FFR Token #19. Who Will Find It First?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25th, 2007

Welcome! Welcome Welcome! We thought it was about time we let all of you play with another FFR Token. Again, it’s a rather easy one. The answer will be right in front of your face and like I said, easy. We will work you into a more difficult token in a few days. Seriously, this token is so easy that if I say any more, 100% of the people will get it. Just check it out and like I said, the answer is right in front of your face. +

Click here to look for token 19


Synthlight, JasonKey and the many who work hard to make FFR possible!

560 Responses to “FFR Token #19. Who Will Find It First?”

  1. dfsdfsd

  2. Yahhh

  3. right in front of my face alright

  4. I was first :D

  5. Heh.

  6. 6th

  7. interesting….right in front of my face used to mean a lot different back in the day.

  8. 500 credits to whoever tells me where it is lol

  9. What?

  10. Mr. Magic!

    Against the rules…

  11. omg 11th i want it so bad

  12. tsk tsk mr. magic…

  13. sounds fun, im off on the hunt

  14. ok I dont want the token Ill get it eventually its probably some stupid CHANGE THE URL crap lol

  15. YES! :D

  16. i have almost no tokens!

  17. +

  18. lol easy

  19. Nah no one tell me Ima get it

  20. its always the stupid change the url crap…but i always suck at getting them…ON THE HUNT I GO

  21. haha 20 poster…. havent got it yet

  22. damn it smallgirl you made me 21~

  23. 6 people found it, i feel stupid anyways.

  24. Hmmm

  25. sorry boondocks

  26. lmao, found it.

  27. um…

  28. Arrghhh!!!

  29. i feel like a retard….why cant i figure this out

  30. That was easy.

  31. + Not that difficult. I told you guys. It’s to kind of help ease you guys back into tokens.

  32. I cant get this and I usually get Tokens super fast

    whats with this + if its a clue it aint helping at all

  33. uhh…..

  34. Bah, I can’t find it!

  35. hmmm….I think I may know what it is.

  36. Yeah, I must be stupid.

  37. how come the easiest one on here is the hardest for me to find…i seriously feel stupid!…lol

  38. I suck.

  39. this is hard, that + has to be a clue but it wont get us anywhere if we think to hard on it

  40. synth, you are making me feel like an idiot again

  41. lol

  42. i feel stupid if its easy

  43. poop of course he makes you feel stupid, look at you, you even spelled poopsmith wrong lol

  44. *sigh* synth ………..

  45. I dont know how to get it WAH!!!!!!!

  46. :D

  47. stop smilinh MOO

  48. Hehe… Got it. :P

  49. smiling* my bad

  50. Yeah, I feel Really stupid now… x4

  51. I feel sped now that more people have it

  52. +

  53. :P

    It should have been the exact opposite Synth, that would have been more fun x3;

  54. +

  55. It will be x3 more fun… WHEN I GET IT!!!


    im so stupid

  57. Got it :D YAY!

  58. + this sign has to mean something synth got another clue or something god I feel stupid

  59. sniff sniff…this token sucks.. i guess the easier it is…the harder it is for me to find it

  60. I GOT IT W00T

  61. anyone wanna give another + hint

  62. please someone give a + hint….im dying

  63. i got it woohoo!

  64. woot, 23rd to find it xD

  65. 26th to find it

  66. this just eases me further away from tokens

  67. woot I just Got Token 19

  68. so easy, lol

  69. yay!!! i actually found it xD

  70. lol im probably over analyzing it =/

  71. not easy.

  72. Got it :)

  73. Hmm… I might leave it till tomorrow, its getting late over here and the last thing i need is a headache… no matter how easy this one is :P

  74. right in front of my face u sure?

  75. +

  76. i thought it was challenging

    but very clever yet again

  77. still no luck is about the
    + or about the in front of your face

  78. nice….i got it.

  79. Woaaa easyyyyyyyy -.-

  80. simple and like synthlight said it really is right in front of your face

  81. I got it, took me awhile because of the cleverness :3

  82. + w/e

  83. AOD_ELEMENT it might be right in front of our faces dunno though

    always pwning nOObs

  84. weeeee i got it :]

  85. i think im 24th

  86. hi

  87. i cant find it either

  88. There should be a Skill token now.

    :D That would make my day

    Also, The token was right in front of my face. I was just to *Retarded* to see it at first.

  89. Another hint please.

  90. Im not officialy retarded cant see or find it Im blind

  91. wow that was easy!

  92. Got it lol

  93. Synth, Kudos on the great idea. Although the hint was a lil’ vague and I had to try a buncha stuff out, when I finally realized WHAT it was that was in front of my face, it made it REALLY easy :) .

  94. where lol??

  95. OBTW good steps and good song as well

  96. hey, i dont understand how u find it, do u click somtin or what… well duhh u probaly click something… gahh! im confusing myself!

