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Default TWG History Thread v3

Long overdue, but this thread will be a fully updated list of every TWG game on FFR, the results of those games, and hopefully allow for further tracking of games, individual stats and trends

please do not post until I have reserved the first 20 posts or so.

this post will contain a table of contents, including links to specific areas.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG I: The Werewolf Game
Postgame Thread

Hosted by: chardish
Wolves Win
MVP: (none named)

1. Aleco (Human, lynched on Day 2)
2. CypherToorima (Human, killed on Night 4)
3. djshox (Human, survived to loss)
4. Flypie (Human, killed on Night 3)
5. GuidoHunter (Human, killed on Night 2)
6. ImEric12 (Seer, lynched on Day 1)
7. Kenzya (Wolf, survived to win)
8. Kilgamayan (Wolf, survived to win)
9. Lightdarkness (Human, lynched on Day 3)
10. Moogy (Human, lynched on Day 5)
11. Squeek (Guardian, killed on Night 5)
12. QreepyBORIS (Human, survived to loss)
13. SleeplessDragn (Human, lynched on Day 4)
14. Tasselfoot (Wolf, survived to win)
15. The_Q (Human, killed on Night 1)

Host Comments:
The first ever game of TWG, the humans pretty much had no clue how to find the wolves and made a series of poor judgements that started with them offing the seer in Day 1 and continuing to off humans until they lost. A complete shutout for the wolves.


TWG II: A Tremor In The Force
Postgame thread

Hosted by: chardish
Humans win
MVP: Tasselfoot

1. banditcom (lynched on Day 4)
2. blahblah18 (survived to win)
3. Cenright (lynched on Day 2)
4. Emccky (killed on Night 3)
5. Flypie743 (JEDI SEER, survived to win)
6. GuidoHunter (killed on Night 4)
7. ImEric12 (survived to win)
8. Kilgamayan (killed on Night 5)
9. lightdarkness (JEDI GUARDIAN, killed on Night 2)
10. Squeek (DARK JEDI, lynched on Day 5)
11. QreepyBORIS (DARK JEDI, lynched on Day 1)
12. roopert (survived to win)
13. Snapps (killed on Night 1)
14. SleeplessDragn (DARK JEDI, lynched on Day 3)
15. Tasselfoot (survived to win)
16. Tasuke (survived to win)
17. The_Q (JEDI PSYCHIC, survived to win)
18. whorlichan (survived to win)

Host Comments:
This one was Star Wars themed, with the wolves as Dark Jedi and the people with special roles as Jedi Knights. When the votes are split in day 1 between Tasselfoot, a human, and Flypie, the seer, Flypie realizes her only hope is to convince Tass she's the seer and vote out someone else. They manage to do so, and the seeds of an alliance are sown. Tasselfoot makes a bunch of good calls that hide the seer's identity while allowing him to eliminate potential non-humans. Eventually Flypie seers MrESqueek - the final wolf - on a hunch, and it's all over.


TWG III: The Backstabbing Buccaneers
Postgame thread

Hosted by: chardish
Humans Win
MVP: CypherToorima

1. 87x (lynched on Day 2)
2. aleco (lynched on Day 4)
3. Blahblah18 (killed on Night 5)
4. Cenright (WOLF, lynched on Day 6)
5. CStarFlare (survived to win)
6. CypherToorima (SEER, survived to win)
7. flawofhumanity (killed on Night 3)
8. Flypie743 (WOLF, lynched on Day 3)
9. GuidoHunter (survived to win)
10. hydrojakep (lynched on Day 5)
11. ImEric12 (WOLF, lynched on Day 1)
12. Kefit (GUARDIAN, killed on Night 4)
13. Kilgamayan (survived to win)
14. lightdarkness (killed on Night 1)
15. QreepyBORIS (survived to win)
16. roopert (survived to win)
17. Sleeplessdragn (WOLF, lynched on Day 7)
18. Tasselfoot (killed on Night 6)
19. The Q (survived to win)
20. zildjian113 (PSYCHIC, killed on Night 7)

Host Comments:
Pirate themed, y'arr. Though there were issues with some people losing interest in the game, the humans went on to win this one through another incarnation of the AIM alliance. I didn't think this one would be as big of a human win as it was, primarily because of days 4 and 5 looking pretty bad for the humans including the death of the Guardian on night 4. Cypher wins MVP for not being detected as Seer and doing a good job of making himself look like a clueless human.


TWG IV: Turbulence in the Air
Postgame thread

Hosted by: lightdarkness
Wolves Win
MVP: Tasselfoot (HM: chardish)

1. 87x (PSYCHIC, lynched on Day 2)
2. Aleco (killed on Night 3)
3. Blahblah18 (lynched on Day 5)
4. Cenright (GUARDIAN, survived to loss)
5. Chardish (WOLF, survived to win)
6. CypherToorima (lynched on Day 4)
7. Eyespewgreekfire (killed on Night 4)
8. Guidohunter (killed on Night 5)
9. Kefit (killed on Night 1)
10. Kilgamayan (SEER, lynched on Day 1)
11. QreepyBoris (survived to loss)
12. Roopert (lynched on Day 3)
13. stretchypanda (killed on Night 2)
14. Tasselfoot (WOLF, survived to win)
15. The Q (WOLF, survived to win)
16. Tnyhawk900 (survived to loss)

Host Comments:
The wolves had it from the start. With 3 game veterans as wolves, the humans were in trouble. The wolves had the humans hooked the entire game. With the humans lynching their seer on day one, and the psychic the next day, they were never 100% sure who any of the wolves were. When Kilga annouced he was the seer, it gave Tass the go ahead to pull a fake-seer gambit, claiming Kilga was the master wolf. On the final day, Tass triumphantly announced his fake role, and the desparate clamorings of his target, Blahblah, were not enough to save him from the lynch. Tass wins the MVP for the seer gambit, and surviving Day 5. Chardish gets runner up with his conversations with Cenright, that really threw him off the trail.


TWG V: Red Alert!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Humans Win (by default)
MVPs: lightdarkness, Tasselfoot

1. Afrobean (survived to win)
2.alainbryden (WOLF, lynched on day 3)
3. blahblah18 (SEER, killed on night 3)
4. Chardish (killed on night 2)
5. CypherToorima (survived to win)
6. evilbutterfly (survived to win)
7. GuidoHunter (WOLF, lynched on day 4)
8. Kefit (killed on night 1)
9. lightdarkness (survived to win)
10. Moogy (VIGILANTE, lynched on day 1)
11. QreepyBORIS (lynched on day 2)
12. roopert (GUARDIAN, survived to win)
13. sleeplessdragn (WOLF, survived to loss)
14. Snapps (survived to win)
15. Tasselfoot (survived to win)
16. whorlichan (survived to win)

Host Comments:
It looked like the wolves had this game won on day 2. The humans were completely unexpecting in who the wolves were especially with Alain pretending to be the seer to Tass. Then everything fell apart for the wolves. Blahblah is killed on night 3 after revealing himself as the true seer to LD. Tass confirms Alain was pulling a fake seer bit, and the humans jump on him. To further aid their downfall, Alain admits he is a wolf. Tass figures out Guido and Sleepless as the other two wolves, and Kilga ends the game early. Co-MVPs to LD and Tass for pegging the wolves.


TWG VI: Bombs Away
Postgame thread

Hosted by: lightdarkness
Wolves Win

1. 87x (VIGILANTE, lynched on Day 5)
2. Afrobean (HUMAN, killed on Day 4)
3. Alainbryden (GUARDIAN, lynched on Day 3)
4. BlahBlah (HUMAN, killed on Night 4)
5. Cypher (WOLF, won the game)
6. Evilbutterfly (HUMAN, killed on Night 1)
7. eyespew (HUMAN, killed by vigilante on Day 5)
8. HansSky (HUMAN, Lost on at end of game)
9. Kefit (SEER, killed on Night 5)
10. Kilgamayan (HUMAN, killed on Night 3)
11. Omeganitros (HUMAN, Lost at end of game)
12. Q (HUMAN, killed on Night 2)
13. Snapps (HUMAN, lynched on Day 1)
14. Squeek (WOLF, won the game)
15. Tass (lynched on Day 2)
16. Tps222 (WOLF, won the game)

Host Comments:
This game had the humans in disarray the entire time. With the seemingly random wolfings and the lack of information to base votes on, the humans had no clue how to find out the identities of the wolves. Eventually, the vigilante blew up a human on the last day only to find that due to his phantom vote from day one, he is instalynched by the three wolves, and there is nothing the humans can do to save themselves. TPS wins MVP for coming up with that idea.


TWG VII: The Fox And Hounds
Postgame thread

Hosted by: chardish
Wolves Win

1. Afrobean (WOLF, lynched on Day 2)
2. Alainbryden (WOLF, won the game)
3. Blahblah ([HUMAN, lynched on Day 4)
4. CypherToorima (HUMAN, killed on Night 1)
5. Djshox (HUMAN, lynched on Day 6)
6. Emccky (PSYCHIC, killed on Night 3)
7. Evilbutterfly (GUARDIAN, killed on Night 2)
8. Eyespewgreekfire (MASON, killed on Night 6)
9. Flypie (HUMAN, lost at end of game)
10. Guidohunter (MASON, lost at end of game)
11. HansSky (HUMAN, lynched on Day 5)
12. Jpec07 (HUMAN, lynched on Day 1)
13. Lightdarkness (MASON, killed on Night 5)
14. StretchyPanda (WOLF, won the game)
15. Tasselfoot (HUMAN, killed on Night 4)
16. Verruckter (HUMAN, lynched on Day 3)

Host Comments:
An extremely intricate, dozens-of-pages-long plot set in the Metal Gear Solid universe. Guido revealed all of the special roles to his girlfriend, Stretchy, who he did not know was a wolf. This made it all the easier for the wolves to eliminate both the guardian and psychic before taking out the masons. Some people had suspicions, and it was a fairly close game until Day 4, when the wolves clearly had the advantage in both numbers and information they were privy to. A fantastic game.


TWG VIII: The Matrix Has You
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Squeek
Humans Win
MVP: evilbutterfly

1. Afrobean (Kali) Human, won at endgame
2. alainbryden (Niobe) Human, wolfed N4
3. blahblah18 (Seraph) Guardian, won at endgame
4. chardish (Kid) Mason, lynched D1
5. CypherToorima (Ajax) Human, won at endgame
6. evilbutterfly (Ghost) Human, won at endgame
7. flypie743 (Trinity) Mason, wolfed N3
8. Kefit (Smith Clone) Wolf, lynched D3
9. Kilgamayan (Morpheus) Mason, won at endgame
10. lightdarkness (Smith Clone) Wolf, modkilled D2
11. JurseyRider734 (Neo) Mason, won at endgame
12. Lupin_the_3rd (Ballard) Human, won at endgame
13. M-A-C (Oracle) Psychic, won at engame
14. nforcer06164 (Vector) Human, won at endgame
15. roopert (Tirant) Human, wolfed N1
16. TPS222 (Soren) Human, won at endgame
17. Tsuteto (Smith Clone) Wolf, lynched D2
18. whorlichan (Smith Clone) Wolf, lynched D4

Host Comments:
Day 2 lost the game for the wolves this time. A human is saved the night before, starts an alliance, and causes two wolves to be under the chopping block. One is lynched, the other is removed from the game under the accusation of cheating. The next two days are wolf lynchings and FFR sees its fastest TWG with the most ratio of living humans ever.


TWG IX: Manhunt
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Tasselfoot
Humans Win
MVP: alainbryden

1. alainbryden (α) Human
2. blahblah18 (β) Human, killed Night 2
3. chardish (γ) Human, killed Night 1
4. Charlotte21 (δ) Human, lynched Day 1
5. evilbutterfly (ε) Human, killed Night 1
6. GuidoHunter (ζ) Wolf, lynched Day 2
7. HansSky (ι) Human
8. Kefit (κ) Human
9. Kilgamayan (λ) Human
10. nforcer06164 (μ) Human
11. roopert (o) Human
12. The_Q (π) Human
13. TPS222 (ρ) Human, killed Night 2
14. Tsuteto (σ) Human

Host Comments:
I want to apologize to Afro for booting him out. I felt that it gave an unfair edge to eb who knew that Afro wasn't around. Likewise, Squeek told me he would be signing Hans up. I told him no, for the same reason. When Hans signed up, I assumed that he had done it himself. Chardish later brought it to my attention that Squeek had posted for Hans. By then, it was too late to do anything.

With booting out Afro, I let Guido in. He also made the perfect choice for a wolf in my eyes. He is a veteran to TWG. He is intelligent. He is quiet and doesn't post much, but enough to be visible. So he became my wolf.

Right from the start he hurt himself. Blah had the best strategy for being the wolf. Kill the people I was least likely to pick first. That way, everyone who is left is someone I would potentially pick, and is therefore suspect. Plus, it would be all of the most respected players left. Clearly they wouldn't be able to trust each other.

By day 2, a majority of the upper tier players were dead, and more had given good reason to be human. Guido was screwed.

Good job humans. I honestly expected this to go to Day 4 and be very close.


TWG X: Not In Our Quiet Little Town (NIOQUILT)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: blahblah18
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. evilbutterfly (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
2. roopert (Mason, modkilled Day 2)
3. eyespewgreekfire (Seer, won at endgame)
4. Matthew4444 (Human, lynched Day 5)
5. aperson (Mason, wolfed Night 2)
6. HansSky (Psychic, wolfed Night 3)
7. whorlichan (Guardian, wolfed Night 5)
8. TPS222 (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
9. JurseyRider734 (Human, won at endgame)
10. alainbryden (Devil, lost at endgame)
11. GuidoHunter (Human, wolfed Night 6)
12. Kilgamayan (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. stretchypanda (Mason, wolfed Night 1)
14. CypherToorima (Wolf, lynched Day 6)
15. Kefit (Human, won at endgame)
16. Afrobean (Human, lynched Day 4)
17. mead1 (Human, won at endgame)

Host Comments:


TWG XI: Attack on Flarev
Postgame thread

Hosted by: CypherToorima
Nonstandard Game
Wolf Team A (Bemstyl) Wins
MVP: --

1. evilbutterfly (Human, lynched Day 5)
2. nforcer06164 (Psychic B, wolfed Night 1)
3. Afrobean (Human, lynched Day 4)
4. TPS222 (Human, lynched Day 2)
5. gamepro17616 (Guardian A, wolfed Night 2)
6. HansSky (Wolf B, wolfed Night 1)
7. Flypie743 (Human, wolfed Night 5)
8. Tasselfoot (Seer A, wolfed Night 2)
9. whorlichan (Human, wolfed Night 7)
10. Kilgamayan (Human, wolfed Night 6)
11. ImEric12 (Wolf B, lost at endgame)
12. aperson (Wolf B, wolfed Night 7)
13. Cenright (Human, modkilled Day 2)
14. mead1 (Human, wolfed Night 6)
15. Omeganitros (Guardian B, wolfed Night 5)
16. eyespewgreekfire (Wolf A, wolfed Night 4)
17. djshox (Wolf A, won at endgame)
18. psychic25 (Human, lynched Day 6)
19. Neonatrias (Human, lynched Day 7)
20. Kenzya (Human, lynched Day 4)
21. roopert (Seer B, lynched Day 1)
22. talisman (Human, wolfed Night 4)
23. lightdarkness (Wolf A, won at endgame)
24. blahblah18 (Psychic A, wolfed Night 3)

Host Comments:
The humans had the odds stacked against them big time. With practically all the special roles dead before the first half of the game, the wolves were free to kill whoever they wanted, and with Cenright getting booted, it made it that much easier for the wolves to head onto victory. While I was on live, ld told me about the little deal aperson and shox made, but then I get on to find that instead of helping each other out, ld goes for the win and wolfs aperson. Then, a few minutes later, the three remaining wolves (two in the Bemstyl tribe and one in the Flarev tribe) instalynch the last remaining human.

There were a few blunders on the humans' part. They lynch a seer, than a guardian fails to save the other.

Interesting game except for my absences and absences of others.

All in all, the wolves had it made from the beginning and it wasn't really to see if humans or wolves won, it was to see which tribe of wolves won.


TWG XII: Velyssis Attack
Postgame thread

Hosted by: aperson
Humans Win
MVP: HansSky

1. nforcer06164 (Human, won)
2. lightdarkness (Human, killed Night 6)
3. Kilgamayan (Wolf, lynched Day 5)
4. blahblah18 (Seer, killed Night 1)
5. eyespewgreekfire (Human, killed Night 5)
6. ImEric12 (Human, won)
7. Tasselfoot (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
8. Afrobean (Human, won)
9. Neonatrias (Human, lynched Day 2)
10. TPS222 (Human, lynched Day 1)
11. Flypie743 (Psychic, killed Night 2)
12. mead1 (Wolf, lynched Day 6)
13. JurseyRider734 (Human, won)
14. evilbuterfly (Human, lynched Day 3)
15. playername (Guardian, killed Night 4)
16. HansSky (Human, won)

Host Comments:


TWG XIII: Dark Matters
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Wolves Win
MVP: HansSky

1. lightdarkness (Human, lost at endgame)
2. nforcer06164 (Human, lynched Day 1)
3. blahblah18 (Human, lynched Day 3)
4. flypie743 (Human, lynched Day 6)
5. JurseyRider734 (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
6. Lupin_The_Third (Human, killed Night 3)
7. HansSky (Wolf, won at endgame)
8. Tasselfoot (Seer, killed Night 1)
9. evilbutterfly (Human, killed Night 5)
10. TPS222 (Human, lynched Day 5)
11. alainbryden (Wolf, killed Night 2)
12. flux_ (Human, lynched Day 7)
13. QreepyBORIS (Human, killed Night 6)
14. deltro300111 (Human, lynched Day 4)
15. stretchypanda (Guardian, killed Night 4)
16. Kefit (Human, killed Night 7)

Host Comments:

Looks like thirteen was unlucky for our humans. Still, a very exciting game to the finish.

This is a game where I think almost everyone involved has something to look back upon and wonder what the hell they were thinking when they did it. Most notably...

- Alain, it was a mighty plan that would've guaranteed wolf victory had it worked, but I guess you simply poked stretchy too many times. I would've loved to see it happen, since I've always been a proponent of giving the idea of killing a fellow wolf at least a little thought.

- Kefit, what happened, man? I was sure Hans was doomed as of Day 4 thanks to you. You had the game...and then you lost it. =\

- Hans, I was amazed when you decided to kill Qreepy Night 6. I figured you would have preferred to save him for the last day since he had done almost nothing useful. As it turned out, it worked out in the end, but still.

- If only life had a redo option, eh, stretchy? Bet you're kicking yourself for switching from Tass on Night 1. What makes things worse is that he had seen blah as a human. Everyone knowing Tass is human + Tass being seer + Tass knowing blah to be human = gg wolves.


TWG XIV: Michigan Meetup
Postgame thread

Hosted by: lightdarkness
Humans Win
MVP: Kilgamayan

1. alainbryden (Wolf, lynched Day 6)
2. blahblah18 (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
3. chardish (Human, wolfed Night 3)
4. flux_ (Human, won at endgame)
5. Rebirth0 (Human, wolfed Night 6)
6. GuidoHunter (Wolf, lynched Day 5)
7. HansSky (Seer, wolfed Night 2)
8. JenovaSephiroth (Human, lynched Day 4)
9. Kefit (Guardian, wolfed Night 4)
10. Kilgamayan (Human, won at endgame)
11. mead1 (Human, won at endgame)
12. nforcer06164 (Human, lynched Day 1)
13. QreepyBORIS (Human, lynched Day 3)
14. talisman (Human, won at endgame)
15. Tasselfoot (Psychic, wolfed Night 5)
16. whorlichan (Human, won at endgame)

Host Comments:
Well, this was certainly an interesting TWG...

Night one, Tass is guarded, but thats not all that happens. Hans almost saw a wolf, and almost saw the psychic, but finally decided on Chardish, which was a good call in the end, by making thier alliance stronger.

It seemed like they were golden for the game, but a series of bad guard's made their hopes go down.

With the killing of blah, and coming back Wolf, it made the game much more clearer.

Tass, before he died, was able to send a PM to everyone that was human in the game, ensuring victory.


TWG XV: #twgxv
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Humans Win

1. blahblah18 (Human, won at endgame)
2. nforcer06164 (Guardian, won at endgame)
3. JurseyRider734 (Human, won at endgame)
4. lightdarkness (Human, lynched Day 1)
5. chardish (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
6. Tasselfoot (Day Vigilante, wolfed Night 4)
7. aperson (Former Master, vigi'd Day 2)
8. flypie743 (Human, won at endgame)
9. whorlichan (Human, won at endgame)
10. talisman (Human, won at endgame)
11. Kefit (Psychic, won at endgame)
12. mead1 (Human, won at endgame)
13. Tps222 (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
14. Spheroid (Human, wolfed Night 2)
15. GuidoHunter (Human, wolfed Night 3)
16. Neonatrias (Seer, won at endgame)
17. alainbryden (Master Mark, lynched Day 4)
18. Matthew4444 (Human, won at endgame)

Host Comments:


TWG XVI: A Dark and Stormy Night
Postgame thread

Hosted by: chardish
Wolves Win
MVP: --

1. aperson (Human, lynched Day 2)
2. blahblah18 (Wolf, won at endgame)
3. djshox (Human, lynched Day 1)
4. evilbutterfly (Human, wolfed Night 2)
5. flypie743 (Guardian, wolfed Night 6)
6. HansSky (Human, wolfed Night 1)
7. Kilgamayan (Human, wolfed Night 4)
8. lightdarkness (Wolf, won at endgame)
9. mead1 (Human, lynched Day 5)
10. nforcer06164 (Human, lost at endgame)
11. Omeganitros (Human, wolfed Night 5)
12. Snapps (Human, lynched Day 4)
13. stretchypanda (Human, lynched Day 6)
14. talisman (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
15. Tasselfoot (Human, lost at endgame)
16. Tps222 (Seer, wolfed Night 3)

Host Comments:
God, was this game painful to read through again.


TWG XVII: Roasted Fanclub Chicken With Intrigue
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. talisman (Human, killed Night 6)
2. hydrojakep flux_ (Guardian, won at endgame)
3. whorlichan (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
4. blahblah18 (Psychic, won at endgame)
5. dAnceguy117 (Human, won at endgame)
6. Tasselfoot (Human, killed Night 7)
7. Kefit (Human, lynched Day 4)
8. lightdarkness (Mark, lynched Day 7)
9. JurseyRider734 QreepyBORIS (Human, lynched Day 5)
10. GuidoHunter (3-Shot Watcher, killed Night 4)
11. HansSky (Master Wolf, lynched Day 3)
12. evilbutterfly (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
13. deltro300111 (Human, lynched Day 6)
14. Tps222 (Human, killed Night 2)
15. Omeganitros (3-Shot Seer, killed Night 1)
16. Kagome (Human, killed Night 5)

Host Comments:

Redid the role reveal because young!Kilga has terrible taste in colors/names

TWG XVIII: Bored of the Rings
Postgame thread

Hosted by: JurseyRider734
Wolves Win
MVP: Afrobean

1. Afrobean (Wolf, won at endgame)
2. _BBQ_deltro300111 (Human, lynched Day 7)
3. blahblah18 (Human, lynched Day 8)
4. chardish (Human, killed Night 7)
5. dAnceguy117 (Human, killed Night 8)
6. evilbutterfly (Psychic, killed Night 4)
7. flypie743 (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
8. GuidoHunter (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
9. HansSky (Guardian, killed Night 1)
10. ImEric12 FishFishRevolution (Human, lost at endgame)
11. Kilgamayan (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
12. lightdarkness (Seer, killed Night 3)
13. nforcer06164 (Human, lynched Day 6)
14. Omeganitros (Human, killed Night 6)
15. Psychic25 (Human, lynched Day 5)
16. talisman (Human, killed Night 2)
17. Tps222 (Human, lynched Day 3)
18. vashthestampede0987 (Human, lynched Day 1)

Host Comments:
Long game.

Wolves pretty much had it in the bag after wolfing all 3 blues, good job to Afro and Guido.

Afro gets MVP for no one ever suspecting him.


TWG XIX: Atomic Apocalypse
Postgame thread

Hosted by: evilbutterfly
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. JurseyRider734 (Human, killed Night 3)
2. Kilgamayan CStarFlare (Human, lynched Day 3)
3. talisman (Human, won at endgame)
4. HansSky flux_ (Human, lynched Day 5)
5. mead1 (Human, lynched Day 1)
6. QreepyBORIS (Human, won at endgame)
7. aperson (Human, killed Night 1)
8. Tasselfoot (Human, killed Night 7)
9. lightdarkness (Human, killed Night 4)
10. dAnceguy117 (Seer, killed Night 5)
11. Afrobean (Guardian, won at endgame)
12. Tps222 (Wolf, lynched Day 7)
13. roopert (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
14. Omeganitros (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
15. ImEric12 (Human, won at endgame)
16. vashthestampede0987 nforcer06164 (Human, lynched Day 6)

Host Comments:
TPS is insane. He convinced Afro (guardian) that he was human and then wolfed himself. He had everybody (except Afro, oddly enough) pretty much convinced of his humanity until the last day, when he got lynched suddenly. This was (I think) the LONGEST TWG EVER (at least in the number of pages). It has also set a record as the first TWG with 2 guardings, including the guarding of a wolf. But seriously, I'm glad it's finally over. GEEZ!


TWG XX: Cold Hard Steel
Postgame thread

Hosted by: GuidoHunter
Humans Win
MVP: aperson

1. mead1 (Master Wolf, bookie killed Night 6)
2. Tasselfoot (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
3. SpaceBoy492 (Wolf, bookie'd Night 4)
4. QreepyBORIS (Prostitute, wolfed Night 4)
5. aperson (Voyeur, wolfed Night 3)
6. FishFishRevolution (Bookie, won at endgame)
7. HansSky (Human, wolfed Night 1)
8. evilbutterfly (Human, lynched Day 1)
9. talisman (Human, wolfed Night 2)
10. Tps222 (Human, lynched Day 3)
11. JurseyRider734 (Human, lynched Day 4)
12. Kilgamayan (Human, wolfed Night 5)
13. TSAGod (Human, lynched Day 5)
14. lightdarkness (Human, won at endgame)
15. nforcer06164 (Human, won at endgame)
16. ImEric12 (Human, won at endgame)

Host Comments:
Now it's award time!

MVP award: aperson for his ability to create an alliance by just being so damned convincing.

Honorable mention: FishFish, for coming up with some sweet plans.

Bonehead award: Tasselfoot, for trying to pull that fake prostitute stunt. Not only did you fail really hard, no amount of attention to the thread would have saved you, I'm convinced, and plus, you brought Space down with you. GG.

Almost got the bonehead award: FishFish. After all the planning of coming down on mead like a sack of hammers, he ends up voting for TSA on the last Day. Had he not bookie'd mead at the end, that mistake would have cost the humans the game.

Why'd you even sign up award: SpaceBoy492
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG XXI: X-Men Lockdown
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FishFishRevolution
Humans Win
MVP: Tasselfoot

1. mead1 (Juggernaut) Lynched Day Six
2. HansSky (Magneto) Lynched Day One
3. chardish Survived to Win
4. aperson Lynched Day Four
5. Omeganitros Survived to Win
6. Torlock Wolfkilled Night One
7. blahblah18 Survived to Win
8. talisman Wolfkilled Night Five
9. Kilgamayan (Morph) Wolfkilled Night Two
10. lightdarkness (Professor X) Survived to Win
11. evilbutterfly Wolfkilled Night Six
12. JurseyRider734 (Colossus) Survived to Win
13. nforcer06164 Lynched Day Three
14. Tps222 (Apocalypse) Lynched Day Two
15. QreepyBORIS Wolfkilled Night Four
16. Afrobean (Sabretooth) Lynched Day Five
17. GuidoHunter Survived to Win
18. Tasselfoot (Bookie) Won the Game

Host Comments:
MVP Award to Tass for keeping everyone on task and leading a generally productive game altogether.

Honorable Mention to Kilga for doing exactly what he should've with the Morph role. Oh and also to everyone who helped break the Morph role on Night 1.

Cookie to talisman, who PMed me on like Day 2 or 3 with who the guardian was.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with RPing even though most of you hated it. =D Good game everyone.


TWG XXII: Vampire Melee
Postgame thread

Hosted by: whorlichan
Game Cancelled
MVP: --

1. Tasselfoot (Vampire Seer)
2. stretchypanda (Master Blue/Seer) Vampire killed Night One
3. FishFishRevolution Removed at request of Player Day Two
4. The_Q Lynched Day one
5. JurseyRider734
6. Afrobean
7. HansSky (Psychic)
8. QreepyBORIS
9. talisman
10. Torlock
11. lightdarkness (Master Vampire)
12. chardish (Guardian) Vampirekilled Night Two
13. Kilgamayan Modkilled^ Day Two
14. alainbryden (Vampire) Modkilled^ Day Two
15. flypie743
16. blahblah18 Removed at request of Player Day Two
^Both Modkills occured for the following reason: Excessive swearing

Host Comments:
Please stop complaining to me.

The game is over. It shouldn't have started. I'm sorry for pissing everybody off, regardless of how upset I was due to the actions of some players.

I was very happy people enjoyed my game to a point. Thanks for that much.


TWG XXIII: Assault on France!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: mead1
Humans Win
MVP: None Named

16 Players.
1. FishFishRevolution
2. Tasselfoot
3. nickadeemus
4. nforcer06164
5. dAnceguy117
6. mattc16
7. Kilgamayan
8. Afrobean
9. talisman
10. lightdarkness
11. Tps222
12. GuidoHunter
13. HansSky
14. QreepyBORIS
15. evilbutterfly
16. blahblah18

Tasselfoot (Lynched Day 4)
nickadeemus (Lynched Day 5)
mattc16 (Suicided Night 1)
GuidoHunter (Lynched Day 6)

FishFishRevolution (Wolfed Night 4)
talisman (Survived to win)

nforcer06164 (Survived to win)
blahblah18 (Wolfed Night 2)

Kilgamayan (Lynched Day 1)
dAnceguy117 (Lynched Day 2)

Afrobean (Survived to win)
HansSky (Survived to win)

Tps222 (Lynched Day 3)
QreepyBORIS (Wolfed Night 3)

lightdarkness (Guardian, wolfed Night 6 )
evilbutterfly (Lone Human, survived to win)

Host Comments:
GG humans.


TWG XXIV: Calvin and Hobbes
Postgame thread

Hosted by: flypie743
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. nickadeemus Wolfkilled Night Three
2. Tasselfoot Survived to win
3. FishFishRevolution (Miss Wormwood) Modkilled Day Two*
4. Tps222 (Calvin) Wolfkilled Night Four
5. blahblah18 (Susie) Lynched Day Two
6. TheRaiRaiEatsBalloons Survived to win
7. Afrobean Survived to win
8. mattc16 Survived to win
9. nforcer06164 Lynched Day One
10. talisman Survived to win
11. QreepyBORIS (Moe) Lynched Day Four
12. lightdarkness Survived to win
13. Kilgamayan Survived to win
14. evilbutterfly (Hobbes) Survived to win
15. HansSky Lynched Day Three
16. JurseyRider734 Survived to win
*Offense: Falsifying PMs via similarly named alternate account

Game Details:
Calvin and Hobbes were variable blues. Each night they picked where to go to receive powers, from one of the following:

1. Dinosaur Museum
2. The playground
3. School

One gave seer powers, one guardian powers, one psychic powers.

The trick is the rooms were shuffled every night, so if the Dinosaur Museum contained seer privileges Night 1, it may or may not have contained seer privileges Night 2.

If Calvin and Hobbes both went to the same room, they both got its power for the night, but they did NOT get to figure each other out.

Susie picked 1 night when to "roam" and infiltrate the power locations in hopes of killing a blue.
If she ended up in the same room as Calvin or Hobbes, she would be able to kill them.
This power allowed for the possibility of BOTH blues dying in one night, if they both went to the same place. However, wolves were forced not to kill on the night Susie roamed.

Spaceman Spiff was a friendly NPC that roamed constantly. If he was in the same place as Susie when she attempted her roaming kill(s), he would automatically protect one person.

Host Comments:
GJ Tps with the guard on Talisman night 1. Bad luck for the wolves a) choosing the wrong spot to roam and b) having Fish removed from the game for the fake account. Talisman did good as an alliance leader.


TWG XXV: Macho Man
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Wolf Wins
MVP: Omeganitros

1. Tasselfoot Wolfkilled Night Four
2. mead1 Survived to Loss
3. Afrobean Wolfkilled Night Two
4. mattc16 Wolfkilled Night Three
5. QreepyBORIS Wolfkilled Night Three
6. Omeganitros Survived to Win
7. blahblah18 Wolfkilled Night Two
8. nickadeemus Lynched Day Four
9. talisman Wolfkilled Night One
10. Kefit Wolfkilled Night Four
11. Tps222 Wolfkilled Night One
12. lightdarkness Lynched Day Three
13. GuidoHunter Lynched Day Two
14. Neonatrias Lynched Day One

Host Comments:
Omega was the wolf durhurhur. Kefit pegged him on Day 1 on instinct alone despite not giving a damn about anything and having been absent for 8 or 9 games and no one listened to him. This was highly amusing to watch. Way to go, everyone else.

I was hoping for a Tass/Kefit/Omega ending because that would've at least been an interesting ending to a three-day yawnfest. Oh well.

SmackDown! is on. Later.

The braying and neighing of barnyard animals follows.


TWG XXVI: The Werewolf Game TWG
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Afrobean
Wolves Win
MVP: --

1. FishFishRevolution (Human, wolfed Night 1)
2. Tasselfoot (Wolf, lynched Day 6)
3. nforcer06164 (Human, wolfed Night 7)
4. iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfed Night 2)
5. vashthestampede0987 (Human, Lynched Day 3 – KitB with Tasselfoot)
6. Tps222 (Human, Wolfed Night 4)
7. lightdarkness (Human, lynched Day 5)
8. evilbutterfly (Wolf, survived to win)
9. HansSky (Human, survived to loss)
10. talisman (Human, lynched Day 4)
11. Tasuke (Human, lynched Day 2 – KitB with talisman)
12. Kilgamayan (Human, lynched Day 7)
13. MiniNeo (Guardian, wolfed Night 6)
14. mead1 (Human, lynched Day 1)

Host Comments:
All I really have to say: Tass you still suck as a wolf. I'd have had you dead day 1. eb did a good job. Minineo did a good job. Hans didn't do the best, but I can't blame him for not seeing through noah.

PS congrats to LD. How'd you do it? Amazing.


TWG XXVII: Art Causes Harm to the Body
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. JurseyRider734 (Wolf, lynched Day 5)
2. iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfed Night 1)
3. Tasselfoot (Seer, survived to win)
4. talisman (Master Wolf, lynched Day 6)
5. blahblah18 (Human, wolfed Night 3)
6. mead1 (Wolfsbane, survived to win)
7. GuidoHunter (Human, lynched Day 1)
8. evilbutterfly (Human, wolfed Night 6)
9. Tps222 (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
10. Wilkin (Human, lynched Day 2)
11. Afrobean(Human, wolfed Night 5)
12. vashthestampede0987 (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. HansSky (Human, wolfed Night 2)
14. MiniNeo (Human, wolfed Night 4)

Host Comments:
The wolves were doomed from the start since mead hit the jackpot by telling Tass Night 1 that he was the wolfsbane. Sorry guys.

I liked how this game played out, and am interested in using the idea again. The humans won, yes, but they got a LOT of lucky help - Tass being the seer, mead being an unlikely wolf kill, the bane coming out to the seer before the game started, and every single wolf kill being someone not in the alliance (first three seerings were Neo, eb and Afro) until the alliance outnumbered the wolves and Tass could simply remove people systematically. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the next time this game was played it swung the other way.

I figured talisman would eventually take a chance and wolf Tass, but he never did. Oh well.

Everyone go out and watch Pani Poni Dash!, it's a lot funnier than my meager writing skills make it out to be.


TWG XXVIII: Card Sharks (or Wolves, rather)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Wilkin
Humans Win
MVP: None Named

1. Afrobean (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
2. aperson (Wolfkilled Night 2)
3. blahblah18 (Survived to win)
4. chickendude (Survived to win)
5. FishFishRevolution (Guardian, survived to win)
6. HansSky (Seer, survived to win)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Survived to win)
8. JurseyRider734 (Survived to win)
9. Kilgamayan (Survived to win)
10. mead1 (Survived to win)
11. nforcer06164 (Wolfkilled Night 3)
12. Omeganitros (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
13. PsYcHoZeRoSk8er (Wolf, Lynched Day Two)
14. talisman (Survived to win)
15. Tasselfoot (Survived to win)
16. Tps222 (Marked Miller, survived to win)

Host Comments:

1) The wolves were done from the beginning. Actually nForcer and Iggy basically pinned all the wolves on Day 1. The inactivity issue was the main point of the game, and the circumstances (Afro's grounding, the other wolves' inactivity) only exacerbated the situation.

2) I really would've liked to see another day go on, just to see how everyone would've handled Tps' seering as a Wolf. That would've been hilarious.

3) I'm really disappointed in how this all played out. It was dumb luck that inactivity played such a huge factor. The Mark role really didn't get to play as big of a part as it could have. In fact, after the first day, the other factors kind of blotted it out entirely.

4) I know I forgot some stuff, so I'll leave it up to you guys to talk out.

This was a fun game to host, guys, and I hope to do more in the future. I've been thinking up some interesting ideas.


TWG XXIX: Crack Dens and Avenging Angels
Postgame thread

Hosted by: mead1
Wolves Win
MVP: yo momma

*Game was retroactively declared a draw by TWC order, but after review, this ruling has been overturned as of Feb. 28, 2014
1. Tasselfoot (Lynched Day 5)
2. talisman (Angel, wolfed Night 5)
3. nforcer06164 (Wolfed Night 1)
4. FishFishRevolution (Lynched Day 1)
5. Afrobean (Blind Wolf, lynched Day 4)
6. evilbutterfly* (Wolfed Night 8)
7. Kilgamayan (lost at endgame)
8. Wilkin (Wolfed Night 3)
9. iggymatrixcounter (Wolfed Night 4)
10. JurseyRider734 (Blind Wolf, lynched Day 6)
11. MiniNeo (Lynched Day 3)
12. Tps222 (Interrogator, lost at endgame)
13. HansSky (Wolfed Night 6)
14. GuidoHunter (Wolfed Night 2)
15. blahblah18 (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
16. Rebirth0** (Lynched Day 2)
*Replaced Tasuke Night Eight
**Replaced vashthestampede Day Two

Host Comments:
Great game played on both sides. Blah had the excellent idea to pretend to be Tass to his Blind Wolves, and TPS went hardcore to hoodwink Jurs. Came right down to the wire, and ended with a large amount of EPIC-Ness.


TWG XXX: Objection!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: nforcer06164
Humans Win
MVP: iggymatrixcounter

1. iggymatrixcounter (Seer, won at endgame)
2. Kilgamayan (won at endgame)
3. mattc16 (Wolfed Night 2)
4. blahblah18 (Guardian, wolfed Night 4)
5. Kefit (Wolfed Night 3)
6. chardish (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
7. GuidoHunter (Prosecutor, lost at endgame)
8. Wilkin (won at endgame)
9. talisman (won at endgame)
10. FishFishRevolution (Master Wolf, lynched Day 4)
11. Tasselfoot (wolfed Night 1)
12. HansSky (won at endgame)
13. Afrobean (Wolf, lynched Day 2
14. nickadeemus (Witness, lost at endgame)
15. Tps222 ([Lynched Day 3)
16. lightdarkness (won at endgame)

Host Comments:
From the start, it seemed that either the prosecution or wolves were set up to win this game. I don't know HOW Kefit did it, but he absolutely nailed chardish on Day 1. Then, Afrobean got hit on Day 2. Amazing playing right there. The wolf threat was virtually eliminated Day 2. Nice job.

I thought Guido was going to get this game, after his Day 1 pick. Nick was a great choice. He managed to appear genuinely human in an amazing display of skill. But, then he picked Afrobean who couldn't be called... that eliminated a wolf. I don't know why he picked TPS, but iggy did pretty much get him lynched on BS evidence to "protect blah," who ironically got murdered by Fish the next day, while in the alliance. Funny enough, that night, Guido also picked the last wolf, Fish, which, if announced, would ensure human victory. And it did.

What I find ironic, in the Day 1 discussions, was how Talisman made a comment about inexperienced or newbie players getting guarded. Guess what, buddy? You were guarded Night 1. NIIIIIICE =P

iggymatrixcounter gets MVP for engineering a human win as the alliance leader while not knowing what the hell he was doing. Kefit gets an honorable mention for nailing chardish as a wolf Day 1 after being gone for several games.

Well played, humans! For once, you were underdogs according to game mechanics, yet you managed to pull through and win. I still wanted to see Guido win... oh well. Great game!


TWG XXXI: A Blast From The Past
Postgame thread

Hosted by: blahblah18
Humans Win

1. Tasselfoot (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
2. Wilkin (Judas)
3. FishFishRevolution (Guardian, wolfed Night 5)
4. MiniNeo (Human, won at endgame)
5. HansSky (Human, wolfed Night 2)
6. Kefit (Saulus, lynched Day 1, converted to Human, wolfed Night 4)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Vampire, wolfed Night 6, became Serial Killer, lynched Day 7)
8. nforcer06164 (Human, wolfed Night 1)
9. Kilgamayan (Human, won at endgame)
10. Afrobean (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
11. talisman (Seer, murdered Night 7)
12. GuidoHunter (Human, lynched Day 4)
13. ddrdanc3r55 (Human, lynched Day 5)
14. lightdarkness (Human, won at endgame)
15. evilbutterfly (Wolf, lynched Day 6)
16. Tps222 (Human, wolfed Night 3)

Game Details:
Wolves got a factional framing power.

