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Hmm about me...Let's see how random this can be. I'm Joe, I hate my username on here but can't change it, my favorite kind of sub is turkey and bacon with mayonnaise and cheese (no veggies). I have 7 pet fish. My eyes are...on my face. I live somewhere and go to college somewhere as well. If this isn't descriptive enough people can ask me questions.
Hmm...I'm interested in being alive, BMX biking, eating food, listening to music, wearing clothes (usually), and being strange. Those are my only interests in the entire world so don't bother me about anything else xD
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I'm real big on music and I like just about every kind there is (with a few exceptions such as anything thats CRAP). I'm mostly into rock though and my favorite band is System of a Down.
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I really don't have a favorite movie but if it can actually hold my attention for 2 hours its probably not too bad.
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"BMX has all the potential to cover the Earth and as consciousness expands globally, so will Flatland. The bicycle is an energy amplifier. The combination of triangles and circles is sacred geometry. If you apply your practice with the intent of expanding your awareness, you can transform yourself. We as a whole community contribute our chi to the collective vibration of the earth. We only need to consider this as a possibility....or maybe they are just little kid bikes and we should grow up" -Paul Osicka

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I totally remember you xD. I mean most of us here lived on FFR for several years. How are you?
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