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Well, im 18 (YAY LEGAL!) and I has no life, so I waste what time I have here on FFR! Uhhs... I ono what else to say about me... lol maybe ill fix this tomorrow *2 am*
Terraworld, ffr, stepmania, youtube, lotsa video games, and anime.. some are Rurouni Kenshin, DNAngel, Love Hina, Bleach, Kanon, FLCL, Clannad, Elfen Lied, Death Note, Naruto, Berserk, Chobits, Mononoke Hime, Noein, +More XD uhh i like things that are cute =3 even though im a guy X_X and im kinda shy in real life, at least on here im not *too* shy. foods... i like nearly everything, sushi, ramen, any japanese foods... that kind of stuff, also pizzas and burgers XD, and also seafood, 'specially shrimp!
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dance, rock, and ALOT of video game music, from artists like nobuo for the ff series and utada for the kh series. i also like alot of different kinda of music jrock, classical, techno, even a bit of some heavy screaming metal (but not so much XP) some favorite bands are Maximum The Hormone Aqua Timez Asian Kung Fu Generation DETHKLOK (lols) Nirvana Metallica Sharpnel Sound (ehehe) Cornandbeans ...and more ill add later lol
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Holy Crap! There's Too Many!~ lets see.... anchorman, man on fire, princess mononoke, the one, Constantine, 40 year old virgin, Unleashed, Serenity, DEATH TRANCE (fav), A Knights Tale, and more i cant think of now XD
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Mokou's Theme - Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
Posted on: January 16, 2009, at 11:54:54am   [0 comments]

Mokou is the extra stage boss from Touhou 08 Imperishable Night. My favorite song from the entire game, and that's saying something since there's many others I love too!

Sakura Sakura - Rin'
Posted on: June 5, 2008, at 03:35:54pm   [2 comments]


Mabushi kumai chinu sakura iroi kokoro hodo kete
tsuki akari no naka kimi no kao ga ukande kieta

Machi tsuzuketa ano koe n'de te wo furu kage sagasu kedo
itsuka no kaze hoho ni furete haru o tsutaeru deshou

awoku hikaru sakura namiki hana akari ya waraka no
kimi to hanare kimi wo tatoru ano hi mitatsuki wa sagashite

hiki dashi no naka shiketa hanabi kako daita mama
maichiru hana ware haru no namida kimi ga oshieta

Hana no youni kagayaite kaze no naka ikite yukou
suki wa michiru deshou sore douku douku (a~) akaruku terasu

Kono sakura no shita onaji omoi dakasun'da hito
ima toki wo koeze futari no kage sou toke sanaru deshou


Now you might've seen the instrumental on Andili's profile, so here's the original! XP

Comment wall
andili writes...
at 11:03:13pm on 11/1/10
cuddles1002 writes...
at 2:35:13pm on 10/22/08
hey whats up?
anthony_lal writes...
at 4:45:56pm on 10/18/08
LOL, you're right. I should really do that. Also, I made it so that it is a loop so it's like the real thing xD. Since I made the music from mario paint myself, does it mean I can still up it to ffr?
Btw do you have msn? If you do, msg/pm me.
RaRaRamenGal writes...
at 6:23:50pm on 10/16/08
Aww`s! No computer?! ouch? Why? D:
And kool! someone who knows Gaia and maple story ;3
iluvyou2 writes...
at 11:46:35am on 10/12/08
the thumbs up is greatly appreciated
and the same for youu
DaisukeDNA writes...
at 4:00:36am on 10/7/08
Same with maple for me
121 night lord
I use to play FLYFF
wanted to try perfect world lol never did
DaisukeDNA writes...
at 3:00:23am on 10/7/08
Nice you play maplestory :D
DaisukeDNA writes...
at 3:00:00am on 10/7/08
Thanks for the vote mang
manga_freak101 writes...
at 10:13:25pm on 10/6/08
lxDestinyxl writes...
at 5:12:50pm on 10/6/08
Funny, I have trouble with that pattern as well. Especially the down right jump. Although I do have trouble with it, I overcome it most of the time, and that's what you need to achieve.
Overcome your disadvantages.
Glad to meet you buddy =]
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