Guardian also had a 1-Shot Revival power, which he had to give up one of his nightly guardings to use.

Host Comments:
straightforward, because what i've now realized that by giving anyone a role, no matter how useless it is, is very strong if you have lax wolves. By claiming to be role X, only wolves want to argue that so its always good. If we had an all-green game where each player was given an individual name, then it'd be an autowin for humans... Wolves HAD to have tried and cause confusion on some of the roles that came out... I think it was a mistake for iggy to come out, but it is a close call either way.


TWG XXXII: (Unnamed)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: chardish
Wolves Win

1. Tasselfoot (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
2. Kilgamayan (Seer, wolfkilled Night 3)
3. nforcer06164 (Wolf, won at endgame)
4. blahblah18 (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
5. stretchypanda (Wolf, won at endgame)
6. MiniNeo (Human, lost at endgame)
7. JurseyRider734 (Human, lynched Day 5)
8. Wilkin (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
9. Afrobean (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
10. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
11. iggymatrixcounter (Human, lynched Day 2)
12. Omeganitros (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. Kefit (Human, killed by Lynch Redirection Day 4)
14. DDRDancer (Human, lost at endgame)
15. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Human, lynched Day 1)
16. mattc16 (Channeler, lost at endgame)

Game Details:
See here.

Host Comments:
Wow, you guys got whacked, and hard. I really don't think it was the wolves' skill that won it - with humans playing this terribly, it was the wolves' to lose.

Wolves - Stretchy, Blah, Nforcer
Seer - Kilga
Channeler - Matt

Statue location - #63

All in all, I think the statue thing is a nice twist to the game. Yes, I intentionally stacked this game in favor of the wolves. But with the humans winning almost every time (9/10 in the past 10 games before this one), I felt the wolves could use a little edge.

I think masons instead of a seer would have made the statue more interesting, and it would have given the humans a reason to pass the statue.

I also think the statue was too hard to find. I was starting to get really worried that it wouldn't be found, but there was no way I could change the balance without making it obvious that the statue hadn't been found. Maybe reveal 15, 15, 15, 10, 10, 10, 10 instead of 15, 15, 10, 10, 5, 5.

You guys suck at being active.

I'm really surprised none of you were able to get Nforcer, as he was acting very wolfish the whole time.

You guys suck at winning without an alliance (i.e., thinking for yourselves.)

If I were going to run a game like this again, here's what I would do differently:
12 players
3 wolves
3 masons
[Card-flipping rule in effect]


TWG XXXIII: An Alien Invasion
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Wolves Win

1.Kilgamayan (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
2.Necamus (Human, lynched Day 6)
3.FishFishRevolution (Human, Lost at Endgame)
4.Chardish (Mason, lynched Day 3)
5.iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
6.Tps222 (Mason, wolfkilled Night 5)
7.ddrdanc3r55 (Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
8.xObserveRx (Wolf Shaman, lynched Day 4)
9.FFR4EVA_00 (Mason, Lynched Day One)
10.MiniNeo (Human, Lost at Endgame)
11.blahblah18 (Seer, Wolfkilled Night Two)
12.Afrobean (Human, Wolfkilled Night Three)
13.nforcer06164 (Wolf, Lynched Day Two)
14.Tokzic (Human, Lynched Day Five)
15.aperson (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
16.JurseyRider734 (Human, Lost at Endgame)

Host Comments:
You all Suck


TWG XXXIV: (Unnamed)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: talisman
Wolves Win
MVP: Tps222 & FoJar
LVP: jwcgator

1. Tasselfoot (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
2. CypherToorima (Wolf, won at endgame)
3. petpro32 (Human, lost at endgame)
4. Afrobean (Human, lynched Day 2)
5. mattc16 (Human, lynched Day 1)
6. nforcer06164 (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
7. Kilgamayan (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
8. GuidoHunter (Human, lost at endgame)
9. FishFishRevolution (Wolf, won at endgame)
10. sertman (Wolf, won at endgame)
11. iggymatrixcounter (Human, lynched Day 3)
12. FoJaR (Human, lost at endgame)
13. Wilkin (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
14. jwcgator (Human, lost at endgame)
15. JurseyRider734 (Human, lost at endgame)
16. Tps22 (Wolf, won at endgame)

Host Comments:
comments: the obvious wolf strategy in a game like this is to simply pick one wolf (since with 4 wolves one is expendable) and go against that one early, to make the rest of the team look human. I don't think the wolves in this game consciously did this, but it worked out that way anyway since fish blew in his posts early on and everyone noticed.


TWG XXXV: Knick It In The Bud
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Wolves Win
MVP: JurseyRider734

1. Tasslefoot (Human, lynched Day 2)
2. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
3. FishFishRevolution (Human, lynched Day 6 - KitB with Wilkin)
4. GuidoHunter (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
5. JurseyRider734*¹ (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
6. flypie743 (Human, lynched Day 5)
7. Shashakiro (Human, vigikilled Night 3)
8. Tps222 (Human, lynched Day 1)
9. sertman/CypherToorima*² (Wolfsbane, Lost at Endgame)
10. StoicRoivaS*³ (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
11. Kefit (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
12. blahblah18 (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
13. Omeganitros (Human, lynched Day 4)
14. aperson (Vigilante, Lost at Endgame)
15. Afrobean (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
16. Wilkin (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
(1) Replaced FoJar Day 1
(2) Replaced CypherToorima Day 3, who replaced back in Day 4
(3) Replaced iggymatrixcounter Day 1

Game Details:
This game featured a Guardian lottery. Every night players voted privately on who they wanted protected.

Host Comments:
Humans blew ass this game. Wilkin and Jurs were your two surviving wolves. The only wolf to get voted off was Guido and even then getting him was sheer dumb luck. Shame ap got banned on the last day, but I was sick of finding subs at that point.

Cypher and ap were who they said they were, obviously.

MVP to the FoJaR/Jurs tandem.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJaR
Wolves Win
MVP: ivaluebet

1. Tasselfoot (Zombie Human; wolfkilled Night 1, survived, lost at endgame)
2. mattc16 (Human, lynched Day 7)
3. Shashakiro (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
4. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Illuminati, wolfkilled Night 6)
5. mead1 (Zombie Wolf; lynched Day 1, survived, lynched Day 2)
6. Kilgamayan (Illuminati, wolfkilled Night 4)
7. StoicRoivaS Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
8. sertman (Human, wolfkilled Night 7)
9. MiniNeo (Bookie, outed for being illegal Night 1)
10. CypherToorima (Wolf Seer, lynched Day 4)
11. JurseyRider734 (Human, wolfkilled Night 8)
12. chardish (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. HansSky (Human, killed by dark ritual Night 2)
14. Afrobean (Illuminati, wolfkilled Night 1)
15. talisman (Red Miller, Lost at Endgame)
16. Wilkin (Human, lynched Day 5)
17. flypie743 (Blue Miller, wolfkilled Night 3)
18. iggymatrixcounter (Tainted Seer, won at Endgame)
19. Tps222 (Blue Miller, lynched Day 6)
20. ivaluebet (Wolf, won at endgame)
21. FishFishRevolution (Wolf, Won at endgame)
22. ddrdanc3r55 (Human, lynched Day 8)

Host Comments:
i'm sure there are questions about minineo, so i'll address that now.

when it became apparent that minineo had come out to tass, after a strict warning from me that if he came out, i would find out and he would be dead, i caught minineo.

i told him that tass told me that he (minineo) came out to him, and that he was now dead, and that he couldnt talk to any living players. he thought tass had tricked him and gave it up. gg minineo.

the humans had a huge advantage due to the human alliance. all they had to do was bait the wolves with the illuminati, and then have tass report the extra wolf kills. bing, bang, boom.

i was really disappointed with the way this game panned out. humans, you had a GIGANTIC advantage, which you failed to use at all.

GG wolves. you earned this one.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: StoicRoivaS
Wolves Win
MVP: Shashakiro & HansSky

1. FoJar (Forensic Scientist, Lost at Endgame)
2. iggymatrixcounter (TT Blocker, Lost at Endgame)
3. HansSky (TT Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
4. Shashakiro (TT Blocker/TT Marked Wolf, Won at Endgame)
5. Afrobean (TT Blocker, Lost at Endgame)
6. mattc16 (TT Pupil Seer, wolfkilled Night 1)
7. Tps222 (TT Master Seer, wolfkilled Night 1)
8. Cypher (TT Blocker, lynched Day 3)
9. MiniNeo (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 1)
10. vashthestampede0987 (Coroner, wolfkilled Night 1
11. sertman (Vigilante, wolfkilled Night 3)
12. Ivaluebet (Psychic, lynched Day 2)
13. Tokzic (TT Blocker, wolfkilled Night 2)
14. talisman (TT Guardian, wolfkilled Night 1)
15. Wilkin (Device Thief, lynched Day 1)
16. Kilgamayan (Wolf Seer, vigikilled Night 2)

Game Details:

Host Comments:
To summarize for the lazy, the roles were pretty much what everyone said they were, save for hans. Shash was indeed a TT blocker and so any claims he made regarding the role were quite true. As a marked wolf he kept his human power, aka the Time blocking machine he was given. The original time machine that the device thief stole refined 1.5 units of fuel per night with each kill using up 1 unit. The extra .5 units could be stored, this is how the 4 kill slaughter happened. There was also 1 random event in the game that I decided upon ahead of time in the event that I had horribly messed up some balancing aspect of the game. If either team was noticiably disadvantaged from something that I did not expect, I would give that team 1 50/50 chance at generating an extra unit of time fuel to be given to a random role that could use it: Device thief, TT guard, TT seer. This extra unit would basically let them have one more action (kill, vision, guard).

Short version of roles are below, these are the PM's, word for word, that I sent to the respective player(s). Some PMs had some story to go along with the role but it was cut to keep the length of this post down. The PM the player got explains 99% of how the role works, and the rest I noted to myself in a separate part of the file, describing details, technicalities, and how the roles would interact.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJaR
Wolves Win

1. sertman (McCarthy, wolfkilled Night 1)
2. talisman (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
3. Chromer (JFK, lynched Day 2)
4. vashthestampede0987 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
5. iggymatrixcounter (Ballot Box Stuffer, co-lynched Day 3)
6. HansSky (Rigger, Lost at Endgame)
7. Jurseyrider734 (Secret Service, wolfkilled Night 4)
8. StoicRoivaS (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
9. Wilkin (Poisoner, removed for being illegal Day 4)
10. MiniNeo (Rigger, removed for being illegal Day 2)
11. HiTheyCallMeGod (Poisoner, removed for being illegal Day 4)
12. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
13. nijatwo (Ballot Box Stuffer, Lost at Endgame)
14. petpro32 (Human; lynched Day 1, revived Night 3, removed for inactivity Day 4)
15. mattc16 (Human, removed for inactivity Day 2)
16. xObserveRx (Reagan, lynched Day 4)
17. Omeganitros (Ballot Booth Tamperer, removed for inactivity Day 4)
18. GuidoHunter (Human, co-lynched Day 3)

Host Comments:
fun fact: the Hans guard was made possible by an accurate poisoning.

as with last game, i think that people value the human alliance way too much. Large human alliances seem to prove the downfall of the humans. especially in a game like this where you have to use your role to get into the alliance, and your role can get you thrown out of the game. i think the humans would have had a much better shot if they had all played green. you would have had the wolves COMPLETELY mystified. That was the human advantage in this game, and i tried to set it up so that you'd hold on to that advantage.

good game everyone, well played wolves.


TWG XXXIX: Caps Filter'd
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Wilkin
Humans Win
MVP: Kilgamayan

1. HansSky (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
2. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
3. sertman (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
4. xObserveRx (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
5. JurseyRider734 (Human, wolfkilled Night 8)
6. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Wolf, lynched Day 8)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
8. FoJar (Human, lynched Day 5)
9. Kilgamayan (Human, lynched Day 6)
10. jwcgator (Human, Survived To Win)
11. FFR4EVA_00 (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 7)
12. Afrobean (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 2)
13. nijatwo (Human, Survived To Win)
14. Shashakiro (Human, lynched Day 1 - KitB with jwcgator)
15. Tps222* (Seer, wolfkilled Night 5)
16. ImEric12 (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
17. lightdarkness (Human, lynched Day 3)
18. StoicRoivaS (Master Wolf, lynched Day 7 - KitB with JurseryRider734)
*vashthestampede0987 was replaced by Tps222 Day 4

Host Comments:
1) I'm really happy that this game got as much attention as it did, either through entusiasm, posts, or views (the last two going far past the last couple of games), and I think we should take some more examples from past games for a little while before we get back into the MYSTERY ALL BLUE CRAZY WEE OOO WEE OOO games.

2) If an MVP were to be named, one of my candidates would have to be Kilga. This is mainly because of his self-insta to prevent FFR from getting another phantom, as well as relaying some vital info to the other players right before he did it. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them, as I didn't get that much from a lot pf other players.

3) I liked Tps' play at the end of the day (I forget which one) where he went out on the limb to tell everyone the guardian was still alive (to flip a coin to decide whether to guard FFR or Tps), and I don't doubt that it gave the wolves some concern or second thoughts on their kill for the night. Very nicely executed.


TWG XL: Mall Madness
Postgame thread

Hosted by: xObserveRx
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. nijatwo (Serial Killer, lynched Day 5)
2. talisman (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 2)
3. Kagome (Seer, wolfkilled Night 4)
4. rioting (Wolf, nightkilled Night 4)
5. jwcgator (Human, nightkilled Night 2)
6. Kilgamayan (Wolf, nightkilled Night 5)
7. sertman (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
8. Wilkin (Wolfsbane, nightkilled Night 1)
9. StoicRoviaS*¹ (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
10. Z3ratul*² (Human, Survived To Win)
11. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Human, Survived To Win)
12. Afrobean (Human, Survived To Win)
13. mead1*³ (Master Wolf, lynched Day 4)
14. aperson (Human, died???? Night 3)
15. nforcer06164 (Human, lynched Day 3)
16. Chromer (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
17. iggymatrixcounter (Human, lynched Day 2)
18. FoJar, (Human, died???? Night 3)
(1) HansSky was replaced by StoicRoviaS Night 3
(2) FFR_4EVA was replaced by Z3ratul Night 3
(3) MiniNeo was replaced by mead1 Night 3

Host Comments:
Okay, so this game was full of colossal **** ups.

For starters, I **** the bed all over the place. I can try to make all kinds of excuses, but that's just stupid. It was my first time hosting and it was a slightly different game than others, however, I still let in people who knew what was going on, slipped up and let Eva see half the player's roles before the game even started, Wilkin either WAS figured out or was very high on the wolves' suspicions before the game even started and I was doing more post editing than everyone else combined does in a week. So yeah, bad hosting experience for sure.

Now, on to the game itself.

This game, IMO was pretty balanced if played right. The unfortunate killing of Wilkin and Talis in the first two days was rather ****ty, but I was asking myself what the **** was going on with the math ****. It's a game, not a math competition. All the statistics in the world aren't going to keep you alive; playing the game the normal way, with suspicions, gut feelings, lots of convo and voting patterns will...hopefully.

If the humans would've cut the math ****, stopped arguing every second minute and just played like they would in any normal game, I think they would've worked together much better and people would've gotten lynched much faster.

Also, why didn't the humans just lynch Nija when he came out? Really. It would've been three wolves vs. a bunch of humans... sound familiar? At that point, some normal play could've resumed and it would've been a much tighter game. I dunno, I wasn't IN the game, so I can't say how I would've reacted, but that just seemed dumb as hell to me.

So yeah, after all the talk at the start of the game about how ****ed the humans were, they won. With all the arguing, stupid statistics and teaming with the SK, they won. So much for statistics, balance and whatever.

I don't wanna host again for a long time. And if we're getting jTWG back, is there even enough new players to get games going? I think we REALLY need some new blood in this game. A lot of the older players are starting to either really know how each other play as each role, or hate each other, or both. Either that, or be inactive. So yeah, get some fresh meat in here, and maybe some new council members (Although I fail to see what they do...:/) and hopefully we'll get the excitement of those older games back.
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG XLI: In Soviet Russia, Wolf Lynches You!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Humans Win
MVP: iggymatrixcounter & nforcer06164

1. Kilgamayan (Kamikaze, wolfkilled Night 4)
2. Afrobean (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
3. StoicRoivaS (Seer, survived to win)
4. rioting (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
5. talisman (Blue Miller, wolfkilled Night 1)
6. Tokzic (Human, survived to win)
7. FoJaR (Kamikaze, vigikilled Night 4)
8. iggymatrixcounter (Blue Miller, wolfkilled Night 3)
9. roundbox (Wolf Seer, lynched Day 1)
10. Shashakiro (Human, survived to win)
11. Omeganitros (Red Miller, lynched Day 3)
12. Wilkin (Wolf 1-Shot Vigilante, lynched Day 2)
13. JurseyRider734 (Seer, survived to win)
14. xObserveRx (Human, survived to win)
15. nforcer06164 (Red Miller, survived to win)
16. blahblah18 (Wolf 1-Shot Vigilante, killed by Kamikaze power Night 4)

Host Comments:
Overall, I'd say the game isn't too out of balance. If it were played again, I'd suggest changing the normal wolf to master, or something else to give the wolf team an advantage.

Worth noting, jurs hit three reds on the first three nights, which was a 3.3% chance (after factoring in the death of roundbox on d1) I believe. Pretty slick. Unfortunately, night two and three were both millers.

The night with three kills:
Fojar was vigi'd, kilga was nked (both kamikazes ROFL) and blah was taken out by kilga with a die roll.

I'll have more to add later, I'm sure. Discuss.


TWG XLII: Raiders of the Temple of the Last Crusade
Postgame thread

Hosted by: StoicRoivaS
Humans Win
MVP: Stella! & iggymatrixcounter

1. mead1 (Wolf Thief, lynched Day 4)
2. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Wolf Thief, lynched Day 2)
3. roundbox (Wolf, lynched Day 5)
4. rioting (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
5. sertman (Decipherer, survived to win)
6. Kilgamayan (Thief, wolfkilled Night 3)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Human, survived to win)
8. JurseyRider734 (Indiana Jones, wolfkilled Night 5)
9. xObserveRx (Human, survived to win)
10. Wilkin (Human, survived to win)
11. talisman (Master Thief, survived to win)
12. Stella! (Decipherer, wolfkilled Night 4)
13. FoJaR (Thief, wolfkilled Night 2)
14. Afrobean (Decipherer, wolfkilled Night 1)
15. FishFishRevolution (Thief, survived to win)
16. nijatwo (Human, lynched Day 1)

Host Comments:
Perception artifact revealed human/wolf for humans and green/blue for wolves. Deception artifact made a vision of you come up in the most favorable way. Wolves look human, blues look green. Protection artifact could guard someone at night or save someone from a lynch should they use it on themselves at night and be lynched the next day (still with the protection artifact). The charisma artifact added 1 vote against whoever it's holder cast theirs against. The good-luck artifact prevented "losing" artifacts but did nothing about them being stolen. The unknown artifact had the ability to go to a dead player upon being "lost". Should it do so, the dead player would be brought back to life and the unknown artifact would shatter. Unfortunately, based on how the game played out, few of these ever successfully applied.

Thanks to iggy's grand ability to take over my games, this went nothing like I had expected. If the game were run again, it would have to be altered. I think that's it, hopefully you enjoyed the game (as much as possible for the slaughter it was).


TWG XLIII: Finish the Fight
Postgame thread

Hosted by: iggymatrixcounter
Wolves Win
MVP: roundbox & Kilgamayan
LVP: pntballa18 & roundbox

1. Kilgamayan (Church, wolfkilled Night 3)
2. sertman (Flowers, wolfkilled Night 5)
3. Chromer (Simmons, lynched Day 3)
4. StoicRoivaS (Human, lynched Day 1 - KitB with Stella! & Chromer)
5. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
6. rioting (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
7. roundbox (Grif, won at endgame)
8. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Caboose, wolfkilled Night 1)
9. pntballa18 (Vigilante, lynched Day 2)
10. FishFishRevolution (Donut, vigikilled Night 3)
11. FoJar (Sarge, vigikilled Night 4)
12. Tps222 (Human, lost at endgame)
13. Stella! (Human, vigikilled Night 2)
14. xObserveRx (Human, lost at endgame)
15. mead1 (Lopez, won at endgame)
16. Omeganitros (Tucker, lynched Day 4)

Host Comments:
Thought both sides did very stupid things and very powerful things. Pntballa almost crushed the human’s chance of any type of victory by viging an almost confirmed human. When the wolves were able to take advantage of this, they started bragging about their win. This pissed sert off apparently since he grabbed pntballa’s vigi role and went to town, countering the bad vigi kill.

Despite what happened during this game. I thought it went very well mechanically. The vote modifiers didn’t mirror one another as much as I thought. (The wolves took the more advantage of them I thought.) The sarge/church roles cancelled each other and the tucker/lopez roles balanced fairly well in my opinion.

My simmons role was completely trashed in practicality. Anything that would have resulted would have been something you could have figured out on your own. (I.E. a vigi kill, vote adding to someone, seering) So it didn’t work the way I wanted it to. I felt that giving a name was too powerful but being general was redundant. SO I kind of ignored it since there wasn’t anything I could tell the wolves that they wouldn’t find out.

I was very interested in this game despite it being a third draft of what I wanted. And I think that the Flowers role should be a repeated role in future game because of its hidden “guardian” type role it can play in building hidden, but not public, alliances. It takes a little bit of the luck factor out of the game also in case a major blue dies early.


TWG XLIV: RQU Dimensional Disruption!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FishFishRevolution
Humans Win
MVP: talisman & DiscoBobbyPARANOiA

1. FictionJunction (Human/Human, lynched Day 1)
2. X3R0H0UR (Seer/Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
3. thunderstrike687 (Human/Human, lynched Day 2)
4. DarkManticoreX2 (Human/Human, survived to win)
5. flawofhumanity (Human/Human, survived to win)
6. roundbox (Human/Guardian, survived to win)
7. StoicRoivaS (Wolf/Human, lynched Day 2)[/b]
8. talisman (Human/Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
9. rioting (Guardian/Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
10. iggymatrixcounter (Human/Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
11. FoJaR (Human/Wolf, wolfkilled Night 1)
12. Kilgamayan (Wolf/Wolf, lynched Day 3)
13. Tps222 (Human/Wolf, lynched Day 3)
14. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Wolf/Seer, survived to win)
15. Stella! (Human/Human, survived to win)
16. pntballa18* (Human/Human, lynched Day 1)

*HansSky was replaced by pntballa18 Day 1

Host Comments:
DPB really had this game in his hands. He wanted desperately to win it for the wolves, but there was no way he could do that by himself, so he ended up just lynching the x2 wolf and winning as a seer.

talisman was able to figure pretty much everyone out up until right before he died.

Apologies to kilga who had double seer before re-role distribution.

Double mvp to dpb and talisman.


TWG XLV: Let's Play Danmaku Detective Game!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Wolves & Defector Win
MVP: x3Mamimi & StoicRoivaS

1. sertman (Mason, killed from explosion Day 6)
2. flawofhumanity (Defector, wolfkilled Night 1)
3. FoJar (Ballot Box Tamperer, wolfkilled Night 6)
4. FictionJunction (Mason, wolfkilled Night 3)
5. x3Mamimi (Wolf Hoarder, lynched Day 3)
6. FishFishRevolution (Master Wolf, lynched Day 1)
7. jwcgator (Human, survived to loss)
8. DarkManticore2 (Wolf Seer, survived to win)
9. Kefit (Serial Killer, lynched Day 4)
10. roundbox (Crazy Ivan, lynched Day 6)
11. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
12. Larrikin* (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
13. rioting (Aspiring Psychic, removed for being illegal Day 1)
14. talisman (Wolf, survived to win)
15. PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR (Human, lynched Day 2)
16. StoicRoivaS (Morph, died Night 2)
17. thunderstrike687 (Human, removed for being illegal Night 2)
18. Stella! (Voyeur, removed for being illegal Day 3)
19. JurseyRider734 (Blue Miller, Lynched Day 5)
20. Omeganitros (Mason, Wolfkilled Night 4)
*Replaced pntballa18 Night 1

Host Comments:
- I dislike how this game was practically ruined from the start by stupid PM shit, but I have myself as much as anyone else to blame for this because I considered posting the green PM but decided not to for some dumb reason.

- Wolf MVP goes to Mamimi for doing the best job of blending in, and only being elminated through bad luck. Human MVP goes to Stoic almost by default (maybe FJ instead?). Kefit gets an honorable mention for playing his role very well and only getting killed because of stupid 20-minutes-left votespam when he wasn't around. The rest of you range from mediocre play at best to clinically retarded (Fish >_>).

- The whole resurrection thing was a hoax: there were zero methods in place to trigger any sort of return to the game.

- How did ABSOLUTELY NO ONE pick up on talisman and Manti being the only ones to bring up the idea of a Serial Killer on Day 2? The clueless human would have assumed the second death was triggered by Fish's suicide, especially since DBP was supposed to have been guarded that night. However, the wolves knew, at that point, that a third party existed (Mamimi horded on Nights 1 and 3), and presenting the SK idea was a bit of a slip brought on by too much information. FoJaR seemed to be the only one who came close but then he went off on FJ for whatever reasons he had. If that wasn't enough, Manti and talisman working together to off Kefit with 20 minutes to go and after Kefit had publicly stated he would be at work when the day ended should've been a dead giveaway.

- flaw turned in rioting postmortem (and by accident to boot XD) and Mamimi turned in Stella. talisman gets credit for being the only one to think to ask me if flaw could have been responsible for rioting's removal. Also, Stella had correctly watched Stoic on Night 2 and saw Manti in response but Mamimi turned her in too quickly. Sux.

- As it turned out, DBP and Stoic both got double-killed. The wolves targeted both of them (the guard lottery turned up a "no one" that night - THIS IS WHY EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE), Kefit targeted DBP, and Stoic, having grabbed the Voyeur power the previous night, watched DBP but the Voyeur coin flip went Kefit's way. Ouch.

- In retrospect the BBT is a dumb role as is (my apologies to FoJaR) and definitely needs more power if I wish to use it in the future.

- Illegal roles are more powerful than given credit for: If you have an information-gathering one (e.g. Voyeur) and you find out someone (or multiple someones) is (are) a wolf, come out in the thread. My removal of you 100% confirms your role and dooms your target(s). I am somewhat disappointed such a strategy got zero discussion: in a 20-player game I would think the sacrifice of one human for at least one wolf would be worth it.

- I loved writing for this and I think I will use Gensokyo in future games. I also have a second mystery game in the works in my head that I may put forth for Game 50 (and next time I will make sure to post the green PM).

- talisman, you look very cute with the Yukari avatar. :3

- sertman what the fuck is a "blue wolf mason" lmao


TWG XLVI: For the King!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA/StoicRoivaS*/DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Humans Win
MVP: --
*Replaced DiscoBobbyPARANOiA Day 4, then DiscoBobbyPARANOiA took back over Night 5

1. pntballa18 (Human, survived to win)
2. StoicRoivaS (Thief, killed Night 4)
3. PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR (Human, killed Night 2)
4. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, vigikilled Day 3)
5. FictionJunction (Brutal Wolf, lynched Day 3)
6. talisman (Human, survived to win)
7. jwcgator (Hunter, survived to win)
8. Kilgamayan (Thief, killed Night 4)
9. roundbox (Wolf; lynched Day 4, survived, lynched Day Five, survived, lynched Day 6)
10. thunderstrike687 (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
11. x3Mamimi (Wolf, lynched Day 7)
12. Stella! (Human, killed by explosives Night 2)
13. X3R0H0UR (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
14. sertman (Guardian, survived to win)
15. Yesssss (Hunter, survived to win)
16. JurseyRider734 (Human, survived to win)
17. xObserveRx (Human, lynched Day 1)
18. flawofhumanity (Seer, vigikilled Day 1)

Host Comments:
Tricked ya again!


TWG XLVII: 28 Half-dozen Hours Later
Postgame thread

Hosted by: StoicRoivaS
Humans Win

1. sertman (SWAT Member, Survived To Win)
2. Kilgamayan (Human, Survived To Win)
3. X3R0H0UR (Plague Progenitor/Human, Survived To Win)
4. talisman (Human, Survived To Win)
5. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, lynched Day 1)
6. flawofhumanity (Scientist 2, Survived To Win)
7. pntballa18 (Human, Survived To Win)
8. Yesssss (First Infected, lynched Day 3)
9. FoJaR (Scientist 3/Infected; infected Night 1, killed by SWAT Night 2)
10. FictionJunction (Human, Survived To Win)
11. roundbox (Scientist 1, Survived To Win)
12. thunderstrike687 (Human, Survived To Win)
13. Stella! (Human, lynched Day 2)
14. xObserveRx (Scientist 4, Survived To Win)
15. rioting (Human, Survived To Win)
16. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (SWAT Member/Infected, lynched Day 4)

Host Comments:
Progenitor shows up "not-infected" to scientist 3 or 4. Comes back human on any death. Scientist 1 made a vaccine N2, which he could drink/give to anyone. Making them not turn from any attack. Scientist 2 made a cure N3, turning a zombie back to human. Scientist 3 & 4 perform DNA tests N2 and on. Results are mainly correct, minus progenitor. SWAT leave their own home to guard, making a night attack on them miss, and kill a zombie on night encounter. They turn zombie on 2nd encounter. Progeny was purely a mental balance that apparently didn't matter. Sorry again for the poor game. I didn't think lack of a night kill would hinder enthusiasm that much. I guess being a mostly mystery set-up prevented solid strat forming as well. If my next game is the TT TWG, it promises to be more fun. Have at it.


TWG XLVIII: Phantasmanosebleed of "Flower" View
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Crazy Ivan; killed Night 4, revived Night 5, killed Day 5)
2. talisman (1-shot Reviver, killed Night 5)
3. flawofhumanity (Master Wolf, lynched Day 4)
4. thunderstrike687 (Aspiring Wolf Jeweler; lynched Day 5, survived, lynched Day 6)
5. rioting (Human, killed Day 5)
6. mattc16 (Lazarus, Survived To Win)
7. roundbox (Human, killed Night 4)
8. FictionJunction (Human, lynched Day 3)
9. Kefit (Curator, Survived To Win)
10. Tps222* (Thief, Survived To Win)
11. nijatwo (Defector, killed Night 5)
12. FishFishRevolution (Wolf Thief, lynched Day 2 - KitB with DarkManticoreX2)
13. Yesssss (Wolf Seer, lynched Day One)
14. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Aspiring Seer, killed Night 5)
15. StoicRoviaS (Jesus; Killed Night 2, revived Night 5, killed Night 6)
16. X3R0H0UR (Jeweler, Survived To Win)
*pntballa18 was replaced by Tps222 Day 6

Host Comments:
I'm half tempted not to post roles because a good chunk of you don't deserve to know what was going on. I also apologize to everyone who was waiting for the game to end, though not too much because none of you actually bothered to help expedite the process by finding replacements.

But I'm going to anyway. >_>

However, before I do, for future reference, if I ever do one of these games again (which isn't terribly likely), don't talk to dead people. Wanna know why thunder was caught? He told people his role after they died, Manti most notably (maybe Stoic too idk). Then they came back and oh **** they know who to vote off!

Not talking to dead people is not a rule, it is a suggestion. Perhaps, after this game, it is a suggestion none of you will take lightly.


TWG XLIX: Another unnamed TWG?
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Wolves Win

1. flawofhumanity (Human, lynched Day 1)
2. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, lynched Day 3)
3. Kilgamayan (Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
4. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
5. roundbox* (Seer, wolfkilled Night 4)
6. StoicRoviaS (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
7. jwcgator (Human, Lost at Endgame)
8. sertman (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
9. lightdarkness (Human, lynched Day 5)
10. Nijatwo (Human, lynched Day 6)
11. x3Mamimi (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
12. omgwtfToph (Human, lynched Day 4)
13. thunderstrike687 (Human, lynched Day 7)
14. alainbryden (Human, wolfkilled Night 7)
15. X3R0H0UR (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 5)
16. JurseyRider734** (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
*FoJaR was replaced by roundbox Day 3
**Tps222 was replaced by JurseyRider734 Night 2

Host Comments:
I ****ing Love Formatting <3<3<3<3


TWG L: Time Travel TWG v2
Postgame thread

Hosted by: StoicRoivaS
Game Cancelled

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Guardian, survived)
2. flawofhumanity (Wolf Saboteur, survived)
3. x3Mamimi (Human, survived)
4. mattc16 (Tamperer, survived)
5. talisman (Wolf Seer, survived)
6. Nija (Human, survived)
7. X3R0H0UR[/color] (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
8. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Seer, survived)
9. FictionJunction (Human, survived)
10. Cypher Toorima (Human; wolfkilled Night 1, died Night 2)
11. travman301 (Confidant, lynched Day 1)
12. rioting* (Wolf Blocker, survived)
*Shadow was replaced by rioting Day 1

Host Comments:
Trav was lynched D1 for being too active and trying to lynch the guardian. Manti and DBP found each other early D2 and teamed up to lynch Flaw after DBP received a red seering on him.

Game was cancelled late D2 before the lynch, but the game was looking bad for the wolves. Flaw would have been lynched D2 and rioting had been called out as a very likely wolf. The game would have likely came down to talisman's lone wolf performance late game.


TWG LI: Dead Alive
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
MVP: --

Game was called Day 5, after Makilaz posted valuable information after his death.
1. emerald000 (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 2)
2. argo15 (Human, survived)
3. Pyroshock (Gravekeeper, survived)
4. xplayfan (Human Disruptor, lynched Day 2)
5. freakysnots (White Miller, survived)
6. rzr (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
7. gnr61 (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
8. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA* (Wolf, survived)
9. EnR (Human, survived)
10. Makilaz (Seer, wolfkilled Night 5)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (Spirit, wolfkilled Night 3)
12. heavylee (Master Wolf, survived)
13. FictionJunction (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
14. mattc16 (Human, survived)
15. meno_rocks123 (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
16. Litodude (Human, lynched Day 1)
*Dragula219 was replaced by DiscoBobbyPARANOiA Day 2

Host Comments:
Humans would have won if it were not for Makilaz breaking the rules. According to DBP, it is a draw, but I think we have a clear idea of who performed best. I was pretty disappointed that the spirit/gravekeeper thing never turned out, but whatever.


TWG LII: Avatar
Postgame thread

Hosted by: argo15
Humans Win
MVP: travman301 & heavylee
LVP: rzr & SethSquall

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, won at endgame)
2. freakysnots (Human, won at endgame)
3. EnR (Seer, wolfkilled Night 5)
4. timotolkki11 (Wolf Seer, lynched Day 5)
5. rzr (Human, lynched Day 2)
6. Pyroshock (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
7. travman301 (Human, lynched Day 4)
8. Litodude (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
9. heavylee (Master Wolf, lynched Day 6)
10. emerald000 (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
11. pntballa18 (Katara, auto-kill Day 3)
12. SethSquall (Zuko, lynched Day 1)
13. gnr61 (Human, lynched Day 3)
14. mattc16 (Human, won at endgame)
15. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 4)
16. Makilaz (Soca, wolfkilled Night 1)
17. massflavour (Air Nomad, auto-kill Day 2)
18. rzrgirl4520 (Human, won the game)

Host Comments:
Congratulations to team Avatar and the Earth kingdom for defeating the Fire Nation!


TWG LIII: The Chimera Code
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win*
MVP: --
*Game was called after Manti & pnt were given the names of all remaining wolves. Declared a Human Victory due to a technicality.

1. emerald000 (Mason, Won the Game)
2. argo15 (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
3. gnr61 (Human, Won the Game)
4. Litodude (Lonewolf Mason, Lost the Game)
5. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, Won the Game)
6. EnR (Human, Won the Game)
7. flawofhumanity (Guardian, Won the Game)
8. Pyroshock (Wolf Thief, Lost the Game)
9. heavylee (Seer, Won the Game)
10. freakysnots (Cursed Mason, vigikilled Night 1)
11. Makilaz (Master Wolf, Lost the Game)
12. meno_rocks123 (Human, Won the Game)
13. FictionJunction (Human, Won the Game)
14. rzr (Wolf, Lost the Game)
15. emocheergirl (Human, Won the Game)
16. SethSquall (Scavenger, Won the Game)
17. travman301 (Thief, wolfkilled Night 1)
18. Ravia (Wolf Scavenger, lynched Day 1)
19. X3R0H0UR (Cursed Human, Won the Game)
20. pntballa18 (Lonewolf Mason, Won the Game)
21. xplayfan (Cursed Human, wolfkilled Night 2)

Host Comments:
Game ****ing over. Underhanded victory for humans, I guess. After mulling it over, what Manti did wasn't completely illegal, but it was damn close.

I'm really pissed off about this. This is the most effort I have put into a game, and it got ruined twice in a row. GG Manti.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Humans Win
X3R0H0UR & thunderstrike687
MVP: freakysnots

1. flawofhumanity (Builder, killed Day 1)
2. travman301 (Betrayer, Lost at Endgame)
3. EnR (Lover, killed Night 1)
4. Makilaz (Seer, Survived To Win)
5. pyroshock (Priest, killed by curse Night 2)
6. SethSquall (Remorseful Seer, Survived To Win)
7. emerald000 (Paranoid Human, Survived To Win)
8. massflavour (Guardian; executed Night 1, resurrected Night 2, vigikilled Night 3)
9. Z3R0H0UR (Devil, Survived To Win)
10. freakysnots (Seeker, wolfkilled Night 2)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (Wolf Seeker, killed Night 2)
12. x3Mamimi (Master Wolf, lynched Day 2)
13. rzr (Lover, Survived To Win)
14. thunderstrike687 (Rogue, Survived To Win)
15. pntballa18 (Regretful Serial Killer, lynched Day 1)
16. jwcgator (Wolf Leader, lynched Day 3)

Host Comments:
I figured nobody would just reveal their roles like they did. I expected the seekers to go to Flaw after he revealed his role in public (that's what he was designed for in the first place). But all the alliances with the wolves eventually killed them.

Funny points to Flaw for gassing Manticore, though.

I don't think there's such a thing as an MVP in a game like this most due for its design, but, I consider freakysnots to have been a rather valuable player. He managed to escape a relatively set lynch on him which isn't a necessarily easy task. Also, Flaw and Manticore for playing their roles just as they should have during the chaos you all experienced on day one.

I guess this didn't work out as I expected it to, but day one was a really fun phase, to say the least, haha.


TWG LV: Harry Potter Books
Postgame thread

Hosted by: rzr
Humans & Recruited Win
MVP: emerald000
LVP: Einherjar_04

1. argo15 (Voldemort, lost by default)
2. travman301 (Ron Weasley, Survived To Win)
3. SethSquall (Wormtail, killed Night 2)
4. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Human, killed Day 1)
5. Litodude (Human, killed Night 2)
6. heavylee (Human, lynched Day 3)
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
8. emerald000 (Human, Survived To Win)
9. Einherjar_04 (Dumbledore, killed Night 2)
10. Makilaz (Recruiter, Survived To Win)
11. thunderstrike687 (Harry Potter, Won the Game)
12. pntballa18 (Bellatrix Le Strange; Recruited, Survived To Win)
13. Halleys5thConcerto (Rebel, wolfkilled Night Four)
14. freakysnots (Barty Crouch Jr; Recruited, Survived To Win)
15. pyroshock (Scientist, Survived To Win)
16. mattc16 (Wolf, killed Night 2)
17. meno_rocks123 (Hermione, Survived To Win)
18. gnr61 (Snape, Survived To Win)
19. emocheergirl (Sirius Black, Survived To Win)

Host Comments:
MVP goes to emerald000 for his excellent choice in item usage and detection. Ask him about it because i don't feel like elaborating. LVP goes to einherjar for coming out as the guardian to the wolves. SC made that mistake in your first game as seer. I actually got the PM saying "kill the guard" with your name in it. No matter how close you're to a freind don't come out to them.

1. argo15 (argo1516)- Well played, you you should have tried harder to find out the protector and kill him before night 2 so your conversion would have succeeded. Or used kill power instead of vampire power.

2. travman301 (RBennie362)- You shoulda sent in the first nights PM for seering, you're lucky teh seering was random on thunder

3. SethSquall (SethSquall)- Stay alive longer!!! I want to see you play, but you played well for your longevity

4. Brilliant dynamite neon (megamngtx)- meh, not enough activity in your life

5. litodude (litodude)- peachy keen playing lito, i don't have much criticism to you

6. heavylee (heavyleah)- i thought for sure the wolves would try and kill you the first night with argo as a wolf, but nope =]

7. DarkManticoreX2 (Darkmanticorex2)- manti...I was hoping you wouldn't get all the wolves so quick so my game wouldn't go down the tubes lol, Wish you lived longer than the 1st night

8. emerald000 (emerald3x0)- your item usage was astounding. Rather than use raw information you used the items to gather little bits and pieces and put it al together

9. Einherjar_04 (Jeremy0416)- dude, i like you, your cool. But don't come out to anyone. Especially as the guardian. Stick around though, your catching on to the game quick

10. makilaz (benderchan)- nice recruiting, it was fhunny how you recruited emerald to the human sdie thought he alread was

11. thunderstrike687 (thunderstrike687) - it sounds like an exciting role, protector, but your abilities were more limited than either of us probably thought. Though well played, i think you liked being harry more than teh protector

12. pntballa18 (Merlonifan28)- we had our arguments but you didnt play so bad. I'm glad you won and look forward to playing with you more

13. Halleys5thConcerto (Halleys4th ) i was shocked when you joined the
wolves, I sort of expected it but not that much.

14. freakysnots (freakysnots)- how'd you like being a wolf? not so bad for your first time being one however, you should have acted more like the "paraniod" freaky we know as a human

15. pyroshock (djpyroshock)- you were very "iffy" about joining e3ither side but it looks like you made the right chioce huh

16. mattc16 (mattc16mcfc)- man i was pissed about that veriserum, though it's really good to see you active

17. meno_rocks123 (MenoRS123) - lol, meno, it was un to give you the lists. You used them well

18. gnr61 (basketcase1161)- I was so shocked that you never used your power!

