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Bad with words; can over-explain without being understandable. Works hard for very brief periods of time.
Rhythm games; all kinds.
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No Longer a Teenage Blackflagging Loser
Posted on: October 13, 2017, at 07:23:25pm   [2 comments]
I'm a blackflagging loser that's 20.

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Sanjixcon writes...
at 6:15:09pm on 2/12/19
gotcha ;p
Yung_Wholesome writes...
at 8:19:52pm on 10/27/17
Your ptofile is rather.... Interesting
DissonantMuse writes...
at 12:41:01am on 10/9/17
Yaaas! The movie was amazing!
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 10:49:26am on 8/28/17
Sanjixcon writes...
at 5:10:59pm on 2/14/17
Yo thanks for noticing man =) yup slowly but surely lol.
DissonantMuse writes...
at 6:39:01pm on 11/2/16
SethColeman writes...
at 11:03:27pm on 10/25/16
Thanks a lot! Might be my last billion, slowly getting out of this game. Only time will tell I guess
Sanjixcon writes...
at 8:47:27pm on 10/12/16
damn dude you've been rackin up those aaa's the last few days :D congrats on the big 600
YoshL writes...
at 4:58:19pm on 8/29/16
ty mang, much appreciated
JotaCeOK writes...
at 11:00:51pm on 8/24/16
Hey thanks for your words, I appreciate it. One day I hope to be as good as you.
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