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Is Cold Kitten? T-Force?
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Hello.~ Yeah, this isn't T-Force/Trevor's profile anymore. Now it's mine. :3 Cold Kitten, here, btw.~ Oh it is still my profile, CK. Don't you forget that. THE FORCE LIVES.
Uh. FFR, friends, music, reading... A bunch of stuff, really. xD Feel free to ask.
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Will fill this out later. There's too many.
Fav Movies:
The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Inception, Alice in Wonderland, etc, etc... Will finish later, maybe. See, I'm fixing your spelling errors. Also, where's the Star Wars and Matrix?!
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Comment wall
T-Force writes at 3:42:20am on 11/17/11
Is it me?
Cold Kitten writes at 3:42:08am on 11/17/11
Or is it me?
T-Force writes at 3:42:00am on 11/17/11
Why are you here?
Cold Kitten writes at 3:41:51am on 11/17/11
When you could be here?
T-Force writes at 3:41:38am on 11/17/11
Where the Force lives.
Cold Kitten writes at 3:41:28am on 11/17/11
Or a feline is frozen.
T-Force writes at 3:41:08am on 11/17/11
Choose correctly.
Cold Kitten writes at 3:41:01am on 11/17/11
Or don't. It's your pick.
T-Force writes at 3:40:40am on 11/17/11
Just remember. We are both.
Cold Kitten writes at 3:40:26am on 11/17/11
And neither at the same time.