19. emocheergirl (bgurl99o0 )- get a freaking ban. you and einherjar tie on mvp in my eyes.

To Everyone: Post your christmas items please, i couldnt keep up with all them. And, thanks for letting me host, I'll go for it again probably just NO CONVERSIONS, they confuse they hell out of me.


TWG LVI: The War for Hyrule
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Wolves Win
MVP: pntballa18 & SethSquall

1. pntballa18 (Zant, lynched Day 2, revived by Fairy, won at endgame)
2. EnR* (Human, lost at endgame)
3. heavylee (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
4. SethSquall (Midna, wolfkilled Night 4)
5. FictionJunction (Zelda, wolfkilled Night 1)
6. argo15 (Kotake, won at endgame)
7. psychopete (Human, lost at endgame)
8. meno_rocks123 (Legendary Archer, killed by arrows Day 3)
9. thunderstrike687 (Link, lost at endgame)
10. madmatt621 (Effect-Immune Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
11. xplayfan (Koume, won at endgame)
12. Halleys5thConcerto (Human, lynched Day 1)
13. roundbox** (Human, lost at endgame)
14. dooey100 (Damage-Immune Human, lost at endgame)
15. T3hDDRKid (Ganondorf, won at endgame)
16. emerald000 (Human, lynched Day 3)
*Replaced Pyroshock Day Three
**Replaced mattc16 Night Three

Host Comments:
Few things. I'm very suprised not one person thought of having everyone buy arrows night 1 and shooting them at everyone. Easily pegs Madmatt and dooey as humans, as well as possibly revealing Ganondorf/Zelda.

Thunder did attempt to Vigi Pnt on night 4 only to find he had been Ice Arrowed.

Seth should have made more of a deal about finding that fairy on pnt, as pnt was cornered, and you guys kinda let him off the hook.

The night where you guys instaed emerald, Argo and Xplay were fused. The late switch should have made it painfull obvious the two of them were wolves.

When pnt got himself lynched basically on his own vote I don't know how people didn't find it suspicious. This caused a heart container to pop out of him, and argo recieved the container.

MVP: goes to pntballa18 for finding a few small exploits, As well as leading the wolves through the entire game. He played well, and wasn't afraid to ask questions about game mechanics.

Co-MVp goes to Seth for the theif trap. awesome peice of work there.


TWG LVII: A Few Nights in Ancion
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

1. Makilaz (Human, vigi'd Day 4)
2. Einherjar_04 (Human, lynched Day 3)
3. pntballa18 (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
4. DarkManticoreX2 (Wolf, lynched Day 5)
5. FictionJunction (Guardian, killed Night 5)
6. thunderstrike687 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
7. Dooey100 (Sensor, won at endgame)
8. rzr (Human, removed from game Night 3)
9. argo15 (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
10. meno_rocks123 (Human, lynched Day 4)
11. Halleys5thConcerto (Master Wolf, lynched Day 2)
12. emerald000 (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
13. EnR (Mason, wolfkilled Night 4)
14. TehDDRKid (Mason, won at endgame)
15. SethSquall (Watcher, vigi'd Day 1)
*Replaced freakysnots Day Three

Host Comments:
This whole game felt very bad from the beginning. It was periods of flaming and arguing followed by dead periods. No one seemed to be enthusiastic about this game at all. It started to rub off on me; hosting the game became a chore. Two wolves got the axe early, and even though DarkManticoreX2's skill carried him far, he eventually got screwed by my post-crisis screw-up. I also don't like the fact that people count on certain people to be wolved quickly. It puts unfair suspicion on players.

Flaws in the game:
- Masons are pretty pointless...
- ...as is the Red Miller.

Personal fouls:
- The whole inactivity fiasco.
- I didn't get the final set of orbs out when and how I should have, which ****ed the game for Manti.
- I should have been clearer on many more points at the beginning of the game.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox
Humans & Makilaz Win
MVP: SethSquall

1. emerald000 (Demoman, won at endgame)
2. DarkManticoreX2 (Heavy, wolfkilled Night 2)
3. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (wolfkilled Night 3)
4. EnR (won at endgame)
5. travman301 (Pyro, lynched Day 1)
6. Makilaz (Sniper, survived and won)
7. thunderstrike (Spy, blown up by stickies Night 1)
8. mattc16 (caught in blast radius Day 3)
9. pntballa18 (Soldier, lynched Day 3)
10. argo15 (ate a crocket Day 3)
11. rzr (Scout, lynched Day 2)
12. Dooey100 (Engineer, won at endgame)
13. madmatt621 (won at endgame)
14. Litodude (won at endgame)
15. SethSquall (Medic, won at endgame)
16. heavylee (won at endgame)

Host Comments:
MVP goes to SethSquall!. 3 red seers for all 3 nights. Damn, you shortened this game.

2 things pretty much KILLED the game for the wolves. One was on my behalf and the other just dumb luck.

On my part, the demo should have only been able to guard, instead of being invincible too.

On the other hand, night 1 was the ****tiest start possible. Here's what happened:
Manti is attacked
Manti is blocked by Emerald, manti is hurt but lives since he's heavy
Emerald kills thunderstrike in the process
Seth seers trav, turns up red
Makilaz scopes manti, sees pnt

So in the first night: 3 wolves confirmed, one dead.

Other than that, the game could have been much different if we didn't experienced Manti's self proclaimed "Manti Magnet".


TWG LIX: Welcome to Bucketheadland
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win
Co-Winners: Prankster (heavylee)

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Centipede Woman, Killed Day 1)
2. pntballa18 (Bucketbot #2, Killed Night 3)
3. FictionJunction (Park Visitor, Survived To Win)
4. Makilaz (Buckethead; Killed Day 2, Resurrected Night 3, Survived To Win)
5. travman301 (Park Visitor, Killed Night 2)
6. meno_rocks123 (Malfunctioning Bucketbot, Killed Day 3)
7. thunderstrike687 (Park Visitor, Died Night 2)
8. argo15 (Ani Maldjian, Killed Night 1)
9. hoochan (Brain, Killed Day 2)
10. freakysnots (Slipdisc, Lynched Day 1)
11. emerald000 (Vee, Killed Night 3)
12. dooey100 (Li'l Littles, Survived To Win)
13. roundbox (Bansheebot #1, Lynched Day 2)
14. mattc16 (Bucketbot #1, Died Night 2)
15. Litodude (Maximum Bob, Died Night 2)
16. heavylee (Mischevious Park Visitor, Survived To Win)
17. EnR* (Bansheebot #2, Lynched Day 3)
18. scorpio690 (Park Visitor; Imprisoned Night 2, Freed Night 3, won)
*Replaced xLF_WhiteTrash Day 1

Host Comments:
Damn, this game was a bear to host. I got lazy and sent vague PMs and hoped that you all were smart enough to piece everything together.

Items behind the doors were picked from a random list, which included rare items and deaths/curses/imprisonments/etc.

If roundbox would have attempted to eat his cake, he would have broken a tooth on a Resurrection Stone.

I thought wolves had it in the bag at some points, but you humans got really lucky. Even without a successful seering and meno working behind the scenes you managed to add another human victory to the already disgustingly high pile.

my log is gone, so deal with it.


TWG LX: Mystery Game
Postgame thread

Hosted by: travman301
Nonstandard Gameemerald000 Wins
MVP: emerald000
LVP: Litodude

1. pntballa18 (The Bashful Serial Killer, killed Night 6)
2. DarkManticoreX2 (The Internet Brat, killed Night 2)
3. emerald000 (The angry noob, survived and won!)
4. argo15* (Maury Povich, killed Night 4)
5. thunderstrike687 (Blazze, lynched Day 3)
6. Makilaz (Synthlight's Fangirl, killed Night 1)
7. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (The scientologist, killed Night 1)
8. dooey100 (The paper bag, killed Night 3)
9. Ravia (The bi polar, lynched Day 1)
10. Litodude (Nothing, removed Day 5)
11. gnr61 (The Indexer, lynched Day 5)
12. Rebirth0 (Rosie O'Donnell, lynched Day 4 - KitB with gnr61, Emerald000, pntballa18 & hoochan)
13. meno_rocks123 (The Game Whore, lynched Day 6 - KitB with emerald000)
14. hoochan (The Microsoft Fanboy, killed Night 4)
15. freakysnots** (The aspiring Mod, lynched Day 2)
16. Neonatrias (The Hacker on Steroids, killed Night 2)
*EnR was replaced by argo15 Day 2
**psychopete was replaced by freakysnots Day 2

Game Details:
All players had the same role and items, under different names. Basically, this game was was a free-for-all fight for the finish.

Host Comments:
Lmao...well what an interesting game to host.

There was so much going on in such a simple game. And may I be the first to say that it was nothing like Edu's.

But before I get ahead of myself let me post the roles for all of you, seeing as how it was a mystery game.

The Internet Brat- Manti

Rosie O’Donnell- Rebirth

The Bashful Serial Killer- pnt

The Hacker on Steroids- Neon

The Indexer- Gnr

The angry noob- Emerald

The bi polar- Ravia

The Microsoft Fanboy- hoochan

The paper bag- Dooey

Maury Povich- EnR

The aspiring Mod- pete

The scientologist- BDN

Synthlight’s Fangirl- Mak

Blazze- Thunder

The Game Whore- Meno

Nothing- Litodude

Alright, now that you know the role titles I'm sure you are wanting to know what each role details. However, that is where my game is totally different from all of the TWG's.

Okay, ready for the big twist???


Really ready?


Alright. You all had the same role. Each one of you had the same exact role.

Right down to the number of items and their effects, you have the same roles.

Each one of you need to be the last to survive. I gave you three items to do it with.

That's the concept at least. Everyone is on an equal playing field. The best TWG'er should prevail.

It turned into an inactive mess because you were all scared ****less you would get noticed, but still. My concept stands.

The MVP of this game has to go to emerald for being the last one standing. Great job.

Also, I have to give credit to pnt and thunder because they both had great stradegies, but ultimately got screwed over.

LVP goes to lito. .... cause that pissed me off. PM me next time.

Anyways, that's about it for the post game. Ask me something if I forgot to post it.

Thanks for playing. I hope you enjoyed it, and if for nothing else but the stories.

See you all next game.
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG LXI: Back to our Roots
Postgame thread

Hosted by: emerald000
Wolves Win
MVP: --

1. argo15 (Wolf, wolfkilled Night 1)
2. pntballa18 (Seer, lynched Day 1)
3. flawofhumanity (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 5)
4. Makilaz (Human, Lost at Endgame)
5. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
6. travman301 (Wolf, wolfkilled Night 3)
7. rzr (Human, lynched Day 2)
8. freakysnots (Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
9. meno_rocks123 (Human, lynched Day 4)
10. Litodude (Human, wolfkilled Night 2*)
11. EnR (Human, Lost at Endgame)
12. heavylee (Human, lynched Day 5)
13. thunderstrike687 (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
14. dooey100 (Human, lynched Day 6)
15. roundbox (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
16. jwcgator (Human, lynched Day 3)
*Died Day 2

Host Comments:
Point of interests:

-Travman killed himself and another teammate (argo).
-Travman really liked to change kills 10 minutes before the end of the night.
-As you can see he is not someone to have on your team, or as your player. ;P
-Flaw always guarded thunder.
-No wolves got lynched.


TWG LXII: Cthulhu Rising
Postgame thread

Hosted by: devonin
Game Cancelled
MVP: Random.org
LVP: Litodude

1. thunderstrike687 (Human, survived)
2. pntballa18 (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
3. hoochan (Human, survived)
4. meno_rocks123 (Wolf, survived)
5. FictionJunction* (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
6. Makilaz (Human, survived)
7. flawofhumanity (Human, survived)
8. DarkManticoreX2 (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 3)
9. x3Mamimi (Human, survived)
10. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Master Wolf, lynched Day 3 - KitB with GamerShadow, meno_rocks123 & Makilaz)
11. roundbox (Human, Wolfkilled Night 1)
12. Litodude (Human, lynched Day 2)
13. dooey100 (Seer, survived)
14. Pyroshock (Wolf, survived)
15. GamerShadow (Human, survived)
16. EnR (Human, survived)
*freakysnots was replaced by FictionJunction Night 2

Host Comments:
Okay guys...the game ended early due to incredibly rampant lack of activity. We could drag it out for several more days, with random.org wolfings, and KitB lynchings, but honestly since it seems clear that almost everyone else has better things to do with their time, I'll be happy to remove any guilt they might feel from neglecting the game.


TWG LXIII: Mutiny in FFR
Postgame thread

Hosted by: rzr
Wolves Win
MVP: Makilaz

1. travman301 (Human, lynched Day 1)
2. emerald000 (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
3. Makilaz (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
4. GamerShadow (Human, lynched Day 2)
5. dooey100 (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
6. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
7. Xception704* (Human, lynched Day 3)
8. EnR** (Human, Lost at Endgame)
*freakysnots was replaced by Xception704 Day 1
**roundbox was replaced by EnR Night 2

Host Comments:
Travman301: There’s not much to be said about you since you were lynched day 1, but I was surprised that you didn’t detect Maki and point it out after he bandwaggoned you.
Emerald000: Ouch, not your best, my friend. The finger pointing at the end doomed the humans. But I can’t blame you, I would have thought the exact same thing.
Makilaz: MVP!!! WOO HOO!!! Lol, no, good job and congratulations. I’ve never seen you as a wolf and now I’m scared to play with you as one! You really deserve the MVP and played another excellent game, congratulations again.
GamerShadow: L More evidence next time. You did well and I want to see you back next time, but you really need to be active enough to defend yourself.
Dooey100: I’m sort of torn with you because you were hosting and playing simultaneously, which as I would know, is a challenge. So, you did well for lasting halfway through the game though!
Brilliant Dynamite Neon: Meh, all in all I can’t say anything because you were the first to go. But at least you were around, I heart your activeness!
Freakysnots/Xception704 – PWNED! Lol, sorry. Well, freaky, you sort of screwed Xception from the start and I know had you been around you would have been more lucky and given your evidence much more thoroughly so not too shabby. Xception, I was disappointed, I expected you to catch on quicker because I know you’re a very good player. But congratulations on at least lasting as far as you did!
Roundbox/EnR: Roundbox, be more active. I expect more from a TWC member, EnR, Hmmm… EnR… Well, you seriously got owned this game. At least you stayed until the end though, I’d suggest waiting a little longer to vote and consult Xception before instating him.
Well, good job everyone, at least the game stayed alive. Congratulations and I hope to see you all again (and hopefully vote for me when I go to host )


Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win
Co-Winners: Rebels, Shadow Dragons
MVP: thunderstrike687

1. dorama (Rebel, Modkilled^ Day 2)
2. LifeVirus7 (Northern Vanguard Recruiter, Killed Day 5)
3. Xception704 (Lonewolf [SD], Lynched Day 3)
4. DrKirth (Priest [SD], Killed Night 3, Resurrected Night 5, Killed Night 7)
5. Bynary Fission (Vampire Seer, Lynched Day 1)
6. heavylee (Mason [NV], Killed Day 5)
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Vampire, Killed Night 1)
8. agro15 (Vampire Hunter, Killed Night 5)
9. aTzUeLo1191 (Master Wolf, Lynched Day 2)
10. Makilaz (Cursed Human, Lynched Day 7)
11. Temote (Vampire Hunter, Killed Day 1)
12. xplayfan (Cursed Human, Killed Night 4)
13. thunderstrike687 (Cursed Wolf [SD]; Killed Night 1, Resurrected Night 3, Won at Endgame)
14. meno_rocks123 (Cursed Serial Killer, Killed Night 2)
15. Kekeb (Shadow Dragons Recruiter, Lynched Day 6)
16. travman301 (Spirit, Killed Night 6)
17. emerald000 (Tainted Seer [NV], Killed Night 3)
18. GamerShadow (Vampire, Lynched Day 8)
19. Isosceles (Wolf Seer, Lynched Day 4)
20. Tokzic (Guardian [NV], Killed Day 5)
21. pntballa18 (Mason; Killed Night 2, Resurrected Night 4, Killed Night 8)
22. rzr* (Rebel, Lynched Day 5)
23. hoochan (Vampire Wolf; Killed Night 1, Resurrected Night 2, Killed Day 2)
24. freakysnots (Mason, Lost at Endgame)
*Sullyman2007 was replaced by rzr Day 1
^Reason for Modkilling: Sharing of PM

Host Comments:
So, this game was large, active, and hopefully fun for everyone involved. I am really glad we were able to pull this off. Most of activity was supposed to be on aim, which cut me out of the loop, but it's good that you all were involved. Tokzic said that people were sharing their roles freely, which I disapprove of (think before you reveal, people.) Belaying that, I think this was an overall good game.

Before I get down to business, let me address dorama's rulebreaking. I am terribly sorry dorama, but you will have to be game banned.
Sharing your role PM is absolutely illegal. I hope this doesn't turn you off to future games.

Lastly, anyone who gets the super obscure reference with the Shadow Dragons against the Northern Vanguard gets cookies.

Event Log:
Night 1

LifeVirus7 decides to recruit emerald000
Temote uses a VH kill on DrKirth
thunderstrike sends in wolf kill for travman301
Xception704 chooses to investigate DrKirth.
thunderstrike cancels wolving travman
thunderstrike sends in wolf kill for DarkManticoreX2
Bynary Fission decides to kill thunderstrike.
emerald000 decides to seer DrKirth
Kekeb decides to recruit DrKirth.
Isosceles chooses to seer pntballa18
meno_rocks chooses to murder hoochan.
DrKirth chooses thunderstrike to purify.
Tokzic sends hawt guardian pics of Makilaz
Temote cancels VH kill on DrKirth.
Temote uses a VH kill on Argo.
Temote cancels VH kill on Argo.
Temote switches back to Kirth.
Argo uses a VH kill on travman.
Xception cancels investigation on DrKirth.
Xception switches to travman.
Bynary Fission decides to V-seer DarkManticore.

Isosceles seers pntballa18 Blue.
emerald seers DrKirth Blue.
Bynary seers Manti as a Vampire.
Temote’s kill on Kirth fails, leaving 2 vigis.
Argo’s kill on travman fails, leaving 2 vigis.
emerald000 is recruited to Northern Vanguard.
DrKirth is recruited to Shadow Dragons.
Manti is wolved.
Thunderstrike is purified.
Thunderstrike is killed by Vamp Seer.
Hoochan is murdered by Serial Killer.

Day 1

Argo decides to use VH kill on Bynary.
Argo cancels using VH kill on Bynary.
rzr uses a vigi on Temote.

Bynary Fission is lynched.
Temote is vigi’d.

Night 2

meno_rocks chooses to kill pntballa18.
emerald chooses to seer Makilaz
DrKirth decides to purify xplayfan
Tokzic guards travman
travman301 decides to resurrect thunderstrike.
LifeVirus7 decides to recruit Tokzic
Kekeb decides to recruit Xception.
travman cancels resurrecting thunderstrike.
travman chooses to resurrect hoochan.
Isosceles chooses to seer Tokzic
Atzuelo sends in wolf kill for pntballa18

Tokzic is recruited to the Northern Vanguard.
Xception704 is recruited to the Shadow Dragons.
emerald seers Makilaz Green.
Isosceles seers Tokzic Blue.
Xplayfan is purified
hoochan is resurrected.
pntballa is SK’ed/wolfed.
meno_rocks dies from his curse.

Day 2

dorama decides to vigi travman.
dorama is ejected from the game for rule-breaking (sharing Role PM.)
argo15 decides to VH kill Isosceles
argo15 cancels killing Isosceles.
argo15 decides to VH kill hoochan

Atzuelo is insta-lynched.
Hoochan is killed, leaving argo15 with 1 vigi.

Night 3

Tokzic sends hawt guardian pics xxx nsfw of travman
DrKirth purifies Makilaz
travman decides to revive thunderstrike.
Isosceles decides to seer heavylee
Isosceles sends wolf kill for emerald000
Kekeb decides to recruit Tokzic.
Argo decides to VH kill Xception
emerald000 decides to seer Isosceles
GamerShadow decides to kill DrKirth.

Makilaz is purified
thunderstrike is revived.
Kekeb’s recruitment fails.
Argo’s kill fails, leaving 0 vigis.
emerald000 is wolved, failing to seer.
DrKirth is killed.

Day 3

Xception is insta’d

Night 4

Kekeb decides to recruit thunderstrike
thunder sends wolfing for travman
travman decides to resurrect pntballa.
Rzr decides to kill xplay
Isosceles decides to seer rzr
Tokzic guards trav.

Iso seers rzr Green.
Thunderstrike is recruited to the Shadow Dragons
pntballa is resurrected
xplayfan is killed.

Day 4

Isosceles is insta’d.

Night 5

GamerShadow chooses to suck argo15's blood.
Thunderstrike sends wolf kill for freaky.
Thunderstrike switches to Tokzic
Thunderstrike switches to LifeVirus (oh the woes of indecisiveness)
Tokzic offers viagra cxx guardianings CHEAP to LifeVirus
LifeVirus decides to recruit heavylee to the Northern Vanguard
travman decides to resurrect DrKirth.

heavylee is recruited to the Northern Vanguard.
Argo15 is killed.
LifeVirus is guarded.
DrKirth is resurrected.

Day 5

Kekeb chooses to attack the Northern Vanguard.

Rzr is lynched.
Kekeb’s attack is successful. LifeVirus, heavylee, and Tokzic are killed.

Night 6

thunderstrike sends in wolfing for travman.
Travman chooses to revive rzr.
DrKirth purifies an irrelevant person.

Travman is wolved.

Day 6

Kekeb is insta’d

Night 7

thunderstrike sends in wolf kill for DrKirth.

DrKirth is wolved.

Day 7

Makilaz is insta’d

Night 8

pntballa is wolved.

Day 8

GamerShadow is lynched.


TWG LXV: Aperture Science
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Makilaz
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Human, won at endgame)
2. rzr (Wolf, vigi'd Night 3)
3. LifeVirus7 (Human, won at endgame)
4. freakysnots (Human, lynched Day 3)
5. emerald000* (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
6. Sh4d0wD3v1l (Human, won at endgame)
7. Xception704 (Seer, wolfkilled Night 4)
8. dooey100 (Human, won at endgame)
9. travman301 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
10. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, Lynched Day 2)
11. DrKirth (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
12. Nellac (Human, won at endgame)
13. Pyroshock** (Wolf, lynched Day 5)
14. aTzUeLo1191 (Master Wolf, lynched Day 4)
15. pntballa18 (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 2)
16. hoochan (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
*Replaced Temote Night One
**Replaced Sullyman2007 Day Four

Host Comments:
inactivity sucks. When I host in the future, I'll make sure to update on time, and definitely won't go inactive for days at a time. I don't foresee me losing internet for days at a time anytime soon.


TWG LXVI: Montezuma's Revenge II: Canada
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Wolves Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

1. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Blue Miller, lost at endgame)
2. travman301 (Red Miller, lynched Day 2)
3. Makilaz (Human, lost at endgame)
4. DarkManticoreX2 (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
5. pntballa18 (Mason, wolfkilled Night 1)
6. roundbox (Blue Miller, Lost at Endgame)
7. thunderstrike687 (End of Night Totem Seer, wolfkilled Night 3)
8. flawofhumanity (End of Day Totem Seer, Won at Endgame)
9. LightKnight (Mason, wolfkilled Night 2)
10. hoochan (Human, lynched Day 1 via KitB with thunderstrike687, emerald000, LifeVirus7, travman301, Makilaz, aTzUeLo1191 & LightKnight)
11. aTzUeLo1191 (Wolf, won at endgame)
12. LifeVirus7 (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. emerald000 (Mason, lost at endgame)
14. DrKirth (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 3)

Host Comments:
so the wolves win this game by default because the humans sucked ass.

so, here are the big points:

thunderstrike - EON Totem seer - didn't take the game seriously and didn't use the totem's potential from N1.

everyone who is not manti or flaw or atzuelo (wolveslol): why the **** did you tell manti everything immediately.


Manti - should have died solely on the premise of still being alive even if he was seered green.

trav was a red miller by the way. I don't know what kirth did, but he should have spammed that info out to everyone.

the wolves were the only active players, rofl.

in short: you guys ruined an awesome game and I've had it.

gg wolves for shamelessly stomping on clearly handicapped players claiming to be professionals.


TWG LXVII: This Game had its Title Changed too many Times
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Litodude*
Game Cancelled
MVP: rzr?
*Replaced hoochan at some point or another

No one won b/c game cancelled
1. LifeVirus7 (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
2. Makilaz (Human)
3. Temote* (Human)
4. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Human, Wolfkilled Night Two)
5. flawofhumanity (Master Wolf)
6. roundbox (Human, Lynched day One via KitB with DiscoBobbyPARANOiA, travman301, heavylee, FictionJunction & jwcgator)
7. heavylee (Guardian)
8. travman301 (Human)
9. DarkManticoreX2 (Seer)
10. FictionJunction (Wolf)
11. x3Mamimi (Wolf)
12. jwcgator (Human)
*May or may not have been replaced by meno_rocks123. With this game, it's hard to tell. It really is...

Host Comments:
rzr wins! good job your goal of getting my game ruined succeeded


TWG LXVII: High School Hit-list
Postgame thread

Hosted by: u84
Humans Win & pntballa18
MVP: DarkManticoreX2 & jwcgator

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Later became Blue) (Nerd/Lunch Lady) Killed Night Five
2. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Later became Blue) (Pothead/Principal*/Hall Moniter) Killed Night Five
3. Xception704 (Later became Purple) (School Police Officer/Bus Driver) Killed Night Three, Revived Night Four, Killed Night Five
4. Makilaz (Principal/School Board Member) Killed Night Two, Revived Night Five Survived until Endgame
5. Temote (Became Green, then Blue again) (School Psychologist/Geek/Science Teacher) Killed Night Four, Revived Night Five, Killed Night Five
6. jwcgator (Mayor's Kid/Musician/Senior) Lynched Day Four, Revived Night Five, Killed Night Five
7. LifeVirus7 (Later became Red) (Teacher/Bully) Killed Night Five
8. meno_rocks123 (Later became Blue) (Substitute Teacher/Guidance Counselor) Killed Night Two, Revived Night Two Won the Game
9. tupacodaman (Bully) Killed Night One
10. hoochan (School Nurse) Lynched Day One
11. aTzUeLo1191 (Slut) Died from Curse Night Three
12. pntballa18 (Janitor/Foreign Language Teacher) Killed Night Three, Revived Night Five Won the Game
13. x3Mamimi (Child Molesting Substitute Teacher) Lynched Day Two
14. travman301 (Later became Green) (Tattle-Tale/Bisexual Pervert) Killed Night Two, Revived Night Two, Lynched Day Three
15. vashthestampede0987 (Drop Out) Died from Curse Night Three
16. Litodude (Class Clown) Wolfkilled Night One, Resurrected Day One, Died Day One
*Before the reroll, the principal was red, after the reroll, they are blue
This game was a clusterfuck lol.

Host Comments:
DarkmanticoreX2 thought he was smart **** when he changed his role with someone else's. They did the same until they almost had the entire game won through his little idea. Great job, Manti, you thought outside the box, helped your team majorly and probably would have scared the **** out of any other host and ended the game. But it backfired and led to a role swap. Regardless, he almost gave the humans the game right then. If it weren't for the last minute change, he would have won it for them. Also, he contributed to the revival of Xception704, who further prolonged the assumed victory of the wolves. It came down to it where if Xception704 wasn't there, the wolves would have had a much better chance of winning.


TWG LXIX: Joker's Revenge
Postgame thread

Hosted by: u84
Humans Win
MVP: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
LVP: meno_rocks123

1. Xception704 (Harvey Dent, ate Lau's vengekill Day 1)
2. meno_rocks123 (Sal Maloni, Lynched Day 4)
3. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Alfred, won at endgame)
4. DrKirth (Bruce Wayne, Killed Night Three)
5. tupacodaman (Lau, Killed Night 2)
6. Litodude (James Gordon, killed Night 1, resurrected Day 1, killed Night 3, resurrected Day 4, won the game)
7. travman301 (Batman, Won at Endgame)
8. LifeVirus7 (Joker, lynched Day 2)
9. aTzUeLo1191 (Bank Manager, killed Night Two)
10. Sullyman2007 (Rachel Dawes, Won at Endgame)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (Two Face, lynched Day 1, resurrected Night 3, killed Day 4)
12. pntballa18 (Lucius Fox, killed Night 1)

Host Comments:
Basically, all the good people got killed, fast. The LVP has to go to Meno_Rocks. He tried to wolf Batman the last night, when he had already been seered by Tupacodaman the first night (which is why a random human died)! MVP has to go to.. BDN, as he revived the right people and made the right alliances.

As for Manti, your attempt was squashed. You were killed by Batman! XD


TWG LXX: this is how i videogames
Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox
Wolves Win
Co-Winners: Brilliant Dynamite Neon & x3Mamimi
MVPs: DarkManticoreX2, HansSky & x3Mamimi

1. iluswirl (Gordon Freeman, lynched Day 4)
2. Temote (Zanghief, wolfkilled Night 1)
3. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Kirby, won at endgame)
4. tupacodaman (Bomberman, wolfkilled Night 5)
5. Makilaz (Link, killed Night 1)
6. HansSky (Mario, wolfkilled Night 4)
7. Litodude* (Psycho Mantis, wolfkilled Night 3)
8. pntballa18 (Master Chief, wolfkilled Night 2)
9. jump_the_bullet (Charizard, lynched Day 2)
10. Xception704 (Baal, Lynched Day 3)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (Kefka, won at endgame)
12. x3Mamimi (Samus, won at endgame)
13. kotorfanboy (Little Mac, Lynched Day 1)
*Replaced u84 Day Two

Host Comments:
MVP: DarkManticoreX2 - you backstabbing piece of ****, you wolfed and lynched your own teammates and won for yourself.

Honorable Mentions -
HansSky - Nice luck on keeping the guardian mushroom. You also got pretty far in but from what I saw, manti got to you.
x3Mamimi - you make pnt explode quickly

Fine details:
All purple roles had to survive with the exception of the role killers. They could die, but would only win if the others died in their presence.
All red roles had to eliminate the opposition (blues, obviously) and survive, while Kefka had to be the only wolf surviving to win. What a dick.
All blue roles had to survive AND eliminate the opposition. I know I forgot part of this in some of your PMs but I thought it would be implied you had to eliminate the threat.

BDN held Psycho Mantis' seering ability the entire game since Night 2.


TWG LXXI: The war for Hyrule II (Expert Difficulty)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Humans Win
MVP: freakysnots
LVP: jump_the_bullet

1. Litodude (Effect-Immune Human, Won at Endgame)
2. freakysnots* (Zelda, Won at Endgame)
3. u84 (Human, Lynched Day Two)
4. Temote (Human, Won at Endgame)
5. jump_the_bullet (Koume, Culled by flawofhumanity Night Three)
6. travman301 (Legendary Archer, Wolfkilled Night Three)
7. jwcgator (Midna, Won at Endgame)
8. pntballa18 (Zant, Lynched Day One)
9. hoochan (Human, Won at Endgame)
10. GamerShadow (Human, Won at Endgame)
11. DrKirth (Human, Wolfkilled Night Two
12. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Damage-Immune Human, Won at Endgame)
13. flawofhumanity (Link, Won at Endgame)
14. Makilaz (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
15. Sethsquall** (Ganondorf, Lynched Day Four)
16. roundbox (Kotake, Lynched Day Three)
*Xception704 Replaced freakysnots Night Two, but freakysnots was subbed back in Day Two
**Replaced thunderstrike687 Day Three

Host Comments:
"no comments because Manti is a LITTLE BITCH!!!!!!!"


TWG LXXII: The Chimera Code (Redux)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win
MVP: --

1. tupacodaman (Wolf Thief, lynched and Vigikilled Day 3)
2. aTzUeLo1191 (Mason, wolfkilled/vigi'd Night 3)
3. Bynary Fission (Mason, wolfkilled Night 5)
4. u84 (Master Wolf, lynched Day 1)
5. freakysnots (Seer, wolfkilled Night 1)
6. travman301 (Wolf Scavenger, killed Night 4)
7. jump_the_bullet (Lonewolf Mason, won at endgame)
8. Xception704 (Lonewolf Mason, won at endgame)
9. DarkManticoreX2 (Wolf, died from hoarding Pure Shard Night 1, resurrected Night 2, won)
10. pntballa18 (Cursed Mason, lost at endgame)
11. roundbox (Human, Vigi'd Night 4)
12. Temote (Thief, Wolfkilled Night 2)
13. jwcgator (Hoarder, killed by Tainted Shard Day 2)
14. iluswirl (Jeweller, lynched Day 5)
15. Litodude (Scavenger, Wolfkilled Night 3*)
16. gnr61 (Human, lost at endgame)
17. Tps222 (Guardian, lynched Day 2 – KitB with aTzUeLo1191)
18. heavylee (Human, lost at endgame)
19. DrKirth (Human, died from hoarding Tainted Shard Night 1)
*Died Day 3 due to mod error.

Host Comments:
I hate you all. Litodude expressed my feelings quite appropriately with a certain post of his, and if he abandons this forum and goes off to play FFЯ TWG I won't blame him. If you weren't going to be able to play the game, you shouldn't have voted for it in the first place. That's the whole point behind voting for the game.

My mystery roles were Hoarder and Jeweller. The Hoarder could store as many items as he wanted without effects, and theives would only be able to steal one item a time from him as opposed to snatching all the items. The Jeweller could identify any item she came upon. Both roles were neutral and could win with any side.

While inactivity was the main issue, some screwups on my behalf. I tried to be all vague with the guardian's power when I should have told the truth outright. The truth was that Ether could guard up to 2 kills effectively. A 3rd kill would have a 1/3 chance of succeeding against the guarding, a 4th kill would have 2/3 chance. A 5th kill would succeed no matter what. I tried to sum this all up in the statement "the more kills on one person, the more likely it is to succeed" and it didn't go over too well. I also messed up phantoms and a wolf kill, but I don't think it mattered much.


TWG LXXIII: Elemental Struggle
Postgame thread

Hosted by: GamerShadow
Wolves Win
MVP: Wolf Team (Temote, sc979 & Sullyman2007)
LVP: Blues (Ruritsu, Turboyoshi & jump_the_bullet)

1. Temote (Thunder Wolf Seer, won at endgame)
2. jump_the_bullet (Earth Golem, lost at endgame)
3. aTzUeLo1191 (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
4. Bynary Fission (Human, lynched Day 3)
5. tupacodaman (Human, lynched Day 4)
6. Xception704 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
7. rzr (Human, lynched Day 1)
8. Turboyoshi (Psychic, ShadowWolfkilled Night 3)
9. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
10. Gun92 (Human, lynched Day 2)
11. sc979 (Shadow Wolf, won at endgame)
12. Ruritsu (Pyro Guardian, Wolfkilled Night Three)
13. SK_Bleedingfire (Human, Lost at Endgame)
14. rsr2 (Human, Lynched Day Five)
15. sullyman2007 (Frost Wolverine, Won at Endgame)

Host Comments:
So, I hear massacres are cool. Inactivity wasn't horrible, but I'd like to see a game where everybody is getting into their roles and such. Overall that was ok.

MVP goes to the wolves, who didn't really need to exert themselves at all but still did the best out of the lot. I think you guys had a perfect game other than safeties; nobody voted for you with evidence to back it up if memory serves. Good job bypassing the Pyro Guardian's ability with the frost wolf; I didn't think of that initially. You didn't even use the shadow wolf power to play with the Psychic, haha.

LVP goes to the blues. What a terrible use of your powers, guys. The Earth Golem is most effective when he doesn't tell the world who he is; it keeps an element of uncertainty and second guessing on the wolf side. Seriously, there was nothing special about you other than that.

Guardian, IMO, should have guarded random players. This way, if the attack was blocked, it would essentially have been a free seering as well as additional time for the humans. Earth Golem is a big boy; he can take care of himself. And if he hadn't shared his secret with the world, there wouldn't have been any need to guard him.

The Psychic wasn't even screwed with and was still useless.

The humans also sucked because from what I can tell, you all bandwagoned and voted people off for inactivity. I thought that the more experienced players would at least try to bust some balls, but that didn't happen did it.

Also, nobody defended themselves, primarily because you lynched the inactive players. A tip: If there are wolfings, there are still active wolves. People aren't wolves because they're inactive and are racking up phantoms.

To wrap crap up, learn to play without a seer. The game, according to Manti, was in favor of the humans, so this is just embarrassing.


TWG LXXIV: Luck of the Draw
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win
MVP: --

1. Sullyman2007 (Human, lost at endgame)
2. argo15 (Wolf Seer, won at endgame)
3. Litodude (Human, lost at endgame)
4. jump_the_bullet (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
5. Turboyoshi (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 4)
6. Pichu_XP (Human, lynched Day 1)
7. clarinet89 (Wolf, won at endgame)
8. freakysnots (Human, lynched Day 3)
9. tupacodaman (Wolf, won at endgame)
10. rzr (Human, lynched Day 2)
11. FoJar (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 3)
12. Ruritsu (Human, lost at endgame)

Host Comments:
Humans blew this game. It was basically a courtesy on the part of the wolves to win. No MVP. What this game has really shown me is that you all have a LONG way to go. I give a challenge in hopes of breaking human dependence on the almighty seer, and you all flounder. Of course, blind bandwagoning was a factor


TWG LXXV: Death Cults R Us
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Litodude
Humans Win
MVP: --
LVP: jump_the_bullet

1. Temote (Researcher, wolfkilled Night 2)
2. DarkManticoreX2 (Magician, lynched Day 1 – KitB with Brilliant Dynamite Neon)
3. sc979 (Preacher, won at endgame)
4. travman301 (Chemist, won at endgame)
5. jump_the_bullet (Cardinal, lynched Day 2)
6. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Doctor, Won at Endgame)
7. LifeVirus7 (Reformed Cultist, Won at Endgame)
8. pntballa18 (Actor, Killed by Criminal Night Two)
9. FoJar (Unemployed, Won at Endgame)
10. Sullyman2007 (Sheriff, Engulfed by DarkManticoreX2 Night One)
11. argo15 (Techie, Won at Endgame)
12. tupacodaman (Criminal, Won at Endgame)

Host Comments:
I would've liked to see more people use their powers and see how it could have unfolded. If there was an LVP for this game I would have to say it twas jump_the_bullet. If he didn't miss the deadline, have Manti alive and a psychic dead, it would've been interesting. Also, it was pretty unlucky of Manti to pose as Sheriff to the person who seers red to him (rofl).

I was actually confused on how everyone started bandwagoning on jtb since Temote DID seer him. I thought wolves would have had a chance at that point.


TWG LXXVI: America's Next Top Model
Postgame thread

Hosted by: pntballa18*
Humans Win
MVP: travman301
LVP: TC_Cyrenics
*Replaced flawofhumanity around Night Fourish or so

1. Spyke_MH (Wolf, lynched Day 7 – KitB with travman301)
2. travman301* (Human, won at endgame)
3. emerald000** (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
4. TC_Cyrenics (Wolf, wolfkilled Night 4)
5. FictionJunction (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
6. robertsona (Human, killed by Brutal Day 3)
7. Makilaz (Mason, wolfkilled Night 3)
8. Ruritsu (Human, wolfkilled Night 7)
9. tupacodaman*** (Mason, wolfkilled Night 5)
10. rzr (Human, lynched Day 1)
11. xplayfan (Human, lynched Day 4)
12. hoochan (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
13. sullyman2007 (Psychic, lynched Day 6)
14. argo15 (Brutal Wolf, lynched Day 3)
15. DarkManticoreX2 (Mason, wolfkilled Night 1)
16. thunderstrike687 (Wolfsbane, Lynched Day 5)
*Replaced pntballa18 at the same time pntballa Replaced flawofhumanity as the Host
**Replaced clarinet89 Night Five
***Replaced Gun92 Day Two

Host Comments:
page 1: night 1 shitposting
page 2: Hoochan was a douchebag; Manti wolfed n1
page 3: nothing really
page 4: lots of safeties; Fiction pushes Hoochan lynch
page 5: rzr lynched d1
page 6: Hoochan wolfed n2
page 7: um what the hell happened. let's see. it looks like there was a many-way KITB with one vote each. argo and robertsona both voted each other, and they both died upon KITB. so one of them was the brutal wolf. so brutal + human died d2.
page 8: Makilaz wolfed n3; tupacodaman replaced gun; safeties everywhere
page 9: Fiction lynched d3 for no reason; trav replaced pnt? pnt became temp mod?
page 10: trav posts an AIM log where he faked wolf replacement to Cyrenics, who basically claims wolf in the log. Cyrenics wolfed n4.
page 11: xplay quicklynched d4; emerald replaced clarinet; tupacodaman wolfed n5
page 12: people forgot to vote; thunder lynched d5 via KITB
page 13: emerald wolfed n6; Spyke hammered sully in d6 immediately because 3 phantoms; Spyke wolfed ruritsu n7 instead of trav because ?????????? what the fuck
page 14: 1v1 trav vs Spyke, no phantoms in play, Spyke lynched d7 in KITB. humans win.

- This game was an inactivity-fest.
- The only plays worth mentioning were travman faking wolf to a wolf via OC and Cyrenics wolfing himself.
- FFRTWG has come a long way. We should be thankful for each other.