  97. help

  98. :={

  99. help

  100. ok I got one question does it have to do with the unusual web name?

  101. ok i dont care any more… i`m gona play ffr

  102. lol

  103. any nice people wanna aim me help but not the answer

  104. I am confused and i am going to go crazy if it is simpler than what i thought it to be!

  105. hahahahaha i found it finally lol dat was mad ezy

  106. WHHEERRE!?!?!?

  107. Am I just reatarded with tokens or is this so I can’t find it.

  108. ok ok people who have it is it a click or type one

  109. i know where it is….i just suck

  110. HMMMmmm

  111. im gonna go insane over something like this I never quit on a hunt

  112. Here is a Lil’ hint for all of you peeps out there having problems…..
    Whenever one looks for treasure,
    One finds lotsa clues that don’t make sense,
    But when you finally found the treasure,
    You find yourself finding more treasures to be found.

    Now, the experienced treasure hunter will realize,
    That most treasures use the exact same lock,
    But just with a new kind of key,
    So whenever one is trying to find the treasure,
    That person must also figure out the original hint’s meaning, even if there are multiple meanings…..

    So for all of you treasure hunters out there, just remember, when you know where the lock is, just try to decipher and pick the lock.

    That’s all I’m going to say…. so please don’t comment on my wall asking for tokens :) . Hope that some peeps can figure out this riddle, but as it looks so far they might not :) .

    Happy Treasure Hunting,


  113. FOUND IT:)

  114. Im usually good at riddles but that made me feel like some 2 year old

  115. then that obviously means this token is stupid

    always pwning nOObs

  116. ok…and that didnt help AT ALL

  117. what a easy.

  118. *scratches brain* O_o

  119. *sratches whats left of brain*

  120. *cries* ive gone from good treasure hunter to bad

  121. I think this is the part where I go insane. D:

  122. omg im a moron for not noticing this!
    Found it YAY

  123. If you want another riddle just say so, maybe perhaps I can come up with another one so you can try and find the similarities between the two ;) .

    Happy Treasure Hunter,


  124. ok Ive got some sothing music to calm me down now to think

  125. *screams, crys, begs for answer, crys, screams, begs for answer…*

  126. yes please another riddle

  127. riddle porfavor

  128. pulls hair out OK not that I have no hair maybe this will get through to me

  129. Giga has asked for another riddle, let’s hope he can find the theme that’s common throughout both riddles……

    There once was a young thief,
    His name was Jimmy the Hand, a boy thief prodigy.

    Now this young Jimmy learned a thing or two at a young age,
    He was gifted with patience and wittiness, which is a virtue to treasure.
    He also was renown for his talent of stealth and security.
    One thing that Jimmy the Hand learned through all of his missions was that the key and the lock were always different, but once one knew what kind of lock was being used, all that was left was to create a pick worthy of usage.

    Hope that others find this one more entertaining and helpful,

    Happy Treasure Hunter,


  130. yay found it :) IM me on AIM for help :)

  131. lol i cant find it

  132. ok I think I may have it

  133. Found it!!

  134. that was very easy xD and found it!

  135. + got it +

  136. I GOT IT!!!!!!

  137. nathan@att.net e-mail me for help.

  138. This is no where near easy for me,I feel stupid >.>.

  139. + I hate these ones + they drive me crazy +

  140. +then e-mail me for help nathan@att.net

  141. got it few it was what I thoght from the beggining

  142. ok i got a riddle for people who still have trouble
    a boy was looking in the sky and saw clouds but they didnt make any sense but once he thought it through he discovered they had a meaning after all

  143. Token help, e-mail me, at. nathan@att.net


  145. hahah i got it….That was liek the quckest I’ve gotten any token…Right in front fo your face…

  146. If your still having trouble, nathan@att.net

  147. I love this song.

  148. That was so easy.

  149. Easy Enough

  150. omfg could it have been any easier O_O

  151. OMG I’m an idiot. I still can’t find it.

  152. LOL!!!!!!! i found it lol.

  153. rofl. i still dont get it. :D

  154. OMG?!?! grr.

  155. Don’t over think it.

  156. omg lol, it had me at 1st but then after i looked at evrything and saw a sertant thing i decided to so somthing to it and i got it woot!!! peace ima go play it!

  157. mmm

  158. help

  159. Haha. Look hard but not to hard. OH AND THEY SPELLED FUTURE WRONG!!! LOL it is supposed to future but they put feature! Haha. I looked too hard for it.

  160. Heheh, I don’t even think that ‘+’ helps you out. It was so misleading at first, but then, I looked at the one place where it was most probable.

    I think someone has already said something about changing the URL (comment #20 at the least)? Yeah, that’s about right. =] Just look at it closely. Very closely.

