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what the fuck am i a guy or am i a girl its your job to send me a private message confessing your love to me to find the true answer
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Azumanga Daioh + Waka Laka = Harmony ^.^
Posted on: March 1, 2007, at 12:37:39am   [3 comments]

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hugo!!! writes...
at 12:14:10am on 3/10/14
yooo whats up?! :) please follow me on (((instagram))) @ninjatricking
i will follow back if you comment ffr on a post!
xxXitsunexx writes...
at 7:39:16pm on 7/10/13
Lol are you a female or not? *raised eyebrow*
ShadowFrogg writes...
at 3:03:11am on 1/23/13
your a dude, i know it
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 7:36:42pm on 12/22/12
i love your about me
El Muffin writes...
at 9:29:21pm on 11/15/12
Wow, nice amount of AAAs
MooseRider writes...
at 2:51:46am on 10/31/12
Hey (:
iCeCuBEz v2 writes...
at 8:21:17am on 10/20/12
hi pastapiggy :3
Wayward Vagabond writes...
at 1:53:23pm on 9/13/12
holy crap you're still around
megaman108 writes...
at 8:50:19pm on 9/12/12
Grats on Vet :)
kmay writes...
at 10:48:07am on 9/12/12
I dont want to be in the dark tonight~~~
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