TWG LXXVII: Sonic Unleashed
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win
Co-winners: Temote
MVP: DarkManticoreX2 & travman301
LVP: rzr & anthonycool4

1. FictionJunction (EF-SS1996, won at endgame)
2. Sullyman2007 (Egg Burst, Suicided on rzr Day 2)
3. DarkManticoreX2 (Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, won at endgame)
4. tupacodaman (Amy Rose, wolfkilled Night 1)
5. rzr (Sonic, died in explosion Day 2)
6. Viccica (EF-NS2010, vigikilled Night 3)
7. Ruritsu (Civilian, lynched Day 1)
8. Litodude (Įsržhaēļ, won at endgame)
9. mattc16 (Civilian, lost at endgame)
10. pntballa16 (Civilian, vigikilled Day 3)
11. Makilaz (Knuckles, wolfkilled Night 3)
12. Temote (Wentos, won at endgame)
13. Gun92 (Civilian, lost at endgame)
14. travman301 (Shadow, vigilantekilled Night 3)
15. jump_the_bullet* (Tails, wolfkilled Night 2)
16. emerald000 (Civilian, lynched Day 3)
17. clarinet89 (Civilian, lost at endgame)
*Replaced anthonycool4 Day One

Host Comments:
Humans failed. That whole fiasco with FFR breaking may have had something to do with it, but it ended in an unproductive mess.

If there were a Best Newbie award, Viccica would undoubtedly earn it.
Consequently, a Worst Newbie award would be bestowed upon anthonycool4, who could hardly even form a coherent sentence. Nice first impression (not.)


Postgame thread

Hosted by: travman301
Wolves Win
Co-Winners: DarkManticoreX2 & Emerald000
MVP: DarkManticoreX2
LVP: Sullyman2007

1. clarinet89 (Brilliant Dynamite Neon, won at endgame)
2. Gun92 (Tasselfoot, won at endgame)
3. jump_the_bullet (flawofhumanity, wolfkilled Night 3)
4. sc979 (lumphoboextreme, lynched Day 1 – KitB with Litodude)
5. Sullyman2007 (rzr, wolfkilled Night 2)
6. emerald000 (hoochan, won at endgame)
7. tupacodaman (vashthestampede0987, lynched Day 3)
8. Ruritsu (x3Mamimi, lost at endgame)
9. DarkManticoreX2 (FictionJunction, won at endgame)
10. Litodude (SpaceBoy492, lynched Day 2)
11. Makilaz (pntballa18, became a wolf via bribe at endgame)
12. rzr (DarkManticoreX2, wolfkilled Night 1)

Host Comments:
Well, overall I would say it was a pretty good game. Activity was decent.

The wolves played a good game. Much of their win can be attributed to luck though.

Manti was able to approach clar, after she flubbed her role color and they made an unbeatable alliance. The only person who could check them was lumpho, and sc never used his power.

MVP would have to go to Manti. He managed to somehow find out all of the roles, get to the wolves, and get his target killed by D2. You successfully dismantled my game. GG. T_T

LVP for this game is going to go to Sully. Manti came out of the thread as one of the two people that you were trying to find. You should have used your vigi on him right there. That would have stopped all of his manti bull****.

Sorry for being afk for two days. I slept for 20 hours one day, and got all out of whack.
Regardless I hope you enjoyed my game. ^_^

Other points of interest:
• Clar never successfully used her power.
• The only real human in my game was lito.
• Spaceboy indeed played one TWG around 2 years ago.
• Lumpho's power was every power in the game. Completly random. (Either vigi/seer/guard/roleblocker/revival/nothing)[Chosen by random.org]
• Rzr was manti, and died N1 (which is so ****ing funny). He was going to die D1 regardless, unbeknown to him.
• Clar sent me some very entertaining stories in her PM's. Kudos to her.

Umm, I think that's about it. If there's anything I missed just post and I'll answer it. ;3


TWG LXXIX: Unlucky
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Makilaz
Wolves Win
MVP: Gun92
LVP: rzr

1. rzr (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
2. Viccica*¹ (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
3. clarinet89 (Paranoid Guardian, wolfkilled Night 4)
4. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Human, lynched Day 5)
5. AC1speakerbox*² (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 3)
6. Temote (Human, lost at endgame)
7. tupacodaman (Human, Lynched Day Three)
8. Gun92 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
9. TC_Cyrenics*³ (Human, Lost at Endgame)
10. pntballa18 (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
11. Ruritsu (Wolf, Lynched Day One)
12. travman301 (Human, Lynched Day Four)
13. sc979 (Human, Wolfkilled Night Two)
(1) Replaced thunderstrike 687 Day Four
(2) Replaced DarkManticoreX2 Day One
(3) Replaced tobifan477 Day One

Host Comments:
rzr - Rzr, rzr, rzr... You have been playing this game far too long to do dumb things like claim guard, when you already know there is a claim. In a normal game you could possibly get away with this, just to get the guardian lynched as a safety measure, but not with cardflipping on buddy. However, to your credit I did think you were playing a decent wolf game in the very beginning of the game. Maybe if you were more low key, and READ THE RULES more you could go farther next game.

Viccica - Thunder was an inactive ****nut. You played for like 10 seconds. Uh, nothing to really say. I suppose you made those 10 seconds look damn good. Keep it up? Also, sign up for the next game.

clarinet89 - All in all, I'm pretty disappointed on how the guardians played. If I could say one thing to you, it would be to get louder. Force your opinions on other players sometimes. You have good ideas, and you could have possibly ended the game had you been a little more boisterous. For example, when AC wouldn't tell you who he was guarding I would have flipped out on him. (The lack of communtion of the guardians was your guy's flaw.) Had you communicated you could have coordinated guardings, found the paranoid guardian, seered people (for all intents and purposes), and eliminated players from the wolf pool.

BDN - You were pretty inactive brah. I mean by the time I was talking to you everyone already thought I was a wolf, so I couldn't really do much with that but still. You have the sunshine ginger, shine on baby boo.

AC1speakerbox - The things I said about the guardian's lack of communication applies to you as well of course. You definitely made some mistakes. You shouldn't have been so trusting (to be fair this is the downfall of nearly every beginning player), you came out to two of the wolves, you ended up giving up clar to the last remaining wolf, and you didn't tell us that gun knew about that. All that being said, it was your first game. And for your first game you didn't do that bad. You had a very intensive role, and for a first time player it was probably rather stressful. After a few games I can definitely see you going far in this game. I'm sure you learned from everything in this game, and that's pretty much what you are supposed to do. Keep it up.

Temote - You played a decent human game. If anything you probably shouldn't have dealt with my crap as much as you did. Under the circumstances you didn't have much to go on. Confusion was a muck. Average play from you.

tupacodaman - You did ver good man. Caught two wolves and all that ****. I like the aggressive play style and you seemed to use it well. You managed to catch ruritsu by cornering him into a corner and not backing down until you had substantial belief that he was a wolf. The only fault you had in this game was that you held your convictions a little too strongly. The best players are even wrong sometimes, and need to look at the game from every angle. Don't close yourself off to certain possibilities unless they have become a definite thing. If you were able to look at things from another perspective, perhaps you would have been able to see through gun's inactive guise.

Gun92 - Inactive wolf approach is meh. However a victory is a victory, and with the rest of your team destroyed that was probably the best course to take. You saw the humans were ****ing themselves so you were able to sit back and lol. The way you did things isn't going to win you any TWGrammies, but it good the job done so gg.

TC_Cyrenics - I dunno man, you guys kind of jumped to conclusions too fast at the end. You should have been more methodical and considered how cardflipping would effect the wolf's behavior towards the end of the game. I also think you were a bit too guarded to play to your fullest potential. You should let your guard down to an extent to take in everything that's going on around you.

pntballa18 - hev melk?

Ruritsu - You reacted to the ddkw thing entirely wrong. By the time you realized your mistake, and tried to mend the damage you created it was too late. In future games where you play as wolf try to be prepared for more off handed things, and ready to respond (even bull****) your way out of those situations.

travman301 - I played like utter **** this game. For the first half of the game I'm like lol cool tupac is doing everything. And then when that was done I just managed to **** **** up. I have not been in a good mental state this week, I apologize.

sc979 - You died pretty early, and I don't think I really talked to you much. I think you just played an average human game because tupa took charge in the beginning. And by the time that was done you were dead so I really don't have much to say.


TWG LXXX: Top secret friends!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Game Cancelled
MVP: --

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Impartial, wolfkilled Night 2)
2. Bolth_mannn (Human, Lynched Day 1)
3. emerald000 (Wolf)
4. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Guardian)
5. AC1speakerbox (Human)
6. Makilaz (Master Wolf)
7. rzr (Human, Wolfkilled Night 1)
8. tupacodaman (Human)
9. TC_Cyrenics (Human)
10. meno_rocks123* (Wolf Color Rees)
11. mattc16 (Human)
12. Litodude (Role Rees, evicted Night 1)
13. Viccica (Escape Artist)
14. iluswirl (Human)
15. jump_the_bullet (Color Rees)
16. clarinet89 (Swapper)
*Replaced travman301 Day One

Host Comments:
yeah, the game was hindered due to massive amounts of inactivity. Key players weren't being active enough and everyone who thought they weren't involved actually were.

The game was designed to make players desperate and resort to the impartial human to spread their knowledge. It worked, but only to very limited extent.

errors included:
- players sending more than the single message they were allowed per phase, revealing more info than they were allowed to.
- players not sending any messages at all making the impartial's role halfway unnecessary and easy.
- reds not faking swaps or seerings
- humans not faking being wolves (the whole point behind having the wolves separated, really)
- players trying to get past the law by hinting instead of finding another legit mean to communicate their ideas. Guys, I know this is quite harsh, but the TSFs were strategically placed in order to avoid key players from spreading key information. Hinting is just another way of spreading the very info you're not allowed to spread. I allowed it on a very limited scale because it seemed easier for the players at the time.
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG LXXXI: Dark Cloud 2
Postgame thread

Hosted by: TC_Cyrenics
Wolves Win
MVP: pntballa18 & Makilaz
LVP: Bolth_mannn

1. Ruritsu (Lin, lynched Day 1)
2. Bolth_mannn (Claire, lost at endgame)
3. pntballa18 (Gaspard, won at endgame)
4. tupacodaman (Olivie, wolfkilled Night 4)
5. jump_the_bullet (Pau, lynched Day 4)
6. sc979 (Flotsam, lynched Day 2)
7. Zananok (Fabio, Lost at Endgame)
8. emerald000 (Maximilian, Brutal killed Day 2)
9. Gun92 (Rufio, wolkfilled Night 1)
10. Makilaz (Emperor Griffon, won at endgame)
11. Viccica (Mena, lynched Day 3)
12. DarkManticoreX2 (Monica, wolfkilled Night 3)

Host Comments:
In the end, Gaspard the Assassin and The Evil Emperor Griffon triumph over the helpless fishing Firbit Fabio and curious Claire.


TWG LXXXII: Knuckles' Chaotix 2
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Game Cancelled
MVP: --

1. jump_the_bullet (Wechnia)
2. Ruritsu (Cream)
3. Viccica (Marine)
4. Hufsa (Bomb)
5. Makilaz (Angel)
6. tupacodaman (Ray, wolfkilled Night 2)
7. iluswirl (Fang)
8. rzr (Mal, wolfkilled Night 1)
9. TC_Cyrenics (Vector)
10. Bolth_mannn (Knuckles)
11. Gun92 (Leylia)
12. FictionJunction (Espio)
13. emerald000 (Charmy)
14. Litodude (Heavy)
15. mattc16 (Jet)
16. sc979 (Mighty)

Host Comments:
A combination of sickness, disinterest and inactivity brought this game down.
Yes, I could have passed on the game to someone else, but at the time I didn't see anyone else who could handle it.


TWG LXXXIII: Screw Game Titles
Postgame thread

Hosted by: u84
Wolves Win

1. Litodude (Human, lynched Day 3)
2. AC1speakerbox* (Human, lost at endgame)
3. Bolth_mannn (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
4. pntballa18 (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
5. jwcgator (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
6. RedHerring (Human, lynched Day 4)
7. tupacodaman (Seer, wolfkilled Night 4)
8. TC_Cyrenics (Guardian, lynched Day 1 – KitB with bolth_mannn)
9. Gun92 (Wolf, won at endgame)
10. rzr (Human, lynched Day 5)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
12. travman301 (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
13. Makilaz** (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
*Replaced iluswirl Day Four
**Replaced clarinet89 Day Three

Host Comments:
No host comments given. This is a pretty silly game to read... wolves won mainly through inactivity more than anything else. Shame on TC for never coming to tupac as the Guard, leading to his lynch.


TWG LXXXIV: They're on a boat
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Wolves Win
MVP: argo15

1. tupacodaman (Human, lost at endgame)
2. iluswirl (Human, lost at endgame)
3. RedHerring (Human, lynched Day 4)
4. sc979 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
5. AC1speakerbox (Wolf, won at endgame)
6. argo15 (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
7. hoochan* (Human, lynched Day 2)
8. Isosceles (Psychic, lynched Day 5)
9. freakysnots (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
10. SangeKusanagi (Wolf, won at endgame)
11. Temote (Human, lost at endgame)
12. Bolth_mannn (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
13. FictionJunction (Human, Wolfkilled Night Two)
14. travman301 (Human, Lynched Day One)
15. pntballa18 (Guardian, Wolfkilled Night Three)
16. jwcgator (Seer, Wolfkilled Night Four)
*Replaced Gun92 Day One

Host Comments:
individual player analysis

1. Tupacodaman (tupacodaman) - human - you played mediocre compared to a lot of the games i see you play. Also not sure why you decided to ignore the psychic reading. If there was a wolf pretending to be psychic, jwc would have handled the counterclaims. There were none, thus iso was the legit psychic.

2. Iluswirl (iluswirl) - human - outside of the post where you defended yourself, you didn't post one idea, suggestion, or even a post longer than 2 lines anywhere in the game. This was a subpar performance from you.

3. Redherring (falseclues) - human - i'll recognize you're fairly new to the game and comment from that viewpoint. Personally i found you to be suspicious most of the game, you need to be careful with how your votes look. Often it looked like you were bandwagoning lynches (to quote you: Wolves love instas), and not collecting evidence of your own. Not keeping logs doesn't make you a wolf, but you were generally suspicious most of the game. (i actually had to re-check the playerlilst twice during the game to see if you were a wolf or not.) on the plus side i thought your defense was good, maybe not as solid as it could be with experience, but at least you tried, which is more then several people in this game.

4. Sc979 (sam97379) - human - night one wolvings suck. Fair warning, next time you post game related info in an after death post its a game ban. Anything game-related can't be posted period whether it be real fake or stupid. It could adversely affect the game.

5. Ac1speakerbox (ac1colossus) - wolf - your activity level was very good, that made me happy. You got really angry when argo called you out, which i would have interpenetrated as nervousness and lynched you for it, but nobody picked up on it.

6. Argo15 (argo1516) - human - quite at first, but you did indeed call all the wolves by the end of the game. Log checking only works if everyone keeps logs, which i why you offed red, still though you brought the game almost back to a winnable situation. You probably could have done so with a little more support (see iso)

7. Gun92 (james92hofmann) - hoochan - human - gun had to sub out early, but hoochan came in guns blazing, just in the wrong direction. (don't point guns at the seer especially if theres no counterclaims). Freaky threw some oil on the fire and you got lynched fast.

8. Isosceles (dwaynejr1127) - psychic - at the end of the game, you should have thrown your full weight behind argo if you believed him. He needed the extra support, and your role was useless by that point anyway (should another human be lynched the game would be over, if the game wasn't over you got a wolf). Had you supported argo, i really do think this could have been turned into a last second human victory.

9. Freakysnots (freakysnots) - master wolf - freaky dominated this game, good discernment catching jwc's "slip up blue reveal" and calling pnt as a blue, as well as generally calling the shots for the entire wolf team. Had argo not come on so right at the end of the game, freaky would be mvp.

10. Sangekusanagi (gameguy81592) - wolf - you and bolth were both too inactive for my taste. I've always thought winning means less if you don't have to work for it.

11. Temote (sumote) - human - i kinda was hoping for more posts from you. You've got the reasoning skills, but you keep your thoughts to yourself. Your thoughts aren't as beneficial if only you know them.

12. Bolth mannn (bolthmannn) - wolf - you and sange were both too inactive for my taste. I've always thought winning means less if you don't have to work for it.

13. Fictionjunction (fikshonjunkshon) - human - got wolved early as well. Your posts were quality though and on target.

14. Travman301 (rbennie362) - human - you got d1 bandwagoned over nothing, i do think you could have gotten that off of you had you tried harder.

15. Pntballa18 (merlonfan28) - guardian - for the days you were alive i thought you played well. You picked up on redherring quicker than i would have (even though he wasn't a wolf).

16. Jwcgator (jwcgator2) - seer - you managed to hit wolves on 2/3 seer attempts, which is pretty damn good. Just unlucky that you hit the master wolf on night 2. Probably not a good idea to comment on blues though, or at least give people the impression someone's a blue. Thats how pnt died.

Mvp goes to argo15
--- for calling all the wolves before the end of game. Had the humans listened to you, you certainly had the potential to turn this game around. Unfortunately, you either didn't get established enough to accumulate a following, or freaky substantially undermined your efforts. Iso should have come out in full support of you at that point since he was basically useless from then on.


TWG LXXXV: Blood Alliance
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Temote
Humans Win
MVP: tupacodaman, flawofhumanity & Spyke_MH

1. Spyke_MH (Guardian, Wolfkilled Night Five)
2. DotKritic* (Human, Wolfkilled Night Two)
3. tupacodaman (Mafia, Lynched Day Four)
4. Gun92 (Human, Lynched Day Two)
5. emerald000 (Seer, Mafiakilled Night One)
6. RedHerring (Coroner, Won at Endgame)
7. AC1speakerbox (Human, Lynched Day Five)
8. sc979 (Detective, Won at Endgame)
9. RawrInc (Wolf, Lynched Day Six)
10. Viccica (Human, Lynched Day Three)
11. flawofhumanity (Wolf, Lynched Day Seven)
12. argo15 (Human, Won at Endgame)
13. Ruritsu (Human, Wolfkilled Night Four)
14. GamerShadow (Psychic, Won at Endgame)
15. iluswirl (Human, Mafiakilled Night Three)
16. rzr (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
17. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Mafia, Lynched via KitB with Gun92 Day One)
*Replaced Bolth_mannn Day One

Host Comments:
That was a lot of fun to watch. Kinda feel like the end of the game dragged on, though. I'm surprised more people didn't side with BDN day one. I would've. Most of the players seemed to be doing well from what I could see.


TWG LXXXVI: Maniac Mansion
Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox
Humans Win
Co-Winners: emerald000
MVP: sc979

1. tupacodaman (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
2. clarinet89 (Power Seer, wolfkilled Night 3, revived Day 3, wolfkilled Night 4)
3. Argo15 (Ritualist, died after reviving Clarinet89 Day 3)
4. rzr (Timeless One, lynched Day 3, died Night 4)
5. freakysnots (One-Armed Vigi, Lynched Day 1)
6. iluswirl (Wolf Mute, Lynched Day 2)
7. u84 (Corrupt Savior, lynched Day 4 – KitB with Makilaz)
8. Gun92 (Lynchbane, engulfed by Makilaz Day 1)
9. Makilaz (Lost Soul, Special Note*¹)
10. DarkManticoreX2 (Phantom Keeper, wolfkilled Night 1)
11. Viccica (Savior, wolfkilled Night 5)
12. massflavour (Vampiric Wolf, Vigi'd Night 1)
13. sc979 (Midnight Master, lynched Day 5)
14. emerald000*² (Loner, won at endgame)
15. AC1speakerbox (Human, Special Note*³)
(1) After Engulfing Gun92 Day One, became Lynchbane. Won at Endgame
(2) Replaced Brilliant Dynamite Neon Day Four
(3) After Viccica was killed Night Five, was Saved by her and became the Seer. Won at Endgame

Host Comments:
Other host comments: Was very surprised sc made it through most of the game with such a ****ty role. You guys are way more revealing of your roles than I thought you would be, so that turned out to be the downfall of some of you.


TWG LXXXVII: Cloverfield
Postgame thread

Hosted by: clarinet89
Humans Win
MVP: iggymatrixcounter

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 2)
2. emerald000 (Master Wolf, lynched Day 2)
3. iggymatrixcounter (Seer, won at endgame)
4. Gun92 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
5. FictionJunction (Human, won at endgame)
6. Temote (Human, won at endgame)
7. Bolth mannn (Wolf, killed with Shotgun Night 3)
8. Viccica (Guard, won at endgame)
9. Afrobean (Human, won at endgame)
10. Makilaz (Human, won at endgame)
11. Litodude (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
12. RedHerring (Human, won at endgame)
13. AC1speakerbox (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
14. Roundbox (Human, won at endgame)
15. Ruritsu (Human, won at endgame)
16. A2P* (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
*Replaced freakysnots Day Two

Host Comments:
mvp - iggy for seering a wolf n2, and getting the other three lyched and vigi'd.
Lvp - none! You all played a wonderful game! Good job!
- dishonorable mention: Fic did almost break up the human alliance though.


TWG LXXXVIII: Manti's Metroid Madness
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Wolves Win
MVP: iggymatrixcounter

1. pntballa18 (Human, lynched Day 1)
2. RedHerring (Human, lynched Day 4)
3. Clarinet89 (Human, lynched Day 3 – KitB with RedHerring)
4. Makilaz (Human, killed Night 4)
5. A2P (Rundas, Lost at Endgame)
6. emerald000 (Human, lynched Day 6)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Dark Samus, won at endgame)
8. Ruritsu*¹ (Phazon Spawner, won at endgame)
9. Syhto (Metroid Mason, killed Night 3)
10. Roundbox (Gandrayda, lost at endgame)
11. TC Cyrenics*² (Human, lynched Day 2)
12. Spyke MH (Human, killed Night 2)
13. Tupacodaman (Commando Pirate, won at endgame)
14. Viccica*³ (Metroid Mason, killed Night 4)
15. Litodude (Human, killed Night 1)
16. Sullyman2007 (Metroid Mason, killed Night 7)
17. MrGiggles (Human, lost at endgame)
18. Iluswirl (Samus Aran, killed Night 6)
19. sc979 (Human, lynched Day 5)
20. Gun92 (Human, killed Night 1)
(1) Replaced Brilliant Dynamite Neon D4
(2) Replaced Massflavour D1
(3) Replaced MrRubix D3

Host Comments:
Some of my thoughts over the course of the game:

Luckiest seer switch ever for roundbox, goes from seering MW and being corrupted to hitting the most important role in the game
Oh God RoundBox seered the spawner night 1 game's already messed up
Did Lito say something to get both teams after him????
Lol Roundbox killed Gun with the bombing
LMFAO first game ever where a seered wolf gets to keep living for a possible long time xD
Apparently Syhto has a decent plan set up, but Rubix is going to go bash down the front door
A2P Rubix contact. I'm interested to see how they plan on getting around Dark Samus
MrGiggles is going to intentionally become corrupted wtf?
Oh he doesn't get that the wolves have absolute control over the slaves. That is if they contact him. He's probably wtfing right now
Haha I like Mrgiggles, he plays his role properly. He's going to be forced to spill his info if the wolves ask for it
Wolves should approach Giggles with BDN since it's obvious BDN's already been see"red". They get giggles' info and a free slave for no loss
Kinda pissed at BDN, He got the best role in the entire game and has been really mishandeling it. Late votings, nearly missing bombings
Rubix is doing his own thing, Syhto is pissed off at him since he's not listening to her
Wonder where all my night 2 PMs are at.
Oh there they are, BDN saved by Iggy, Metroids are in with the humans apparently
Metroids saved MrGiggles
Shame BDN isn't active, they never made contact with MrGiggles
I'm thinking the wolves should give BDN to the metroids at this point, (woulda been better n2) The metroids are really complicating things for them
interesting, the wolves think roundbox/sully/rubix are the metroids because tupac seered gandrayda when she was a metroid
Bwahahaha BDN decided to try to convert the metroids to the wolf side and he came out to roundbox (Gandrayda)
Ohhhh nice ploy there BDN/Iggy throwing tupac in with the wanted people to attack on the metroid team
A2P is getting roundbox to turn into a guard to guard the guard chain line protection. Good strategy
A2P is letting BDN live too long. Kill the metroids now. Lynch one and freeze the last during the night Then lynch BDN D4
As alliance head, A2P needs to get the show moving. Things are stagnating and that’s helping the wolves
Oh **** Roundbox seered Iggy. Humans are in major trouble now. Roundbox can give up all the info the humans have.
Metroids hit BDN first, thus canceling their second attack I wonder why sully attacked roundbox. Makes me think there's been some cheating going on.
Iggy just realized the power of the spawner, and the power of bombings. Had he known that earlier, the wolves might have won by now. (d4)


TWG LXXXIX: Simplicity
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Makilaz
Wolves Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2
LVP: Entire Human Team

1. travman301*¹ (Wolf, won at endgame)
2. AC1speakerbox (Human, lynched Day 1)
3. clarinet89 (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
4. Afrobean (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 4)
5. DarkManticoreX2 (Wolf, won at endgame)
6. FictionJunction (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
7. Syhto (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
8. A2P (Human, lynched Day 3)
9. Ruritsu (Human, lost at endgame)
10. u84 (Wolf, won at endgame)
11. sc979 (Human, lost at endgame)
12. Viccica (Human, lost at endgame)
13. emerald000 (Human, lost at endgame)
14. Tupacodaman*² (Human, lynched Day 2)
15. Panda Express*³ (Human, lynched Day 4)
16. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Seer, wolfkilled Night 1)
(1) Replaced Gun92 Night 4
(2) Replaced Bolth mannn Day 1
(3) Replaced Sullyman2007 Day 1

Host Comments:
You guys are far too dependent on the usual blue alliance to hold your hand, and I'm not afraid to say most of you suck as greens. This game is NOT about being a sheep, and waiting for people to play the damn game for you. Greens can figure out wolves too.

Night One
DarkManticoreX2 Wolfkills Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Afrobean gets PM that four Wolves are alive

Day One
AC1speakerbox is Lynched

Night Two
u84 Wolfkills Syhto
Afrobean gets PM that four Wolves are alive

Day Two
Tupacodaman is Lynched

Night Three
clarinet89 Wolfkills FictionJunction
Afrobean gets PM that four Wolves are alive

Day Three
A2P is Lynched

Night Four
DarkManticoreX2 Wolfkills Afrobean

Day Four
Panda Express is Lynched
Wolves Win


TWG XC: Deja Vu
Postgame thread

Hosted by: clarinet89
Wolves Win
MVP: Syhto
LVP: Everyone else excluding FictionJunction, Afrobean and DarkManticoreX2

1. Viccica (Wolf, won at endgame)
2. Panda Express (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
3. FictionJunction (Human, lost at endgame)
4. FreezinIce (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
5. Makilaz (Human, lynched Day 3)
6. tupacodaman (Human, lost at endgame)
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 1)
8. Afrobean (Human, lost at endgame)
9. Ruritsu (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
10. Emerald000 (Human, lynched Day 2)
11. sc979 (Human, lost at endgame)
12. jwcgator*¹ (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
13. Gun92 (Human, lynched Day 1)
14. A2P*² (Wolf, won at endgame)
15. u84*³ (Seer, lynched Day 4)
16. Syhto (Wolf, won at endgame)
(1) Replaced Brilliant Dynamite Neon Day 2
(2) Replaced freakysnots Day 1
(3) Replaced RedHerring Night 1

Host Comments:
MVP - syhto for being active throughout the entire game, faking psychic, and getting the pressure off of you during the last day, also, providing the means necessary to lynch the seer.

LVP - EVERYONE ELSE! This includes wolves and humans (but not manti, since he didnt really get a chance to play for real). BE ACTIVE DAMMIT! If you're going to sign up for a game or sub in, make sure that you will be able to put some time into it, otherwise this ****storm will happen every time! Also, the humans need to get their acts together. This is two games in a row where there was a clean sweep. Afro and fic do get gold stars though for being active and not following everyone else.


TWG XCI: Waned Lichens
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Syhto
Cancelled Game
MVP: –

1. FictionJunction (Human)
2. FreezinIce (Human)
3. A2P (Human)
4. Afrobean (Human)
5. Litodude (Wolf)
6. freakysnots (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
7. devonin (Guardian)
8. tupacodaman (Human)
9. Emerald000 (Human)
10. DarkManticoreX2 (Human)
11. Gun92 (Wolf)
12. u84 (Wolf)
13. iggymatrixcounter (Human)
14. Makilaz (Human)
15. Temote (Human)
16. Viccica (Human)

Host Comments:
Basically, this game was discontinued because of the forum issues. It was getting ridiculous.


TWG XCII: An Excursion into the Oni's Mansion
Postgame thread

Hosted by: James May
Cancelled Game
MVP: Gun92 & travman301
LVP: Sage of the Forest

1. travman301 (Fake Oni)
2. Zoshi (Fake Oni)
3. rzr (Blockman Oni, lynched Day 2)
4. Bynary Fission (Human, killed by Onis Night 1)
5. cedolad (Human)
6. Sage of the Forest (Guardian)
7. Krauthammer (Human)
8. Viccica (Seer, kidnapped Night 1, released Night 2)
9. freakysnots (Shadow Oni)
10. Vote for Courtney! (Fake Oni)
11. j-rodd123* (Psychic, lynched Day 1)
12. Gun92 (Regular Oni)
*IDC if he's InternetFamous in this game, and combining accounts helps me out, so yeah

Host Comments:
This game was broken.


TWG XCIII: ~FFRception~
Postgame Thread

Hosted by: j-rodd123
Wolves Win
MVP: One Winged Angel

1. (Zoshi*) freakyboogers (j-rodd123, suicided Day 1)
2. (Netjet!) Vote for Pedro! (Tasselfoot, won at endgame)
3. (Gun92) Stood-E (MrRubix, won at endgame)
4. (One Winged Angel) LightManticoreX3 (OneHandNow, won at endgame)
5. (DarkManticoreX2) Singular Fission (Shashakiro, wolfkilled Night 2, revived Day 2 [Became Vanilla Town as a result of revival], killed Day 2)
6. (Viccica) Knife92 (Velocity, lost at endgame)
7. (travman301) cedolass (bmah, stepped on a mine Day 2)
8. (freakysnots) JetNet! (Synthlight, wolfkilled Night 1)
9. (James May) Zoshi420 (DossarLX ODI, killed by explosion Day 2)
10. (MracY) Acicciv (GuidoHunter, killed by explosion Day 1)
11. (PriestREA) danceMAN117 (stretchypanda, Vigi'd Night 2)
12. (Bynary Fission) HammerKraut (samurai7694, lynched Day 2)
13. (Krauthammer) Two Winged Hater (Chauster, Vigi'd Night 1)
14. (Stoody) MracisT (jimerax, lynched Day 2)
15. (cedolad) Travboy69 (aperson, lost at endgame)
16. (dAnceguy117) Monk665* (Attractive, killed by Poison Dart d2, lost)
17. (Vote for Courtney!) Mames Jay (dAnceguy117, survived and lost)
*Replaced stoody Day One
**The account for Monk666 was broken somehow, so Monk665 was created and implemented Day Two

Host Comments:
there were different themes for each day, we didn't even get to harry potter day

Anyways, the game was imbalanced towards wolves at the beginning, after the suicide for the following day they were given 1.7x votes and a 50% vig which luckily hit. They chose Mames Jay for a mystery event, which turned out to be bird speak. They also chose to poison him which was cured after his poem with at least 4 reads in it gained him a 50% chance of survival.

No roleblock was submitted night 1, no guard night 2, no search for names night 2.

wolves luckily hit the full seer (freakysnots night 1).

the other village vig died which gave manti full vig powers.

Land mine hidden on post 150, this was sent to the mech seer who had options to tell people about it but never replied. He also found out that either Mames Jay or Stood-E was a wolf, and following Mames' death it was a confirmed wolf for the village if he had ever come back. Also Bynary never even defended himself and just died.

Vic did a good job villaging, and so did MracY who got unlucky with the suicide hit so nice.

Unfortunately inactivity really bit everyone in the ass. Wolf team played well, Rob MVP of game.

Manti had some solid ideas after being revived, prolly another day woulda given him time to set up a plan.

Day 1 was supposed to be a slow day and there was no instas, until warp speed which occurred at the end of the phase.

the gimmick accounts were meant to be confusing and AIM would completely defeat the purpose of them, so i thought thread talk would pick up. Day 1 seemed very promising but then the game sort of just died and wolves had a cake walk to victory


TWG XCIV: Old Blood
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJar
Humans Win

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Guardian, won at endgame)
2. j-rodd123 (Human, won at endgame)
3. One Winged Angel (One-Shot Seer, won at endgame)
4. Zoshi (1-Shot Guardian*, won at endgame)
5. Tps222 (Mason, won at endgame)
6. Gun92 (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
7. James May (Roleblocker, won at endgame)
8. Vendetta21 (Human, modkilled Day 3)
9. freakysnots (Human, won at endgame)
10. meno_rocks123 (Human, won at endgame)
11. Viccica (Mason, wolf the game)
12. Krauthammer (Master Wolf, modkilled Day 1)
13. Syhto (Wolf Roleblocker, lynched Day 3)
*Recieved PM of Full Guard, was rectified as One-Shot Guard Day 3
**Both modkills occurred for the following reason: posting in Mod Font

Host Comments:
so i'm super frustrated about a lot of things, mostly because this game had so much potential.

first, i should have definitely put warning for posting in my blue, not modkill, because yeah accidents happen. i just honestly didnt think it would be a problem.

there goes the master wolf, there goes the game.

next: gun and syhto didnt send in anything nights one or two. finally syhto sent in a block and kill on night three , but zoshi pulled out the guard.

humans did not earn this game. this game was thrown.

the thing that makes it so frustrating to me, is that this is by far one of the most active games i've seen in years, and there was a lot of really good stuff going on in thread.

my mistake with zoshi didnt really do anything but prove him innocent, which i am fine with because syhto had no chance at that point, and had zoshi claimed guard earlier, syhto would have already been prime suspect numero uno.

anyways, i want to host another c9++ in the near future, because like i said, activity this game was unparalleled, and that makes me happy.


TWG XCV: Nobody messes with the frog, see
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJar
Serial Killer Wins
MVP: Freakysnots

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Vanilla Townie, murdered Night 1)
2. Tps222 (Mafia Goon, murdered Night 2)
3. Viccica (Vanilla Townie, murdered Night 3)
4. dAnceguy117 (Mafia Roleblocker, lynched Day 1)
5. meno_rocks123* (Vanilla Townie, lost at endgame)
6. Zoshi (Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 4)
7. j-rodd123 (One-Shot Roleblocker, murdered Night 4)
8. Vendetta21 (Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 5)
9. freakysnots (Serial Killer, won at endgame)
10. Crazyjayde (Doctor, wolfkilled Night 1)
11. AC1speakerbox (Mafia Goon, lynched Day 3)
12. cedolad (One-shot Vigilante, Wolfkilled Night 2)
13. yo man im awesome (Roleblocker, lynched Day 2)
*Replaced James May on Day Two

Host Comments:
A lot of really good activity day one and two, i flinched when AC1 made that "but the mafia have a roleblocker" post, and freaky is the only candidate for MVP. he manipulated his way to victory.

i think if this game hadnt been so close to the last one we probably would have had more sustained activity, but still a good game.

Day One
dAnceguy117 is lynched

Night One
AC1speakerbox Wolfkills Crazyjayde
Crazyjayde Guards DarkManticoreX2
Freakysnots Executes DarkManticoreX2 (the kill supercedes the doctoring)

Day Two
yo man im awesome is Lynched

Night Two
cedolad Vigilante-kills Vendetta21
AC1speakerbox Wolfkills cedolad (the wolfkill supercedes the vigilante-kill)
j-rodd123 Roleblocks Viccica
freakysnots executes Tps222

Day Three
AC1speakerbox is Lynched

Night Three
freakysnots Executes Viccica

Day Four
Zoshi is Lynched

Night Four
freakysnots Executes j-rodd123

Day Five
Vendetta21 is lynched
Serial Killer (freakysnots) Wins


TWG XCVI: The Challenge Board
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Krauthammer
Nonstandard Game Blue Team Victory
MVP: Vote for Courtney!

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Blue King, won at endgame)
2. Zoshi (Red King, lost at endgame)
3. Vendetta21 (Green Knight, lynched Day 1 – KitB with Zoshi)
4. yo man im awesome (Red Baron, killed by Vendetta21 Night 1)
5. Viccica (Green Wizard, killed by YoshL Night 3)
6. Sage of the Forest (Blue Baron, killed by Viccica Night 2, revived by Vote For Courtney! Night 3, won at endgame)
7. Tps222 (Red Knight, killed by Viccica Night 2)
8. Netjet! (Purple Knight, lost at endgame)
9. YoshL (Purple Wizard, lynched Day 4)
10. dAnceguy117 (Blue Wizard, killed by FoJar Night 1, revived by Sage of the Forest on Night 2, won at endgame)
11. James May (Purple Baron, promoted to King by YoshL Day 2, Lynched Day 2, self-revived Night 3, Lynched Day 3)
12. FoJar (Green King, killed by YoshL Night 3)
13. travman301 (Purple King, killed by FoJar Night 2)
14. pokelda (Green Baron, killed by yo man im awesome Night 3)
15. Vote For Courtney! (Blue Knight, self-promoted to a Blue King Night 2, won at Endgame)
16. CharlesClaythorne (Red Wizard, killed by FoJaR Night 1)

Host Comments:
Well well, the winners this time were the Blue Team. Courtney set the bases, and then Sage and Manticore contributed to ensure the win. I was glad to see the amount of discussion that happened, at least that is what I glimpsed from PMs, including one that was sent and discussed a plan. Excellent game, you four!

You got second place because NetJet sent a PM, dur hurr. But no, you got second place because, despite travman's inactivity in all senses, you managed to give the Blue Team a good fight, if not by countering effectively the winners' plans, you still were a significant setback to everything.

The early deaths of half the team gave a severe setback to the team. Zoshi made a valiant effort to pursue the team's goals, but was brought down by the combined efforts of the rest of the teams. Oh well.

The team showed some promise until its sudden death in Night 3. A confusion with the guarding squares were the doom of the team.


TWG XCVII: The Flame War (Real Version)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Wolves Win
MVP: j-rodd123 and Tps222

1. j-rodd123 (Arsonist Roleblocker, won at endgame)
2. yo man im awesome (Townsfolk, lynched Day 5)
3. cedolad (Police, burned Night 5)
4. Xiz (Townsfolk, burned Night 3)
5. James May (Police, lost at endgame)
6. Viccica (Firefighter, lynched Day 4)
7. Netjet! (Arsonist, lynched Day 1)
8. dAnceguy117 (Townsfolk, burned Night 4)
9. Sage of the Forest* (Townsfolk, lynched Day 2)
10. Krauthammer (Townsfolk, lynched Day 3)
11. Vendetta21 (Townsfolk, lost at endgame)
12. Tps222 (Arsonist, won the game)
*Replaced Zoshi Day Two

List of Buildings
Library (Burned Night Two)
Bar (Burned Night Four)
Grocery Store (Burned Night Five)
Hospital (Burned Night One)
Shack (Burned Night Three)

Host Comments:

MVP can't decide between j-rodd and TPS. Final play in both claiming fireman was superb, j-rodd was pretty convincing in being wolfy at the end to avoid lynching the actual final arsonist (not roleblocker)


TWG XCVIII: A bunch of people in a room playing mafia
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJar
Wolves Win
MVP: DrizzleRomanceGirl and yo man im awesome

1. Yoshl (Innocent Child, wolfkilled Night 3)
2. Krauthammer (Townie, lost at endgame)
3. yo man im awesome (Mafia Roleblocker, won at endgame)
4. Vendetta21 (Townie, modkilled* Day 2)
5. Xiz (Mafia Godfather, lynched Day 3)
6. dAnceguy117 (Vigilante, wolfkilled Night 1)
7. FictionJunction** (Townie, modkilled* Day 2)
8. James May (Townie, lynched Day 1)
9. DarkManticoreX2 (Cop, lost at endgame)
10. Tps222 (Townie, lynched Day 4)
11. drizzleRomanceGirl (Mafia Goon, won at endgame)
12. Viccica (Townie, lost at endgame)
13. evanescence_death4ever (Townie, wolfkilled Night 2)
*Both players were modkilled for the following reason: OOT in an ITT only game.
**FictionJunction replaced j-rodd123 on Day One

Host Comments:
Blue powers were a non-factor; vigi was killed Night 1, cop was blocked all nights, and the town didn't do a great job of rallying behind the innocent child.

V texted Fiction and burned a day phase in a failed suicide bomb attempt. Manti posted a clever wolfclaim late in the game, but a convincing reaction from YMIA put the wolves in a strong position to win.