  161. So simple it took me 20 minutes. Gah, I hate it when they’re this obvious.

  162. grrrrrrr, i cant find it… :(

  163. ha that was easy i hate when i dont see these things cant wait for the next one

  164. token 19 couldn’t be any easier, took like 1 min. +++ lol


  166. wow i still cant find the god forsaken thing



  169. +

  170. Who said anything about….unscrambling? ;P

  171. OMG? I don’t understand and found it ….lol

  172. MAN THIS IS TICKING ME OFF :( , someone plese help

  173. still don’t get it! HINT!!

  174. i bet i kno who stole that token those kids there after me lucky tokens

  175. I can’t figure this out!

  176. same, half hour and still cant get it, god im dumb

  177. Nice kill bill reference

  178. oh wow i really overthought that it was a lot easier than i thought

  179. ijtuigsnskohefadshy.
    Good luck finding it. Its not as hard as you think.

  180. +

  181. ill find it soon

  182. I have so many windows open right now. One is to these posts. One to word so I can descrammble if (if you need to). One open to the link. Another is open to a word descrammbler website.

  183. haha, the last part doesnt make a work!

  184. …….omg

  185. i got it it should be harder

  186. make it stop, make it stop!

  187. I can’t figure out what I am supposed to do with those letters in the url. I feel incredibly stupid, not being able to do this. A hint, if you please. dante_fireheart@yahoo.com

  188. dont know!

  189. That was a generalized request

  190. ahh

  191. i have found it :3 ^-^

  192. I’m sitting here clicking on my profile like an idiot.

  193. Poop

  194. For those of you having trouble, the riddles on post 115 as well as post 132 should help should you understand FFR tokens…

  195. oh yeah, i found it!

  196. Can we make a bet Synth? You say if that if you say anymore about the token, 100% of people will get it. I bet if you did say more, not even 10,000 of the 1 mil+ accounts will get the token :) (Ok, I’m just asking that cuz my eyes are lieing to me, I cant see that token anywhere infront of my face)

  197. I cant find it either…

    I tried thinking about it and then I tried not thinking so hard and thinking of the simple stuff but I still couldnt find it. I cant see that token anywhere in front of my face

  198. some one please IM me it on AIM to Vibes0403

  199. This is the first “url” token I have ever tried, and I don’t understand the process. I am rather good with riddles under normal circumstances however, so if someone could offer a riddle of that sort, in a PM if nothing else, then I would appreciate it. Or you can email it to me to the email in post 193

  200. riddles mentioned in my post 200 :) . Good luck

  201. But The only thing I can come up with isnt’t working. Maybe URL tokens are something I should avoid, considering I haven’t gotten a single one of them for this very reason.

  202. yo

  203. Its not like anybody is really going to help us but its worth a try. Tokens are supposed to be found instead of being told where they are so like I said I dont think anybody is going to help us.

  204. Easy :)
    Anyway i have it

  205. I am not asking to be told. I am asking for either a hint I have a chance at understanding, or a riddle which would help one who isn’t even conversant with FFR’s infamous “URL” Tokens find it. I am talking about a riddle which is far from a gimme, but also far from being like some that Synth has given. But I am considering giving up the token thing, because as it stands, I have as much chance at finding the “URL” Tokens as I do winning the lottery: Possible, but incredibly unlikely.

  206. so confuse :?:

  207. brain small mind gone

  208. make it stop!

  209. I’ve been looking for close to two hours now. Still no dice.

  210. i still dont get it.
    i have been staring at the URL for like ever.
    and i still dont get it..
    maybe im missing something..

  211. Peace be upon those that found out how to make fire,
    No matter how dark that fire may be.

    For should the fire of darkness cover up all the light,
    All shall be made clear.
    Especially should the fire of darkness spit out one answer that makes sense….

    Unto this treasure hunt, I can give no more, for should I dare to speak of this subject into anymore depth, thy would be disappointed by lack of adventure :) .

    Fare thee well,

  212. somebody told me when I first started not to get wrapped up in tokens because it can make you mad :)

    but I still cant find this one :( I cant think of anything else that would help me. Where are you guys getting this “unscrambler the url” business? What url?

  213. Don’t feel lonely Pnai. I’ve been staring at it for what seems like weeks, though it’s only been hours, and All I’ve gotten out of it is a massive migrane and a good deal of frustration.

  214. wait, isn’t there going to be a way to get token 18, or will that only ever be for the contest winners?

  215. 220th

  216. 222nd I guess.

  217. thats riddle said that me darkfire “fire of darkness” has spit out the secret. righ on freky bros !

