this round.

7/20/16; I have no idea why I'm struggling so much with D5's and D6's songs. No matter how many goes I have at them I keep mentally giving up when the difficult parts come, even if I'm doing relatively well.

8/1/16; Guess I have some explaining to do. I had the same relatives I visited over in California visiting my state this time. No time to mash away then, but now that they've left, I guess I'll just catch up.

8/2/16; I actually think the biggest problems for how I've been playing is related to finger strength loss, and lack of sleep and breakfast. Got back to those Hanon piano exercises for just one day and my fingers almost feel as good as new. I should keep going with those. Oh, and water. Definitely need that.
You know you're having a rough time getting back when D1's Fall Memories bring back trauma with fast swings, like D3's wiinter dream from the 6th Official FFR Tournament. Took me a good number of tries to AAA, a shame to admit. D2 and D3 didn't put up much except for a few stumbling blocks before getting perfected. Now, D4's Ringo's Tea Party packs a punch against my weakness for jumpstreams and jumptrills, leaving me with a mess. I've yet to play it well. D5's Amber Shores and D6's Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong are now bringing in the breakbeat songs, throwing a mess that leaves me in a worse mess. As always, I'm probably going to leave D7 alone with its OWA Raged at Kurorak for Making OWA Raged at Skeletor.

8/5/16; Though they're rough scores, I just want to add these full combos of (17-0-0-1)and (19-4-0-5) to D4's and D5's songs respectively.
And just now bumped D5 into a (8-1-0-2). I've given up on trying to make a decent score with D6's song, though.

8/2/16; D1 was surprisingly easier than I thought it'd be, enough for a sightread AAA. D2 wasn't bad, though I took a few tries to AAA. D3's Suicide Pact is where I started forming problems. I formed a few mindblocks with my right side, along with a burst that formed a mental wall; but it was AAA'd nonetheless. D4's Amphisbaena provides a lot of trip-up spots, but it wasn't hard to full combo. I've yet to play the rest of the songs at my full potential today.

8/5/16; Kicked up D4's song to an SDG of (5-0-0-0), though I just messed up the AAA at the end out of excitement. Also surprised myself with an unclean SDG of (5-0-0-1) for D5. This round's songs seem to be easier for those two divisions than last round, at least for me.
And at this point, I'm pretty sure I can't bother with D6's difficulty anymore. I hope it's just that I've tired myself out today, but it's way too much. Welp, let's see what the semifinals have to bring.

8/9/16; D1 hardly posed a problem for a sightread AAA though its jacks almost caught me by surprise, but not enough to make me go over it again. D2's Renatus already slopes deeply in difficulty for me, putting its jumpstream at the end and mixing in some hands, giving me an SDG of (2-0-0-0). D3's 0x69... just tricked me at the end of a perfect run, fooling me into believing I hit the finish with the cessation preceding the last five notes. I'd already let my hands off the keyboard and I just watched my blunder speed by with my mouth open. No matter how many plays I've tossed after it, it seems my best for now is a dreaded blackflag; one that managed to move past the hard part on another attempt. I'd better stop today. I keep hitting myself in anger. In other news, I hit the thirteen billion grandtotal mark and ten thousand plays.

8/11/16; Nearly had a heart attack finally getting a AAA with D3's 0x69. Reminded me of my troubles with staying calm at the end of Einstein-Rosen Bridge. D2's Renatus still remains the same, but I'll save it for tomorrow. Had a few close runs, but nothing to be too worried about. Brought up my score on D4's The Devil Plays Dance Games to an unclean SDG of (8-0-0-1), of course tripping mostly on the jumpstream of the second half of the song. I can't believe the leading score of D5's Dysnomia is a clean SDG of (4-0-0-0). I can't even come close to an FC. D6's Epileptic Crisis holds a reminiscent spot in my heart, yet I'm just coming up with a mess of (80-6-11-13). Perhaps I'll also do my best to improve it later. Kinda surprised EtienneSM hasn't AAA'd D7's You Universe, though.

8/14/16; Was too busy to AAA last round's D2 song, unfortunately. Oh well, we've hit the end, so let's give it our all for the championship. D1's Artificial Intelligence Bomb was a nice reminiscing tune to AAA, though it took a few goes. D2's Stage 1 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) and D3's Spaceland*TOYBOX are already giving me trouble with a perfect run, but I hope I'm just not in my best state today. I'm dealing with unclean SDG's of (2-0-0-1) and (5-0-0-2) respectively for now. D4's Aragami quickly throws my score down with a mess that I won't even mention. Again, I'm just hoping I'm just having an off day. I'll get to the other songs later.

8/18/16; Good riddance with D2's song. Took way too long to AAA thanks to random goods and boos, even misses occasionally. Also unannounced waves of frame skips. Hate those. Probably why I distrust charts that exceed two minutes. I polished D3's song up a bit to get a clean SDG of (4-0-0-0). But, seriously, D4's Aragami takes a sudden spike in difficulty on the last third of the song. Those jumpstreams with 24th bursts mixed in are incredibly awkward and difficult to hit. If I'd have to guess, it's just about an 86 or 87. Feels like a 90 at the moment, though. Quite the jump from Tenimuhou when I was in D4.

Bursts (most of the time).
Trills (kinda).

Extratone speed and above.


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sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 10:49:26am on 8/28/17
Sanjixcon writes...
at 5:10:59pm on 2/14/17
Yo thanks for noticing man =) yup slowly but surely lol.
DissonantMuse writes...
at 6:39:01pm on 11/2/16
SethColeman writes...
at 11:03:27pm on 10/25/16
Thanks a lot! Might be my last billion, slowly getting out of this game. Only time will tell I guess
Sanjixcon writes...
at 8:47:27pm on 10/12/16
damn dude you've been rackin up those aaa's the last few days :D congrats on the big 600
YoshL writes...
at 4:58:19pm on 8/29/16
ty mang, much appreciated
JotaCeOK writes...
at 11:00:51pm on 8/24/16
Hey thanks for your words, I appreciate it. One day I hope to be as good as you.
Winrar writes...
at 5:07:54pm on 8/23/16
I guess the duration of the song allows to to be less dense. My fate was in bmah's hands when he stepped aragami. It bit me in the ass haha.
Shadowcliff writes...
at 1:24:45pm on 8/23/16
Thank you! I love your tourney shadow log, it's very nicely done. I had some fun just reading through and playing along with the songs to analyze your commentary. Round 7 and 8 in D3 were brutal.. I've been skill training since and 0x69 doesn't make me tired anymore so I think I'll be able to polish my score on it and hopefully make it one of my top 5 scores. Despite the difficulty it's definitely become one of my favorite charts. As for SpaceLAND*TOYBOX.... Chuy and Jota did such a good job on that song day 1, and even 4 days of straight skill training could not save me from being thousands of points behind. But I'll gladly take third on my first tourney! Thanks for the recognition :) I haven't seen you before--nice to meet you!
Charmoeleon writes...
at 12:32:00pm on 8/23/16
I appreciate it, thank you. :)
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