Consistent bussing between wolves covered their own tracks, and two errant human votes led to a game-clinching quickhammer.
Day One
j-rodd123 is replaced by FictionJunction
James May is Lynched

Night One
Xiz wolfkills dAnceguy
yo man im awesome blocks DarkManticoreX2
DarkManticoreX2 investigates Xiz (is blocked by yo man im awesome)

Day Two
FictionJunction and Vendetta21 are modkilled (ends the phase)

Night Two
Xiz wolfkills evanescence_death4ever
yo man im awesome blocks DarkManticoreX2
DarkManticoreX2 investigates Xiz (is blocked by yo man im awesome)

Day Three
Xiz is lynched

Night Three
yo man im awesome wolfkills Yoshl
yo man im awesome blocks DarkManticoreX2
DarkManticoreX2 investigates Xiz (is blocked by yo man im awesome)

Day Four
TPS222 is lynched


TWG XCIX: Nearly Centennial
Postgame thread

Hosted by: yo man im awesome
Game Cancelled
MVP: FictionJunction
LVP: yo man im awesome

1. James May (Master Wolf, lynched Day 1)
2. dAnceguy117 (Vanilla Townie, Vigilante-killed Night 1)
3. j-rodd123 (Vanilla Townie, Wolfkilled Night 1)
4. Dark_Chrysalis* (Wolf Goon)
5. Xiz (Wolf Goon)
6. Yoshl (Vanilla Townie)
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Vanilla Townie)
8. Krauthammer (Seer)
9. Tps222 (Vanilla Townie)
10. FictionJunction (Vanilla Townie)
11. cedolad (Vanilla Townie)
12. Netjet! (1-shot Vigilante)
13. Vendetta21** (Vanilla Townie)
*Dark_Chrysalis replaced u84 on Day One
**Vendetta21 replaced evanescence_death4ever on Day One

Host Comments:
Hey guys, I suck, that is all

Event Log:
Day One
Dark_Chrysalis replaced 87x and Vendetta21 replaces evanescence_death4evver (Players were given faulty PMs)
James May is lynched

Night One
Krauthammer seers Tps222 as Human
Netjet! vigilante-kills dAnceguy117
Wolves kill j-rodd123

Day Two
Game is cancelled due to significant host error


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Wolves Win
MVP: Xiz

1.twg1 (litodude) (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
2.twg2 (yo man im awesome) (Master Wolf, lynched Day 1)
3.twg3 (mellonxcollie) (Human, lost at endgame)
4.twg4 (TPS222) (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
5.twg5 (DarkManticoreX2) (Human, guessed incorrectly Day 4*¹)
6.twg6 (netjet!) (Miller, found out Day 1*²)
7.twg7 (Yoshl) (Wolf, won at endgame)
8.twg8 (evanescence_death4ever) (Human, lynched Day 3)
9.twg9 (dAnceguy117) (Seer, found out Night 2*³)
10.twg10 (pokelda) (Human, lost at endgame)
11.twg11 (Svaz) (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
12.twg12 (Xiz) (Wolf, won at endgame)
13.twg13 (freakysnots)*⁴ (Wolf, won at endgame)
14.twg14 (J-rodd123) (Human, lynched Day 2)
15.twg15 (Vendetta21) (Psychic, guessed incorrectly Day 1*⁵)
(1) Guessed incorrectly that twg13 (freakysnots) was Vendetta21
(2) Was killed by twg14 (J-rodd123)
(3) Was killed by twg12 (Xiz)
(4) freakysnots replaced Cedolad on Day Two
(5) Guessed incorrectly that twg14 (J-rodd123) was dAnceguy117

Host Comments:
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG CI: Fiction's Birthday Party
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Wolves Win
MVP: dAnceguy117

1. TPS222 (Party Guest, Lynched Day 4)
2. James May (Party Guest, Lost at Endgame)
3. J-rodd123 (Fiction's Mom, Blown Up Night 5)
4. Crazyjayde (Troublemaker, Lynched Day 5)
5. Pntballa18 (Party Guest, Lynched Day 1)
6. FictionJunction (Tattle Tale, Lynched Day 2)
7. dAnceguy117 (Good Guy Clown, Blown Up Night 4)
8. mellonxcollie (Party Guest, Lost at Endgame)
9. Vendetta21 (Party Pooper, Won at Endgame)
10. Yoshl (Eavesdropper, Blown Up Night 1)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (Super Jealous Bastard, Won at Endgame)
12. Charu (Party Guest, Lost at Endgame)
13. Svaz (Jealous Bastard, Won at Endgame)
14. Krauthammer (Jealous Bastard, Lynched Day 3)
15. pokelda (Pizza Guy, Wolfkilled Night 3)

Host Comments:
As everyone arrived at Fiction's birthday party, everything immediately started to go downhill as pretty much every blue role got either lynched or wolf killed early on. There wasn't much leadership on the human side as the reds just plowed through everyone nonstop. Things started to look better for the humans as one of the reds was lynched come day three, but by that time it was too late. The reds were able to control the game and even though there was perhaps the most activity in TWG history. MVP goes to Danceguy for a few reasons. Granted, he wasn't able to lead his human team to victory, but the amount of dedication and effort that was put into the game is something to model after.


TWG CII: 0rbs of Power
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Humans Win
MVP: J-rodd123

*Game was called in favor of human victory due to undeniable evidence of the two remaining wolves, procured via screenshot

1. TPS222 (Human, Vigilante-killed Night Two)
2. Xiz (Human, Won at Endgame)
3. thesunfan (Tracker, Wolfkilled Night Two)
4. J-rodd123 (Human, Won at Endgame)
5. freakysnots* (Human, Won at Endgame)
6. Krauthammer (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
7. yo man im awesome (Human, Won at Endgame)
8. Charu (Wolf, Lost at Endgame)
9. Netjet! (Wolf, Lynched Day One)
10. runescapedude1126 (Human, Won at Endgame)
11. Silvuh (Human, Won at Endgame)
12. dAnceguy117 (Human, Won at Endgame)
13. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Wolf, Lost at Endgame)
*Replaced cedolad Night Two

Host Comments:
Humans got off to a good early start in lynching Netjet!. The game fell apart when Jarrod/Xiz asked Bdn/Charu for Skype screenshots of the logs between them and the wolves couldn't counter the strategy in time. This may create a demand for a new rule attempting to ban screenshots of chatlogs from future games.


TWG CIII: New Players Welcome
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Silvuh
Wolves Win
MVP: Riotpolice & Krauthammer

1. Krauthammer (Enforcer, wolfkilled Night 3)
2. YoshL (Citizen, wolfkilled Night 2)
3. DarkManticoreX2 (Citizen, wolfkilled Night 1)
4. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Aide, Lost at Endgame)
5. runescapedude1126 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
6. thesunfan (Citizen, Lost at Endgame)
7. Xiz (Citizen, lynched Day 3)
8. jwcgator (Blue Miller, lynched Day 4)
9. Charu* (Citizen, lynched Day 2)
10. dAnceguy117** (Citizen, Wolfkilled Night 4)
11. DragonIIDX (Citizen, lynched Day 1)
12. Tokzic (Inspector, Lost at Endgame)
13. mellonxcollie (Wolf Shaman, Won at Endgame)
14. T-Force (Dr. Blocker, wolfkilled Night 5)
15. pntballa18 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
16. Riotpolice (Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
*Charu replaced TC_Halogen Day One
**dAnceguy replaced cedolad Night Two

Host Comments:
Right after Day One of the game, I realized ... wait, the wolves have to whittle down the humans one by one each day and night, with wolves possibly getting lynched during the day ... and the possibility of losing a wolf at night if the inspector catches one and vigis or the enforcer guards a target ... The earliest the wolves could win, if they don't lose any members and one human is killed each phase, would be after eight phases, after Day Four. They don't get any special kill like the humans do ... and there's a blue miller, but no red miller, so the wolves get the short end of that stick, too.

So I got disappointed when I felt the game wasn't balanced properly ... and that it ended up being only a fraction of the game I originally intended to play. It seemed like people didn't read the details of the game in the host sign-up thread ... I wanted more input from vets but didn't get any in the thread. I was talking with Xiz and he got Fiction to join in, and I pretty much just took his word for everything, because he has more experience with this than I do. At one point, I had the idea that, instead of silencing (which could be upsetting to people if they were hoping to post and are suddenly not allowed to, even though that was part of the point), I could just make it so where the silencing/paralyzing abilities would make the target's vote not count ... I don't know why I didn't just go with that. But what I had was too complicated or too detail-oriented or something that it just wouldn't be fun. ... Like I was thinking too much about the what-ifs of how the game could go.

What if the Enforcer had seered red to the Inspector as I had originally planned? The chances of the Inspector blowing up the Enforcer would be so low that it wouldn't even matter, apparently? But I took a way both of the green/blues who seered red—took out two handicaps for the humans—and replaced it with a handicap for the wolves. That doesn't sound balanced and all, and I don't know why I didn't see that right away. I should have posted my new game in the host sign-up thread first to get more comments on it there before making a player sign-up thread with a game that is quite different. But people didn't really seem to notice or just didn't care enough to comment on the changes? I don't know.

But people enjoyed the game, so, yay. Many yays for new players not getting a bad first impression~


TWG CIV: FFR Tournament - Reality Parallax
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Wolves Win

1. Riotpolice (Seer, lynched Day 4 – KitB with FoJar and Gradiant )
2. Xiz (Townie, lynched Day 1)
3. thesunfan (Silencer, wolfkilled Night 1)
4. Charu (Townie, wolfkilled Night 3)
5. dAnceguy117 (Red Miller, lynched Day 3)
6. Krauthammer* (Mason, Lost at Endgame)
7. Funnygurl555 (IP Sharer, Won at Endgame)
8. Silvuh (IP Sharer, Won at Endgame)
9. pntballa18** (Mason, wolfkilled Night 4)
10. mellonxcollie (Townie, Lost at Endgame)
11. James May (Townie, lynched Day 2)
12. Svaz (Townie, Lost at Endgame)
13. Gradiant (1-shot Vigilante, lynched Day 5)
14. yo man im awesome (Wolf Roleblocker, Vigi'd Night 2)
15. FoJar: (Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
*Replaced Netjet! Day One
**Replaced Vendetta21 Day One

Host Comments
Wolves rolled.

A gambit from Xiz and its misinterpretation led thesunfan to claim and form an alliance (good for humans) and to lynch Xiz (good for wolves). An accurate vigi shot determined by the hidden human alliance and sent by Gradiant kept the humans in the game. Seering the red miller burned another day phase for the humans, though, and a major lull in activity led to the seer being lynched in a KitB. One errant vote at LyLo gave the wolves an opportunity to swing votes briefly before the final day expired to secure the win.

The wolf team used a combination of lurking, convincing IM conversations, and in-thread distancing to get the job done.

Day One
Humans lynch Xiz

Night One
Riotpolice seers Gradiant
thesunfan elects not to voteblock
Wolves kill thesunfan

Day Two
Humans lynch James May

Night Two
Riotpolice seers dAnceguy117*
Gradiant vigikills YMIA**
*As dAnceguy was the miller, RP was given a red result for the seering
**The vigikill cancels the wolfkill for that same night

Day Three
Humans lynch dAnceguy117*
*Again, as dAnceguy117 was the miller, a red result was given for his cardflip

Night Three
Riotpolice seers Svaz
Wolves kill Charu

Day Four
Humans tie the vote between Riotpolice, Gradiant and FoJar
KitB lands on Riotpolice

Night Four
Wolves kill pntballa18

Day Five
Humans lynch Gradiant
Wolves win the game


TWG CV: Christmas in the clink
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJaR
Wolves Win
MVP: Vendetta21
LVP: Afrobean

1. Vendetta21 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
2. j-rodd123 (Human, Vigi'd Night 3)
3. dAnceguy117 (Human, lynched Day 4)
4. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Human, Lost at Endgame)
5. KgZ (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
6. DarkManticoreX2 (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
7. mellonxcollie (Human, lost at Endgame)
8. Tps222 (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
9. Xiz (Human, Vigi'd Night 1)
10. Charu (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
11. clasko1000 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
12. Yoshl* (Human, Lost at Endgame)
13. Litodude (Human, modkilled^ Day 3)
14. runescapedude1126 (Wolf, modkilled^ Day 3)
15. Afrobean** (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
16. thesunfan (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
17. Tokzic (Human, lynched Day 5)
18. yo man im awesome (Human, Lost at Endgame)
19. Guest15937 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
20. psychoangel691 (Human, shanked by bookie Day 2)
*Riotpolice was replaced by YoshL Twilight 2
**Gradiant was replaced by Afrobean Day 2
^Both Players were Modkilled for the following reason: Supreme Inactivity

Host Comments:
mvp V i guess, lvp afrobean, for insisting on lynch liars on principle, without thinking about what might win that game in particular.

way too many players in the game, should have been much smaller.

Twilight One
Vendetta21 trusted Brilliant Dynamite Neon
j-rodd123 betrayed Tps222 (received lynch immunity)
dAnceguy117 trusted Litodude (received vote enhancer)
Brilliant Dynamite Neon betrayed Vendetta21 (received vigi)
KgZ betrayed Riotpolice (received jailkeeper)
DarkManticoreX2 betrayed Gradiant (received take em down with you)
mellonxcollie betrayed Xiz
Tps222 trusted j-rodd123
Xiz betrayed mellonxcollie
Charu betrayed psychoangel691
clasko1000 betrayed runescapedude1126
Riotpolice trusted KgZ
Litodude trusted dAnceguy117
runescapedude1126 betrayed clasko1000
Gradiant trusted DarkManticoreX2
thesunfan trusted yo man im awesome
Tokzic (didn't submit, random) betrayed Guest15937
yo man im awesome betrayed thesunfan (received bodyguard)
Guest15937 betrayed Tokzic
psychoangel691 betrayed Charu

Night One
Xiz was vigikilled by Brilliant Dynamite Neon
clasko1000 was wolfkilled by Vendetta21

Day One
j-rodd123 was lynched (survived)

Twilight Two
Riotpolice was replaced by YoshL
Vendetta21 trusted Litodude
j-rodd123 trusted Guest15937
dAnceguy117 betrayed runescapedude1126
Brilliant Dynamite Neon trusted mellonxcollie
KgZ betrayed Charu (received one less to lynch)
DarkManticoreX2 betrayed thesunfan
mellonxcollie betrayed Brilliant Dynamite Neon (received booby trap)
Tps222 trusted psychoangel691
Charu trusted KgZ
YoshL betrayed yo man im awesome
Litodude betrayed Vendetta21 (received vote enhancer)
runescapedude1126 betrayed dAnceguy117
Gradiant betrayed Tokzic
thesunfan betrayed DarkManticoreX2
Tokzic betrayed Gradiant
yo man im awesome betrayed YoshL
Guest15937 betrayed j-rodd123 (sent anonymous note)
psychoangel691 betrayed Tps22 (lost gamble, 0 vote)

Night Two
thesunfan was wolfkilled by Vendetta21

Day Two
Gradiant was replaced by Afrobean
psychoangel691 was shanked by the bookie

Twilight Three
Vendetta21 trusted runescapedude1126
j-rodd123 trusted YoshL (sent anonymous note)
dAnceguy117 trusted Tokzic
Brilliant Dynamite Neon betrayed Charu (received vote removal)
KgZ trusted mellonxcollie
DarkManticoreX2 betrayed Litodude (received one less to lynch)
mellonxcollie betrayed KgZ (received untargetable)
Tps222 trusted Afrobean
Charu trusted Brilliant Dynamite Neon
YoshL trusted j-rodd123
Litodude (didn't submit, random) trusted DarkManticoreX2
runescapedude1126 trusted Vendetta21 (received lynch immunity)
Afrobean trusted Tps222 (received vigi)
Tokzic betrayed dAnceguy117 (received bulletproof)
yo man im awesome trusted Guest15937 (received tracker)
Guest15937 trusted yo man im awesome (received booby trap)

Night Three
j-rodd123 was vigikilled by Afrobean
Tps222 was wolfkilled by Vendetta21

Day Three
Litodude was modkilled
runescapedude1126 was modkilled
DarkManticoreX2 was lynched

Twilight Four
Vendetta21 trusted mellonxcollie
dAnceguy117 trusted YoshL
Brilliant Dynamite Neon trusted yo man im awesome
KgZ (didn't submit, random) trusted Afrobean
mellonxcollie betrayed Vendetta21 (received lynch immunity)
Charu trusted Tokzic
YoshL betrayed dAnceguy117 (received jailkeeper)
Afrobean betrayed KgZ (received mason with yo man im awesome)
Tokzic betrayed Charu (received take em down with you)
yo man im awesome betrayed Brilliant Dynamite Neon (received mason with Afrobean)
Guest15937 (no partner) retained power (booby trap)

Night Four
Charu was wolfkilled by Vendetta21

Day Four
dAnceguy117 was lynched

Twilight Five
Vendetta21 betrayed mellonxcollie
Brilliant Dynamite Neon betrayed Guest15937 (received seer)
KgZ (no partner)
mellonxcollie betrayed Vendetta21
YoshL betrayed yo man im awesome (received untargetable)
Afrobean betrayed Tokzic
Tokzic betrayed Afrobean
yo man im awesome trusted YoshL
Guest15937 trusted Brilliant Dynamite Neon

Night Five
Afrobean was wolfkilled by Vendetta21

Day Five
Tokzic was lynched
Wolves Win


TWG CVI: United Nations
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Wolves Win; Usurper Loss
MVP:TWG United States (psychoangel691)

1. TWG Argentina (j-rodd123)*¹ (Nation, Lost at Endgame)
2. TWG China (mellonxcollie) (Nation, Lynched Day One)
3. TWG Australia (Afrobean) (Nation, Guessed Incorrectly Day One†¹)
4. TWG Scotland (Xx{Fallen}xX)*² (Terrorist Nation,†² Won at Endgame)
5. TWG Germany (Gradiant) (Head Terrorist Nation, Won at Endgame
6. TWG Italy (Tps222) (Nation, Found Out Night Three)
7. TWG Canada (Yoshl) (Nation, Found Out Day Two)
8. TWG India (XelNya) (Nation, Lynched Day Three)
9. TWG Greece (Velocity)^ (Terrorist Nation, Modkilled Day One†³)
10. TWG England (Guest15937) (Mason, Lost at Endgame
11. TWG France (thesunfan) (Usurper Nation, Killed by Vengeful Nation Day Two; credited with a loss)
12. TWG Mexico (Emerald000) (Vengeful Nation, Lynched Day Two)
13. TWG Finland (MeaCulpa) (Paranoid Nation, Lost at Endgame)
14. TWG United States (psychoangel691) (Roleblocker Nation,†⁴ Won at Endgame)
15. TWG Spain (dAnceguy117) (Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Paranoia-Killed Night One†⁵)
16. TWG South Korea (TC_Halogen) (World Health Organization, Found Out Day One)
17. TWG Saudi Arabia (Vendetta21) (Nation, Found Out Day One)
18. TWG Israel (Charu) (Nation, Wolfkilled Night One)
19. TWG Egypt (Funnygurl555) (Mason, Found Out Night Three)
20. TWG Iran (DarkxManticoreX2) (Nation, Wolfkilled Night Two)

(1) Replaced TWG Brazil (yo man im awesome) Day Two
(2) Replaced TWG Sweden (KgZ) Day Two, who replaced TWG Japan (Untimely Friction) Day Three
(3) Replaced TWG Russia (FontSize72LOL) Day Three
(1) Guessed incorrectly that TWG France (thesunfan) was TC_Halogen Day One
(2) Guessed correctly that TWG Italy was TPS222 Night Three
(3) Guessed correctly that TWG South Korea was TC_Halogen Day One
(4) Guessed correctly that TWG Canada was Yoshl Day Two, Guessed correctly that TWG Egypt was Funnygurl555 Night Three
(5) Guessed correctly that TWG Saudi Arabia was Vendetta21 Day One
Offense – Contact via PM with a nonwolf Nation (TWG South Korea), Sharing of PMs with TWG Japan.

Actions Missing From Postgame:
Day One
TWG Greece correctly guesses that TWG South Korea is TC_Halogen
TWG Greece is modkilled
TWG Spain correctly guesses that TWG Saudi Arabia is Vendetta21
TWG Australia incorrectly guesses that TWG France (thesunfan) is TC_Halogen
TWG China is Lynched

Night One
TWG France wolfkills TWG Israel
TWG Spain seers TWG Russia as the Paranoid Nation, is killed
TWG United States Roleblocks TWG Germany

Day Two
TWG United States correctly guesses that TWG Canada is Yoshl
TWG Japan is replaced by TWG Sweden
TWG Mexico is Lynched
TWG Mexico vigilante-kills TWG France

Night Two
TWG Argentina replaces TWG Brazil
TWG United States wolfkills TWG Iran
TWG United States Roleblocks TWG Germany

Day Three
TWG Finland replaces TWG Russia
TWG Scotland replaces TWG Sweden
TWG India is lynched
TWG Argentina survives 25% of death due to low post count

Night Three
TWG United States correctly guesses that TWG Egypt is Funnygurl555
TWG Scotland correctly guesses that TWG Italy is TPS222
Wolves win

Host Comments:
Pretty much day 1 was a slaughter-fest. Everyone died. Then as day by day went, the humans got less and less powerful as the reds were able to control a majority of the green votes. Through some cunning plays, the reds were able to take a sweeping victory over the greens with two guess killings during night 3. Wolves win.


TWG CVII: Where da Wolves at? (C9++ Setup)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Charu
Humans Win
MVP: Silvuh

*Game was called in favor of Human Victory due to revealing of all anti-town roles
1. thesunfan (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
2. Velocity (Human, lynched Day 2)
3. James May (Roleblocker Wolf, murdered Night 1)
4. Silvuh (Seer, won at endgame)
5. dAnceguy117 (Human, murdered Night 2)
6. soramimi (Human, won at endgame)
7. Bynary Fission (One-Shot Vigilante, Lynched Day 1)
8. j-rodd123 (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
9. MeaCulpa (Guardian, murdered Night 3)
10. emerald000 (Human, Won at Endgame)
11. Yoshl (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
12. Crazyjayde* (Human, Won at Endgame)
13. cedolad (Serial Killer, lost by default)
*Replaced Psychoangel691 Day Two

Host Comments:
Actually had to think for who to give MVP to. Silvuh, I feel if you didn't come out as the seer and gave really good info, this game would've had probably ended in a different way. I feel you were the person that pretty much flipped this entire game and you played an amazing seer game.

Everyone else in this game did an amazing job as well. thesunfan, I thought you were a goner Day Two, but you proved that wrong as you somehow managed to slip by. I think j-rodd123 would've also kept on going if it wasn't for the seer. It looked like he had you guys fooled hard.

Also, I think recongnition should go to emerald000 and Velocity. Both of them had insane spot on reads. Velocity even had every wolf, the SK, and the seer figured out before he died.


TWG CVIII: Drekk's Revenge
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Tps222
Humans Win
MVP: dAnceguy117

1. Xiz (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
2. clasko1000 (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 3)
3. thesunfan*¹ (Human, won at endgame)
4. yo man im awesome (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
5. FunnyGurl555 (Master Wolf, lynched Day 6)
6. dAnceguy117*² (Human, won at endgame)
7. Guest15937 (Human, lynched Day 3)
8. T-Force (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
9. Afrobean (Human, won at endgame)
10. XelNya (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
11. mellonxcollie (Human, lynched Day 5)
12. Tokzic (Human, won at endgame)
13. James May*³ (Wolf Roleblocker, lynched Day 2)
14. FoJar (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 1)
15. Vendetta21 (Human, lynched Day 1)
16. DarkManticoreX2 (Seer, wolfkilled Night 6)
(1) Replaced AnkoAcid Night Two
(2) Replaced Snowcrafta Day Two
(3) Replaced TC_Halogen Day Two

Host Comments:
This was a great game everyone, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. FunnyGurl almost pulled off a miraculous finish, but Danceguy caught her in some great final day reads. For that, Danceguy is the MVP. Funnygurl is runner up and Manti is 3rd. Honorable mention to Afro for claiming Guardian when he knew it could only help his team and almost be impossible to use against him at that stage.


TWG CIX: Lames' Hosting a TWG Ball
Postgame thread

Hosted by: James May
Wolves Win
MVP: Xiz

1. Xiz (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
2. thesunfan (Human, Lynched Day One)
3. Bynary Fission (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
4. Clasko1000 (Human, Lynched Day Four)
5. Funnygurl555 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
6. Tps222 (Human, Lost at Endgame)
7. HansSky (Human, Lost at Endgame)
8. Charu (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
9. ___________ (Doctor, Wolfkilled Night Two)
10. JurseyRider734 (Human, Lost at Endgame)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, Lynched Day Three)
12. Guest15937Guest15937 (Jailkeeper, Wolfkilled Night Three)
13. XelNya (Human, Lynched Day Two)
14. T-Force (Human, Lost at Endgame)

Host Comments:
Comment: Town...I don't know what to say this game lol. Is my game cursed with the worst town plays? I mean, the oni game still takes the cake though :/


TWG CX: Matrix6: Reloaded
Postgame thread

Hosted by: cedolad & dAnceguy117
Wolves Win
MVP: Charu

1. thesunfan (Human, lost at endgame)
2. dAnceguy117 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
3. Yoshl (Human, lynched Day 3)
4. mellonxcollie (Guardian, lost at endgame)
5. Vendetta21 (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
6. yo man im awesome (Human, lynched Day 0)
7. FoJar (Tracker, wolfkilled Night 2)
8. Charu (Wolf, won at endgame)
9. Riotpolice (Human, lynched Day 2)

Host Comments:
- MVP award goes to Charu for an excellent wolf performance, you played a swell game buddy!

Player Evals in a moment~


TWG CXI: A Youtube Comments Page
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Vendetta21
Humans Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

1. iPatch (Mafia Roleblocker, lynched Day 3)
2. thesunfan (Vanilla Townie, wolfkilled Night 1)
3. HansSky (Serial Killer, lynched Day 4)
4. Crazyjayde (Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 2)
5. Bynary Fission (Vanilla Townie, Vigi'd Night 1)
6. cedolad (Vigilante, won at endgame)
7. DrizzleRomanceGirl (Vanilla Townie, double teamed by Wolves/Vigilante Night 2)
8. mellonxcollie (Cop, wolfkilled Night 3)
9. DarkManticoreX2 (Vanilla Townie, won at endgame)
10. Funnygurl555 (Vanilla Townie, murdered Night 1)
11. Guest15937 (Mafia Goon, vigi'd Night 3)
12. Tokzic* (Vanilla Townie, murdered Night 2)
13. T-Force (Mafia Goon, lynched Day 1)
*Replaced Xiz Day One

Host Comments:
Hans didn't shoot. Wolves played bad. Cedo and Manti clinched it, good job. Drg:this thread, a firehose:a fuel funnel.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. thesunfan (Human, Won at Endgame)
2. dAnceguy117 (One-Shot Vigilante, Won at Endgame)
3. ___________ (Human, Won at Endgame)
4. j-rodd123 (Bodyguard, Won at Endgame)
5. cedolad (Human, Won at Endgame)
6. Tokzic (Wolf, Lynched Day 0)
7. Funnygurl555 (Human, Won at Endgame)
8. Vendetta21 (Wolf, Vigi'd and/or gave up Night 1)
9. Yoshl (Human, Won at Endgame)

Host Comments:
A hard push from jrodd and a hammer from ___________ led to the early demise of Tokzic in Day 1.

With a strategy in place to use the nightkill-replacing vigi shot and confirm the two blues, V conceded instead of trying to play the game out with an extremely low chance of winning.


TWG CXIII: Capture
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Nonstandard Game
Red Team Wins
MVP: MeaCulpa

1. Riotpolice (Teal, survived to endgame, lost)
2. Emerald000 (Red, killed Day 1, WON)
3. Gradiant (Gray, killed Day 3, lost)
4. Charu (Black, killed Day 11, lost)
5. Guest15937 (Teal, killed Day 2, lost)
6. DarkManticoreX2 (Purple, killed Day 6, lost)
7. Bynary Fission (Pink, killed Day 9, lost)
8. XelNya* (Orange, killed Day 5, lost)
9. Clasko1000 (Purple, killed Day 6, lost)
10. MeaCulpa (Red, survived to endgame, WON)
11. mellonxcollie (Green, killed Day 10, lost)
12. T-Force (Blue, killed Day 13, lost)
13. soramimi (Orange, killed Day 12, lost)
14. HansSky (Pink, killed Day 8, lost)
15. Crazyjayde (Gray, killed Day 3, lost)
16. thesunfan (Yellow, killed Day 7, lost)
17. cedolad (Blue, killed Day 15, lost)
18. Funnygurl555 (Yellow, killed Day 4, lost)
19. ___________ (Green, survived to endgame, lost)
20. FictionJunction (Black, killed Day 14, lost)
*replaced James May Night 5

Host Comments:
In a game of chaos, this game perfectly represents how even your closest allies can not be trusted. The game started off in utter chaos, with no clear direction of who to trust, or where to go. Two major super powers arrose, you had thesunfan from yellow in one corner, and fiction representing black in the other. Many of those who lost their allies early such as Riotpolice from Teal and MeaCulpa from red were able to ally together and sat back as the major titans eventually took themselves out. Others such as cedolad from blue took the solo approach, where he contacted nobody throughout the entire game. In the end, there were three titans standing being MeaCulpa, _________, and RiotPolice. Being against the odds, MeaCulpa was able to ensure his teams victory, and even though loosing his partner Emerald000 day 1, still fought strong and to the end.


TWG CXIV: The Coronation of Xiv
Postgame thread

Hosted by: YoshL
Humans Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

1. DaBackpack (Vanilla Townie, won at endgame)
2. Xiz (Hider, killed by hiding behind Charu Night 1)
3. XelNya (Vanilla Townie, won at endgame)
4. Charu (Mafia JOAT, murdered Night 1)
5. cedolad (Vanilla Townie, modkilled^ Night 2)
6. DarkManticoreX2 (Tracker, won at endgame)
7. FreezinIce (Tracker, won at endgame)
8. Guest15397 (Mafia Goon, lynched Day 1)
9. lurker (Vanilla Townie, wolfkilled Night 1)
10. Gradiant (Tracker, murdered Night 2)
11. HansSky (Serial Killer, lynched Day 2)
12. Riotpolice (Mafia 1-Shot Bus Driver, lynched Day 0)
13. blindreper1179 (1-Shot Tracker, won at endgame)
^Offense: multiple instances of outside communication in an NOC game.

Host Comments:


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Wolves Win
MVP: James May

1. James May (Wolf Seer, survived to win)
2. Charles Claythorne (Wolf Seer, survived to win)
3. Riotpolice (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
4. Charu (Human, survived to loss)
5. DarkManticoreX2 (Human, lynched Day 3)
6. dAnceguy117 (Human, survived to loss)
7. Funnygurl555 (Wizard, lynched Day 2)
8. iluswirl (Human, survived to loss)
9. Gradiant (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
10. FreezinIce (Wizard, lynched Day 1)
11. blindreper1179 (Normal Wolf, survived to win)
12. ___________ (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)

Host Comments:
what a hilarious game.

MVP: James for what the fuck happened holy shit

no seriusly how many people lied about their cards in private because that's insane

Night 1:
Charles seered freezin.
James seered Manti
funny on James
freezin on Charles (both seerings blocked)

Night 2:
Charles seered Gradiant
James seered Manti again
funny bubbled Gradiant


TWG CXVI: The Very Danger Game – Revengeance
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win

1. Afrobean (Human, got the bomb Night 2, died Day 2)
2. TPS222 (Wolf, survived to win)
3. cedolad (Human, survived to loss)
4. DaBackpack (Human, lynched Day 1)
5. thesunfan (Human, got the bomb Night 1, died Day 1)
6. psychoangel691 (Human, caught the bomb on Day 2, died Day 3)
7. mellonxcollie (Human, lynched Day 3)
8. igotrhythm (Human, lynched Day 2)
9. FoJaR (Wolf, bombed Day 1)
10. Crazyjayde (Wolf, bombed Day 3)

Host Comments:
There was a failed first incarnation of this game where I hardcore fumbled an administrative decision. While my mistake was understandable, I handled the fallout pretty ineptly, which ended up compromising the game to the point where a re-roll was necessary, and several peolpe dropped out of the game. While people quickly stepped in to save it, I knew that the momentum that the game was building just couldn't be preserved. So while it was a neat concept that definitely proved workable, it wasn't played to its full potential and thus I'm not sure it was fun for everyone involved. So for that I'm really sorry. Perhaps we can run something like this again.

As for the actual game, I'd have to bestow the MVP award on TPS for really carrying his team during the fateful final hours.

Humans had a pretty good Day 1 in terms of discussion, even though they lynched a human DaBackpack, they bombed FoJaR in the first day. Unfortunately they dropped the ball somewhat during the second day, in which activity faltered and humans were targeted for both kills, which put them in an intractable situation on Day 3, where they had to both lynch and bomb the remaining wolves to win. Surprisingly, they almost did it: Crazyjayde had been nailed dead to rights at the end of D2 and there was no doubt that he was eating psychoangel's bomb, and Raeko even had caught TPS. Unfortunately, she didn't have the clout to push that lynch through and eventually the tide turned onto her, and TPS claimed a solo victory for the wolves.


TWG CXVII: General Hospital
Postgame thread

Hosted by: James May
Humans Win
MVPs: thesunfan/Funnygurl555

1. blindreper1179 (Mafia Goon, lynched Day 5)
2. Charu (VT, lynched Day 0)
3. Funnygurl555 (Mafia Doctor, lynched Day 2)
4. DarkManticoreX2 (Mafia Roleblocker, lynched Day 3)
5. thesunfan (VT, survived to win)
6. XelNya*¹ (VT, survived to win)
7. Xiz*² (VT, shot Night 3)
8. Gradiant (Doctor, shot Night 2)
9. yo man im awesome (VT, shot Night 4)
10. Charles Claythorne (Doctor, lynched Day 1)
11. ___________ (VT, shot Night 5)
12. FictionJunction (Doctor, shot Night 1)
13. MeaCulpa*³ (VT, lynched Day 4)
(1) Replaced Brilliant Dynamite Neon Day 1
(2) Replaced Riotpolice Day 0
(3) Replaced FreezinIce Day 0

Host Comments:
Finally town won...after all the docs died by Day 2 lmfao. Great comeback though tbh it should have ended Day 4. But a win is a win.


TWG CXVIII: But Who Are Ur Freinds, Really???
Postgame thread

Hosted by: dAnceguy117
Wolves Win
MVP: J-rodd123

1. Gradiant (Mason, wolfed Night 1)
2. XelNya* (Vanilla Human, lynched Day 3)
3. DarkManticoreX2(Vanilla Human, lynched Day 2)
4. yo man im awesome (Mason, wolfed Night 2)
5. YoshL (Vanilla Human, survived to loss)
6. j-rodd123 (Wolf, survived to win)
7. Xiz (Vanilla Human, lynched Day 1)
8. MrPopadopalis25 (Wolf, survived to win)
9. DaBackpack (Vanilla Human, survived to loss)
10. iluswirl (Vanilla Human, survived to loss)
11. Vendetta21 (Wolf, Won Day 4)
12. Charles Claythorne (Mason, wolfed Night 3)
13. lurker (Vanilla Human, lynched Day 4)
*Charu was replaced by XelNya at some unspecified venture

Host Comments:
Day 1: Three humans advocated masons claiming early. That seems like three humans too many. Two masons were outed during Day 1. Even among the dissenters, I'd say there was too much public speculation about the claims which took place. Xiz attracted a lot of attention due to an attempted reaction test and was lynched.

Day 2: Manti got heat I think because meta? Slack tip of the day: if Manti is UTR it means he's not interested in the game. Manti lynched.

Day 3: Charu broke his arm XelNya replaced him. His tone picked up a couple of cheap votes, and he was roped.

Day 4: Very interesting phase. lurker and DaBackpack both placed votes which opened the door for a quickhammer & wolf win, and then they both unvoted over 12 hours after the first vote was placed. lurker pieced just about everything together, but the town was unable to rally at this late juncture. lurker was hammered, and wolves won.


I think no OC, fairly short phases, and full majority required for lynch turned out to be a poor combination. The setup favored wolves due to this combo. In particular, I don't think our games should use that full majority rule. That one's on me. We should all be vigilant about checking these settings during host voting, though!

Masons outing themselves early drastically hurt the humans' chances. Most early suspicions were incorrect (which is not at all unusual), and masons dying each night phase made course correction nigh impossible. The wolf team did a great job of giving humans no reason to shine a spotlight on them.

MVP goes to j-rodd for being regarded as a probable human by just about every player, but this award could easily go to V or Plop as well.

Bonus: here's a player analysis from V!


TWG CXIX: Matrix6 Revolutions
Postgame thread

Hosted by: cedolad
Humans Win

N. thesunfan (VT, survived to win)
N. Gun92 (Cop, killed Night 2)
N. Funnygurl555 (VT, killed Night 1)
N. XelNya (Mafioso, lynched Day 2)
N. James May (VT, lynched Day 1)
N. FictionJunction (Mafioso, lynched Day 3)
N. blindreper1179 (VT, survived to win)
N. Guest15973 (VT, survived to win)
N. ___________* (VT, survived to win)
*Replaced Crazyjayde Day 3

Host Comments:
I played like shit.


TWG CXX: Villains United
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Humans Win
MVP: dAnceguy117

Signups needs updating

Host Comments:
After typical chaos day 1, the Villians managed to band together and get a bunch of hero's in a row despite the cop checking the godfather day 1. Through good communication on the villain side, they were able to pull through. Besides day 1, guns were distributed well and hit a hero every time (besides when a Hero had it lol). The bomb claim could have turned the game around, but it ended up being too suspicious for Villains, causing Ursula to be shot.
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG CXXI: Mis-speling BOM
Postgame thread

Hosted by: YoshL
Wolves Win
MVP: MrPopadopalis25

1. Charu (Doctor, killed Night 3)
2. cedolad (VT, lynched Day 5)
3. Xelnya (Serial Killer, killed Night 4)
4. blindreper1179 (VT, lynched Day 2)
5. Xiz (Mafia Goon, modkilled Day 1)
6. psychoangel691 (Cop, killed Night 2)
7. iluswirl (Innocent Child, lost at endgame)
8. thesunfan (Mafia Goon, killed Night 2)
9. DaBackpack (VT, killed Night 4)
10. Gradiant (VT, killed Night 1)
11. MrPopadopalis25 (Mafia Roleblocker, won at endgame)
12. Silvuh (VT, lost at endgame)
13. Vendetta21 (VT, lynched Day 0)

Host Comments:
plop for mvp and stuff


TWG CXXII: Welcome to Disboard~
Postgame thread

Hosted by: YoshL
Humans Win
MVP: thesunfan

1. dAnceguy117 (Human, lynched Day 1)
2. Viccica (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
3. DarkManticoreX2 (Mafia Traitor, lynched Day 2)
4. j-rodd123 (Mafia Goon, lynched Day 4)
5. James May (Human, won at endgame)
6. Charu (Human, won at endgame)
7. Vendetta21 (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
8. MrPopadopalis25 (Human, lynched Day 0)
9. thesunfan (Bodyguard, wolfkilled Night 3)
10. DaBackpack (Mafia Goon, lynched Day 3)
11. Red Blaster (Human, won at endgame)
12. FictionJunction (Tracker, won at endgame)

Host Comments:
holy shit that was great.

mvp goes to sunfan for being the only one to not play bad at endgame

honorable mention to manti for fighting his ass off to try to get the mafia to notice he was the traitor (lol the lost gif right at j-rodd)

fun things that happened
wolves didn't send in a kill that night because they forgot, i.e. backpack was sleeping.
fiction probably didn't even realize he was the tracker until night 3 is a lazy fuck, and sent a track only for that night, and not the following
james may doesn't know what he's doing

night 1 - sunfan guards dbp, dbp kills v
night 2 - sunfan guards red blaster? (i totally forget lol) dbp kills viccica
night 3 - sunfan guards fiction, fiction actually tracks red blaster, wolves forget to kill
night 4 - sunfan guards fiction, fiction doesn't do shit, j-rodd kills fiction, bodyguard comes into effect and sunfan dies instead



TWG CXXIII: Sunfan Worst Host
Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Wolves Win
MVPs: Gradiant, DarkManticoreX2, psychoangel691 and MrPopadopalis25

1. YoshL (Fruit Vendor, killed Night 3)
2. Shuu Iwamine (Fruit Vendor, killed Night 2)
3. Gradiant (Scribe, won at endgame)
4. XelNya (Seer, killed Night 1)
5. DaBackPack (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
6. Red Blaster (Gunsmith, lynched Day 2)
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Wolf Fruit Vendor, won at endgame)
8. psychoangel691 (Fruit Vendor, lynched Day 3)
9. James May (Role Seer, lynched Day 0)
10. Funnygurl555 (Gunsmith, lost at endgame)
11. blindreper1179 (Role Seer, lost at endgame)
12. MrPopadopalis25 (Fruit Vendor, lost at endgame)
13. Runescapedude1126 (Seer, lynched Day 1)

Host Comments:
Wolf Daychecks:
Day 0: James May- No result
Day 1: blindreper1179- Role-seer
Day 2: MrPopadopalis25- Fruit Vendor

Private Role-reveal:
Day 0: Yoshl- Fruit Vendor
Day 1: Gradiant- Wolf
Day 2: Dabackpack- Wolf

EDIT: Wolfchat is http://www.quicktopic.com/50/H/4H2UZJGv4u3

So a couple things that might not be apparent: both the wolfkill the first night as well as XelNya's check were made by random.org. Wolves also forgot to change their daycheck off of the potential lynch target.

Humans couldn't really get the traction going that they needed to lynch a wolf, closest it ever came was on DBP on the 2nd to last day. Getting the masterwolf there would've been huge because it would confirm blind as town and either force the wolves to kill a confirmed town and risk the role-check or leave a confirmed alive.

Wolves played it pretty well obviously. Both Gradiant and especially Manti were able to deflect off of backpack and onto people like Red. Even though it became apparent enough in the end (gj Kayla), it was just too much of a longshot for the humans to pull the comeback. The wolfkill on Shuu should also make sense now, as he was calling out 2/3 wolves in his top reads before he died.

MVP is gonna be split... normally I give it to one person from each side, but I had a hard time deciding between the two on each side so I'll just give it to four of you.
Gradiant, Manti, Psychoangel and Plop.

Gradiant was very vocal, pushed lynches, and picked up a lot of townreads. Pretty well done. Tone as well as posting style was very similar to your human game, I was impressed.
Manti saved DBP more times than one. Added to the fires that humans were creating really well. Good daycheck decisions as well as getting the role reveal off of funny really helped.
Psycho was busy in the beginning, but as the game went on she became the most correct human. It was unfortunate that the last phase ended so quickly, and although a human win was near impossible, her reads were spot on.
Plop was another vocal human that started to put the pieces together in the end. Not as correct as Kayla was in the end, but the consistent vocalization as well as continuous spurring of activity helped out the human cause a lot.

Another minor note: I'm probably not going to offer to mod for a while, and this game, as well as the one before the reroll, should be evidence enough as to why.

Send me your game ideas if you have them. I only have one so far and I want to get this next game going ASAP.