  218. had my own riddle about me i feal special

  219. this sucks!
    even though
    i was right
    about the secret
    said through the riddle
    of secrets

  220. okay…I hate asking this…I mean HATE asking this…but if I feel stupid enough, I might as well. If anyone can help me, aim me at wvaarong. ;.;

  221. i gots it! and hey

  222. omg that was wikede easy

  223. omg…..i feel so stupid now……after i got it….XD yay me! :)

  224. ok so are we supposed to unscrambler naionaeatiebedn or something like that? I would think it would be simpler than unscrambling because Synth said “its right in front of your face”

  225. hey darkfire, you got msn or yim?

  226. Thats what I was thinking, but I can only come up with one reasonable thing, and it doesnt work.

  227. I find it funnt that the number of vowels in there is insane, like three a’s and an o.

  228. so we dont have to unscramble it? I did discover something about naionaeatiebedn but I dont know if I should say it. But it still didnt lead me anywhere…

  229. 3 a’s, 3 e’s, 2 i’s and an o.

  230. agh. why do i even read these comments. i’m starting to think admirable is trying to throw me off. keys and fires. i give up.

  231. I’m so confused. I unscrabled it and got “National Eat in Bed” but i tried that…. needless to say nothing. :D

    I’m confused completely.

  232. I don’t know. As for the unscrambling business, I canth think of any word, or combination of words for that matter, which would fit. But we all know Synth:Make us think something is really hard when in reality…

  233. Lol, you tried that too, huh?

  234. Why can I not dumb my brain down to the level of idiot to find this thing?!?!?

  235. Hey, I don’t know if that would work or not. My brain is ALWAYS on idiot mode, and I STILL can’t find it.

  236. …………………………..
    Ok, this is getting really OLD. If it is so easy, why can I not find the !@#$%^& thing?

  237. It’s official. The human race is a hopless slave to the mind of Synthlight. :( I hate myself. lol.

  238. sweet that was reasonable…got it

  239. You know you are addicted to FFR when you spend 2 and a half hours looking for something, can’t find it, and you are STILL on the site.

  240. OMG! Do you have AIM or something? Can we get a hint?

  241. I actually got a token without getting any help.:)

  242. Of course, I am also guilty of dancing at a school function with the basis of my dance in DDR and got asked for lessons. (No, I didn’t JUST move my feet)

  243. It’s official. I hate myself.

  244. … Okay, I have a question to all of you who can not find it and have spent over an hour and a half looking for it…

    Why do we do this and spend hours looking for something, even though all we are doing is blowing time and could be doing something else, but we are drawn incessantly back to our tsk…why?!?!?

  245. this song sounds real familiar lol

  246. Don’t feel bad Roller…I do too.

  247. Maybe because of the thought of the amazing reward at the end. It’s quite amusing I agree.

  248. did you find it Dante_Fireheart?

  249. The worst thing is…I turned down a chance to have fun with my girlfriend to be doing this…I must be crazy. :(

  250. Dude. I’m sorry. You are crazy. :D

  251. + crazy

  252. And that means….?

  253. Yeah…I am offically an FFRaholic

  254. wow you must be seriously addicted to FFR

  255. ++

  256. u turned down ur girl for this how sad

  257. YEA #265 EAT IT

  258. WHAT’S WITH ALL THE +++++ STUFF?!?!?

  259. Turned down “Having fun” with her too. O_o But anyways…Anyother kinda-sorta hints?

  260. I know + is kinda confusing me but I think its supposed to be some kind of hint

  261. Dante… you’re officially nuts.

    I really don’t know what the + hint is. I’ve looked at it in about every possible way…

    I don’t know. I’m hopeless.

  262. +++ baby*laughs in head*

  263. a hint? How is that a hint? unless it is meant to split up certian…Hmm…Food for thought, thats for sure.

  264. lets try to make this the biggest posted token.

  265. Me, nuts? Wu do you say that? Simply because I am obsessed with finding this token?

  266. Good luck. We’ve got a long way to go. I still don’t get it at all.

  267. hmmmmmmmm………

  268. Why not Wu*

  269. I’m not going to ask for an answer but I will ask for this, “Will someone please tell me if unscrambling naionaeatiebedn will help me in any way?” PM me plz

  270. lol, I’ll never find it.
    I thought they were done making tokens.>=/

  271. that was too easy

  272. *Yawns*

    It is time to retire from the hunt,
    It is time to abandon the comradarie,
    It is time to find my subconscious self,
    It is time to wish others a fare-thee-well,

    It is time,
    Time to turn in my load, say goodnight, oveuaa, asta-leveesta, and have a good tomorrow.
    It is time, for the treasure seeker to find his mind’s drug and food, it’s time and space, it’s asylum and rehab.

    With this riddle in mind, along with the other truthfilled riddles behind me, I bid everybody in the community a heartfelt good day and good night.

