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Hey I'm Brett, 22! Just a has-been FFRer. I'm in a band that never does anything, so we're just a bunch of dudes with guitars or something.
Boobies and peanut butter.
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I like a bunch of stuff, if you really care, hit me up.
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The first half of the Digimon Movie was k.
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Posted on: July 9, 2014, at 04:02:35pm   [1 comment]
[x] AAA All songs <10
[x] AAA All songs <20
[] AAA All songs <30
[] AAA All songs <40 (Lethal Injection womp)
[] AAA All songs <50
[] AAA All songs <60 (uh oh)
[x] 750 AAAs
[x] 825 AAAs
[] 900 AAAs
[] 1000 AAAs
[x] 500 TPs
[] 600 TPs
[] 750 TPs
[] 1000 TPs
[] A high Tier (heh)
[] An even higher Tier
[] AAA All 66s
[x] Top 200 avrank
[] Top 100 avrank
[] Top 50 avrank
[xxxxxxxxx] AAA All Synth songs EAT MY BALLS HO
Posted on: September 2, 2012, at 03:29:52am   [6 comments]
Thank you, for an awesome profile. My penis is forever hard.

me duh
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Do you still use my student card to smoke weed
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Ketto dude lives
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hi ketto dude
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pedoman! <3
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i'm too old now so you're not a pedo anymore. :( add me on twitter or discord!!
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pedolad <3
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free pedolad
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I'm bad at responding.
Chances are we'll end up meeting at some point. Just be on the lookout for the guy with the Turtle Beach headphones lol.