TWG CXXIV Super Smash Brothers
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Wolves Win
MVP: Villager & Little Mac

1) TWG Bowser (Choof) Wolf (Shot Day 4)
2) TWG Captain Falcon (Red Blaster) Town (Lynched Day 1)
3) TWG Charizard MrPopadopalis25 Town (Killed Night 6)
4) TWG Fox (Gradiant) Wolf (Lynched Day 3)
5) TWG Greninja (Vendetta21) Oracle (Killed Night 8)
6) TWG Ike (thesunfan) Town (Killed Night 4)
7) TWG King Dedede (dAnceguy117) Town (Killed Night 9)
8) TWG Kirby (psychoangel691) Cop (Killed Night 7)
9) TWG Link (Charles Claythorne) Town (Lost at Endgame)
10) TWG Little Mac (jtehanonymous) Rolebocker (WON THE GAME)
11)TWG Mario (Toxophillis) Town (Lynched Day 2)
12) TWG Mega Man (Tokzic) Town (Lost at Endgame)
13) TWG Meta Knight (runescapedude1126) Town (Lynched Day 7)
14) TWG Peach (Yoshl) Gunsmith (Killed Night 3)
15) TWG Pikachu (XelNya) Godfather (Lynched Day 4)
16) TWG Pit (funnygurl555) Oracle (Lynched Day 10)
17) TWG Rosalina (TC_Halogen) Town (Killed Night 5)
18) TWG Samus (DarkManticoreX2) Town (Killed Night 2)
19) TWG Shulk (samurai7694) Town (Killed Night 1)
20) TWG Sonic (LeftyRighty) Town (Lynched Day 5)
21) TWG Villager (Charu) Wolf (WON THE GAME)
22) TWG Wii Fit Trainer (DaBackPack) Wolf (Modkilled Day 1)
23) TWG Yoshi (danceflashrevo) Town (Killed Day 9)
24) TWG Zelda (blindreper1179) Town (Lynched Day 6)

Host Comments:
Wolf Chat:


Villager & Little Mac for obvious reason. While loosing a wolf partner day 1 due to a modkill, then having another suicide pretty much, they were able to keep their heads in the game and take advantage of town's laziness to win this game.


Day 1: Chaos. Pure chaos. Town morale was up due to the red modkill, and everyone tried to make sence of what was going on. Nothing really worked well for town.
Day 2: Two more towns died from being read wrong, wolves manage to gain ground and put an advantage on town despite their early loss
Day 3: The cop claim by Bowser and counter claim by Kirby happened. Lucky for town, they were able to kill off the real cop's check. Sadly for the wolves, their cop claim wasn't well grounded enough to convince town that he was real.
Day 4: It looked good at the start for wolves at the start of the day until one gun killed Bowser, revealing he was fake. Then the lynch of the godfather really put a damper on the wolves chances of winning. Town morale was highest at this point, almost considered GG. However, the real cop was being consistently role-blocked, making kirby just a normal town.
Day 5: Town could risk killing off inactives at this point from their lead, so they used it to their advantage. However, they missed.
Day 6: Wolves helped push the direction of zelda to get her out of the game since she was in question for a good portion of it.
Day 7: For some reason metaknight was lynched, probably due to his inactivity. Finally the wolves got sick of the cop and killed kirby off, allowing the role-blocker to take advantage of blocking the other blues.
Day 8: Nobody knew what to do at this point, no direction or strong leads so a no lynch happened.
Day 9: Oracle claim came out, no counter claims. However, greninja died without the power going off due to the role-blocker.
Day 10: Wolves took advantage that pit was not in the thread, and was able to vote him because of that. Pit came back at the last second and ALMOST saved himself but, it just wasn't enough. Caused wolves to win from one of the best comebacks I have seen in a long time.

Host notes:
Town's biggest downfall was their lack of interest / time with the thread. There were individuals who signed up and ended up not contributing as much as they should have. Wolves were able to take advantage of this to come back and win it hard.
Also, sorry for me being late on flips for a few of the days. This is my hell week, thanks for understanding. Also this was one of the most enjoyable games I have hosted yet, so ty for playing.

...Also, what did you think? Did the 24 person game work? What did you like / not like. Ty.

TWG CXXV - Charu Dies Multiple times. Danceguy Dies Once For Some Weird Reason
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Mafia Wins
MVP: Funnygurl555

1. Xiv/Charu - Roleblocker Charu, lynched Day 1
2. thesunfan/Charu - Charu, killed Night 1
3. j-rodd123/Charu - Doctor, killed Night 4
4. psychoangel691/Charu - Town Mafia Charu Traitor Seer, killed Night 5
5. choof/Charu - Charu, lynched Day 0
6. MrPopadopalis25/Charu - Charu, killed Night 2
7. Guest15937/Charu - Charu, lynched Day 2
8. blindreper1179 - Charu, killed Night 3
9. Tokzik/Charu - Wuff Charu, killed Night 3
10. Charles Claythorne/Charu - Godfather Charu, killed Night 4
11. DarkManticoreX2/Charu - 1-Shot Doctor, killed Night 1
12. XelNya/Charu - Wuff Charu, killed Night 5
13. cedolad/Funnygurl555 - Mafia, won at endgame
14. Red Blaster/Charu - Guardian, lynched Day 4
15. T-Force/dAnceguy117 - dAnceguy117, lynched Day 3

Host Comments:
that was interesting. I was kinda hoping that Xelnya would go for funnygurl in the end, leaving a scenario where psychoangel was the last person alive, but would lose anyways because of her win condition.

Wolf quicktopic - http://www.quicktopic.com/50/H/NncYxH7xPKGuq
Mafia quicktopic - http://www.quicktopic.com/50/H/6xAdu2BF4eTY

also charu, funnygurl wins, and that supercedes you winning -w-

TWG CXXVI: Tales of FFR: Game Thread
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Town Wins
MVP: J-rodd123 & Yoshl

1. MrPopadopalis25 (Modified Vigilante, Vigi'd Night 1)
2. Jtehanonymous (Independent, Instalynched Day 3)
3. Xelnya - Human (Modified Roleblocker, Survived To Win)
4. Yo Man Im Awesome (Vanilla Human, Survived To Win)
5. Red Blaster (Human Upgrader, Revive Sacrifice Day 3)
6. Arntonach (Modified Bodyguard, Vigi'd Night 1)
7. thesunfan (Modified Bodyguard, wolfed Night 4)
8. PsychoAngel691 (Modified Mason, wolfed Night 1)
9. Blindreper1179 (Human Reviver, Instalynch'ed through deflection day 4)
10. Tokzic (Wolf Bodyguard, lynched Day 5)
11. mellonxcollie (Modified One Shot Seer, lynched Day 1)
12. Choof (Modified Psychic, wolfed Night 0, Resurrected Night 1, Wolved night 5
13. Emerald0000 (Modified Wolf Vigi, lynched Day 2)
14. TPS222 (Modified Mason, Survived To Win)
15. J-rodd123 (Modified Role Seer, wolfed Night 2), Resurrected Day 3, Wolved Night 3
16. YoshL (Modified Master wolf, lynched Day 6)

Host Comments:
Humans did a good job of Offing the wolf Vigi early. For a mystery game, they were a bit too loose with their information and It ended up costing them almost all of their power roles.

J-rodd123 successfully called out all three wolves and the Independent role mid game, but had a hard time convincing people he was correct.

YoshL gets MVP despite loosing for having everyone believe he was unlynchable while he was completely vunerable.

TWG CXXVII: Trouble in SimCity
Postgame thread

Hosted by: James May
Wolves Win
MVP: MrPopadopalis25

1. Xiz (1-shot Vigi, died Night 2)
2. j-rodd123 (Doctor, Died Night 2)
3. Choof (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 1)
4. Lurker (Serial Killer, Invest. Immune, Died Night 4)
5. Funnygurl555 (Cop, Died Night 3)
6. Plopadop (Godfather, Survived, Won)
7. Yoshl (1-Shot Cop, Survived, Lost)
8. Charu (Roleblocker) (Died Night 1)
9. Guest McNumbers (Mafia Roleblocker, Insta'd Day 4)
10. Blind (Vanilla Townie, Insta'd Day 3)
11. Xel (Vanilla Townie) (Died Night 1)
12. Red Blaster (Mafia Goon, Insta'd Day 2)
13. thesunfan (Vanilla Townie, Died Night 4)

Host Comments:
MVP: Plopadop - Played a good game as wolf overall, close second being Lurker and Yoshl imho.
LVP: Me - dat miscount oops. Sorry Red.

Discuss people.

TWG CXXVIII - The Inferno War
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Arsonists Win
MVP: Xiz

1. Funnygurl555 (Vanilla Town) lynch day 3
2. thesunfan Vanilla Town, burned 4
3. Xiz (ARSONIST) lynch day 2
4. Charu (Vanilla Town) burned night 1
5. blindreper1179 Arsonist, Won at Endgame
6. XelNya (Vanilla Town) lynch day 4
7. choof Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
8. Cold Kitten, replaced by James May (Vanilla Town), modkilled day 4
9. Red Blaster Arsonist, Won at Endgame
10. lurker (Vanilla Town) burned night 1
11. DaBackpack (1 shot fireman) lynch day 1
12. Guest15937 (Vanilla Town) burned night 2
13. Tokzic (Bodyguard) burned night 3
14. DarkManticoreX2 Vanilla Town, lost at Endgame

Host Comments:
i still think mvp goes to xiz for the initial play; having no fireman i think was super detrimental to town. red blaster and blind did bring their A game for the rest though

wuffchat http://www.quicktopic.com/51/H/Ar2VqdVX2LUjX

TWG CXXIX: Salmonella Supermarket
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Town Wins

Signups needs updating

Host Comments:

I'm not allowed to post URLs yet, so here! Have a wolfchat! www[DOT]quicktopic[DOT]com/51/H/K4uNPt2cWBwd
(Deleted post is by me; you can see how I figured out that they used Skype)

Haven't thought too much about MVP yet, but I'm going to make a serious argument for TWG Milk. Rather than sit back and let TWG Chocolate slide by town despite a huge amount of evidence, he opted to bring it to the forefront on Day 3, naming all of his partners in the process. Night 4 going into Day 5 was a complete trainwreck. Oh yeah, there's also the cheating thing. I wasn't impressed with town in general: they seemed all too willing to let the wolves dance around them until Lemon spoke up, and even then it took Milk to lynch their first wolf.

Postgame thread

Hosted by: Cold Kitten
Wolves Win
MVP: Yoshl

1. James May (BLUE - Mason) - Lost at Endgame
2. blindreper1179 (GREEN - 1-Shot Seer) - Vigi'd Night 1
3. lurker (GREEN - 1-Shot Roleblocker) - Wolved Night 2
4. choof (BLUE - Seer) - Lost at Endgame
5. funnygurl555 (RED - Master Wolf) - Survived to Win
6. Red Blaster (BLUE - Vigilante) - Modkilled Day 2
7. psychoangel691 (BLUE - Mason) - Lost at Endgame
8. Riotpolice (RED - Wolf Lancer) - Serial Killed Night 1
9. _Zenith_ (GREEN - Vanilla Town) - Lynched Day 1
10. XelNya (PURPLE - Serial Killer T4) - Lynched Day 3
11. DarkManticore (BLUE - Kamikaze) - Wolved Night 1
12. Tokzic (RED - Wolf Roleblocker) - Survived to Win
13. j-rodd123 (BLUE - Guardian) - Serial Killed Night 2
14. Toxophilis (GREEN - Vanilla Town) - Lost at Endgame
15. YoshL (RED - Wolf Seer) - Survived to Win

Host Comments:
James May - Well, you definitely weren't the worst town player this game. You definitely weren't the best either, mind you. Your activity wasn't great, and I know that's because you're sick and you didn't mean to be kind of inactive, but I think it was kind of detrimental to the town. That said, when you WERE being active, you were a pretty good player.

blindreper1179 - I'M SORRY YOU DIED N1. and I'm sorry RB lied about killing you lmao. I don't have a whole lot to say about your play because you died so soon though. You didn't get to use your seering, and you didn't claim really so.

lurker - YOU WENT SO FUCKING HARD THIS GAME. like, you made a few comments I really did not approve of. You need to tone that down a bit. Like legit. It's a serious turn off for players imo. Like I know it's TWG and all, but seriously. Tone that shit down.

choof - You played a pretty decent town game. If town had won, you'd probably be MVP, tbh. I'm pretty happy with your play. You were helpful to town and you tried your best to figure everything out. You were WAY too set on XelNya being a wolf though. If you'd considered that he could've been SK instead of wolf (HE EVEN ADMITTED IT, COME ON), town would have had a MUCH better chance of winning I think.

funnygurl555 - Maybe this is me being biased because I was modding this game, but I think you came across as super wolfy. I know you were master wolf and if you'd been seered you probably would have gotten away with your actions, but you seriously need to work on trying to analyze a bit more. And I know you were super busy with school and stuff, so I'm being kind of forgiving about it, but yeah. (love u fg)

Red Blaster - I'm gonna end up pissing you off with this, I already know it. I can't fucking believe you were so GODDAMN PRIDEFUL that you would rather (imo) ruin some of the fun of the game to clear yourself than fucking just be lynched. Like what the actual fuck. I literally never want you in one of my games again because of your shit. And that's saying something, dude. Your pride was more important to you than fucking playing the game. The thing about TWG is that you ARE GOING TO BE LYNCHED. As town, as wolf, and PR, as SK, as whatever. And especially in setups like this. There is no possible way to completely clear anyone in this setup, aside from the Saint or similar roles. You shouldn't get so fucking salty about someone not believing your claim that you're willing to basically cheat and knowingly break rules just to clear your fucking name. Don't do that shit.

psychoangel691 - Your activity wasn't great this game, as I'm sure you already know. I didn't think you were SUPER helpful when you were posting, but you definitely tried a bit. I'm sure the next TWG you're in will be better because you won't be moving and whatnot.

Riotpolice - WELL, you also died n1. You picked a good night to use your unstoppable kill thing though. Especially targeting Manti, who was a kamikaze afterall. Then again, you died anyway, BUT whatever. GG, nice win.

_Zenith_ - I told you this in a PM, but you took this game waaaaay too personally and you know it. You made some really awful comments towards other people as well, similar to lurker. I really didn't approve of them honestly. Also, I also told you this, I think you're a bit too new to be playing full blown TWGs. You're not quite used to the aggression and amount of shit thrown in full blown games. Get a couple more jTWGs under your belt, learn the game a bit better and get a little more used to it. And try not to take it so personally. You'll figure it out, I'm sure.

XelNya - lololol that SK play. I think you could have played this game a lot better. I know you play TWG the way you play TWG, but it apparently didn't work out too well for you this game lmao. You made some good kills though, I think, so good job on that. Try to tone down your GIF posts a bit. :P

DarkManticoreX2 - I'm super sorry about screwing up your role, lmao. I suck. And this is also kind of a confusing setup to mod, so I also sort of attribute it to that. That said, you didn't even get to use your role's ability! dumb wolf lancer. I'm sure you would've been super good at this game too, I think it could've been really fun with you in it longer.

Tokzic - lmao wow. you guys. are fucking crazy. claiming spirit morph was an interesting play. wasn't really expecting it. You did a pretty good job of appearing town, too. I had multiple people say that they were really surprised you were a wolf, so gg on that. And congrats on the win, ofc.

j-rodd123 - you made good guard choices obv. You didn't do a great job of appearing town though evidently lmao. Multiple people thought you were a wolf and were 100% convinced of it. You should probably work on that lmao. That said, gg on your guards (even though you got roleblocked n2).

Toxophilis - Alright so. I know VT is boring, but real. You could've played this game so much better than you did. Just being like "I'm town, seer me, i'm just bored" is super lame and makes the game really, really unfun imo. I don't like being VT either, but that's no reason to basically say fuck it to the game. You were doing a relatively good job when you were trying though, so I know you could've done way better and been way more invested than you were. It would have helped town a lot I think.

YoshL - LOL okay so you made this game way entertaining. You went a bit too hard on zenith I think. This aggro this game between you, lurker, zenith, and read was super crazy and I think was a bit too much tbh. Your 1-shot seer claim ws really good though, and super lucky since you hit the actual 1-shot seer n1. Could've turned out really badly for you though lmao.

As I mentioned somewhere in there, the aggro this game was too much, I think. I know TWG is a game of assholes and aggression, but seriously? There's a point where I think it's just too much. Certain comments were made that I did NOT approve of in any sense, but it's not my job to mod people's language in a TWG. That said, you guys really shoudld watch that some I think. It can makes the game way less fun and can really upset some people.

I hope you guys enjoyed this game, even with all the drama involved. I wasn't the best mod, I'm still figuring things out. I made a few mistakes here and there, but overall, I think it worked out okay. Please, please, please let me know how I did as a mod, would be much appreciated.

FINALLY, MVP of this game definitely goes to YoshL. His claim was super risky but played off really well, I think, and he did a great job of bussing his partners, which I think threw off a few people of the wolves and helped a ton. Good job to you, and I'm sad to hear that this might really be your last TWG. We'll miss you. <3

TWG CXXXI - Game of Champions
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Game Cancelled

1. FictionJunction Vanilla Townie
2. blindreper1179 Vanilla Townie
3. James May Wolf
4. MrPopadopalis25 Wolf
5. DarkManticoreX2 Vanilla Townie
6. psychoangel691 (replaced by thesunfan) Vanilla Townie
7. vendetta21 Wolf
8. j-rodd123 Vanilla Townie
9. Fojar Vanilla Townie
10. dabackpack Vanilla Townie
11. _Zenith_ Cop
12. Tokzic Vanilla Townie
13. choof (replaced by Charu) Vanilla Townie

Host Comments:
Wolf Chat

First off before we go anywhere, I'd like to make some generalized comments.

The game started off great, even with in-actives. Before I took over hosting, I was watching the game thread. When I got the information to host and saw who the wolves were, I was surprised because I had not guessed any of them were wolves. Plop and V played a damn good game, even through everything. Props have to be given there. Town I feel was playing well, but they were struggling to see through the wolf game, however they nearly got a wolf through a knife in the box. Makes me sad it didn't roll the other way because it would have been interesting to see where the game went from there.

If the game had continued I actually predict the wolves would have won.

I'd also really like to take a moment to thank thesunfan and Charu for stepping in for the in-actives. Really, you guys made the game a lot more interesting to watch / moderate for the short time I did.

Addressing some posts that happened after I went to sleep:

Originally Posted by MrPopadopalis25 View Post
I hereby summon Xel with a sacrificial offering of a Yuru Yuri gif.

1. A gif I don't have, holy shit.

Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
Mittens should not confirm if it was a result of one or the other cuz its not fair.
This was my approach to it as well. I tried to find information on what to do generally but couldn't find it. And it was only after EoN that I got a response (which thank you as well r3ce.)

I also felt it wouldn't be fair to the wolf team to random the kill after I'd posted the start of the day as it could be indicative to who they were via inactivity and whatnot. So I left my choice as was. I also feel playing around my mistake was very doable, especially for the two wolves that were left. They had town around their fingers to a degree.

I saved this for post game because I wanted to make sure I was calm enough to be fair with my comments:

Yoshl quitting hosting the way he did is simply unacceptable. This game was just the ill-timed monster of inactivity. I understand your frustration though.

Choof / James: The site being shit load time wise is not a reason to quit the game.

I was going to address V's comments, but honestly I'm incapable of doing it in an appropriate way, so long story short: Selling out your wolf partner when you wanna quit is bullshit. Let them play the rest of the game out next time.

Originally Posted by MrPopadopalis25 View Post
Even with the modkill favoring the town and our nightkill not going through (fojar was slated to die, btw) I think we still would've had a good chance of winning, whether it be through one mislynch or two.
Pretty much this.

No MVP will be given this game. It was unfinished.

At the end, I'd like to apologize for the pile of mistakes I made. (Note that I am not referring to how replacements were done, those were 100% fair and randomized. Anything else could be argued to be favoritism, so I randomized them all. It was in the interest of keeping the game fair, so I would certainly do it again.)

I got to learn a lot about hosting a TWG, so thank you all for the experience.

Best of luck next game.

PM me any game setups you'd like to run so I can get the thread up

TWG CXXXII - Game (Thread) of Chimps
Postgame thread

Hosted by: choof
Town Wins

1. Xelnya (Werewolf, Modkilled Night 4)
2. Manti (Vanilla Town, survived to win)
3. Dabackpack (Werewolf, lynched Day 4)
4. Zenith (Vanilla Town, survived to win)
5. Fiction (Vanilla Town, survived to win)
6. sunfan (Vanilla Town, survived to win)
7. roundbox (Vanilla Town, survived to win)
8. Red Blaster (Vanilla Town, lynched Day 1)
9. Tibs (Vanilla Town, killed Night 1)
10. j-rodd (Vanilla Town, killed Night 2)
11. blind (Vanilla Town, lynched Day 2)
12. Funnygurl (Werewolf, lynched Day 3)
13. plopadop (Town Cop, killed Night 3)

Host Comments:
Having gotten off to a shaky start with two mislynches in a row, the town was able to come back with their first wolf lynch on D3. Plopadop did a great job softing his green and red checks on sunfan and funnygurl, respectively, but it ultimately turned out to be his downfall once XelNya and DaBackpack saw that plop was cop, and killed him. Day 3 and beyond was a trainwreck for the wolves, with DaBackpack coming online just in time to see his own demise.

Postgame thread

Hosted by: blindreper1179
Town Wins
MVP: Cold Kitten, Vendetta21 & MrPopadopalis25

10. reuben_tate (LYNCHED DAY 3, ONE SHOT HYPNOSIS)
11. Psychoangel961(LYNCHED DAY 4, VANILLA TOWN)

Host Comments:
WELP, This game didn't go as I intended because wolf rolls kinda didn't help them at all with most of them being inactive most of the time, and killing off 3 of them straight from the start. I wanted to see the hyper beam actually work, but V doesn't like to time things right.

All in all, it was cool watching people play from a mods point of view, not as bad as I expected.

You guys already talked a lot in the actual thread, but yeah, I said I would make this.

MVP? I'm not too sure, MVP wolf is cold for lasting so long and looking town until the end, and MVP town maybe v/plop? I really like how V came out of no where and decimated storn who was pretty "lock clear" from most of the players. Plop because I feel he's the one that got cold in the light to be lynched for town victory. Any obligations?

Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan & j-rodd123
Wolves Win
MVP: Charles Claythorne

1. MrPopadopalis25 (Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame)
2. Vendetta21 (One-Shot Vigilante, Killed N1)
3. _Zenith_ (Vanilla Town, Killed N2)
4. reuben_tate (Vanilla Town, Killed N1)
5. Red Blaster (One Shot Seer, Lost at Endgame)
6. blindreper1179 (Vanilla Town, Lynched D1)
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Mafia Goon, Killed N1)
8. Roundbox (Vanilla Town, Lynched D2)
9. Choof (Investigation Immune Serial Killer, Killed N3)
10. Charles Claythorne (Mafia Roleblocker, Won at Endgame)
11. DaBackPack (Mafia Goon, Won at Endgame)
12. Curry and Rice (Lynched D0, Town Doctor)
13. Nydus (Town Innocent Child, Killed N2)

Host Comments:
That was the worst town lynch ever. The fake mason claim could have been completely discredited due to DBP voting for Mashi for an entire day phase. Pretty huge throw on towns part. MVP for Mashi for winning in a spot so unwinnable that the hosts had to scramble to create flavor text.

Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox & thesunfan
Wolves Win
MVP: _Zenith_

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Usual Suspect, Lost at Endgame)
2. blindreper1179 (Judge, Lynched Day 3)
3. _Zenith_ (Invisible One, Achieved parity and won)
4. Red Blaster (Investigator, MODKILLED Day 1)
5. DaBackpack (Retired Surgeon, Lost at Endgame)
6. Charu (Soothsayer, Lost at Endgame)
7. j-rodd (Guardian, KILLED Night 1)
8. reuben_tate (Pure Human, Lost at Endgame)
9. storn42 (Painter, Achieved parity and won)
10. choof (Equalizer, KILLED Night 2)
11. mellonxcollie (Corruptor, Achieved parity and won)
12. Tokzic (Hypnotist, Achieved parity and won)
13. Curry and Rice (Synthesist, KILLED Night 3)
14. Vendetta21 (Pure Human, Lost at Endgame)
15. Tps222 (Convicted Felon, LYNCHED Day 2)

Host Comments:
The game really didn't pick up until Day 3, and for some obvious reasons. I would like to extend a big middle finger to Red Blaster for shitting up this game, but I guess I can rip into him later.
The wolves successfully picked j-rodd on the first night for their night kill and already put town at a big disadvantage. Red Blaster didn't help the human cause either, getting himself modkilled for failing to read the rules. Choof got iced by the wolves for his power, so town was at an even bigger disadvantage considering choof's role has wolves in his sights. Tps got wolf rushed at EOD, and the affinity vote got conflipped (landed on white, get dunked on [sunfan wanted this comment in]). Curry and Rice got sniped for his power, and Zenith set up a successful case against blind for the win.
I was really, really disappointed that this game never went into black affinity and that it didn't live up to its full potential due to someone having a hissy fit and not understanding the ethics of the game. Many players went inactive and into "I don't care mode", only to come back to a wolf win. Hopefully you're proud of yourselves.

Fun fact: if any other human but blind was mislynched and the game went into white affinity, the game would have continued due to blind's power.


Manti: You were in this game?

Blind: You are the recipient of the "I Told You So" award for this game. Hold it up high and shove it in everyone's faces. Your defense is exactly what I would have done in your shoes, and the multiquoting should have been a huge giveaway for everyone that you were human. Well done. You played well, but the inactive town let you get dunked.

Zenith: You did it. There were a few things that you did apart from your usual town game, which should have been a dead giveaway for some people (hot reads list nowhere to be found). But your tracker claim worked. The "random" pick of TPS is pretty statistically screwed, so I'm pretty surprised you got Charu and DaBackpack to eat it up. gj duder!!

Red Blaster: thanks for ruining my game. Also you claimed a little too early in a mystery game. There were so many factors that can screw with the game so it shouldn't have been your top priority.

DaBackpack: ya got played, son. It was interesting seeing a human game out of you (finally), but I guess you really needed more people to bounce ideas off of for you to reach your conclusion. You dropped the wolf team in one of your posts, and I was excited for a moment since town was at such a disadvantage, but you got sweet talked by Zenith. You were so close.

Charu: ya got played. It would have been nice if you actually decided to play the game as well. (you did rectify this for Day 3, although it wasn't the greatest moment for town)

j-rodd: no mercy n1 kill. sux2bu

reuben_tate: you were pretty active throughout most of the game, but it seemed to falter towards the end. I think your initial work was pretty strong, but the inactivity of the rest of the town surely didn't help you out.

storn: I felt your wolf game was pretty easy to read into, and I'm trying to think of some tips to make it better. I might update this post, but I will say one really strong play of yours was saving yourself from the lynch since you had the item you were going to pass to curry, and lynching you waas a bad idea. Nicely done.

choof: I really liked how you were playing the role, too bad some cocksucker ruined your entire plan. Sorry mate.

Raeko: I think posting that you were worried about using your item was a little premature, but other than that you won for being UTR (without getting any iota of suspicion), so ya did it.

Tokzic: Runner up MVP. You handled that red seering like a fucking champ and your claim was really good to follow up. If you said you protected Curry N3, you could have just faulted the randomness. I was wondering why people didn't question why you protected V, though (maybe I missed this). Well played.

Curry and Rice: Aside from V, you only sent injections to wolves. Looks like they got you good. I think when you claimed you gave a little toooo much information that led to wolves icing you over anyone else (they were considering charu, I wonder if a little less info on the black stuff would have made you less of a concern).

V: At least you tried to be active. Looks like the red blaster thing really threw you off.

Tps: I really liked your playstyle going into this. It's a shame the wolves lynch rushed you. You played very concerned and cautious, and your analysis was good. I feel like if you got your watcher power off, it would have been killer.

TWG CXXXVI - An Extended Sonic Universe Fanfic by Ronnie Darkshadow GAME THREAD
Postgame thread

Hosted by: MrPopadopalis25
Wolves Win
MVP: Vendetta21

1. Willy the Hedgehog - Played by Gradiant - Replaced out
1.5 Mike the Hedgehog - Played by _Zenith_ - Won at endgame
2. Dan the Hedgehog - Played by Tokzic - Replaced out
2.5 Dan the Hedgehog Mk.II - Played by lurker - Killed night 3
3. GST the Hedgehog - Played by Charu - Was pending replacement at endgame
4. Scourge the Hedgehog - Played by roundbox - Won at endgame
5. Paul the Hedgehog - Played by Xiz - Lynched day 4
6. Destiny the Hedgehog - Played by blind - Lynched day 2
7. Alicia the Hedgehog - Played by choof - Lynched day 3
8. Chris the Hedgehog - Played by storn - Killed night 1
9. Peter the Hedgehog - Played by dabackpack - Killed night 2
10. Rachel the Hedgehog - Played by reuben_tate - Replaced out
10.5 Michele the Hedgehog - Played by James May - Lost at endgame
11. Aaron the Hedgehog - Played by curry and rice - Lost at endgame
12. Oliver the Hedgehog - Played by V - Won at endgame
13. Jon the Hedgehog - Played by TPS - Lynched day 1

Host Comments:
There isn't really too much to say about this game other than that the inactivity was really bad for town and perfect for scum. Chris softed his Rachel peak early on and got caught, leaving town with nothing but their own deduction abilities left to solve the game. Morale dropped, live TWG happened, the pool of replacements went dry, the setup didn't allow for theorycrafting, wolves targeted the active players, and town got pointed in the wrong direction and couldn't recover. The wolves did a great job to that end. On the last day I thought that Scourge and Mike being so eager to vote would have given them away, but in the end I was wrong.

The inactivity was a real bummer but I don't know what else could have been done to solve it. A minimum posting requirement like I was originally planning on having would have meant replacements for inactive posters either way, and we didn't have enough of those. Real life happened to a number of players and their replacing out was unavoidable. Shoutouts to the replacements for stepping in and going hard right out of the gate though, that was a big help. In the future as a host I'll touch base with the inactives earlier on and make sure during sign-ups that people are serious about participating.

I think MVP should go to V for the nightkill choices, but I'm open to alternate suggestions. Xiz's pretending to be from another site was fantastic too.

While things didn't turn out well with the inactivity, I hope that I did well for my first time in the hosting chair. Thanks for playing, and as always, please send me your games.

TWG CXXXVII - Crisis in Kitchen Stadium! Bobby Flay's Revenge - GAME THREAD
Postgame thread

Hosted by: MrPopadopalis25
Town Wins

1. roundbox - Town Jailkeeper, killed n2
2. sunfan - Vanilla Townie, won at endgame
3. nighthawk - Vanilla Townie, won at endgame
4. choof zenith - Vanilla Townie, won at endgame
5. kawamii V - Mafia Roleblocker, lynched d2
6. charles "mashi" claythrorne - Vanilla Townie, won at endgame
7. benguin - Vanilla Townie, lynched d1
8. curryandrice - 1-shot bulletproof, won at endgame
9. jrodd - Mafia Goon, lynched d3

Host Comments:

TWG CXXXVIII - The Thing with the Stuff that Happened - GAME THREAD
Postgame thread

Hosted by: T-Force
Town Wins
MVP: Yoshl

AragakiAyase - Vanilla Town [Won at endgame]
soramimi - Jailkeeper [Won at endgame]
Funnygurl555 - Vanilla Town [Won at endgame]
storn42 - Mafia Roleblocker [Lynched Day 1]
YoshL - 1-Shot Bulletproof [Won at endgame]
DaBackpack - Vanilla Town [Killed Night 1]
Xiz - Vanilla Town [Won at endgame]
lurker - Mafia Goon [Lynched Day 3]
blindreper1179 - Vanilla Town [Lynched Day 2]

Host Comments:
Game Comments
So this was probably the fastest TWG game I've seen played. Only one day phase lasted the entire 2 days.
Town pretty much wrecked it thanks to the power wolf basically giving up on Day 1. Lurker made do with what he did, but it was an almost guaranteed unwinnable situation.

Player Comments

AragakiAyase: Dunno man, not a whole lot stuck out about you. You barked up the wrong tree a few times, and I don't think that helped your cause, but you were still town enough to be a factor. The only problem is because of your early games and projecting town so quickly, that when you don't, it's weird; you're not the only one with this problem, don't worry.

soramimi: You specifically told me not to roll you anything other than VT. Oops~
Still, solid power role game from you. You did what you had to do as PR and that's lie low enough to not be seen as completely wolfy by town, but not enough of a threat by the wolves. Great job picking up on softs, and especially for jailing funny... And the wolf too, I guess.

Funnygurl555: Not much more to say aside from your Day 1 was kinda wolfy, from a point of view, due to not wanting to see storn lynched till the end, and other weird flops, but you had some decent reads and projected town well, even before your confirmation.

storn42: You kinda shot your partner in the foot there, dude. Your false claim game needs work, and you seem to get kinda flustered when you're pinged out early. Honestly, I think the main thing is clustering your posts as such. Space them out a bit; make it easier to read, and people may give you more time of day instead of seeing it as random BSing.

YoshL: Pretty much a perfect town game from you. You exuded the confidence to lead town, softed your role well enough for people to pick up on, but still stay low enough to not be considered, and basically led town well. MVP performance, bunny boy.

DaBackpack: You also had a marvelous town game and it showed as you attracted the N1 kill. Easy runner-up, and probably would've been MVP had it not been for you being silenced early and YoshL basically solving the game.

XelNya/Xiz: Xel - Your situation there for a bit sucked, but your game was absolutely hysterical from my point of view. Thanks for participating; thanks for making me laugh many times; and, if possible, I will advocate for you to not gety a game ban from your sub-out because that was a situation well beyond your control.
Xiz: You did like 6 hours of work to pick up a W, haha. You played along well enough to exude town and to make people basically forget about Xel being a possible wolf. Thanks for subbing in, man.

lurker: You did what you could, and stuck it out till the end when many would probably just call it then. It really does suck about what happened D1, but thanks for sticking through it and playing.

blindreper1179: I don't know if you're trying a new meta, but as is, that'll take a while to stick.. I didn't really see the soft, but I know you've done that as of late to try and attract night kills as a VT (always handy), but your play aside from that was less than stellar. Ahh well, you still get a dub-ya.

TWG CXXXIX (139) - Intro to Bastard++ [Game Thread]
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Town, Jester & Cultists Win
MVP: N/a

1. Funnygurl555 - Mafia 1-shot Stalker, Killed Day 2
2. _Zenith_ - Hated Survivor, Killed Night 3
3. Nighthawk252 - Lyncher (hidden lynchee Zenith), recruited into a Cultist, Survived to Win
4. freakysnots - Loved Town, Killed Day 5
5. AragakiAyase - Investigator, Killed Night 1
6. MrPopadopalis25 - Jester, Lynched Day 0, to win!
7. dabackpank - Hated Serial Killer, Killed Night 2
8. lucker - Loved Town, Killed Day 6
9. j-rodd123 phantom - Mafia Goon, Killed Day 4
10. choof replaced by roundbox - Mafia Goon, Killed Day 3
11. Charu - Hated Weak Cult Leader, Lynched Day 1
12. Charles Claythorne - Doctor, Survived to Win
13. storn42 - 1-shot Vigi, Killed Night 4

Host Comments:
wolf quicktopic - http://www.quicktopic.com/51/H/QHZhC8NavCY9

that was an interesting game to watch, and a little bit hectic to mod in a lot of places.

TWG CXL - Anime North 2016: GAME THREAD
Postgame thread

Hosted by: T-Force
Arsonists Win
MVP: XelNya

1) _Zenith_ (Kicked Out N1)
2) Funnygurl555 (Lynched D3)
3) DaBackpack (Modkilled D3)
4) Tokzic (Lynched D2)
5) AragakiAyase (Lost at Endgame)
6) XelNya (Won at Endgame)
7) thesunfan - Weekend Otaku (Kicked Out N3)
8) roundbox (Kicked Out N1)
9) lurker - 1-Shot Distractor (Modkilled D1)
10) MrPopadopalis25 (Kicked Out N1)
11) YoshL (Lost at endgame)
12) psychoangel691 - Police Chief (Won at endgame)
13) Xiz (Lynched D1)
14) storn42 (Kicked Out N2)

Host Comments:
So the inactivity really killed this game in more ways than one. Plus, factor in a few really weird circumstances, and this made this one of the oddest games I've ever seen, let alone hosted.
Not thrilled due to people needing replacements so soon.. I mean, come on - why sign up if you know you've got stuff going on?

Anyway, I'm not really going into detail on each person, and I'll sum it up as such:

Town: Basically a chicken with their collective heads cut off.
Mafia: Literally rode that to victory with an excellent UTR game.

MVP goes to XelNya for making me laugh super hard during D1 (long live Yelling Bird), and for making one of the ballsiest moves to take the potential fall when lynching FG. That had a good chance of blowing up in your face as you had 3 towns that had 4 rooms to hide in; the odds were against you. Thankfully you guys hit the last PR to reach the parity needed to end it.

Either way, thanks for playing. To potential hosts, send me your games.
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG CXLI - SlopeFiring at the Olympics (Game Thread)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Town Wins
MVP: XelNya

1. Aragaki, the RNG-sama winner
2. Jay, the Fabric Softener (wrecked night 1)
3. Lurk, the Out of Thread Comm(s) (mid killed day 4)
4. Zee, the Identity Theft (middie killed day 3)
5. Round, the Megaphone (bodied night 3)
6. Xel, the Yahagi winner
7. R, the Scrambled Eggs (lynched day 3)
8. Storn, the Turkey (lynched day 1)
9. Riot, the Red Blaster ("modkilled"/stumped day 1)
10. Reuben, the Out of Thread Comm(s) (lynched day 4)
11. Da Back, da sysadmin (wrecked night 2)
12R. james/Clown, the Qxoity (lynched day 2)
13R. choof/T, the Baker winner

Host Comments:
This game was designed to literally be about interactions. The roles largely did nothing, and were meant to be sources of discussion. I honestly did rng all the roles out, so T-Force saying that the masons have to be wolf/human was entirely false. I do think there could have been an improvement to the masons role, in which if a town mason is lynched/killed, they have the opportunity to shoot the other mason as well, if they so choose.

Also, I varied the pm style of each of the role pms, so that that would further increase the uselessness of the role pm peeks and stuff

Anyways, roles and commentary

AragakiAyase was the RNG-Sama, able to scramble up the destinations of each night action.
using rng i think wasn't the best option n1, because there was not really a need to, and that was discussed in the thread. however, when you see the night actions, you saved some bad information exposure from happening with the rng lol. Don't be discouraged with having bad reads, just after the game is over, look at your reads, and see why exactly they were bad, and where you went wrong #improving

j-rodd was the Fabric Softener, able to fabricate his own role pm. He was the only one with a night 0 action, and once that was finished, I let the baker know where his gps was pointing just btw. j-rodd chose to make this his role pm flavor text:
You are the Fabric Softener. Once per night you will be messaged a list of 2 people, one of which will be a wolf. In addition, you will be a 2x seer and allowed to find out the full roles of 2 people in the game. You win when all threats to the village have been eliminated.
a little overpowered lol. sorry rng got you n1 that kinda sucked, i feel like you had the best grasp on the fact that there wasn't much special actually going on through what i clued in on in the opening post. i left /a lot/ of hints there, that you alone started picking up on

reuben_tate and lurker were the out of thread communication(s), who had mason nighttalk. However, they weren't aware of the alignment of the other player. gj lurker, you did everything in your power and played really well, almost off like, everyone's radar at the end. However, ben went inactive, and an excuse such as "They're posting too fast for me to keep up" is not an excuse to stop playing, or replace out. That's on you to be honest to the thread and say "i can't keep up with this shit", not me as the host to replace you out.

zenith was the identity theft, who was able to switch their current role pm flavor text around with another player as their night action.
Zenith, after rage quitting because of very bad play that was caught by every single present player, decided to ask me for a replacement. I actually debated modkilling him right here because it was literally a tantrum that he was throwing, but i didn't. After telling him no, he calmed down. However, he made a post
What appalls me here is how choof requested a replacement way earlier today and we are about to finish d0 without two players

that right there, is fiffer twg at its finest
and I couldn't help but get angry at how fucking hypocritical this was, so I issued a warning publicly. And finally, the clownpiece stuff happened, that was incredibly rude and totally uncalled for. And to top it all off,
Sorry about earlier, some of it was a ruse and some of it was real, I got carried away yet again.