    Tired Yet Satisfied Treasure Hunter,

  273. dude u dont really unscramble naionaeatiebedn theres a word in it ok…alrdy to much said

  274. Hmm….

  275. i smell a red herring

  276. really?where?

  277. Okay…I….feel….soooooooooooooooooooo….stupid…Time for me to call my girlfriend…If I post in Five minutes…Expect for me to be in a bad mood.

    I will give this as a one line hint.

    It is a big plus having the token, but not a literal plus.

  278. OMG I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!

  279. lol dont get all grouchy on us

  280. wow that was easy but it does make you think a little bit.

  281. …Well, I’m gonna catch it tomorrow…

    Anyways, Here is the last hint I will give.

    In using numerology, the answer is 10, 01, neither, or both.

  282. we have to beat 1519 posts to make the record woot lol

  283. lol

  284. My girlfriend said two words for the next time I see her.

    Ball Check

  285. HAHA

  286. lmao dante

  287. Which token had that many posts?

  288. crap i forgot how u switch ur timezones.how do u do it?i am going to find the 17th one

  289. the 17th one

  290. It isn’t FUNNY guys!! *Takes a deep breath* I’ll be right back…Gonna try to smooth things over.

  291. goodluck with that

  292. Great. Straight to voicemail.

  293. 300

  294. ohhhh some1 is in trouble

  295. Hey alex, you got Yahoo, MSN or AIM messengers?

  296. Yeah. And my girlfriend, sweet girl normally. When mad, I’d rather jump out a moving car (depending on the speed) that face her, when her anger is directed at me.

  297. alex2k735 is my aim

  298. PEOPLE. We need new stepfile authors. GO OUT AND MAKE FILES TO SEND TO FFR!!!!!

    The styles of our common steppers have become a platitude. Lets finally change this. GO OUT AND STEP! :D

  299. a lot of people get that way. They could be the nicest person in the world, but when you piss them off, you better run…

  300. like me for instance lol :P

  301. I get that way sometimes. I’m usually very friendly but I’m really a person you dont want to make angry…GRRRRR THE SHEHULK!!! JK HAHAHA

  302. Lol, I don’t think I ever get mad.

  303. I am far to non-serious to get mad…just frustrated, like I was with this token.

  304. u wanna be like that jessica fine im the malehulk lol

  305. aka hehulk lol

  306. u finaly foudn it?

  307. Who?

  308. Hey alex, you online?

  309. u?

  310. Online on AIM that is.

  311. I found it about…25 minutes ago.

  312. naw im not cuz im playing ffr

  313. Okay, just checkin.

  314. EZ :P

  315. lol jong….dont ask just adding more comments to beat record lol

  316. so tell me how do u change ur time zone?

  317. If I knew, I’d tell you…But I dont.

  318. What about the lil plus for a zoom button on botom of ie?

  319. Don’t think that would do it, but I could be wrong.

  320. Brb. Gonna get some sweet tea.

  321. idk.. its just my desperate rambling

  322. Oohh, I found it. I was thinking just a bit too hard.

  323. Rambling is precisely what breaking a pot record is all about.

  324. things in front of my face.. my nose, a screen… i really dont get it

  325. hey ray, you need a hint? PM me if so.

  326. OMG! Why did I not find that in the first place?!?!!?

    I’m such an idiot. I knew it was there, but I never tried it! OMG im an idiot.

  327. Lol, once again…You are not alone. :P

  328. Me, Lt. Odin_Shadow, and Poetofthecentury feal like compleate morons for not getting it sooner…thanks for the assistance!

  329. dante.. thisll be the most noobish thing ull ever here but.. i joined like a week ago. how do u pm? lol srry

  330. about the above post, i ment to put in pikachu655 instead of Lt. Odin_Shadow

  331. lol alot of ppl think there morons.i tohught the same also

  332. how can u mix up pikachu n odin?

  333. lol foudn the pm thing

  334. Click my Username and in the bar where my avatar is (or around that area) Says PM Dante Fireheart. do that and the rest is self explanatory.

  335. Check your messages Ray

  336. This token is fun to find…If you aren’t prone to frustration.

  337. ][_, [()] ][_,

  338. Isn’t it true Alex?

  339. yes its very true.

  340. When did you find it (Time after starting)?

    Mine was almost 3 hrs.

  341. 2 hours sadly

  342. My head feels like it’s gonna asplode…

  343. Good, I don’t feel quite so stupid anymore, knowing someone who has done this a while didnt get it soon.

  344. If you need help, PM me.

  345. It is simple with a few hints.

  346. I am going to (try to)go to bed in one hour. If anyone needs help, let them speak in that time frame, or hold their peace for 8 hours.

