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About me:
My name is Christine and I love button mashing. I'm a 21 year old who's a bit of a nerd, and I'm also really bad at describing myself. My mods are: 1.5x, tornado, spread (if you're into that kind of stuff)
I have a talent for useless things, like rhythm games, Mario Kart, and finishing an entire anime in one sitting. Music is also a passion of mine. I sing and play three instruments.
Fav Music:
I'm really into EDM, more specifically progressive house, trap music, and dirty dutch! But I also like acoustics, hip hop, jazz, classical, alternative, indie... basically anything with a coherent melody or a catchy beat.
Fav Movies:
My movie list isn't very extensive. But my anime list is, though! (haha nerd)
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Posted on: February 4, 2015, at 02:52:19am   [0 comments]
Still in school, but I hope to visit the page every once in a while! Don't hesitate to leave a comment, I promise I'll get back to you!

...eventually! 😜
Posted on: July 7, 2014, at 04:56:40pm   [1 comment]
.... And it only took me 8.46 years to reach it!

Song that gave me the title: Danzai Yamaxanadu! FC'd it, too :)
Posted on: July 4, 2014, at 10:19:17pm   [1 comment]
It's probably one of my favorite stepfiles in this whole game. It's lengthy and challenging, full of great streams, manageable jumps, and that drum beat is great.

But don't you hate it when you're 1 miss.. ONE MISS away from FCing a song? And isn't even worse when you know exactly which arrow you missed?

Ahh.. I missed a right arrow sometime in the second half of the song. It was an up-right-up trill and I guess I either didn't press my right key hard enough or I was just lazy, but I missed it! One miss away.

~Sigh. Can't win them all, I suppose. Still, I haven't played it in a very long time. My PA is terrible but I feel accomplished just FCing a song. One day I'll get you, {IDNYA}!
Posted on: July 3, 2014, at 02:05:26am   [0 comments]
I deleted all of my previous 'random thoughts' because I was one embarrassing 13 year old. Yikes.

Just wanted to write a thought to remember when I last played, and to announce to those who visit my profile randomly: I'm not dead and I happen to visit FFR randomly as well!

I'll see you soon, FFR and users c:
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TD_Project writes at 5:58:06pm on 2/16/15
~GJampa writes at 6:07:57pm on 2/7/15
I have been all over the country: for a new place, for a new university, with and without a partner et cetera.
And I've been doing quite well, the ups and downs like everybody else. Not all too different from you, I'd assume.
It's great that FFR still exists and how I got to re-read a few of the comments and check up some profiles of amazing people I met on this silly website.
You're looking great on your photo as always again, a fine young woman by now :) It must been several years the last time we exchanged comments...
Lenomzz writes at 2:20:43pm on 2/4/15
HEY! I've been really good! how have you been???
Litodude writes at 6:56:32am on 2/4/15
hey homie! what's up. skype me or something sometime
~GJampa writes at 3:43:17pm on 1/14/15
2015 post!
FreezinIce writes at 5:40:02am on 9/8/14
My life is being sucked through a straw by FF14 atm lol. Been kinda drifting, just holding down my small job and saving money to try to take some photography classes :D. But yeah I'm gaming away too!
FreezinIce writes at 3:25:25am on 7/18/14
Dead for a while.
What you been up to after all these years?
Litodude writes at 1:20:15pm on 7/8/14
Hi Christine! Look at you, all grown up - You look gorgeous. How are you? How are things?
FreezinIce writes at 1:30:33am on 4/20/14
CR_fLiP_fOaM writes at 1:43:40pm on 8/3/13
yeah FFR is boring for me now, it's like another FB for the profile tho lol.