Don't hate me please :P
yeah, as a host, i'm actually not allowing zenith to play in any game i host. you don't tell someone brand new to quit twg. He jumped into a TWG after playing 1 jTWG, and he obviously wasn't ready. He's told me that he's completely done with ffr because of this now. seriously? "Don't hate me please :P" alright.


roundbox was the megaphone who was as you all saw, able to out the role pm of a selected player at the start of the day. shennanigans happened so hard with this night 1 lol. otherwise, i didn't see anything that was like horrid or A+ play, it was good play overall, idk if i could say anything notable about it
ʕ ͡•ᴥ ͡• ʔ(_̅_̅_̅FISSURE_̅_̲̅_̅_̅_̅()

XelNya was the Yahagi who had a 1 shot vigi at any point in the game. Legitimately, any point in the game. Because waifu. I actually think you played phenomenally early game, you came off as very town, in showing that you actually cared about the game. shot at the end sealed the game, MVP

rzr was the scrambled eggs who was able to scramble the destinations of all pms to be received in the night (a.k.a. the baker's info pm, and the sysadmin peek). didn't use his role, idk what he was posting, because i couldn't understand most of it lol

storn was the turkey who was able to make it so that anything that I said would be garbage, like a post to "answer" a question could have been " ʕ ͡•ᴥ ͡• ʔ(_̅_̅_̅FISSURE_̅_̲̅_̅_̅_̅() ʕ ͡•ᴥ ͡• ʔ(_̅_̅_̅FISSURE_̅_̲̅_̅_̅_̅() ʕ ͡•ᴥ ͡• ʔ(_̅_̅_̅FISSURE_̅_̲̅_̅_̅_̅()" or something. can't really say much notable about your play, i think it's like slowly approaching comprehensible levels. Again, you may understand what you're trying to say to others, but when they can't, it's better a lot of the time to just outright say what you mean, instead of trying to be cryptic or w/e

riot was the red blaster who was able to

and since he was the cheesecake, t-force/choof's gps would point towards him, and he wouldn't have a cake to give out until he died or stumped. Interesting stump, you weren't really under any pressure at all, and then you stopped playing, so welp. it ended up being town losing 2 townies that day basically

dabackpack was the sysadmin who was able to peek at someone's role pm flavor text at night. rip backpack, you will be missed. That was classic backpack human play, the fact that he stayed invested into d2 should have cleared him outright lol

james may/clown was the Qxoity who was able to change someone's flavor text to something else. Best of luck to both of you with things going on

choof/tforce was the baker, who got a cheesecake when there was none out there (riotpolice was a cheesecake), and once given to someone, that party would be notified that they had a cheesecake, and for the next night, had to either give it away to avoid going into diabetic shock, or keep it to use their own night power of whatever kind, and die of eating too much dense cheesecake. the baker also got to track the whereabouts of the cheesecake, and would immediately receive another cheesecake when the owner of the cheesecake died. gj, same stuff as roundbox i think. Definitely nothing made me think that you were playing as a wolf, however some of your logic was a little flawed


TWG CXLII - A Storm of Hard and Boiled [Game Thread]
Postgame thread

Hosted by: _Zenith_
Town Wins
MVP: Tokzic

1 - DaBack of Packs - VT
2 - Red Blastoise - VT
3 - rzrzrzrzrzrzrzrzrzr - Wolf
4 - storn420 - Tracker/Vigilante
5 - Tokzic ayy - VT
6 - Plopadop - VT
7 - just a box that is round - Hider
8 - Clownpiece heidy - VT
9 - XelNya the gif lord - VT
10 - thesunfan of flags - Detective
11 - THE Charu - Wolf
12 - YoshL - VT
13 - 27ninjabunnies the lone bunny - Wolf

Host Comments:
Synopsis of Player Comments:
DBP: I felt you performed as your usual manner but watching you be paranoid is a bit frightening because you begin to panic and sway towards other judgement then the original conceived judgement to begin with to the point you almost forget about the original due to paranoia. Other than that, great performance! Very reminiscent of the Mystery Game.

RB: Played decent, though I really hope you didn't think you weren't going to get flamed by others since this is your first game back. Nevertheless, you didn't let it sink in as usual and put the game in front of the insults so big ups to you duder. Second Judgements are somewhat a sloppy trait as exhibited by your end of game phase posting though you guys prevailed!

rzr: Better luck next time, friend. I feel like you kind of set yourself up into your own death with a handful of your posts but some of your recoveries from some nightly posting were really good. I honestly had a feeling your intentional fighting plan with Charu wouldn't work because like he said, it truly needs to be in the moment rather than planned out because of how simplistic it can be to point out fakeness within a fight. Reread the Dichotomy Game where Tokzic and I on the last phase "fought" cleanly without it being planned and successfully took it home.

storn42: You did well by sniping rzr, didn't do anything your first night other than kill Roundbox by selecting Vigilante, and posted after your death from a lynch (unwarranted death post) with a smartass remark. I'd be careful down the road because I'm sure someone like YoshL (after dealing with myself in games) won't take that shit. Some good exchanges from you but your claim honestly seemed stupendously fake. To me, you built too much hype that it felt like you wanted them to believe it and not bat an eye, making you in a wolf format much deadlier.

Tokzic: Probably the MVP of the game in my opinion. You sealed the game in the end there and you were ever-so relentless against Charu. Besides being floaty during the beginning and halfway portions of the game, you stood solid and formidable as pseudo-bait while driving the points to seal the game for Town victory. Keep it up man! You're still one hell of a scary player when you focus on the game.

Plopadop: That Charu kill hahaha. You played an excellent game where you didn't sound robotic enough to raise suspicion while keeping such a level tone throughout the events of the game. You were almost the voice of reason and other players really needed some of your inputs to actually get the ball rolling for town. Good game and keep doing what you do!

Roundbox: You can blame storn for your death and it was extremely unfortunate that you hid behind him the first night. Nobody picked up that you did mention two people you were going to hide behind and nobody bothered to use that data point hidden in the first phase to further win the game. The game could've been over sooner and Storn wouldn't have had to almost commit suicide if they had listened to that one post.

Clownpiece: I'm not really going to say much because you drop activity in games as usual so I'm just going to give you the old pat on the back and say gg town carried you.

XelNya: Started off strong but fell off later. I felt like you exhibited a Zenith trait where at the end you were willing to sacrifice yourself to get town to win it (or horribly lose it) with more concrete evidence that it wasn't you who was a wolf. Always have fun reading you during games because you are a gif and a meme lord

Sunfan: That D1 work had me impressed. Sadly, you got sniped not only by Storn N1 but also by the Wolves. You mentioned this rarely happens in FFRTWG but it happened to you; ayy! You're always a solid player though I felt your last games were a little shaky but this one didn't show the same qualities and a more solid approach from you.

Charu: Oh man, you got pinched Snivy! I feel like you could've done it had you stated earlier that even though players were reading you softing and eventually "claiming" Vigi that you weren't the actual Vigi but you had some sort of idea on why Storn "wasn't" the Vigi after all. Even with the claim in hand, I would've at least milked a phase by claiming Wolves and You targeted the same player during a phase. Either way, you had a great game, some good duels, and big laughs!

YoshL: Replaced in as a solid player with their own opinions while having to explain several times over the opening post. Got too aggressive at some points where it was misconstrued as a personal attack on RB, and then general aggressiveness followed by YoshL's statement of "This is my typical playstyle" or a reiteration of that. Like I had said during mid game, there were other things that not only players were mentioning but also myself where I took some posts pretty aggressive (this being not you). I look forward to seeing you in the next game.

Bunnies: Yooooooo, I hope you stay and play some more even though you dropped out of nowhere and eventually died from inconsistency!

QT is located here: http://www.quicktopic.com/51/H/gQPXYyWgtRmfM

TWG CXLIII: SK Loses Again Game Thread
Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Serial Killer Wins
MVP: DaBackPack

1. Vendetta21 Mafia Roleblocker Modkilled N2
2. MrPopadopalis25 Town Innocent Child Killed N2
3. XelNya Vanilla Townie Lynched D1
4. rzr Vanilla Townie Lost at Endgame
5. _Zenith_ Replaced by Rex86 D1, Vanilla Townie Killed N3
6. DaBackPack 1-shot Bulletproof Serial Killer Won at Endgame
7. roundbox Mafia Goon Killed N4
8. James May Replaced by Charu D0, Town Doctor Killed N2
9. Yoshl Vanilla Townie Killed N1
10. Red Blaster Mafia Goon Lynched D2
11. AragakiAyase Vanilla Townie Killed N4
12. choof Town Cop Killed N3
13. yo man im awesome Vanilla Townie Lynched D0

Host Comments:
What a game, friends.

That game-thread title LOL. Will post more things as it goes on, including MVP, which is very hard to give out after the game to be very honest. I think I'm obliged to give it to Backpack for obvious reasons, though.

A few things to note which may not have been obvious. rzr was warned about commenting on replacements, while Charu, who commented on the alignment of a player based on the act of replacing, lost his save the following night, which likely would've been on plop. Rex edited a post, and I elected not to modkill considering he was new, even though I said I would not have any leniency. I will gladly talk out any of these decisions, and I would prefer to do so, especially regarding my decision to take away Charu's save that night. Thankfully, choof being banned did not influence the game.

Veeeeeeeery good play from both sides, I'll talk more about this later I just wanted to get this thread up real quick.

TWG CXLIV - The Freeze Wars (Sex Live)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Town Wins

1.roundbox - Human, Dedded Night 3
2.dabackpack - HUMAN WON AT END
3.Gradiant - Human, Lynched Day 1
5.Charu - Human, Dedded Night 2
6.storn42 - HUMAN WON AT END
7.Tokzic - Wolf, Dedded Night 2
8.XelNya - Mafia Movie Stalker, Lynched Day 4
9.dLGN - Human, Lynched Day 3
10.Vendetta21 - Human, Dedded Night 2
11.botchi246 - A HOMELESS GUY WON AT END
13.Xiz - A Homeless Guy, Lynched Day 2

Host Comments:
ultra fun game to host. idk if i can really give an mvp because AA would get it, but he got wiped by a really bad mechanical play. Wolves played reaaaaaally well, and town got super lucky i think.


also did anyone get the flavor text "Sex Live"

try saying "CXLIV"

TWG CXLVI - Remembering Storn42
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Serial Killer Wins
MVP: Vendetta21 & Funnygurl555

1) AragakiAyase - A Dirty Whore (Killed Night 1)
2) Hakulyte - Stephen Fry (Modkilled Day 1)
3) Botchi246 - Floofaloof (Killed Day 1)
4) J-rodd123 Gun God (Lynched Day 2)
5) Rzr Tyra Banks (Shot Night 1)
6) T-Force - Sgt. Missletoe (Lynched Day 3)
7) Roundbox - Cop (Lost)
8) Charu - Mother Forest (Lynched Day 5)
9) Dabomb2223 Dabackpack - Creeper (Killed Night 3)
10) Red Blaster - Mr. Plant (Modkilled Night 1)
11) Jtehanonymous - The Past (Lost)
12)Zenith - Missingno (Killed Night 2)
13) Vendetta21 - Ayase Aragaki (Won at endgame)
14) Danceguy117 - Mr. Stache (Killed Night 3)
15) Boss Bitch - Professor Scientist (Killed Night 4)
16) Funnygurl555 - Sir Cheesecake (Killed Night 4)
17) Storn42 - Michael Michael (Lynched Day 4)
18) DrizzleRomanceGirl - Whiteboard (Killed Night 2)

Host Comments:
Somehow V was able to not only out himself as 3rd party, but convinced town to not lynch him. He also got 2 wolves in a row in the night helping secure him the victory.
Funnygurl also played SUPER town. Really impressive play, if she didn't die to V she could have taken the game easy.

MVP split Funny/V

TWG CXLV: A Bad Joke - The 10th Edition
Postgame thread

Hosted by: AragakiAyase
Town Wins
MVP: Funnygurl555

1. dAnceguy117 Mafia JOAT, CONCEDED AT END
2. Funnygurl555 1-Shot Tracker, WON AT END
3. rzr Tracker, WON AT END
4. T-Force Mafia Goon, lynched Day 1
5. Red Blaster Serial Killer, (mistakenly) killed Night 2
6. DaBackpack 1-Shot Bus Driver, killed Night 1
7. storn42 Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 0
8. botchi246 Charu Jailkeeper, WON AT END
9. Vendetta21 Vigilante, WON AT END
10. j-rodd123 Vanilla Townie, killed Night 2
11. Xiz Role Cop, Killed Night 1
12. roundbox Vengeful, WON AT END
13. _Zenith_ Vanilla Townie, killed Night 2

Host Comments:
Before anything else, I'd just like to say: I'm very sorry for screwing up the night actions. I went over them so many times because I was paranoid of messing it up, and somehow it still slipped that jailkeeper protects as well as roleblocks so V's kill on Red Blaster night 2 shouldn't have gone through.

That said, it was a pretty interesting game to watch. Wolves got pinged out pretty early although dbp played a very nice Day 0, so rip being cleared early from now on lmao. MVP would probably be funnygurl for tracking Red Blaster N1, figuring out that storn was town, and going for T-Force/Danceguy. I'll put up other comments later (and feel free to rip me for screwing up).

TWG CXLVII - Read The Setup.
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Town Wins

1. Gradiant - Tracker, Survived to win
2. AragakiAyase - Killed Night 3, Cop
3. XelNya/_Zenith_ - Lynched Day 3, Werewolf Follower
4. reuben_tate - Lynched Day 1, Vanilla Town
5. Charu - Killed Night 1, Vanilla Town
6. thesunfan - Vanilla Town, Survived to win
7. MixMasterLar - Lynched Day 4, Werewolf
8. dabackpack - Lynched Day 2, Mafia Follower
9. rzr - Vanilla Town, Survived to win
10. choof/Red Blaster - Jailkeeper, Survived to win
11. botchi246 - Modkilled Night 4, Mafia
12. Hakulyte - Killed Night 1, Vanilla Town
13. lucker - Killed Night 2, Vanilla Town

Host Comments:
dabackpack being forced to concede was unfortunate, given that both wolfteams failed to kill any blues or green in the first 2 nights, yielding 5 VT kills to start off the game. Zenith claiming the next phase was outright lazy on Zenith's part, and sealed the deal for scum. Having 3 confirmed blues going in final 7 and 2 confirmed blues coming into final 5 made it mechanically impossible for botchi to win, regardless of being modkilled, if someone had worked out the possibilities. Because the jailer was alive, botchi would not have been able to make a kill regardless of any possibilites, although good town play for botchi in the end

No MVP for this game because literally everyone went potato

Mixmasterlar gets a special mention for fighting it out to the bitter end. There's something that a lot of us to learn from that fight.

DBP and rzr calling out scum team was hillarious though

TWG CXLVIII - TWG to the Turnabout
Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox
Town Wins

1. rzr Unimportant Witness SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME
2. Charu Unimportant Witness SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME
3. botchi246 Convicted by Trial Day 1 - Unimportant Witness Will Powers WON AT ENDGAME
4. thesunfan Convicted during recess Night 1 - Maya Fey WON AT ENDGAME
5. Red Blaster Unimportant Witness SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME
6. YoshL Unimportant Witness SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME
7. T-Force psychoangel691 Unimportant Witness SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME
8. reuben_tate _Zenith_ Unimportant Witness SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME
9. storn42 Convicted during recess Night 2 - Winston Payne
10. Vendetta21 Convicted by Trial Day 0 - Franziska von Karma
11. DaBackpack Convicted during recess Night 1 - Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth
12. choof Trucy Wright SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME
13. Xiz Unimportant Witness SURVIVED AND WON AT ENDGAME

Host Comments:
For a pretty anticipated game and hyped up vote, this was a ridiculous sweep for town. This would have been a perfect game if choof put a trap at thesunfan's house on N1, but the trap on N2 makes up for it. storn cheesecaked by not killing choof's claim, which was 100% true.

Who do I even give this to? There wasn't enough game to give a REAL MVP but the most cool points are awarded to thesunfan for the sick nasty vigi shot on N1. choof's trap was nice too.

Wolf chat: http://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/yQfgYpphwmJCP
(I do like storn's thoughts)

send games, I have one atm

TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD
Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Serial Killer Wins
MVP: Xiz & DaBackPack

1. (rzr) j-rodd123 Cop Lost at Endgame
2. Red Blaster Innocent Child Killed by SK n5
3. roundbox Mafia Goon Killed by SK n0
4. (Vendetta21) fontisian Vanilla Town Lynched d6
5. XelNya Vanilla Town Killed by SK n1
6. Xiz Serial Killer Won at Endgame
7. DaBackPack Vanilla Town Lynched d7
8. Hakulyte Renegade Doctor Killed by SK n6
9. (cedolad) storn42 Vanilla Town Killed by SK n4
10. botchi246 Psychic Killed by Mafia n2
11. Tokzic Vanilla Town Killed by Mafia n0
12. reuben_tate Vanilla Town Modkilled n3
13. Charu Killed Vanilla Town by Mafia and SK n3
14. (tiloco217) (Makilaz) Yoshl Mafia Goon Killed by SK n2
15. danceflashrevo Mafia Goon Lynched d2
16. helphelp11 Vanilla Town Lynched d1
17. Sinistrosuede Vanilla Town Modkilled n2
18. (_Zenith_) AragakiAyase Mafia Godfather Lynched d4
19. SKG_Scintill Vanilla Town Lynched d3
*No lynch occurred on d5

Host Comments:
Xiz wins solo as the SK, well played. Obvious MVP goes to Xiz, DBP had a good game as well, and Yoshl and AA both had very strong performances after replacing into tight spots. Fonti did as well.

A few short things before the full reveal:
I hope this doesn't turn people off from non-cardflipping games, they're a lot of fun
n0 deaths suck but they were necessary to the game
deadchat is a good idea
19 man is too much for FFR for right now I probably won't go above 15 for a while, and probably not more than 13
I made the SK too strong (should've taken the vest or the green-check ability away, probably the latter)
I made the Wolves too weak (should've given them a hooker and taken away the 1-shot hook)
I made town roles really dumb there should've been a weak town role like a Mortician instead of a triggered inno-child that was REALLY strong for town
You so so SO rarely see roles in final 3, and its never the cop, so that was cool to see
DBP has to quit TWG now lol
Too many replacements

For those that are aware, there was some amount of cheating that occurred during this game. If you are aware of what all happened, please don't discuss it too much at length, there will be a separate thread for this and it should be addressed in that place at that time. Talking about it here is going to detract from the postgame discussions.

TWG 150: Undertale
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Wolves Win
MVP: Charu

1) TWG Alphys Gradiant - Cop (Killed Night 5)
2) TWG Asgore wineandbread - Monster (Lynched Day 1)
3) TWG Doggo psychoangel691 - Monster (Modkilled Day 3)
4) TWG Flowey XelNya - Oracle (Killed Night 4)
5) TWG Mad Dummy thesunfan - Monster Lynched Day 6
6) TWG Mettaton DaBackPack - Monster (Killed Night 3)
7) TWG Monster Kid roundbox - Monster (Killed Night 2)
8) TWG Muffet blindreper1179 - Monster (Lynched Day 4)
9) TWG Napstablook Red Blaster - Monster (Won At Endgame)
10) TWG Papyrus - Roleblocker lurker - (Won At Endgame)

11) TWG Sans Charu - Human (Lynched Day 3)
12) TWG So Sorry botchi246- Godfather (Lynched Day 2)
13) TWG Temmie Helphelp11 - Monster
14) TWG Toriel Storn42 - Monster (Killed Night 1)
15) TWG Tsunderplane Makilaz - Bomb
16) TWG Undyne Tokzic - Monster (Lynched Day 5)

Host Comments:
Favorite Quote Spotlight:
Originally Posted by TWG Napstablook View Post
Confirmed Red Blaster
Originally Posted by TWG Undyne View Post
No offense to Red Blaster, but I kind of take offense to being mistaken for Red Blaster.

Originally Posted by TWG Undyne View Post
Are you a mermaid?

Originally Posted by TWG Mad Dummy View Post
Honestly, if you had to ask me rn, I'd say the wolfteam is sans napsta papyrus.

Originally Posted by TWG Alphys View Post
There's the Charu I know
Originally Posted by TWG Sans View Post
there's the Gradiant I know


Host Notes:
TWG Alphys: - Played well. Even though he was roleblocked, the claim was smart. He got a wolf day 1, and the trade 1-1 isn't that bad.
TWG Asgore: - RIP
TWG Doggo: - AFK
TWG Flowey: - I would have tried to reveal someone who could lead, or someone who could prevent them from leading. Picking the two most vocal ones at the time (Mad Dummy/Undyne) would have perhaps been more ideal
TWG Mad Dummy: - You were right from the start. Nobody else listened. It's not your fault imo.
TWG Mettaton: Some hilarious posts, and good effort forcing wolves to kill you one night.
TWG Monster Kid: Played well, did what a town should do.
TWG Muffet: Don't ragequit. That was dumb.
TWG Napstablook: You hid perfectly imo, were able to intertwine yourself to not be too forward or behind.
TWG Papyrus: Don't ragequit. That was dumb.
TWG Sans: lmfao god damn it charu
TWG So Sorry: Not much you could have done. Try to be more vocal in the early day.
TWG Temmie: As confirmed town, you needed to have lead more.
TWG Toriel: RIP, my child.
TWG Tsunderplane: Your points made sense, played well. IMO you should have pretended you were the medic, trying to soft that you were a medic might force wolves to kill you, getting the 1-1.
TWG Undyne: You shouldn't have been lynched imo, you were adapting your thoughts and playing well.

Human Chat:


TWG CLI: TWG 151 GOTTA CATCH ALL THEM Wolves Wolves Wol-Wol-Wol-Wolves
Postgame thread

Hosted by: AragakiAyase
Town Wins
MVP: thesunfan

1. Makilaz Vanilla Town, lynched D1
2. Charu 1-Shot Commuter, won at endgame
3. Yoshl Vanilla Wolf, lynched D4
4. thesunfan 3-Shot Mystic, killed N3
5. Xiz Vanilla Town, modkilled D1
6. botchi246 1-Shot Role Cop, lynched D3
7. choof Vanilla Town, killed N1
8. roundbox 2-Shot Jailkeeper, lynched D5
9. Red Blaster Vanilla Town, lynched D2
10. MarioNintendo 1-Shot Cop, killed N4
11. freakysnots Vanilla Town, won at endgame
12. DaBackpack Vanilla Town, won at endgame
13. blindreper1179 1-Shot Role Cop, won at endgame
14. j-rodd123 Vanilla Town, killed N2

Host Comments:
General thoughts:
Wolves shouldn’t have killed jrodd night 2, that really screwed you guys over on the next day when sunfan got tons of information out there. Sure he softed a track on roundbox, but first off he was actually VT, and second, even if he had tracked roundbox, tracking a jail onto blind isn’t inherently wolfy so there’s not really a problem there. Definitely should’ve killed the confirmed 3-Shot Mystic to take away a huge source of info for town. Then after YoshL was lynched, roundbox went for the risky play of killing MarioNintendo and trying to set something up which didn’t really work, and to top it off he got caught in a lie. Basically mechanical misplays lost wolves the game.

Also, the role cop getting a Vanilla Town check as opposed to Vanilla check made it a bit worse and shouldn’t have happened.

Player comments:

Makilaz: I know you had some IRL stuff so it was kind of unfortunate that you ended up dying to KitB.

Charu: You did a good job putting stuff together after additional information came out.

YoshL: I think the fact that you didn’t tunnel onto someone the first day really stuck out to a lot of people. Plus the fact that a lot of the days overlapped with IRL stuff put you in a pretty big hole.

thesunfan: Good job Greg, you projected really strong town this game and did a good job of leading town. MVP

Xiz: Too bad you got modkilled, I know it was an honest mistake and I was enjoying watching you play. Claiming 2-shot desperado right off the bat was definitely an interesting move but I think it worked out decently. You were off the mark for the most part because the wolves weren’t very active while you were around. But D1 is always hard.

botchi246: You were too quiet. Most of your posts were either commentary or very neutral and there weren’t that many of them. Try to post more, even if you don’t think your posts are great, make an opinion and take a side. Floating in the middle looks bad. Your claim managed to save you for a little while though. I hope you roll town next game because a break from wolfing would be nice.

choof: You played well, don’t worry about not getting a role because I think the votes were somewhat random. You projected hard town as usual and drew a nightkill as a VT.

roundbox: Whoops, got caught in a lie. Otherwise your play was pretty good for the most part.

Red Blaster: You came off as very hostile when people were pressuring you and seemed not to really care which is what ended up getting you lynched.

MarioNintendo: PR first game! Also did a pretty solid job projecting town and you didn’t let YoshL sway you.

freakysnots: You kept getting stuck in certain worlds where you fixed someone’s behavior based on certain alignments and refused to consider other worlds which is dangerous.

DaBackpack: You had a weak start but your game picked up over time. The day that YoshL was lynched pretty much sealed your towniness.

blindreper1176: Your claim and reactions lined up really well and cleared you.

j-rodd123: Kind of an unusual game for you, I don’t think I’ve seen you this quiet as town yet.

TWG CLII: Another Sleepless Night
Postgame thread

Hosted by: T-Force
Wolves Win
MVP: thesunfan

1.) roundbox [Killed N2]
2.) AragakiAyase [LOST at endgame]
3.) Tokzic [Lynched D1]
4.) cedolad [LOST at endgame]
5.) Charu [LOST at endgame]
6.) gold stinger [WON]
7.) Red Blaster [Shot N2]
8.) DaBackpack [Killed N0]
9.) XelNya [Shot N2]
10.) storn42 [Lynched D2]
11.) thesunfan [WON]
12.) blindreper1179 [WON]
13.) botchi246 [Shot N2]
14.) Gradiant [Killed N1]

Host Comments:
As much as I'd love to give MVP to gold stinger for playing a near perfect wolf game - especially considering it's only your third game, and your previous one was kinda... dicks - thesunfan played a game of absolute mastery. After the cop went down, he orchestrated town's downfall practically from the beginning with a pocket on AA, and the plan that dictated where town went.
In a setup like this, having that kind of plan is definitely not something you should ever follow as town. Plus, if thesunfan ever gets -that- controlling, he's a wolf guys.
Either way, MVP.

Wolfchat: http://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/5W2pMMd7g3E
Deadchat: None because I'm stupid.

TWG CLIII - Cha Cha Got 'Em!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Charu
Wolves Win
MVP: Xiz

1. AragakiAyase TOWN killed N1
3. roundbox DAILY BUBBLER killed N2
4. botchi246 TOWN insta'd D2
5. blindreper1179 Arntonach ONE SHOT HYPNO insta'd D1
6. storn42 TOWN lynched D0
7. Red Blaster TOWN lynched D4
8. MarioNintendo ONE SHOT HYPER BEAM kill N3
9. Tokzic WON THE GAME
10. DaBackpack LOST THE GAME
11. Tps222 mellonxcollie TOWN killed N4
12. Makilaz WON THE GAME
13. drizzleRomanceGirl TAKE DOWN lynched D3
14. lurker TOWN modkilled N3
15. dAnceguy117 MEDITATOR hypno-modded N2
16. Gradiant Xiz TOWN take downed D3

Host Comments:

TWG CLIV: An Old School Slumber Party
Postgame thread

Hosted by: T-Force
Town Wins
MVP: Charu

1) Xiz - Vanilla Town (Won at endgame)
2) mellonxcollie - Vanilla Town (Won at endgame)
3) Red Blaster Roleblocker Wolf (Lynched D2)
4) thesunfan - Vanilla Town (Won at endgame)
5) Arntonach - Cop (Won at endgame)
6) Charu - Vanilla Town (Nightkilled N2)
7) XelNya - Vanilla Wolf (Lynched D3)
8) Makilaz botchi246 - Godfather (Lynched D4)
9) storn42 - Vanilla Town (Won at endgame)
10) Tokzic - Vanilla Town (Lynched D1)
11) YoshL - Vanilla Town (Won at endgame)
12) roundbox - Doctor (Nightkilled N1)
13) evanescence_death4ever DaBackpack - Vanilla Town (Won at endgame)

Host Comments:
So, I'm just going to be frank. Botchi didn't say a thing to me after replying to my PM at 8 AM while I was at work. I couldn't bring him into the game until 3 PM, so that's my bad for not being instantaneous, but that's how it goes.
Fiction IM'd me while I was offline and said nothing after that so I couldn't put him in.

This was frustrating to host because of that, and the seeming lack of activity, but you guys pulled through in the end.

Town played incredible in their own ways, and I'm especially proud of storn's game even though he was barking up a completely wrong tree at the end.

MVP will probably go to Charu for making the ballsy choice of going to Red Blaster instead of thesunfan on D2, and for attracting the nightkill instead of them going after a PR.
Even so, YoshL, and thesunfan played great (especially when thesunfan saved his bacon at the end of D2), DaBackpack pulled his spot completely out of the fire, and Xiz still projected strong town to most people. A lot of good candidates.

PS. Makilaz was actually the one who pointed out that roundbox was probably the cop so I laughed hearing you guys say that Red Blaster and/or XelNya would've done that.

EDIT: I would also like to point out that I find it hysterical that mellon placed literally ZERO votes all game.

TWG CLV: Boats
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Town & Gradiant Wins
MVP: AragakiAyase

1. tokzic dismissed day 2, Abyssal Infiltrator - companion ship I-8
2. charu dismissed night 1, Prospective Naval Officer - companion ship Kaga sunk
3. AA dismissed night 4, Prospective Naval Officer - companion ship Teruzuki sunk
4. arntonach dismissed day 4, Serial Killer - companion ship Katsuragi
5. xiz dismissed night 5, Kuso Teitoku - companion ship Hamakaze sunk
6. runescapedude dismissed day 3, Prospective Naval Officer - companion ship Akebono
7. roundbox dismissed day 5, Abyssal Infiltrator - companion ship Ashigara sunk
8. red blaster dismissed night 3, just a person who wants to be dismissed from the draft without letting his companion sinking. - companion ship Bismarck sunk
9. storn dismissed day 5, Kuso Teitoku - companion ship Zuikaku
10. dabackpack dismissed night 3, Prospective Naval Officer - companion ship Yuubari sunk
11. MixMasterLar dismissed night 2, Prospective Naval Officer - companion ship I-58 sunk
12. drizzleromancegirl dismissed day 1, RNG Compass Fairy - companion ship Taihou
13. gradiant dismissed night 2, Discharger - companion ship Tama sunk
14. XelNya dismissed night 1, Abyssal Infiltrator - companion ship Urakaze sunk
15. ShadoWolfe won at endgame and survived

Host Comments:
so there was a crapton of stacks, which kept the wolf team hidden . dbp made some really good saves. I want to get this up so that people can talk, i'll say more later

MVP goes to AA for doing work, and for godly reads early on. close runner up is shadowolfe, runner up due to the incredible amount of suspicion generated in later game

TWG CLVI: The Grand TWGabout
Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox
Wolves Win
MVP: Xiz & XelNya

1. AragakiAyase Unimportant Witness - Convicted during recess Night 1.
2. Xiz Shelley De Killer - Convicted during recess Night 2.
3. Gradiant Athena Cykes - Convicted during recess Night 3.
4. Tokzic Unimportant Witness - Convicted during trial Day 2.
5. Charu Unimportant Witness - Convicted during trial Day 0.
6. DaBackpack Unimportant Witness - Convicted during trial Day 5.
7. Wineandbread Maya Fey - Convicted during Trial Day 1.
8. Arntonach Trucy Wright - Convicted during recess Night 1.
9. Red Blaster _Zenith_ Unimportant Witness - Convicted during trial Day 3.
10. MixMasterLar Unimportant Witness - Convicted during recess Night 5.
11. thesunfan Unimportant Witness - Convicted during recess Night 4.
12. inDheart Unimportant Witness - LOST at endgame.
13. reuben_tate T-Force Kristoph Gavin - WON by parity at end of Day 5
14. Xelnya The Yatagarasu - Escorted (modkilled) from the courtroom during Trial Day 1.
15. Charles Claythorne (AKA MASHI) Unimportant Witness - LOST at endgame.
16. YoshL Unimportant Witness - Convicted during trial Day 4.
17. Yoshiisland The Phantom - Convicted during recess Night 2.

Host Comments:
DUAL MVP GOES TO Xiz and Xelnya for very good and convincing performers this game, even though they both had untimely deaths for different reasons.

TWG CLVII: The Perfect Blowjob
Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Wolves Win
MVP: Gradiant & Charu

1) Gradiant Won at endgame, Mafia Godfather
2) Xiz Lost at endgame, Vanilla Town
3) Charu Killed N4, One-Shot Doctor
4) XelNya Killed N2, Vanilla Town
5) Yoshiisland Killed N6, Doctor
6) roundbox Killed N1, Vanilla Town
7) DaBackPack Lynched D0, Mafia Goon
8) botchi246 Lynched D2, Vanilla Town
9) ShadoWolfe Modkilled N1, One-Shot Cop
10) Arntonach Lynched D3, Vanilla Town
11) Funnygurl555 Killed N3, Vanilla Town
12) _Zenith_ Lynched D1, Mafia Roleblocker
13) pedolad Lynched D5, Doctor

Host Comments:
Pretty shitty activity at the end, weird that there were no replacements.

Gradiant played well, knew what his out was, and was rewarded for it. Attacking the doctor that Xiz was doubting at the end was what he had to do, and he did it well.

This game, as well as the last one, were won by deep wolves who had completely avoided suspicion until the endgame. These two games should serve as a reminder that reads need to be reset in TWG. A townread on d0 or d1 should not carry over into the endgame without some mechanics or an incredibly strong read.

Solid town performances out of Charu, Xiz and funnygurl, with not very much positive to say about many other people.

The setup itself was pretty townsided, and I hope that this is not a thing that people overlook when evaluating Gradiant's performance here. 2 Full doctors and a 1 shot means that there were, during the course of this game, a lot of people who the wolves were unable to kill, with the only save being on Xiz during night 5. This, combined with a 1-shot cop likely would have solidified a town victory if town had done a few things differently:

Inactivity in the late-game is inherently anti-town. Town needs to try and get together and solve the game at that point, and no one was really doing so. I didn't see anyone rereading beyond Gradiant, and that's never good for town. Its also a good part of the reason why cedo and island were both suspected more than they should be, especially cedo.

I know you know giving up like that is not ok, Brett. Don't do that. I know you're geared for a kind of instant satisfaction that forum TWG rarely provides for you and IRL TWG often does, but you've gotta stick with the game, you really have to. This is what's going to happen, no one, including you, is going to enjoy the game if someone is going to vote for themselves in a mylo situation. If you're unable to play the game, replace out, don't throw a fit.

@Yoshiisland, you need to post more. I saw you playing FFR on more than one occasion when you had single-digit posts on some of the day phases, you need to devote more time to the game, I feel.

Both PRs became paranoid and did not try and talk to each other about their reservations with one another, they just made silent judgements, and as a result, town lost a game that they should have automatically won because they did not communicate at all with one another. Its fine to doubt another claim, but its pretty unintelligent to make a decision that, if wrong, will lose the game for town 99% of the time if one of the doctors dies.

Saving Gradiant over Charu that night also makes no sense because Charu should always be the kill over Gradiant if you don't know who the wolf is. Its impossible for Charu to be fake without there being a serial killer, and after 3 nights of only one kill, it doesn't really make much sense for there to be a Serial Killer, Charu or otherwise.

Something I think people know already but I'll say anyways, if someone claims your role in c9++, don't counterclaim because... its not a counterclaim. That was pretty not good to watch.

That being said, the play that Xiz made probably shouldn't have been performed by him. Island is unfamiliar with both Xiz and FFRTWG, and I think expecting him, or really a player of any caliber, terribly good or terribly bad, is not going to work out well, especially in c9++. The wolves/potential SK are going to see a doctor claim for what is literally no reason and they're going to be less likely to believe the claim (especially if its from Xiz).

I know Charu mentioned this, and while Gradiant played a pretty solid wolfgame, he certainly made some mistakes. His assertion that funny was universally townread after she died in the night was a tell that he, if he were a wolf, would think she was worth killing, and I think no one looked back at funny's death to see how weird it was and how weird Jake's claim that she was universally townread was after the fact other than Charu, which is why he died.

Looking at night deaths in the early game isn't all that important, but when unconfirmed players are dying over confirmed players, its pretty important to try and determine why.

FWIW town does deserve kudos for the wagons d0 and d1, those were both good decisions by town, and it put them very far ahead in the game.

MVP to Gradiant and Charu, Gradiant for obvious reasons, a well-played but not perfect wolfgame that took advantage of town after being down by a considerable margin, and Charu for being the first person since roundbox to realize that Gradiant was a wolf, as well as harping on Zenith and switching to DBP in mega-yolo mode.

All in all, the first half of this game was good to watch, it is a shame that it fell apart in the end. Some combination of town not getting together when they should and Jake being able to coast off of earlygame cred.

TWG CLVIII: Game Thread - Survivor Valais

Hosted by: Arntonach
Game Cancelled

Arnt deleted the OP so I'm not going to go through the whole thing since cancelled games aren't going to really count for stats. If you really care about this game, read the thread. Maybe I'll fill this out later though.

Host Comments:

TWG CLIX: Form your special exclusive groups now!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: AragakiAyase
Serial Killer Wins

1. inDheart Vanilla Town, killed N1
2. Hakulyte Framer, killed N2
3. R.E. Arxyi _Zenith_ Vanilla Town, lynched D5
4. Shadowolfe 1-Shot Vigilante, killed N2
5. danceflashrevo Vanilla Town, lynched D2
6. Charu Bulletproof Bodyguard, LOST AT ENDGAME
7. Gradiant Cop, killed N1
8. FreezinIce Vanilla Town, lynched D0
9. DaBackpack psychoangel691 Vanilla Town, killed N3
10. Precarious Vanilla Town, killed N5
11. roundbox Vanilla Town, killed N3
12. botchi246 MixMasterLar Vanilla Town, killed N4
13. XelNya Vanilla Wolf, lynched D3
14. Juckter1 1-Shot Stalker, lynched D1
15. mellonxcollie 1-Shot Bulletproof Serial Killer, WON AT ENDGAME

Host Comments:
Would like to say thanks for all the replacements for preventing this game from being a total disaster.

No MVP, this game was pretty painful to watch in many ways. Things like people not reading dead people's posts, mellon's slip getting away, the list goes on.

TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee
Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Wolves & MixMasterLar Win
MVP: MixMasterLar

1) AragakiAyase Rolf, Killed D1
2) storn42 Largo, Killed D2
3) Yoshl Shiharam, Killed N2
4) juckter1 wineandbread Calill, Killed N4
5) roundbox Reyson, Lost at Endgame
6) MixMasterLar Volke, Won D2
7) XelNya Ena, Lynched D4
8) psychoangel691 Precarious Mist, Won at Endgame
9) Vendetta21 Rhys, Lynched D2
10) R.E. Aryxi Hakulyte theknightsofneeee Soren, Lost at Endgame
11) FreezinIce Devdan, Modkilled D0
12) ShadoWolfe Janaff, Lost at Endgame
13) Pazzaz Haar, Lost at Endgame
14) Charu Tauroneo, Killed N1
15) Andy-o24 Tanith, Killed N3
16) gold stinger Ulki, Killed N5
17) botchi246 inDheart Makalov, Lynched D3
18) danceflashrevo Shinon, Lynched D1
19) _Zenith_ mellonxcollie Brom, Won at Endgame
20) Tokzic Astrid, Killed D2

Host Comments:
game was ended a little early, mellonxcollie could have nightkilled precarious and the game would've continued

my b for that one

figured with Pazzaz getting lynched, there was nothing town could do

I am pretty salty at how many replacements there were

I get that shit happens and some people just gotta replace out but

there was certainly some WIL coming from some people, and that makes me pretty sad honestly

I'm not going to include silence mechanics in my games ever again, that was the reason that players were allowed to have no posts without repercussions

certain players would've been modkilled if I hadn't included the part about there being no minimum post requirement
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG CLXI - Egregious Miscalculations
Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox
Wolves Win

1. Hakulyte Werewolf Parity Cop, Won at Endgame
2. AragakiAyase ShadoWolfe Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
3. R.E. Aryxi Town Parity Cop, Modkilled d1
4. Charu Miller, Killed n1
5. dAnceguy117 Werewolf Vengeful, Lynched d2
6. danceflashrevo Werewolf Fruit Vendor, Won at Endgame
7. MixMasterLar Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
8. choof mellonxcollie Vanilla Town, Killed n2
9. storn42 Innocent Child, Killed n3
10. dadcop2 Vanilla Town, Lynched d3
11. T-Force Vanilla Town, Lynched d0
12. Pazzaz Town Fruit Vendor, Lynched d1
13. FreezinIce Vanilla Town, Killed d2

Host Comments:

TWG CLXII - Lucidity
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Yoshl
Town Wins
MVP: n/a

1. storn42 - won endgame
2. roundbox - won endgame
3. xelnya - won endgame
4. indheart - won endgame
5. juckter1 - PPAP'd D1 (Dreamer)
6. freezinice - Sent to hell D2 (Dreamer)
7. mixmasterlar - Lynched D4 (Nightmare)
8. arntonach - Lynched D1 (Dreamer)
9. lurker - Lynched D2 (Nightmare)

Host Comments:

TWG CLXIII: Allies and Adversaries 2
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Tokzic
Wolves Win
MVP: ShadoWolfe

1. j-rodd - CHAOS WOLF, Lynched d3
2. inDheart - JAILKEEPER, Killed n1
3. thesunfan - VT, Killed n3
4. Raeko - VT, Lynched d5
5. Meno - VT, Lynched d4
6. ShadoWolfe - MASTER WOLF, Won at Endgame
7. Vendetta21 - GREENMASTER, Killed n4
8. AragakiAyase - VT, Killed n2
9. XelNya - SABOTAGE WOLF, Lynched d1
10. Hakulyte - VT, Lost at Endgame
11. R.E. Aryxi/Xiz - PINK RANGER, Lynched d2

Host Comments:

Shadow GOAT. Had some bumpy phases - during the phase j-rodd was lynched, deadchat was sure that his 180 on J-rodd was going to give him away. And indeed, Haku made a huge effortpost that nailed him on it. But Shadow made some astoundingly real emotional responses the following day that made nearly everyone second-guess themselves, and slid away from the top of lynch lists every time. Well played.