  347. lol very

  348. Pretty straight forward and easy.

  349. Thats what I thought…Once I figured it out.

  350. I feel very dumb now. It was there the whole time, and I was staring right at it.

  351. You got it with the first 3 clues I gave you?

  352. Yep.

  353. Congratz.

  354. +

  355. Don’t even start with that $%^& Plus sign.

  356. + is bad for you.

  357. 47 minutes Remaining before I go to bed.

  358. Very bad, particularly for this thread.

  359. There is now a comment for each day of the year.

    Except Feb. 29.

  360. lol, you did that for us

  361. God, I must be out of my mind.

  362. Am I the only one on now?

  363. Well, I now feel like an idiot. You guys, this is incredibly retarded. If you stare at the URL long enough, it will come to you.

  364. OMG, I just realized another way of looking at it, which is probably what Synth meant for it to be.

    *Feels even stupider*

  365. please help someone…

  366. i guess im all alone in this

  367. lol +++ is the b iggest clue there is ;) if u havent found it yet use the clue +++

  368. *goes insane after reading post 375*

  369. lol :P

  370. wow, im a f***in retard… i read almost all of these posts and then tried something “in the clouds” and found it. Very clever, Synth :)

  371. Took a few minutes.

    Then I got it.

  372. That wasn’t too hard. I’ve finally started finding tokens without help.

  373. Took about 5 minutes to figure it out n__n
    Nice ;D

  374. Got it. Thanks. Nice one.

  375. lol i got it for 25 credits i will help u pm me or email me omasum@mailextreme.cm

  376. To find a token, do you have to actually type in a URL, or click something on the page?

  377. 230th to get it… lol

  378. Thanks for the help…. :/

  379. That was easy

  380. I just got on here like 5 minutes ago and i found the token

  381. But if you need any help just message me

  382. Wow, that was probably the easiest token to find yet…

    My FIRST thought was right haha. have fun!

  383. I’m back. Need help? PM me.

  384. One other advice for you all: Google it. LOLOL

    But seriously, you don’t need to unscramble. Just look at it. =] You’ll see something that will make so much sense, it’ll slap you silly. Just got to take some of the ones that doesn’t belong in there.

  385. Now flipsta, don’t give it away

  386. This token was easy o_0

  387. Well, I figured it out, but I really don’t see how some of these “hints” everyone gave apply.


  389. I GIVE UP!!!

  390. Wow they make a lot of tokens!!!!

  391. I got it…although most of those hints didn’t help me at all.Look at post 392 for help.

  392. woo hooo 400 comment!

  393. Found it on first try! just keep looking…gah i just want to say it but i know i cant!!! oh boy… hehe 401 post

  394. :( 402 post and i dont found it

  395. thats not clever at all
    its dumb,
    i found it and im not impressed,
    its retarted
    when i was doing what i had to do to figure it out i thought wow this is a good idea, making people actually figure it out themselves but then i relized they just threw some crap in there that doesn’t belong? thats not even fair…but w/e

  396. found it!!!it was way too easy


  398. Wow, I feel so dumb, I studied that way too hard. Haha, >_

  399. …all I can say is WOW I’m retarded, I finally got it after Darkfire’s little post lol…WOW *puts gun to head*

  400. Hmm…

  401. please im me at demondog29, i need some help

  402. dude, wtf, it said congratz on finding this one, then click away, where the hell do i click?

  403. If you ask me, this sounds like an anagram puzzle. But just what could naionaeatiebedn mean…?


  405. please pm me i need help

  406. gtrick69 your retarded cause you cant even spell retarded

  407. Wow….it really is right in front of your face (feels stupid for looking so hard). Good one Synth!

  408. i got it if u need help give me 500 credits
    email me at brandonman01@gmail.com

  409. its always the same, a token comes out and i never get it, then after a month goes by, im never able to get it =/

  410. +

  411. ill bet that we are all just trying too hgard to look for these tokens. (im at the library, so sucky comps) ill bet that its just right in front of our faces, but were all missing it

    Much Love Punk

  412. am I the only one that thought that it actually wasn’t THAT easy?

  413. thats was very hard!

  414. LIKE L O L THATS SOOOOO EEAAASSSYYY, JEEEEZZEEE THat was the easiest one yet!! Wooww…..I could have done that in my sleep, GOSH

  415. it was SOOOOOOO RIGHT THERE! i got it IM me on warmfuzzlez if you need help just dont be like OMG WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT OMGOMGOMG lol. im giving hints not answers


  416. sup

  417. There’s a naughty post in here admins//mods :)

    Found it btw.

  418. Nine words were is it in front of my face

  419. how can i find it?
    playing? cliking? new user =x

  420. wow the + does nothing. lol
    got it btw the TD_punk AIM help service is now closed.


  421. yay got it

  422. how can i find it?
    playing? cliking? new user =x please^^

  423. yay 432 post

  424. FIRST TRY!!! wooh! not looking forward to the hard one. and i think im missing a few

  425. ++++++

  426. its like another one of the tokens. just think. its really easy with crazy letters.

