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About me:
I don't play much any more actually but I come on time to time.
FFR, DDR, other online games...I also play piano.
Fav Music:
Red Hot Chili Peppers, some J-Pop...other Dance, Techno, and Rock
Fav Movies:
Borat XD
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stavie33 writes...
at 10:58:19am on 12/4/08
hey, it's me, Alex, PM me
Lord Sasori writes...
at 7:30:54pm on 4/17/08
hell yeah! I got 4-0-0-0 on Sympathizer! Oni, you're mine tonight!
damanwithdaskillz writes...
at 11:43:51pm on 11/24/07
OMG!!! I AAA'd {Satori} V2 and Saikyou OX Keikaku!!
Satori V2 is easy, you can do it, difficulty 60 (challenging)
I was so suprised with Saikyou OX Keikaku
Jimerax rated it a 67 (high challenging) and rated it higher than Tori no Uta AND Divinity, so yeah I was very suprised, check em' out, and I have 4-0-0-0 on State of Emergency
MrRubix writes...
at 3:08:57pm on 11/3/07
Speed round added
EndlesslyMarcus writes...
at 8:50:12am on 11/2/07
Just another member on this site I guess.
EndlesslyMarcus writes...
at 8:40:01am on 10/30/07
EndlesslyMarcus writes...
at 8:31:38am on 10/30/07
intensez writes...
at 6:52:05pm on 10/28/07
Alright thanks. I couldn't figure those out. Thanks for the vote btw.
damanwithdaskillz writes...
at 7:26:36pm on 10/25/07
my profile won't update, but I'm at 184 tier points, with 0 for AAA's, so none of mine are "bonus", and btw, I 83-0-0-0 on Choprite! Play the song, it's amazing...
Pwned_122 writes...
at 12:52:27pm on 10/25/07
nice profilee
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