TWG CLXIV: Classics Man
Postgame thread

Hosted by: inDheart
Wolves Win
MVP: n/a

1. XelNya - Vanilla Town, LOST at endgame
2. Charu - Vanilla Town, killed Night 1
3. AragakiAyase - Vanilla Town, killed Night 2
4. MixMasterLar - Town Jailkeeper, LOST at endgame
5. Prophylaxis - Vanilla Wolf, WON at endgame
6. roundbox Wineandbread - Vanilla Town, LOST at endgame
7. ShadoWolfe - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 3
8. mellonxcollie - Vanilla Town, killed Night 1
9. Witch of Certainty - Town Vigilante, lynched Day 2
10. TWG Jade Harley - Vanilla Wolf, WON at endgame
11. thesunfan - Wolf Roleblocker, WON at endgame
12. DaBackpack - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 1
13. Hakulyte - Vanilla Town, killed Night 3

Host Comments:

TWG CLXV - The Wine In Front Of Me
Postgame thread

Hosted by: AragakiAyase
Game Cancelled
MVP: N/a

1. Charu
2. Gradiant ShadoWolfe - Vanilla Town, killed Night 2
3. YoshL - Innocent Child, killed Night 3
4. thesunfan
5. mellonxcollie - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 2
6. Hakulyte
7. Lightknight924 - 1-Shot Cop, killed Night 1
8. litodude
9. FreezinIce
10. inDheart - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 1
11. choof wineandbread
12. Tokzic - Town Tracker, lynched Day 0
13. roundbox

Host Comments:

TWG CLXVI: Fall Of An Empire
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Tps222
Wolves Win
MVP: FreezinIce & DaBackPack

1. Soundwave- Vanilla Town, Lynched d2
2. TyrantNeptune the sun fan Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
3. FreezinIce Vanilla Wolf, Won at Endgame
4. Lightknight Vanilla Town, Lynched d1
5. mellonxcollie Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
6. tokzic Vanilla Town, Killed n3
7. Dabackpack Vanilla Wolf, Won at Endgame
8. Hakulyte Seer, Killed n2
9. DanikaBanana Vanilla Town, Killed n1
10. evanescence Master Wolf, Won at Endgame
11. roundbox Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
12. danceflashrevo Psychic, Lost at Endgame
13. Choof Vanilla Town, Lynched d0
14. flashflash account Vanilla Town, Lynched d3

Host Comments:
Sorry for the late post game guys, I was traveling for Easter and didn't see that this got insta-finished until way later.

Congrats to FreezinIce, DaBackPack and Evanescence_death4ever for playing a masterfully dominant wolf game. Out of thread chat is a different animal when it comes to manipulating people's perception of you, and you all navigated that minefield very well. I'll make a point to grab some highlights from the wolf chat soon (or publicly archive it if the demand is there).

Hakulyte was planning on seering Eva on the night he was killed which would have been interesting.

Tokzic fake claiming seer was fun to see how that played into the frenzy at the end of Day 3.

Apologies for not delivering the narrative and more organization surrounding this game, some unexpected real life things came up and ate away a lot of my time. The next time I host something like this I will probably wait to get 16 and add in the guardian for the humans.

DBP/Freezin split MVP for being at or near the top of the towns read list for most people. Props to Eva for juggling a cross country trip with being masterwolf in a TWG game.

Haku's gamble of claiming seer to a lot of people almost worked out, but the wolves got lucky and somehow didn't get pressured when they hinted at knowing that Haku had previously claimed.

Inactivity kind of clouded this one a bit and I'm going to be thinking of ways to prevent that in future games hosted. Thanks to TheSunFan for hopping in late there.

TWG CLXVII Game Thread How Was Awakening Reviewed
Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Wolves Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

1) Hakulyte Sully, Town Neighbor, Killed N1
2) flashflashaccount Cordelia, Town Neighbor, Modkilled pregame confirmation phase
3) inDheart Miriel, Town Mathematician, Lost at Endgame
4) MixMasterLar Cherche, Wolf Light Sleeper, Won at Endgame
5) Cold Kitten Celirra Donnel, Zero-to-Hero Lynched D3
6) XelNya Lissa, Vanilla Wolf, Lynched D1
7) roundbox Panne, Vanilla Town, Killed N1
8) Xiz Say'ri, Wolf Muckraker Won at Endgame
9) Tokzic Charu Anna, Gambler Killed N4
10) tiloco217 Nowi, Town Fortune Teller Lynched D4
11) DarkManticoreX2 Maribelle, Wolf Scribe Won at Endgame
12) blindreper1179 Sumia, Vanilla Town Lynched D2
13) mellonxcollie Wayward Vagabond Tiki, Town Reporter Lost at Endgame
14) DaBackPack Tharja, Killed D3
15) LightKnight924 Olivia, Town John Doe, Lynched D0
16) Soundwave- Libra, Vanilla Town Lost at Endgame
17) FreezinIce Flavia, Vanilla Town Killed N2

Host Comments:
Wolves coordinated well; town didn't. The better team won this game, no doubt about it. Gambler was underutilized, and that breaks my heart. Another well-deserved MVP to Manti for an excellent wolfing performance.

TWG CLXVIII: Capitalism
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
Town Wins
MVP: thesunfan

1) Jumpluff Soundwave- (Alibaba Group) Godfather, Modkilled d4
2) Adam33 (Amazon) Vanilla Town, Killed n2
3) inDheart (Apple) Vanilla Town, Killed n1
4) wineandbread (China Mobile) Vanilla Town, Killed n2 (Was Acquired n1)
5) lurker (Disney) Vanilla Town, Killed n1
6) storn42 (Facebook) Doctor, Killed n3 (Was Acquired n2)
7) blindreper1179 (GE) Vigilante, Killed n3
8) Gradiant (Google) Vanilla Town, Modkilled d4
9) FreezinIce Wayward Vagabond XelNya (IBM) Blocker, Lynched d4 (Was Acquired n3)
10) Tokzic Antronach Vanilla Wolf, Lynched d3
11) Funnygurl555 (McDonalds) Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
12) T-Force (Microsoft) Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
13) Charu (Shell) Cop, Won at Endgame
14) DaBackPack (Starbucks) Deal-Breaker, Won at Endgame
15) Celirra (Toyota) Vanilla Town, Modkilled d2
16) mellonxcollie (UPS) Bulletproof Wolf, Lynched d0
17) Stink (Verizon) Roleblocker Wolf, Lynched d1
18) flashflash account (Visa) Vanilla Town, Modkilled d2
19) roundbox (WalMart) 1-shot Bulletproof Acquisitioner, Killed n1
20) the sun fan (Wells Fargo) Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame

Host Comments:
Imagine watching afk's do nothing
Imagine all afk's being wolves
Imagine knowing that each replacement fucks up the Aq role pretty much, but you cant modkill because thats the entire wolf team

Then the modkills.

This was like a host's wort nightmare.

I'd say town did well but, this was like a twg tutorial for town or something.

TWG CLXIX: TWGabout Revolution
Postgame thread

Hosted by: roundbox
Wolves Win

1. thesunfan Unimportant Witness, convicted during recess Night 2.
2. Xelnya Unimportant Witness, convicted in trial on Day 3.
3. FreezinIce Trucy Wright, convicted during recess Night 2.
4. blindreper1179 Unimportant Witness, convicted in trial on Day 4.
5. lurker Charu Kristoph Gavin, WON at endgame.
6. sanzath Unimportant Witness, convicted during recess Night 1.
7. flashflash account Unimportant Witness, ejected from courtroom on Day 0.
8. Hakulyte Unimportant Witness, LOST at endgame.
9. DarkManticoreX2 Manfred von Karma, WON at endgame.
10. MixMasterLar Franziska von Karma, convicted in trial on Day 0.
11. mellonxcollie Gregory Edgeworth, convicted in trial on Day 1.
12. Hateandhatred Shelley de Killer, convicted in trial on Day 2.
13. inDheart Unimportant Witness, LOST at endgame.
14. Makilaz Unimportant Witness, LOST at endgame.
15. Xiz Ema Skye, convicted during recess Night 4.
16. Wayward Vagabond Unimportant Witness, convicted during recess Night 3.
17. storn42 Unimportant Witness, convicted during recess Night 1.

Host Comments:
MVP: None

I felt like both teams had decent players and plays, but this did feel like another wolf win that was partially earned by the wolves being sneaky and also because town was being very, very lazy after the SK was offed. Yes, it was cool having a free anti-town peek but that doesn't mean there aren't other anti-towns waiting to be found.
Special mentions go out to:
lurker, who had a pretty good performance for the wolves until he had to replace out. thesunfan, who baited a NK hard
inDheart, who had that WIM on the final phase of the day only to get bopped by wolfrush
Charu and Manti for getting that WOLFRUSH

Other player comments:

Xel - You felt pretty absent this game, and I take it you got pretty busy partway through and couldn't keep up. rip

Freezin - Projected town hard up until the claim, and you did everything you could. I'm not 100% sure why you picked HH as your target, maybe you could explain it? In the event town had a vigi, there's a decent chance they might have shot him since he was 2nd on the wagon. I don't think anti-town has an incentive to kill him, even if he wasn't the SK.

blind - You tried to have a big dick, but then the wolves collectively stomped on it. Wouldn't recommend.

sanzath - Welcome to the n1 club!

ffa - Stop dying pls, you're very towny when you're town

Haku - Had some pretty clear thoughts and a level head towards endgame, which would have helped town if Makilaz/blind weren't in a super thunderdome.

MML - Not posting got you killed.

mellonxcollie - I think the vest power is much stronger, but I don't think you were getting NKed the way you were playing this game. You did get lucky on the last voter, but you did use your power as intended. Fun fact: both manti and HH were the last two on your wagon. HH's late vote got him outed instead of manti.

HH - Bad luck, dude. Like other said, you should focus on wolfy targets since they're your biggest threat in the game. You killing sunfan doesn't really help you as SK.

Makilaz - Prolific poster award! I think Charu brought up a fair point about the aggression. I think you get a bit too OMGUS and tunnely when people call you a wolf, which seemed to come out this game.

Xiz - Not sure why you didn't watch Freezin or sunfan the night after they claimed.

WV - A case of the busy after game start. You did a decent job though and got pegged for being a potential threat, so that's cool.

storn42 - n1 life

TWG CLXX Anything but Nekopara
Postgame thread

Hosted by: thesunfan
Town Wins
MVP: DabackPack

1) blindreper1179 Lynched D2, Mafia Godfather
2) Gradiant Won at Endgame, Doctor
3) xXOpkillerXx Killed N3, Vanilla Town
4) Celirra Killed N1, Investigation Immune Serial Killer
5) DarkManticoreX2 Killed N2, Vanilla Town
6) Xiz Lynched D0, Vanilla Town
7) Sanzath Won at Endgame, Vanilla Town
8) roundbox Killed N3, Vanilla Town
9) Yoshl Killed N1, 1-shot Doctor
10) Charu Lynched D1, Cop
11) lurker mellonxcollie FreezinIce Mafia Roleblocker, Lynched D4
12) Wayward Vagabond Lynched D3, Mafia Goon
13) DaBackPack Killed N4, Vigilante

Host Comments:
DBP MVP btw since I didn't say that.
Def his best town performance imo even though it wasn't flawless, he still very clearly led town to victory and it wouldn't have been possible without him.

TWG CLXXI - The Reaper's Game
Postgame thread

Hosted by: T-Force
Wolves Win
MVP: Xiz

1) the sun fan Vanilla Town, Lynched d1
2) Hakulyte Vanilla Town, Killed n3
3) XelNya Game Master, Lynched d2
4) blindreper1179 Vanilla Town, Lynched d3
5) Gradiant Wayward Vagabond Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
6) Celirra Vanilla Town, Lynched d4
7) MixMasterLar Proxy's Partner, Lynched d0
8) roundbox Proxy, Killed n2
9) Xiz Conductor, Won at Endgame
10) Hateandhatred Vanilla Town, Killed n1
11) LightManticoreX2 Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
12) DaBackPack Vanilla Town, Killed n4
13) FreezinIce Rapta Harrier Reaper, Won at Endgame

Host Comments:
MVP to Xiz for playing a really solid game, especially during the final couple day phases.

Thank you to all the players who participated in my insane desire to play my favourite video game in a TWG format. A lot of flavour came from 'The World Ends With You' and I will (happily) go into detail about what I did that, in my opinion, added to it.

Postgame thread

Hosted by: TWG Jade Harley (FreezinIce)
Town Wins
MVP: AragakiAyase

1. Blindreper1179 > VT, Killed N3
2. Shadowolfe > Dark Contractor, Killed N1
3. InDheart > VT, Survived to Win
4. mellonxcollie > Eternalisk Beta, Killed N3
5. kirkfan2255 > Savior, Killed N1
6. Charu > Alien, Survived to Lose
7. the sun fan > VT, Killed N1
8. DaBackpack > Superstar, Survived to Win
9. AragakiAyase > Mysterious Variable X (Transmorpher), Survived to Lose
10. Yeti/TWG Ike > VT, Survived to Win
11. Hakulyte > Informant, Lynched D4
12. Xelnya > VT, Lynched D1
13. Roundbox > Deathdealer, Lynched D3
14. DarkManticoreX2 > VT, Lynched D2

Host Comments:
Host Comments: Most of my thoughts for the game can be found in the analysis section of deadchat. To summerize...

D1: Things start off kind of bad for the wolfteam and town. Roundbox is MIA which is never good, and Haku is having trouble replicating his towntone which sets people off that something isnt right. Town posts a lot of irrelevant stuff and fights over small things, which makes digging and finding content hard. Xelnya said it best: A lot of the early stuff was NAI and not useful.

Town lacks leadership and direction, so a xelnya lynch materializes despite several people voicing misgivings. DBP forces a thunderdome between blind/xelnya, which ends pretty badly. Shado comes back and drops Haku into a silent kitb with Xelnya, which thankfully works out in the wolves favor.

Haku had a pretty god awful eod, he looked like he was blatantly trying to make himself look better by getting off the xel wagon and more than a few people picked up on it. I would say had dbp not called for votes to stay within xel/blind, haku would have died that day. However, Shado voting him buys Haku a ton of leeway later on after Shado flips.

TWG CLXXIII: A Man Standeth Straight
Postgame thread

Hosted by: the sun fan
Town Wins
MVP: star-crossed

1) inDheart Killed Night Zero, Vanilla Town
2) roundbox Killed Night Three, Tracker
3) kirkfan2255 Killed Night Two, Vanilla Town
4) FreezinIce ShadoWolfe, Won at Endgame, Vanilla Town
5) mellonxcollie Won at Endgame, Vanilla Town
6) blindreper1179 Killed Night Two, Vanilla Town
7) DaBackPack Lynched Day Four, Vanilla Wolf
8) star-crossed Won at Endgame, Vanilla Town
9) Charu Lynched Day One, Vanilla Wolf
10) XelNya Lynched Day Two, Vanilla Town
11) Gradiant Killed Night Three, Vanilla Wolf
12) dAnceguy117 Won at Endgame, Vanilla Town
13) Hakulyte Killed Night One, Vanilla Town
*No lynch occurred on Day Three

Host Comments:

Just gonna go through general thoughts on the game, might have a little bit of a line for everyone too.

I do want to say beforehand that I read a grandtotal of 0 private logs between players so whatever happened in private is almost certainly unknown to me. As such, I will only talk about what I know happened or about mechanics so long as I can do so.


n0 mostly speaks for itself; its a guessing game all around. Wolves did what most people would do; picked a SPK that could be a PR and went with it. blind seered probably the hardest person to read in the game and the wolves yolo'd the wizard 0rb a bit. All is fine there.


d1, the game becomes a lot harder for me to understand. blind claims his red to haku and says that he's going to claim it at a specific time. Haku, presumably bored more than anything else, decides to out the check ahead of time. This is bad all around. The only reason that blind would ever hold onto a red like that would be to see Charu's interactions without the pressure of a red check, which is fine. Its not really something I think is really worth doing on a player like Charu on d0, but its by no means a bad plan. Haku claiming ahead of time completely took that away from the game for no real game related reason.

I've debated whether or not I was going to chastise blind for claiming that to Haku when just about any other player would've been a safer choice of confidant, and I did say it was a bad idea in deadchat, but I think I've since reconsidered. I cannot fault someone for assuming that another player would not blow up a check like that for no real reason despite Haku's history.

So, the red check is out, Charu knows he's probably dead, blind is pissed at Haku, and the wolves decide to put in motion a play that I need some justification for, because I really don't fully understand it.

My understanding of the play was that DBP thought that he could get away with lynching blind by arguing that blind lied about his check. DBP and at least Charu from what I understand believed that this is something that towns would more than just consider as something that blind would do.

Now, I want to make an aside here as this is something that I think really perplexes me. I get that sometimes people shit on blind for not necessarily being the best player here. But assuming that someone will lie about the results of their check out of stubbornness is like... beyond the realm that anyone has ever assumed about the skill level of a player on this site. If this is truly what the wolves had in mind for their plan, then I think there's a 0% chance that it would've worked. When blind flips, because in that scenario he /is/ the correct lynch, Charu always either gets vigi shot or lynched the next day, almost certainly followed by DBP. That's a terrible plan for the wolves because no town member will ever believe that blind, or really anyone, would lie about being roleblocked out of sheer stubbornness.

But that's not what happened. DBP claimed that he roleblocked blind, and there was a fight. I don't want to beat this to death because it is something that I don't think any of us enjoy talking about (lol I've typed a shitload on it oops), so I'll touch on a few points here.

1) I should've modkilled blind. I was a huge supporter of the rule that says that publicly asking for a replacement will result in a modkill. I should have upheld this rule. For whatever reason, it was not in my mind at the time, and it should've been especially later on when I think Yoshl pointed out to me that blind should've been modkilled.

2) This kind of reaction from blind was largely because of the frustration he felt with DBP continuously shitting on him as a scumread in games, I understand that. I do want to say that I think the reaction was largely unwarranted. I get that it was emotional because it was a cc battle, but in this situation, if I am in blind's spot, I advocate for my own lynch and am happy to do so. Trading myself for, in my eyes, two wolves, is always a trade I will take 8 days a week, and I think blind got a little caught up in the moment (which is completely understandable). This is why DBP should have, in my opinion, gotten more flak for claiming that he blocked blind. Its not a play you can really do as a reaction test as the play for a lot of people is "Lol, 2 wolves for me, a VT? Yeah, you guys can kill me first idc." The most interesting part about it was even when blind was having that reaction, and even after he had left discord and people thought he was going to be replaced, DBP still held the claim. That should've shown that he was serious about holding his claim.

3) The state of the game when blind had left the discord was a little bit weird. I don't think the game should've been paused, and if I hadn't been out at the time, I would've worked to resolve the state of the game as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the game was in a limbo-state while I was gone and I think that took away from the game a little bit unfortunately.

Either way, blind doesn't get replaced, and DBP eventually rescinds the claim, and Charu is lynched.

(but not before XelNya defends him looooooooooooooool)

Another thing that I couldn't really work in anywhere that I think is really fucking funny to me is that Gradiant had just finished saying that he really hates wolfing by himself (alluding to Perfect Blowjob when he solo wolfed for almost all of the game and won) and that he didn't want to do it this game, and literally minutes later and on the same scroll page in discord DBP says he wants to try and save Charu by claiming that he blocked blind. I mostly just think this situation is funny, but I was confused as to why Gradiant let DBP try that plan if he didn't want to be in a situation where he would wolf by himself because that's exactly what would happen if DBP held his claim.


Alright, Charu down, we get to n1. Seer 0rb to Freezin, Wizard 0rb to Gradiant, vigi 0rb to Xel.

My first reaction to seeing Xel get the vigi 0rb was "Oh man, he might actually shoot blind... that would be awful." Thankfully, that didn't happen and we instead got a rather comedic doublestack on Haku.

Seering dAnceguy is whatever, Freezin's reads at that point were I think 0/3 and I think that helped clear up some confusion for him (though his reads were still mostly off after that).

Wolves were debating their night actions more this night than any other, and I think for good reason. The nightkill here really matters, and if you hit the tracker, then you win the game a lot more of the time.

Interestingly, Haku had told DBP(?) in private that he was the tracker, and the wolves believed it (which is... neither bad or good I think).

I've thought about this a good bit, and I say this as someone that likely wouldn't have gotten there if I was a wolf, but I think what the wolves needed to look at was the lasts time haku was a power role in an OOTC game, he told everyone and their mother. He told so many people that people were mad at him. There was zero ruckus about Haku claiming to people privately this game, and I think that's what the wolves needed to pick up on, even though its rather hard to realize and I don't think I would've realized it myself.

Secondly, and this is the easier and safer option here, if haku told me that privately, I would always bring this to blind because

a) it makes me look better regardless of my alignment (even though I'm a wolf in this scenario)

b) it could potentially out the real tracker or confirm haku as real and allows my team to make a better, more informed nightkill choice

Either way, none of those things happened, and the wolves killed haku, and its hard to fault them too much for doing so.

They decided to roleblock roundbox because I forget why and its not really too important why I think.

So we have a green seering on danceguy, a block on roundbox and a doublestack on hakulyte, which really, really is an interesting combination that I think will exceedingly rarely happen if you run this game many, many times over.


Freezin outs the green on danceguy very quickly, no problems there.

Xel outs the (rather bad imo) vigi on Haku, no problems there aside from the vigi choice is rather bad but w/e.

Gradiant claims the block on roundbox, and the biggest problem I have with the wolfteam here is that Gradiant continued to bus DBP for imo, no real reason. Yes, it creates distance, and distance if why it was so hard for town to put all the pieces together late game, but it looks forced (or at least I am quite sure it would've looked this way to me if I were in the game) when you're calling someone scummy for the same reasons as before despite compelling mechanical evidence that roundbox is a wolf (from what should be your POV as a wolf; obviously he knows that roundbox is not a wolf). I think, in this situation, you want to try and lynch roundbox because it will never look bad for you if you do so. You have a perfectly good reason for why he would be a wolf because a doublestack there is rather ridiculous (despite it being what happened) and a no kill is absolutely, positively a terrible decision for the wolves.

This is part of what I think the most confusing part of the game is for me. I have no idea how people rallied behind the fact that the wolves could've no killed, and after thinking about it a lot, I think I have to chalk it up to OOTC being powerful. blind appeared to be quashing the idea that roundbox could be a wolf despite the compelling mechanical evidence, and I guess that's what saved roundbox there. inDheart and I were rather perplexed when roundbox didn't instantly claim tracker and say "THERE'S BULLSHIT ABOUT WITH THE NIGHT ACTIONS," but I think I have to give credit here where it is due and say that blind et al(?) did a good job preventing the roundbox lynch from ever starting up (bar Freezin) and partially because the wolves imo missed a big opportunity by deciding to push elsewhere instead of trying to kill roundbox (with Gradiant calling roundbox his #2 and DBP hard defending roundbox).

I want to take the time here to talk about why a no-kill is an awful idea for the wolfteam and why, as such, town should not have been seriously considering it as an idea, and even if it /was/ worth considering, why it was still mishandled.

Lets start with something that I think DBP brought up which, imo, hit the nail on the head. Wolves are incredibly decentivized to no-kill in order to set up a lynch because of the 2/9(?) chance that the wizard 0rb holder blocks a wolf and then the wolves both lose a nightkill and a member for literally zero gain. If this ever happens, I will confidently say that I have never seen worse wolf play in forum mafia. Taking the gloves off for a second, there is no way that anyone should ever think the idea is remotely worth considering. I get that roundbox was between two very unlikely worlds, but the doublestack is, though still ridiculous, the more likely world just because of how absolutely unbelievable the alternative is.

Something that I think no one brought up that is another reason why wolves should never no kill there is the rather obvious fact that it removes a kill from the numbers. Now, in certain situations, this is a perfectly neutral thing to do. However, in a game where items are randomly distributed to players and two of those items seer or kill players, the wolves have to work fast and clean. Making a no-kill is not fast, and has the potential to be extremely messy.

Lets ignore my last two points and say that town is in the world that the wolves performed no kill. Lets say they somehow know that haku wasn't doublestacked and the only situation that is explicable is that the wolves sent in no kill. In this situation, you never, ever lynch Xel that day and probably ever.

Xel is the only visible KP that was applied the previous night. If Xel has the vigi 0rb, his vigikill never, ever fucking stacks with the wolfkill if he is a wolf. There's actually zero reason to ever do that when there are probably at least 10 alternative plays that are better just mathematically. If you believe that the wolves nokilled, then why would they send in one kill via vigi 0rb but not a wolfkill... two kills plus a lynch is almost always better than one kill plus a lynch of the wolves choice. When you think about this, it would seem that roundbox would be the kill town should make, but its actually not that either.

In this situation, its still ridiculous for wolves to have no killed at risk of losing a member for no gain. Because of this, if you believe/know that no kill is what the wolves sent, then they only ever make that play when there is zero risk of being blocked by the wizard 0rb, and that only ever happens when they possess the wizard 0rb that night. So in this situation, you actually lynch Gradiant.

But, that didn't happen. Town believed that no-kill happened as opposed to roundbox being blocked when he made a wolfkill or a doublestack occurring.

I do want to say that I do think it would be rather difficult to get to a doublestack occurring. Its kind of like in poker having to decide whether your opponent has three of a kind or four of a kind when you have a full house. Its a really messy situation and because it both happens rarely and has many stipulations that must be accepted, its a very hard call to get right.

I don't want to say that I think town misplayed too terribly by thinking that there was a no-kill because the most logical situation that roundbox's wolfkill was blocked was being quashed by pseudo confirmed town blind, and the two alternatives are rather strange. What I do want to focus on was that Xel was the wrong lynch there if you believed no-kill occurred.


Anyways, Xel is lynched and the next night begins without roundbox claiming tracker. Seer 0rb to Gradiant, wizard 0rb to star-crossed and vigi 0rb to mellon.

Gradiant had a roleread on raeko for a while and since wolves really need to go ahead and deal with blind since he is causing problems by being alive and coordinating things, they kind of have to kill him. A perfectly fine check for the wolves and they, of course, lied about the result and Gradiant was able to stop reversing and driving the bus over DBP.

star-crossed blocks kirkfan who, in my opinion, if she is a wolf, rarely sends in the wolfkill as she is probably not the deepest wolf, but whatever. Not too big of a point but I think there were better targets. if star was instructed to block kirkfan (which I don't think happened but if it did), then obviously I cannot fault her for this decision at all, and its a very minor thing anyways.

raeko vigis kirkfan, which is kinda fine imo as she wasn't really doing anything and if she is a villager she is the least impactful villager at this point. I think blind instructed raeko to shoot neither Gradiant or DBP which is funny, but I think also correct if he was coordinating night actions. If not, its just funny.

Wolves send DBP to nightkill blind, and I think this was a mistake if blind was coordinating actions as Gradiant would never get blocked there and basically has a free nightkill whereas there is a nonzero chance that DBP is wizarded.

Anyways, it didn't matter as kirkfan was blocked and the day begins with blind and kirkfan flipping VT.


Gradiant claims the green on raeko in wolfchat instantly and outs the green on DBP right after. Fine.

star-crossed claimed the block on kirkfan at some point idr when, doesn't matter too much when.

raeko claims the shot on kirkfan again I don't remember when but it doesn't really matter much.

This is where I think the wolves needed to make it or break it. roundbox claims tracker very early on, that takes away from the person they were going to try and lynch the most. This situation seems like it is bad luck, but I think more than anything else, the wolves were punished for not taking the push on roundbox when they were given the chance.

Their lynches are really thin at this point. Raeko is pseudo confirmed via private chat shenanigans, danceguy was seered green, freezin seered him green and star-crossed has been posting really cleanly through the whole game. In this spot, you really need to find a crack and capitalize on it. You need to try and force OOTC shenanigans in your favor or take down someone else who is getting cleared from them. I think wolves should've been trying really hard to do this, and they weren't. No lynch also really helped town and I think wolves either needed to find a way to convince roundbox that the plan was bad or something similar, because their chances of winning go down a lot without a mislynch on someone that day

At 7 alive, sleeping here is fine with 2 wolves for town. vigi 0rb cycling means that the numbers probably end up odd instead of even, and that's what you want in a day phase. It forces town to lynch the next day, but that's fine as you likely want to do that anyways.


Seer 0rb to DBP (useless for the wolves, but good for them that town didn't get it), wizard 0rb and vigi 0rb swap holders from the night before.

DBP could've seered anyone and he knew it (he tried to seer himself since he knew it didn't matter), ultimately he seered Shado, which was fine.

raeko blocked shado which... surprises me. I'd have to hear why she did that.

star-crossed is instructed to kill Gradiant, which I think spelled doom for the wolves ultimately.

Wolves sent DBP to kill roundbox, and I think that is more correct than sending Gradiant there because of Gradiant's green on DBP.


Day begins with roundbox flipping tracker and gradiant flipping wolf, and at this point the game is basically over.

Props to DBP for throwing the hail mary and greening shado, which I think increases the win % chance because the tide at the time was pushing for his lynch, and it was an attempt to change the tide. Honestly, it was pretty smart, it just narrowed the pool too small to really work out, but it was a good idea.

I'm not going to go through the exact math here and I think DBP already worked it out in wolfchat, but the chances of town winning are extremely high at that point in the game and it'd be a pain in the ass to say the 100000 reasons why that's the case when this post is already really fucking long.

I think DBP conceding there is fine, he probably would've been lynched that day and had more important matters IRL to focus on.


There's some more I want to say, and I definitely made a few mod mistakes this game that I want to talk about, but I think I'm gonna take a break for now.

I'll talk about each player's individual game later on as I feel like just focusing on the mechanics left a whole bunch of really good stuff out.

TWG CLXXIV: Sounds Like You've got a Problem.
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Charu
Wolves Win
MVP: --

roundbox - Regular Wolf - WON AT END
Wayward Vagabond - LYNCHED D0 BY KitB
Gradiant Xelnya - Innocent Child - MURDERED N4
Funnygurl555 - MURDERED N1
the sun fan - Doctor - MURDERED N3
mellonxcollie - Wolf Roleblocker - LYNCHED D2 BY KitB
MixMasterLar - LYNCHED D3
blindreper1179 - LYNCHED D1
inDheart - LOST AT END
reuben_tate Hakulyte - Regular Wolf - WON AT END
Wineandbread - LYNCHED D4
DarkManticoreX2 star-crossed - 1-Shot Vigi - MURDERED N2

Host Comments:

TWG CLXXV: Survivor Newfoundland
Postgame thread

Hosted by: TWG Jeff Probst (raeko and roundbox)
Survivor Saboteurs Win
Sole Survivor: DaBackpack

Survivor Hopefuls
1. Cold Kitten T-Force Survivor Superfan, voted off in Tribal Council on Day 2.
2. Celirra Survivor Superfan, mysteriously vanished during Night 3.
3. star-crossed Survivor Superfan, abandoned at sea during Night 4.
4. Wayward Vagabond Survivor Superfan, Survivor dreams crushed at endgame.
5. Vendetta21 FreezinIce Survivor Superfan, Survivor dreams crushed at endgame.
6. Soundwave- Survivor Saboteur, Made it onto the live finale and hung out with Jeff Probst.
7. reuben_tate Survivor Superfan, voted off in Tribal Council on Day 1.
8. j-rodd123 Survivor Superfan, Survivor dreams crushed at endgame.
9. ShadoWolfe Survivor Superfan, life-flighted off the island on Night 1.
10. Tokzic Survivor Superfan, medically evacuated after food poisoning on Night 1.
11. theknightsofneeee Survivor Saboteur, voted off in Tribal Council on Day 3.
12. Charu Survivor Superfan, life-flighted off of the island after his shelter collapsed during Night 2.
13. DaBackpack Survivor Saboteur, Made it onto the live finale and hung out with Jeff Probst.
14. flashflash account Survivor Superfan, voted off in Tribal Council on Day 0.
15. Hakulyte Survivor Saboteur, Made it onto the live finale and hung out with Jeff Probst.
16. thesunfan Survivor Superfan, voted off in Tribal Council on Day 4.

Host Comments:
At the end of the day, we have selected DaBackpack as the sole survivor. He showed wit, skill, and leadership, all qualities necessary for life at camp.

As for our other contestants, we do have a few comments to say:
Town was a bit too comfortable lynching the "question mark" players like reuben and T-Force and not players that might be sneakier. The mislynch award might go to one of these two if flashflash account didn't already deserve it for his fate this game and his previous games.

Town also had a great start competing in the challenges, but too many people gave up instead of digging deep and earning the reward and immunity challenges. The saboteurs snatched a large majority of the prizes, so town was at a loss.

The saboteurs had a really weird bus relationship with each other, with Soundwave naming the entire saboteur team with only his name replaced. Bold strategy. neeee unfortunately ran out of free time so he got sent home, and Hakulyte racked up the challenges for the team.

The hidden idol took much longer than expected, but there was one design flaw that had the puzzle unsolvable from the start. The same person responsible for that design flaw was also responsible for losing the removal link for the hidden idol host, so more people than the original finder got to see it. We'll have a chat with that producer. I'm not saying it was roundbox, but it was roundbox.

We thank you loyal watchers for tuning in, and hope to see you next season if ratings are high! Who knows, maybe a superfan like yourself might make it on!

TWG CLXXVI: TWG of Many Things
Postgame thread not created

Hosted by: Cold Kitten & the sun fan
Towns & XelNya Win
MVP: --

1. FreezinIce Lost Wolf, Lynched d2
2. blindreper1179 Vanilla Town, Died n1
3. flashflash account Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
4. storn42 Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
5. DaBackpack Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
6. Wayward Vagabond Charu Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
7. XelNya Fool, Won d1
8. MixMasterLar Lost Wolf, Died d0
9. mellonxcollie Lyncher, Lost n1
10. Curry and Rice Lost Wolf, Lynched d0
11. inDheart Vanilla Town, Killed n1

Host Comments:

TWG CLXXVII: The Resident Evil Game(mini version)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: blindreper1179
Town Wins

1.haku- Killed N1 Chris Redfield
2.celirra won at end game
3.roundbox won at end game
4.curry and Rice Lynched D3 Albert Wesker
5.psychoangel691- replaced by star-crossed won at end game
6.mellonxcollie- Killed N2 Red Queen
7.Xelnya- Lynched D2 S.T.A.R.S. member
8.gun92- Killed N2 Rebecca Chambers
9.zoshi- Killed N3 S.T.A.R.S. member
10.darkmanticorex2- Killed N1 Leon Kennedy
11.InDheart- Killed N4 claire redfield
12.flashflash account- lynched D0 william birkin
13.Funnygurl555- Lynched D1 Jill Valentine
14.olimer12345- lynched D4 ada wong

Host Comments:
Overall the game was a shitshow whether it'd be lack of play from players, or me fucking up by allowing a second for 01 being legal and not being in thread at phase end and causing a shitstorm in dead chat. My bad.

TWG CLXXVIII: Danganronpa
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Xiz
DaBackPack Wins
MVP: DaBackPack

1) blindreper1179 (Aoi Asahina) [Killed N2 - Town]
2) Funnygurl555 (Byakuya Togami) [Lost at End - Godfather]
3) Hakulyte (Celestia Ludenberg) [Killed N1 - Town]
4) star-crossed (Chihiro Fujisaki) [Killed Night 4 - Blocker]
5) storn42 (Hifumi Yamada) [Lynched D3 - Town]
6) DaBackPack (Junko Enoshima) [Killed N1 - Old Aquisitioner]
7) Zoshi (Kiyotaka Ishimaru) [Killed N2 - Divist]
8) Precarious (Kyoko Kirigiri) [Lynched D5 - Town]
9) roundbox (Leon Kuwata) [Killed Night 4 - Identity Wolf]
10) FreezinIce (Makoto Naegi) [Lost at End - Town]
11) flashflash account (Mondo Owada) [Lynched D4 - Town]
12) WayWard Vagabond (Mukuro Ikusaba) [Modkilled D4 - Town]
13) Celirra (Sakura Ogami) [Won - Aquisitioner (VT Old)]
14) mellonxcollie (Sayaka Maizono) [Lynched D1 - Roleblocker]
15) XelNya (Toko Fukawa) [Lynched D2 - Cop]
16) T-Force (Yasuhiro Hagakure) [Killed N3 - Doctor]

Host Comments:
Town were very weak. Too scared to play because of identity wolf. The stronger town were not afraid of it and changed their style to fit well into the game. Aquisitioner did exactly what they needed to do to win.

TWG CLXXIX: The Third FE Mystery Game
Postgame thread

Hosted by: the sun fan & star-crossed
Wolves Win
MVP: Daikyi

1) roundbox Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
2) T-Force (TWGma) Councilor, Killed N3
3) blindreper1179 Vanilla Town, Lynched D4
4) flashflash account Vanilla Town, Lynched D2
5) Xiz Wolf Apothecary, Won at Endgame
6) ShadoWolfe Lover, Died D2
7) DarkManticoreX2 (LightManticoreX2) Lost Wolf, Lynched D0
8) Hakulyte Investigator, Killed D1
9) Funnygurl555 Speculator, Killed N3
10) mellonxcollie (mellon_collie) Vanilla Town, Killed N1
11) Zoshi FreezinIce 1-shot Bodyguard, Lost at Endgame
12) mtamburini Lover, Modkilled D2
13) MixMasterLar Angel, Killed N2
14) Precarious Wolf JOAT, Lynched D3
15) sprucegrit Thief, Killed N3
16) Xelicopter (alt of XelNya) Vanilla Town, Lynched D5
17) Tokzic Wolf Snowball, Lynched D1
18) DaBackPack Innocent Child, Killed D1
19) jessiebessie (TWG The Queen) Vanilla Wolf, Won at Endgame
20) who_cares973 Vanilla Town, Killed D1
21) Adam33 _Zenith_ Vanilla Town, Killed N3
22) Celirra Distracter, Lost at Endgame
23) Charu Vanilla Town, Lost at Endgame
24) Yoshl (Daikyi) Wolf Lawyer, Won at Endgame

Host Comments:
probably going to make a larger post about how this game could've had less posts

72 hour d0s are never coming back to FFR

people don't like the idea of post restrictions

ITAs seemed ok, purple text seems to be a fine indicator of declaration of shot

events are a little less clear; people had a bunch of different things to say. The anagram event sucked. The portrait event was probably the most well done event.

Didn't talk about balance quite as much as I would've liked. I think that there definitely needed to be more KP but not everyone was in agreement on this one. Would've liked to talk about whether or not any individual roles seemed OP/too weak.

completely split the zoom on whether or not 24 players is too many players for FFR. Some people said its never good, some people said that its only good when the game is well done.

with regards to making larger games more bearable, a few people suggested night starts, but I think most everyone else didn't like that idea. An interesting idea was games that have OOTC, but nonwolves aren't allowed to private message other players. I'd be interested to see how that idea plays out.

phase end times are obviously going to be different from everyone, but maybe pushing them at least an hour ahead would be better in the future. A very good idea is in the signups thread, having people vote in a vBulletin poll at the top about when they want phase ends to be would be a great implementation.

people still like Matrix6 for jTWG.

TWG CLXXX: OuO what's this?
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Daikyi
Town Wins
MVP: DaBackPack

1) the sun fan Vanilla Town, Killed n4
2) who_cares973 Vanilla Town, Lynched d1
3) Anti-Pearl FreezinIce Mafia Goon, Killed n3
4) Syhto Vanilla Town, Killed n1
5) Funnygurl555 Vanilla Town, Lynched d4
6) DaBackPack Gunsmith, Killed n2
7) Gradiant Vanilla Town, Lynched d0
8) Xiz Mafia Goon, Lynched d2
9) Precarious Vanilla Town, Lynched d3
10) inDheart Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
11) Celirra Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
12) blindreper1179 Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
13) Tps222 1-shot Mafia Bus-Driver, Lynched d6

Host Comments:
i think mvp dbp tbh

the way everything else played out, wolves accidentally scenario locked themselves out of the win and dbp played the best up to then imo
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

Postgame thread

Hosted by: FreezinIce
Town Wins
MVP: the sun fan & Wayward Vagabond

1. Mellonxcollie (Wolf, conceded night 6)
2. indheart (human, survived to win)
3. Wayward Vagabond (human, survived to win)
4. DaBackpack (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
5. Precarious (human, lynched day 1)
6. Roundbox (Wolf, lynched day 5)
7. Funnygirl555 (human, lynched day 2)
8. DarkManticoreX2 (human, lynched day 3)
9. Charu (human, killed night 4)
10. Anti-Pearl theknightsofneeee (human, killed night 2)
11. Syhto (human, killed night 1)
12. MML (human, survived to win)
13. Sunfan (human, survived to win)
14. Hakulyte (human, survived to win)

Host Comments:
This game should have definitely had OOTC on. It was originally balanced with ootc in mind, so not having it kind of put a damper on human strategy for role requests and game solving.

I think I made the mystery curses too uneven in severity. Death and Hanged Man were practically a death sentence while Tower and Star were relatively light. The Devil and the Fool were way too annoying to play with and I'm glad nobody got them

I should have vocalized the methods behind role strength in the op better because it seems like people didn't understand it.

TWG CLXXXII: Holiday Special
Postgame thread

Hosted by: flashflash account
Town Wins
MVP: Svaz & the sun fan

1. the sun fan (Seer, Survived to Win)
2. MixMasterLar (Vanilla Town, Lynched Day Two)
3. XelNya (Vanilla Town, Killed Night One)
4. mellonxcollie (Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame)
5. DaBackpack (Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame)
6. Antori (Vanilla Town, Killed Night Four)
7. Svaz (Wolf Seer, Lynched Day Three)
8. Funnygurl555 (Vanilla Wolf, Lynched Day Four)
9. inDheart (Vanilla Town, Killed Night One
10. Charu (Vigilante, Won at Endgame
11. Wayward Vagabond Godfather, Lynched Day One
12. funnier6 Vanilla Town, Killed Night Three
13. Lightknight924 Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame

Host Comments:

Postgame thread

Hosted by:
aaaaaa Win

Signups here

Host Comments:

Postgame thread

Hosted by:
aaaaaa Win

Signups here

Host Comments:

Postgame thread

Hosted by:
aaaaaa Win

Signups here

Host Comments:

Postgame thread

Hosted by:
aaaaaa Win

Signups here

Host Comments:

Postgame thread

Hosted by:
aaaaaa Win

Signups here

Host Comments:

Postgame thread

Hosted by:
aaaaaa Win

Signups here

Host Comments:

Postgame thread

Hosted by:
aaaaaa Win

Signups here

Host Comments:

TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

these better be used otherwise they're gonna be not worth it
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

ur name isn't on the list bub
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

I'd be too tiny to be a bouncer
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

these are gonna be really worth it tho
stats are gonna be something people can masturbate over
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

finally at 20
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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