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I am the uber leet mega sick-nasty cash-money German Russian Irish French English mutt kid nerd that really is tryin to get his life back.
Living life as well as I can from here on in...
Fav Music:
David's leet hacks uber special playlist that still needs work i think anyway thank you. Its got all my favorites
Fav Movies:
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings trilogy, GodFather Trilogy, Ocean's 11, 12 and I still need to see 13. I also like alot of movies that are good.
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King Kazma writes...
at 3:01:03pm on 12/17/11
Xristallixed writes...
at 12:50:18am on 5/18/08
The green carrot devours yer soul!!!:O
theBody55 writes...
at 9:49:55am on 5/17/08
hey is there like a list of songs i FC?
because i think i FC something but i dont know if i did or not
theBody55 writes...
at 7:06:02pm on 5/11/08
dude...someone on ur friends list is named icecoldtears
and someone with that same esact name sent me a friend request on Xbox Live....any connection?
theBody55 writes...
at 6:44:25pm on 5/9/08
hey i looked for you on chat but now im giving up cause im bored...just call me when you wanna mulitplayer cause looking for you on chat is kinda ghey D: lol cya
Thesecondwald writes...
at 10:30:47pm on 5/3/08
zomg its me
Xristallixed writes...
at 9:11:15pm on 5/2/08
xD, yew weirdo. :)
Xristallixed writes...
at 4:16:51pm on 5/1/08
I never knew about ur obsession over Mario.
Xristallixed writes...
at 3:38:43pm on 5/1/08
I forgot about our anniversay. :(
I can't believe it's already been a year, wow. :O
theBody55 writes...
at 8:27:33pm on 4/29/08
hey you with the face im in entrance
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