  427. ++++++ use this hint very carefully *laughs*

  428. Found it! ^.^

  429. i found it.. but it was cause i tried what i did from the beginning.. and it didnt work when i tried it earlier..

  430. i want flash 9 to come out plz finish the project up!

  431. Why can’t I play the song? I got the token but its not in the token section :S

  432. i cant even understand this whole thing,lol! :D


  434. +

  435. I’m curious to know why this is token 19. What happened to token 18?

  436. I don’t Get it!!! Aahhh!!! I’ve been look at the Whole Page for Hours now! I even tryed unscrammbling the letter in the url but nothing happens!!!!! Grrrrr!!!

  437. dude, omfg.. i cant believe this site…
    so ingenious in the simplicity
    + has nothing to do with it but sums it up.

  438. One little question … Where the hell is token 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  439. +

  440. Token 18 was a special giveaway to the top people in a certian tournament therefor only very few have 18.

  441. i know where it is, but it’s like not in front of your face

  442. yea it took me a while to get

  443. What song does it give you?

  444. f*uck tokens. I mean seriously that was absolute bull sh*t. I hope 20 is like impossible.

  445. This one isn’t that hard.

    It took a while to think it over, but I’ll help you out.

    “What are you looking for?”

  446. I figured it out, but I never saw what the + was for.

  447. so easy….but like i hate the song…

  448. someone already put the answer in one of their comments… look for it

  449. hehehehe

  450. i like a you ! :D

  451. …im a noob…can anyone tell me how to get it even if i found it…cause i dont know what the whole token crap is for…

  452. Post crazy N00b.

  453. pm me regarding post 492

  454. Wow. I finally got it. It’s a really cool stepfile and song too.

  455. I found it. God I felt like an idiot until I… well… saw something.

    Come on people, I felt extremely stupid until I noticed it. Don’t overanalyze it, clear your head!

  456. wow that was so simple… it really is right in front of your face ^^

  457. i think mario said it best “hehe i got it”

    if you are willing to give me enough coins to unlock lawn wake ill give up how to find it tho i dont know how aloud that is just pm me then send me the tokens if i look and my tokens are high enough ill tell

  458. I wouldn’t do that dancer, it’ll get you banned I think.

  459. well i’ll go on right ahead and be comment #500. i don’t typically do this, but im bored and have nothing else better to do than to make the 500th comment post on a token that i found days ago

  460. +

  461. I finally got it…*sigh*

  462. Make it stop plz give me a hint~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. OMG I THINK I PEE’D MYSELF WAY TOO EASY GOOD IMM F IN STUPID :( remeber think its easy look hard its right there

  464. :) ask me and ill give you a hint

  465. any1 want all the tokens except 18 let me no and ill sent it 2 u

  466. sellin token location 500 creds a pop

  467. pm me and send creds with whatever token u want

  468. Got it! =D

  469. yey got it on first try,

    you guys think like a monkey ^^ you’ll get it

  470. “The token is an easy one” is the most helpful clue there.

  471. haha, i got that in literally 2 seconds

  472. if you cant find it yet with all these hints, you dont deserve to…
    hint: the token is a URL one
    it starts with an n and ends with an n
    it is numerological
    its very easy to find
    it has NOTHING to do with +

  473. heh, i was on yesterday, but failed to see this post…and yay, i now have the token about 5 minutes of searching lol

  474. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!

    I’ve looked evrywhere and can’t find the @#$%^!@ TOKEN!

  475. Ok, calming down now.

  476. OMG where is it?!…I can’t beleive I can’t find it!

  477. I’ve finally found it!!!! I swear I was about to have a tantrum there. Took me a while, but is definetly in fron of your face.

  478. Oh wow

  479. haha Sasukelover
    look at my comment in 512

  480. …easiest…thing…ever


  482. yeah I got it, now i have all 19 :D

  483. I know this is probably a stupid question, but when i click “click here to look for token 19″ all i get is this thing about some sever quad thing.


  484. I cant find this darn token. What does it mean its in your face?

  485. I feel like an idiot for not seeing the answer sooner. anyone who needs help post a comment on my profile

  486. thanks evrybody for tellin me how to do the token thing…not…i finally figured out how to do it and well…i have all the 18 tokens i can get(cause of the tournament)

  487. God! I feel sooooo stupid for not being able to figure this puppy out.

  488. Wow, lol, once I saw the thing, it became pretty easy. LOL!

  489. …+?
    How about -
    - makes more sence to me.

  490. The red herring is the +, the answer is in front of you.

    The answer was given so many times in comment form.

    Trying to find it on the link Synth gave is not going to help you.

