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I strongly believe that pants should always be optional... I play sax in the Pride and in the basketball pep band...and whatever else people ask me to play in. I play several other instruments too as well as writing and arranging my own stuff. I love my crazy friends and my amazing boyfriend! I also have a crackheaded cat named Isis...she's purty :) If you wanna know more, ask!
Anything music-related, the PRIDE, sketching and painting, FFR, Halo nights, WVU football--or any football for that matter, taking care of my crackheaded cat, being a full-time student, getting dressed up and going out for a night on the town, random car trips, my crazy family and crazier friends, and spending time with my boyfriend <3
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Mostly rock, ska, indie, and alternative type bands...and some jazz. I also enjoy anything dealing with musical theater. OOO! Gotta love the 80s! Nothing emo...and NO RAP!
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Hot Fuzz, Planet Terror, Death Proof, Shaun of the Dead, Death to Smoochy, the Saw Trilogy, Dogma, What Dreams May Come, Clerks II, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Half Past Dead, Starship Troopers, Hook, The Navigator, Short Circuit II, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up, Cat Soup, A League of Their Own, The Lion King, and MANY more...
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Yayyy T-Shirt!
Posted on: June 22, 2007, at 11:48:10am   [0 comments]
I won a contest?! Holy crap! I never win anything, lol.

Thanks to the staff for the win...and thanks for the congrats from everyone XD

Comment wall
PianosCanTalk writes...
at 1:42:41pm on 10/7/07
hey youre online now, lets mp
PianosCanTalk writes...
at 8:40:21pm on 10/5/07
me + you need to mp sometime.. i haven't been playing FFR hardly at all here at MU but i'm still as good as i've ever been :)
shadow hide you writes...
at 8:39:57pm on 10/5/07
votes up 4 u.........whats up? <33333333333333
DDRPHIL writes...
at 11:48:03pm on 9/16/07
WVU!!!! i was waiting to find someone that goes to WVU.. you're disgusting at FFR haha
RareSumo writes...
at 7:19:42am on 9/10/07
Kind of.. not on the main campus but I still have a WVU ID and I live in Motown
RareSumo writes...
at 7:41:05am on 9/9/07
Thumbs up for representing WVU
PianosCanTalk writes...
at 9:55:34pm on 8/8/07
i just full comboed dazzling soul oh yeah
ssj4gogeta876 writes...
at 7:22:31pm on 8/5/07
i play one 2, im in my high school band
ssj4gogeta876 writes...
at 6:47:47pm on 8/5/07
do u play a saxophone?
ssj4gogeta876 writes...
at 6:31:03pm on 8/5/07
sax's rule!!! ^-^
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