  491. This token is actually perfect for those myspace error things, such as: most kindergarten kids could get this one and most college kids could not get it.

  492. It is not easy. What are you guys talking about? It isn’t right infront of your face, you gotta search for it. I already have it so yeah, and I FC’d it :)

  493. I feel stupid…

  494. It seems like you have to UNSCRAMBLE the URL.

  495. BTW, the token is HARD not EASY you *****. He tricks you into thinking it’s easy.

  496. OMG darn I felt very very very very very X50000000000000000000 stupid…anyone want a hint, go focus on that url and the token#19…it should come to you. If not write the url down and focus on each letters. Hey at least I not telling the answer.

  497. listen to what Vidik says or think like a 1st – 3rd grade dumb students do.

  498. With my comment it should come to most people, and after that you finally firgue out the word…you know what to do on every url you wish to go

  499. Right in my face lol more like little bit ****** than your face.

  500. all you gotta do is take out some of the letters to form a new word for the url. But it has to make sense. I already got it so if you need a hint just message me

  501. LMAO. I just felt like smacking my forehead the moment I got it.

  502. Roflmao, I tried to find out for a day or so now…But now I have it! Muahahaha.

  503. OMG anyone mind telling me (or hints) to find token 14? That my last one beside token 18 which I can’t get.
    it is Animarithon in… then what I do next?

  504. sheesh if you want to talk about token 14, go to the token 14 page. Nice ne Synthlight. Now hurry up with token 20 please

  505. anyone help me?

  506. what is a url?

  507. nvm

  508. i dont suppose anyone would mind helping me find the token?

  509. nvm I got all the token except for the 18 which I can’t get.
    Dear jeaumaitre,
    look at one letter then skip the next one then on to the another one, then repeat.

  510. man 550 wth!!!!

  511. man, this sucks. I hate tokens

  512. djayRap7295 help!!!!!!!

  513. That was kind of annoying. It was so easy.

  514. O.o i can’t believe it was that easy…

  515. i have to fart

  516. -

  517. sounds like Hyper Pressure

  518. i can never get these tokens, i only have 1, roller coaster…

  519. OMFG I FOUND IT! it was so obvious!!! i cannot believe i didnt think of it earlier… makes me feel all dumb inside…

  520. clever yet easy ha

  521. OMG!!! I feel 100% DUMB! I can’t believe i didn’t see that! OMG!

  522. its pretty simple. It didnt make me feel dumb but I was like thats what I was staring at this whole time. :)

  523. Eh, I’m no good at finding these.

    [In front of the face of blind man in this case.]

  524. Ok all I will tell you guys is that its not directly in front of your face. You have to do something with something that IS in front of your face…thats all I’m saying…In fact, I’ve probably already said too much

  525. 531 omg found it

  526. i’m 99.9% sure i got it but the token is not appearing in my profile and i didn’t unlock a song…

  527. you have to click something after you get the first part

  528. oh. haha. there it is. can’t believed i missed that.

  529. see? Its pretty simple. Though when I did it, I was looking for an hour or so and couldnt figure it out lol :)

  530. *bashes head against computer*
    I can only get a word…

    what to do with the word……………
    that’s the problem….

  531. i found it, its so stupid though…

  532. It took me long enough to find the friggin’ token. Now for me to give it a shot…

    And the token CAN be in front of your face if you fit the pieces Synth gave you together.

  533. i still dont get it…but i got the token…and its too hard…

  534. if anybody needs help to find the token im me
    AIM: TomTheGerman08

  535. Argh! Everyone stop saying ++++, most useless ‘hint’ ever T_T

    Just stare at the url for five minutes >,>


    And no it isn’t an anagram, just think about what it is that you’re looking for.

  536. actually + is a good hint
    am I the only one who got that?

    I finally found it btw xD
    I felt really retarded when I did…… hahaha

  537. damn it….i almost have it ( i think) i feel like a tokentard…

  538. Well THAT took forever… still don’t understand the “+” clue though…

  539. where is the token

  540. Amazingly easy. Too easy… =P

  541. lol! i actually got it! Amazing though i didn’t go insane. But all those riddle hints didn’t help me at all, the numerlogical one did, thank you. ^_^

  542. I can’t believe I didn’t see it! You’ll really dum after you find it ^.^

  543. wow…i dont get it.
    how do ppl keep on finding tokens

  544. no me !

  545. omg that was so easy >

  546. + i dont see it?

  547. :[

  548. LOL, that ones so awesome.

  549. =D =O OMG that was easy, cant believe i didnt find it earlier. it was more like staring me in hte feet…

  550. hey

  551. du token

  552. oommggtthhaattwwaassssooeeaassyy…

    But what’s the “+” for? I don’t get it.

  553. .

  554. anyone understand this? i change the url in every way i thought of i just dont know how to do this

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